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I would start out with the Epi 2 and then smoke the Mag...Haven't had any of my Epi 2's for a while but I do have one in the singles drawer from that box, hopefully it smokes well for you.
<--- also jealous of warm weather. 32 and snowing in Boston. I had an unsatisfying 07 Boli PC and a semi-satisfying 07 Siglo II A/T earlier today through my window fan....spring better come soon.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet ^pic? from www.cubancigarwebsite.com: edit: the ones I was talking about are these, the 2009 Italian regional release. I think the previous pic was a Diademas Extra, a now discontinued cigar wrapped in silver foil and re-released in some very very rare humidors.
Dammit, wish I knew my Alden size...then again the bank account would be taking hits left and right from all these Epaulet collabos...
Would def. buy a red even though I'm not the biggest fan of club collars.
Cream blue and red for me...
Hopefully you aren't buyin them from Mo but another more inexpensive route...I will agree though, the presentation on the Punch diademas is sick!
So far today stuck indoors have had an '02 LGC#3, '07 Cohiba CE...today will be a long day of smoking. '01 du Dauphin, '99 Punch DC and '08 Punch DC if I have time. Want to compare the flavors of the DC and see how recent production is.
I will defintily be hollering at the tan gabardine Walts. Got the blazers in today as well.
If you're talking about recent 08 production, I would say suck it up and get both--they are both excellent cigars and choices. Or get one and then get one box of the Partagas Petit Coronas Especiales (~80). Smoking some '85 Lusitanias on my birthday along with the 1492 tomorrow, can't wait.
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