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Initially loved burnt orange. Then rationalized, they look quasi-similar in tone to the tan moleskins. Bought rust. Now have burnt orange remorse.
2010 Epicure#2, these are good to go now. Doubles as an Alden thread picture, snuff suede PTB's. Gonna light up a double corona, thinking VR Don Alejandro.
I would say a Bedale works for someone 5'5", I'm 5'10" and a Beaufort works perfectly.
Garbled text at the end of your links.
My experience has been that the olive color simply is for people that want a lighter, more weathered (but new) version of sage. With years of wear, I think you would only see a marginal difference between the two, as long as you keep up with reproofing, after some sun fade and foul weather wear. Aesthetics, not materials.As far as tailoring goes, I would not trust anyone but Barbour in NH to do it. Orvis has a form for the various tailoring options (at least in the...
Fresh Siglo VI and Super Partagas. Super party is great value for $4.
As far as I know, Sykoil and Barbour's waxed cotton = same thing. Waxed cotton looks fantastic worn/beat up, if you like the aesthetic.For liners, fur pile all the way. I think it's marginally warmer than quilt, but much more comfortable.
Especiale #1 and Especiale #2 are the only consistently good Montes worth buying blind.VR Maestro is pretty good. RA Grandes I like, but not all that different from a good RAG.
What was the code? Just adding to cart and checking out doesn't do it for me.
Interesting about the Davidoff lines. I've got to say, I have never had a non-Cuban Davi...but the older Cuban Davidoffs, if they were stored well (key, obviously), are extremely good cigars. Dopey regarding your old cigars---I believe the consensus knowledge is that yes, while you can bring cigars back slowly from bone-dry conditions, they will have lost some percentage of their oils/flavor/taste. Doesn't mean toss them, but just good to know going in. Don't bring the...
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