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if you actually care, get them Trini Robusto T's, and cabinets of Bolivar PC's before they are gone forever. Or keep those two for you and buy friends a box of Shorts.
Does the Milford Barbour happen to have any To Ki To...been looking for the Sporting Jacket.
Quick question...I'm a 46 in MMM's, would a UK10/US11 in Lanvin be pushing it, fit-wise? I read Lanvin sneaks run bit, but probably not that much bigger.
Good day today, '98 Bolivar lonsdales and '98 du Dauphins arrived.
Order placed as well, thanks.
If you're in the 40-50 range, get a Blazer. They are absolutely bulletproof.
Noellas from the jar do not suck.
Endclothing did, but it sold out shortly after I bought mine. Thing is bonkers.
London cigars are expensive, Gibraltar cigars are not....
$938.06+16.84 for Fedex...I am worried the large might be too big but don't care.
New Posts  All Forums: