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08 LGC#2 this afternoon. Honey bomb, but illegally young.
Nice pickups. I had an '08 Cohiba day to check up on MEL boxes...Coro, SigVI, Espy. PL Magnum lined up for tomorrow
Quote: Originally Posted by jerms24k Santa Felipe? Yes! Exactly right. My good friend raided a certain shop in London a bit ago and came away with boxes of them, 3 different vitolas. Incredible cigars.
Had a Mouton tonight, early 70's obscure brand not in MRN but Punch-ey, and an 01 lancero. Oh, and puffs of a Margeaux that was fucking ON.
V, nice Black Series...at least from how the wheel arches look...Will have a package out to you finally tomorrow.
Just got these in. Only seen one review so far that was 'meh' but I'm going to try one Saturday, fresh off the boat. URG Nov10. And of course 898 presentation is always sick, and PCC nailed the size, bucked the trend of choad RG's.
V, I have actually gotten black cherry flavor only from the San Cristobal Oficios.. don't like the rest of the lineup from what I have had, but have an 07 box of those and specifically have tasted that. Good night last night...Mojito, Veradero, Davi#1, and one of the new P165 release.
Xikars haven't been as good after they moved the blade production from Germany to who knows where...that being said, they do honor the lifetime warranty even if you put a cutter through the washer/dryer and it's in 18 pieces. And if you request German steel blades, it will take longer but worth it, IMO.
I'm wasted, so all I can remember for now is that LBT is the El Lag code for 2010...have lanceros nad CE's with that code. MEL as far as I know was only '08, but I stocked the fuck up on Espys, CE, and robustos with the MEL fac code. Haven't bought really much 09 stock aside from RE so unsure what the El Lag code(s) are for that year.
Ahh Lagavulin... V, I went for the M Plus, but the extra deep one---I think it's 26" deep opposed to the 'normal' plus. You will be happier you did it in the long run, trust me.
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