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And I'm coming in about 1/3rd of my posts. Fcuk, can we trade a fiver of your favorite NC's and i'll send you some of my Habano favs? I have not given NC's a fair shot since I stopped smoking them a long time ago. Lemme know. Will also trade for RE's that you haven't had.
Just got back from a week in the Bahamas...brought my own down, and had: -Fantastic 08 Punch DC. Great afternoon lying on the porch with a couple beers. -08 Siglo IV. Tight-ish roll but very enjoyable. -02 RG Slenderella -03 LGC #3 -08 Mag50 -04 PSD#4 -07 ERDM Grandes de Espana. What a morning smoke. Need to buy more.
Mike, thanks for the backstory on the blazers. Looking forward to the retweaked ones in the future.
MEL factory code? Seems to be from what I can tell a code for El Laguito. Quote: Originally Posted by Girardian I recently had an '08 Siglo IV and it was stunning. Another vote of confidence for tobacco quality and construction. Note that this was from the El Laguito factory, which gets the best tobacco and is one of the few "isolated" factories with the highest construction standards and best QC. In other words, this was a "benchmark" cigar in...
Jet I would pick up a Puck of beads...those you can just add distilled water to and they come with a magnetic backing so you have the option of mounting it to the inside lid. They come in 60, 65, and 70% humidity options...I would grab this: http://www.cigarmony.com/puck-ifierpuck-5065.aspx I use the same beads in my coolerdors only a lot more of them. Quote: Originally Posted by jet Filled the humi element in the dunhill with distilled water, seems...
LGC jar would be a great grab if possible. Only 2000 made and 20 LGC Hermoso #4 sized cigars. Apparently retails on-island for something like 300 CUC or $300, can't remember which. But significantly less than what a few Swiss vendors are asking.
I have a few boxes of '08s, all smoke well...hopefully yours do also. Quote: Originally Posted by bdeuce22 Just placed an order for a box of PSD4s. Hopefully they live up to my expectations
I'm sure a gentle wash cycle and air dry would probably be okay. You are correct though, I've had a few pairs of white linen pants/shorts yellowed by excessive dry cleaning.
In for white Walt seersucker....
Mag46 and Conn.#1 for me tonight.
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