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Had half of a frustratingly plugged 07 RA Gigantes, then made the switch to an 06 RA Estupendos...much, much better.
Just had a Punch DC and Mag46 out in the sun, fantastic weather today in Boston.
Fcuk, glad you liked the Punch. They are great cigars! Huge difference between the 98 tubos and the 99-01 discount Punch Churchills... Tonight, smoking an 08 Romeo Short Churchill and 08 Siglo V.
Smoked an 07 Corona Especiale and 98 Punch Churchill tubos last night...the Punch was really great.
Brown captoe suedes are very comfortable and are great boots, definitely worth picking up if they are in your size....just wish there were more McNairys on sale in 11.5D for me.
Smoked tons of cigars yesterday: -08 Siglo I -08 Siglo VI -01 Lancero -06 PL PC -06 SLR DC and another NC: the Alec Bradley Tempus lancero. Nice cigar.
So far today smoked an '09 LGC Tainos, 07 JL PC, now a Punch Royal Benelux RE and gonna light up a Corona Especiale afterward. Beautiful out. Fcuk, is the cigar in your pic the Conn. #1?
Smoked a nice 08 Lusi last night. Progessively spicier/richer as it burned down. Now, an 08 San Cristobal La Punta that is pretty insipid.
Had a decent 07 Monte #2, 09 Bolivar Especiales #2 German RE, and 02 Partagas Seleccion Privada this weekend. Latter two smokes were really good.
I find Dip #4's to be on the lighter side of medium, so it may not be what you're looking for. Still, a good smoke to get a box of while they're still around since they have been discontinued. Great flavor to boot. SLR A I have a Nov08 box of...earth, leather, some spice. They are pretty good. Also a Dec08 box of PSP2's that I like very much. If you want a unique smoke in the robusto size, the new Trinidad T's are excellent. Have smoked from an April09 and Sep09...
New Posts  All Forums: