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To friends you don't like very much.
Out of Punch, Romeo, & Monte in recent production: have liked PC del Punch, nothing Romeo, 2011 Monte #2, 2011 Especiales #2.
Got this as a gift. Don't hear much about them on the boards, a nice cigar though. '05 Petit Piramides:
Congrats on the graduation. Anyone else a little pissed about the recent price increases? Glad I stocked up at least on Punch PC del Punch in the last couple weeks...
If you want any watch coated in PVD/DLC, you're much better off buying a grey market or used watch and paying to have it coated by a third party...there are a couple of 'boutique' DLC watch re-sellers (Bamford is one) and they are horribly marked up. Love those Lange pics...and I clicked my way onto the European-model Memovox Deep Sea, damn good looking, I need to start saving $10.5k:
Why don't you try shooting a PM to leftofthedial (Matt), or emailing him: matt@epauletshop.com. I think the high turnover of this thread makes it difficult sometimes for Mike & Matt respond to every single question--also, (IMO) it's generally easier to get a response from any business when you contact them directly, be it by phone, email, or carrier pigeon. I know that anyone from Epaulet would be more than happy to field fit questions on any item!
I will be kicking and shoving the line to take a crack at one or more of the Marcello blazers. And those shell shortwing boots are absolutely beautiful!
^^Cigars are tougher than we give them credit for. I'd say you'd be good to go ordering in a week to 10 days, timing-wise. JL#1 and #2, Hoyo Epi#2, Partagas shorts are good fresh...I've been smoking out of '11 boxes. Hoyo du Gourmets are nice if you like a smaller RG.
Per Mike's signature:Free US shipping on all orders over $50. 14-day refund return policy for all Styleforum members.
Nice ash. How was the RAG?? Had a Trini 40th last night, which was good, but then had a CGR single, which was extraordinary.
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