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Red/White/Blue stripe, Blue herringbone linen, Green Tartan seersucker. Check.
I just ordered a Little Monsters set for shits and giggles. Anyone try some of them yet? In for Pete Johnson Tat hype.
Picked up the 42mm Planet Ocean you guys helped recommend. Like new in box. Also grabbed a like new Seamaster Pro 36mm to give to my sister for Christmas. Better pics coming later.
PSA for people that think the standard JLC Reverso is a touch too small and the Grande size is a third too big: The Grande Ultra Thin is perfectly sized for a 7" wrist and does not look clunky/out of place. A couple millimeters makes a huge difference.
Thanks for the quick reply. The dealer returned my email and said the following:So the question to ask is, has the watch needed to be serviced? Or, is the attitude to take not caring if it's C vs. D, as long as it keeps time within spec? Probably going to pull the trigger on this tomorrow.
I have had a 36mm Seamaster Pro for about 12 years. Was looking at either a new 42mm PO (grey bezel) with the 8500, or for $3250, a like new 42mm PO (black bezel), ref. 2201.50.00.Aside from the change in bezel color and upwards price, would anyone mind detailing/Cliffs notes how the 2500>8500?
V, got the PM, thank you. I dug out an 07 RASSC box and tried one yesterday. Good, but not great. I'd be curious to try a recent production one, though. Had a nice '08 Sig VI, a meh '11 Monte #2, and decent 08 Mag46 today.
08 Famoso today, along with an 11 Upmann #2, 11 Bolivar Coronas Junior.
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