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Fit pics sold me. I need to see if they have any 11D's preordered for the next round, damn.
I will check it out tomorrow morning and see what's left in a 44 or 45..thanks for the heads up.
Tough choice, between a gran reserva and a swisher...if those aren't polar opposites I don't know what is. Maybe a few boxes of each Behike size on top? Just smoked an 07 Upmann Coronas Major. Still (I think) one of the best value for money smokes around.
SSnyc, what model are those boots and where did you pick up a pair? They are incredible.
Can only speak to what I've smoked, which has been from a cab of '06 PLPC's and box of '06 PL Panatelas. I have heard about (I think it was) '01 or '04 cabs that were the re-releases--can't speak to that. But having smoked about a quarter way through the cab and halfway through the box, there are definite caramel notes, more pronounced in the Panatela, the PC still has a bit of mongrel in it and needs more time but is pretty smokeable. Also, the '06 German PL Lonsdale...
Based on caramel alone, I would venture the guess of it's a PL PC, what I am smoking right now. The only mareva/minuto/perla with distinct caramel flavors with some age that I can think of. The PL Panatelas are also great for a daily cheap cigar, if you want a thinner RG 'quick' smoke. Quote: Originally Posted by ama The flavor was very mild and the after taste is kind of caramely.
Had much sucess with Oxyclean soaks in my kitchen sink, from an hour to several hour soak. It's removed pit stains on five year old t-shirts and pit/collar/cuff stains on white dress shirts. I do a sink soak with two scoops and then do a gentle cold wash in the machine.
Sign me up for some linen 34's...
Smoked a gifted 2003 RA Gigantes yesterday, my box of 07s is nowhere near that good yet. Today so far working on the balcony have had an LGC Gloriosos, 08 Juan Lopez #1, and now working on an 08 VR DA with lots of cream, chocolate, some mild spice/leather.
Smoked a 1991 Romeo Churchill tubos tonight back to back with a 2007. Incredible cigar. Smoking an 06 Fundadores now....
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