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The 09 German Bolivar RE Especiale #2 also...very skinny vitola but incredible flavor, definitely a keeper for aging as well. Smoking a '10 RE Canada Bolivar B-2 (piramide) now, first from the box. I do like how it's actually a semi-limited release. Only 1000 boxes, sweeter and spicier than a BBF so far.
Beaufort w/zip in pile liner really is warm enough for all but the coldest days....I am curious about that Orvis "insulated down winter jacket" as my local Orvis (boston) doesn't carry them. Haven't checked on the Newbury Barbour but looks like a nice jacket with the blatant logo of the International.
Interesting you enjoyed it so much. I have also enjoyed the '10 Monte EL--feels like it has the flavor that I have found lacking on the '08 Sublime EL. Too large a ring gauge... Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter just had a monticristo special edition 2010 - dark wrapper, about 6.5 inches and maybe 46-48 guage. very nice. a little woody for my taste, great contruction, very nice taste.
Cord tweeds ordered. Dammit Mike.
Nice! I actually bought four boxes of LGC#3's yesterday since they were on fire sale for being made in 2002...they are good all around. The recent LGC jar RE Cuba smoke is apparently phenominal, but I passed @ $700 a jar. Smoking an 04 Esplendido now. Tons of cream in the opening, and smooth. Perfect burn and construction.
Not to threadjack, but LS, any updates on the snuff suede flex-welt boot reorder?
Nutmeg, honey, light spice...I ended up ordering four boxes of this under appreciated smoke since they have been selling out everywhere. Like the MRN book says, it's very tolerant of bad smoking technique for such a small ring gauge. Smoked down to 1/2". Working on an '02 Partagas Corona now as a night cap. [quote=jet;3572005]I think I have one of those, taste like nutmeg iirc./QUOTE]
Smoking my first LGC in a while, '02 #3. Skinny vitola...not for nub lovers. Might go on a rampage picking up a few more boxes of 02s while they are still around afterward.
Bdeuce nah it's just info gleaned from my incessant habit of buying boxes I don't need and aimlessly browsing cigar forums in support of said habit. Punch Serie d'Oro #1 RE UK's are reeaeally a nice smoke. '08 Regional. Thanks to the GBP for making a box tree fiddy.
^^Partagas coronas from 02 are damn good, little better than the 05/06es. Just had an 07 RA Gigantes and now an 08 Partagas Lusi with a few drinks.
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