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PLPC? The montecarlo is also a great value, as is the panatela. Anyone wanna split a cab of 08 Boli PC's? I am smoking one now and it's miles better than the 05 cab I've had.
Mmkay, so I'm gonna need a burgundy oxford, salt/pepper oxford, and olive/cream in a large on Friday...that would be great.
Having an 08 VR Unicos now, my first ever. Very rich cigar, perfect burn, chocolate and earth flavor...recommended over some of their 08 brethren the Famosos and Familiares.
Just being facetious, no worries.
Mike, competely forgot about our PM conversation about the brown Chelseas. Will PM you tonight or tomorrow abou them, they look incredible.
How will tote-holders be contacted to pre-order? via PM or email? Or did I read that completely wrong and I'm an asshole...
Had a nice little 07 Upmann PC tonight...but I'd recommend anyone thinking of dropping $425 on the Bolivar Benelux RE' 09 to not bother...pick up the German Bolivar Esp. #2 RE instead for less money. It's a much, much better cigar.
I would recommend joining up some of the more active cigar boards for that...cigar asylum, cigar weekly, etc.
wow, great looking boots. Nice job Mike.
I'm a 40 in suit jackets/blazers, M in most shirts, L in Epaulet shirts, comfy XL in WvG shirts and I take an L in the Left Field sweatshirts. If that's any help.
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