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What was the code? Just adding to cart and checking out doesn't do it for me.
Interesting about the Davidoff lines. I've got to say, I have never had a non-Cuban Davi...but the older Cuban Davidoffs, if they were stored well (key, obviously), are extremely good cigars. Dopey regarding your old cigars---I believe the consensus knowledge is that yes, while you can bring cigars back slowly from bone-dry conditions, they will have lost some percentage of their oils/flavor/taste. Doesn't mean toss them, but just good to know going in. Don't bring the...
I would have to get new kids if that happened, I like my cigars too much.
Had a Juan Lopez #5 (Andorra regional, perla size) and a Partagas E serie 2 today. I want to hate the PE2, not least of which because it's a 54RG, but they have been damn tasty.
Nice! Cannot go wrong with PSD4 or Boli Royal Coronas.
Price IS stupid for the PSD5. I got 2 boxes on order for 140 a piece, though, if you want one, I don't want both. The Upmann half coronas are fantastic. I've gone through 2 boxes, I would order about 5 more if they were in stock anywhere.
If I had a YG GMT II, my first instinct would not be to slip it on an Ace of Spades bottle like on p.139. Wow.
Yikes, that is a downer. Was it the 52, 54, or 56? Not that a plug in anything that premium and large gauge should be excused...Have a couple good things for a powwow tonight, 01 Upmann #2, 02 Upmann Tang Monarch, Partagas Gran Piramide from the 2005 humidor (beast), 80's SLR Serie A. Gonna drive with an 02 Punch Ninfa.
That picture looks more like a computer render than an actual humidor---a primary objective is to have a good seal. I would say you're safe with anything from cheaphumidors dot com, in the 40-60 range or higher. V enjoy man. To be fair some of those boxes have just come in recently so haven't had that much time to rest. The Royal Robo is very good.
Have any of the limited Casa Fagliano strap (brown or the black cordovan) Jaeger Reverso Tribute 1931 models come across your desk? This is the watch I am obsessing over recently.
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