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Any color remotely close to hunting blaze orange is great! Do I go blaze and khaki, or blaze and cloud for the summer basics...
I just counted 19 Walts, 5 Rivets, and 3 pairs of boots. Not going to do a shirt count but it's up there. Yikes.
The CigarFamily forum is run by Fuente, and there is a pretty big fan base there...I'd try that first.
For sale is this pair of Sugar Cane SC2009, purchased 12/11 at the SF Self Edge store. Waist is 36, inseam 34. Straight leg, slim fitted cut. Never worn out of the house, never soaked, never washed, unhemmed. Please see Self Edge page linked below for measurements and jean details: (Denim is a one-wash unsanforized, as seen in below...
Think I posted my JLC Master Compressor Chrono a while back in this thread. Never posted this, handmedown Calatrava, I just added the black croc:
Upmann afternoon...'11 PC, 10 Noellas, 08 Sir Winston. First cigars in a long time.
There will always be more BHK54. The trini 40ths do not suck.
Re: above, recent Hoyo Epi2's have been really nice. (mid 2011).
Ronnie, you were right on. VR was like smoking a dark chocolate version of Nutella. Fantastic cigar.Re:above, I find Gold Medals to taste mostly like dirt. In a good way, if that's possible.
V, I got some 08 Serie A's. I'll dig them out this week. Birthday lineup: 98 coronas especiale, monte gran reserva, VR 5th anny Famosos:
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