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The only other stockist I'm aware of is Winn Perry...might try them. I got my South Willard Tan Suede brick sole mocs today and they are very, very comfortable.
Got mine today...thanks for the sick tie as a stowaway! Haven't had time to try on but will try to get a fit pic in the next few days. Flannel is super soft.
Just smoked an 07 Trinidad Reyes. Gonna move onto a Hoyo Regalos now.
God bless Montana and Wyoming...home to drive through liquor stores and high speed limits.
Pez, did you get all '08 codes on those? I'm smoking an '08 Siglo V and damn if it isn't pretty good for how fresh it is.
Look forward to the fit pics of above. Did the Obenaufs darken them appreciably? My vat of the stuff is on its way to my apt..
Sick that W+H has shipped. I'm still waiting on my tote and my Apolis bag, my Eastpak needs retirement.
Just ordered recently: Both Benelux regionals, Punch Royal and Bolivar Fabuloso '08 Juan Lopez #2 cab '08 PSD#4 '06 Bolivar Coronas Extra cab 2x Canadian Regional VR Petit Robaina Punch Petit Punch yowza there goes my budget for the next six months...
Red L ordered along with a blue chambray L....thanks.
Looking forward to the red flannel but any idea as to when the red chambray oxfords will be reupped?
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