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Cravate, which PL regional are those, the '06 Lonsdale? I haven't tried one recently...how was it?
Hopefully my returned peacoat navy 40 got there yesterday...i'm bummed it doesn't really fit me right.
Ditto on the TTS above--wondering if I should go for the 33 or 34.
Anyone else catch the proposed 2010 deletions list? No more ERDM Grandes de Espana, no more Partagas Serie du Conn. #1, #2, or #3. SLR is getting neutered. Bad news all around, hope some of these things spike in sales so Habanos SA will take notice and not cut them.
Mike, not fair! I have two pairs of denim I'm working on now and then you have to go and drop yours as well? Between you and Mauro I don't know how I'm saving any money month to month at all...
Will they be TTS--or should we go one up for a looser fit--what say you Mike? Looking forward to these very much. Much better fit than the Orvis moleskin I'm just guessing....
08 Sig IV
Have only had consistency with 08 Monte #2 10 counts. Haven't sprung for a box for that reason when the Ene '08 Upmann #2's are smoking so well young. Agree about the CoRo. My MAS Sep 08 box is nothing like the fanatics describe about the mid-year 08 boxes...mine are dull and uninteresting after the first puffs. Sig II and IV's have proven IMO to be much more reliable...let alone the CE or Lancero of late. Quote: Originally Posted by fcuknu Very...
The 08 SLR Serie A are really smoking very nicely as well....a cigar I cannot get bored of smoking.
FWIW, the black tartan looks much better in person than its photographed...its a great pattern.
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