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Think so, yes. Quote: Originally Posted by jet ^Are these the ones I tried J?
Cracked a cab of 07 Bolivar Coronas Extra tonight...stilll available at some places. Amazing cigar. Can't recommend enough for Bolivar fans.
Tried to send you guys an email to the store@ address but it's gotten spit back at me two days in a row now, message is below--dunno what I'm doing wrong but I tried writing to info@shopfarinellis.com as backup. Quote: Technical details of temporary failure: Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the...
Nice looking Vantage...looks like an Explorer I, but not 3-5k.
V, any particular sizes in mind/ballpark price you're looking to spend/particular marcas? I have not sampled much 09/10 stuff aside from EL's and RE's...standouts include the German RE Bolivar Esp. #2, and this year's EL Partagas D Especial edit-agree on the PL Panatelas, one of the best value smokes made I think...always consistent, flavorful, and cheap.
Too bad LS sold out of that in an 11D, boots look sick.
Added two more 10ct boxes of the '07 RE VR Maestro to the pile today...no pics but 20,000 boxes made and some just reappeared at a vendor of mine. Very good cigar.
Got a nice NC sampler in the mail yesterday, gonna work through these when they finish re-sealing my balcony...thinking I'll smoke a Viaje first. Had an el Triunfador lancero before and while they are not '01 Cohiba lanceros they are definitely an enjoyable change of pace.
Speaking of suede boots, any word on ETA of the snuff suede plain toe flex welts from LS aside from in August? If they don't come out soon I might be forced to buy the Chromexel Plaza wingtip tomorrow.
Had a UK RE Juan Lopez Seleccion Suprema this AM. Forgettable cigar. Thicker, longer, but lighter in flavor than the JL #1's I love. Have a Cohiba '06 EL on deck if weather permits today. Is there an online source for these Viajes, or are they B&M only? I'd be curious to try a couple.
New Posts  All Forums: