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You're right on--that was a #1. These finally landed. Very rich smell. Yes, it's a terrible picture.
I have the LS snuff suede flex welts. Not roughed up at all yet, but they are great--very versatile. Jeans+khakis. I'm not a fan of the tanker boot styling, personally.
Fresh off the boat, the RA EL is markedly better than the Partagas E #2. Plus it's not chode-sized. GATs and cigar for V.
Earliest I have seen for the BHK52/54s I think offhand was LBT ABR10. There were some TEU codes following.
That box is from the '80s, so it's a little older than your 10 month old. Guilty as charged, though.
Nice flavors out this #1.
Just unsealed a beautiful box of PLM DIC06 Coros. Think PLM was an El Laguito code.
Had a '10 Upmann PC and '10 Juan Lopez PC...both very good smokes. Edge to the JL, I'm a huge fan of recent #2 production as well.
Well, I have only seen a couple LGC in recent, post 2002 production...2008 on the #2 and 09 on the Tainos. #1 through #4 are all different degrees of slim.What country are you in--can better tailor advice on regional releases to that. Things to try that have just come out:-2011 Ramon Allones Allones Extra EL-H. Upmann Half CoronaFor further advice, tell us what size(e) and brands you've tried/like.
if you actually care, get them Trini Robusto T's, and cabinets of Bolivar PC's before they are gone forever. Or keep those two for you and buy friends a box of Shorts.
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