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Any chance for a picture of the bangin long sleeve Madras?
Sacrificing a young 'un now, '08 Cohiba Lancero, on the balcony. Hotter than hell in Boston. edit: 98 Punch Churchill now from a tube...this would be a cigar I'd always like to have in the humidor. Really good--creamy, wood flavors, not nearly as tannic as the SS#1 or RS11/RS12.
Jacuzzi is best late night. Rented a house on Nantucket for July 4th weekend and a buddy woke up from a blackout at 6AM in the jacuzzi and said 'the soul has been ripped from my body.' Had a VR Maestro (Spanish 07 RE) and Punch Robusto (Swiss 05 RE) this afternoon. On vacation 'til Sunday so I will be posting about the 18 smokes I brought along for the week..
Smoking an 09 Quai d'Orsay Imperiales (Churchill) with coffee. A little too light for me, even as a morning cigar...sorry to have picked up a box.
Had a Monte#4, first in years...now onto a VR Famoso, an '08, with a glass of wine outside.
Just put down a deposit for the Snuff Suede plain toe boot reorder with Leather Soul...first pair of Aldens, Juneish ETA. Thanks to SSNYC for the fit pics...
Yup, old-style band as well. Much more subtle than the 01's I have smoked. And some tea flavors, which was I did not expect at all. Quote: Originally Posted by ama Cohiba?
Smoked a 1989 Lancero in cello tonight. Outfuckingstanding.
Yes, from a private sale...I am guessing for much better prices than I would find from a vendor. Not a celebration planned per se, just something to have if the occasion calls for some nice cigars. Have a Partagas '03 898 and '02 lonsdale lined up for tonight, have not had a cigar in about a week.
Got in some celebration sticks today...a fiver of Cohiba DC 03 EL's and a pair of Millennium Reserva Cohiba Piramides from the jar.
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