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Have only had consistency with 08 Monte #2 10 counts. Haven't sprung for a box for that reason when the Ene '08 Upmann #2's are smoking so well young. Agree about the CoRo. My MAS Sep 08 box is nothing like the fanatics describe about the mid-year 08 boxes...mine are dull and uninteresting after the first puffs. Sig II and IV's have proven IMO to be much more reliable...let alone the CE or Lancero of late. Quote: Originally Posted by fcuknu Very...
The 08 SLR Serie A are really smoking very nicely as well....a cigar I cannot get bored of smoking.
FWIW, the black tartan looks much better in person than its photographed...its a great pattern.
Smoking A Sept. 08 Cohiba Robusto...first puffs were extremely good, followed by a mediocre cigar that needs much, much more rest.
"pretty bird....pretty bird" Quote: Originally Posted by grundletaint harold and lloyd go to NYC
Robin, does one need a postcard or mailer for the sale or are items as marked?
Trying my first Juan Lopez Obus (french RE '06 or '07, dunno). Recent #1 and #2's from 08 are much better IMO.
Got love for the British tweed, but do prefer a double vent to a single...I think it just drapes better/looks better.
My fit is similar to APK's (also a 33) but my current thinking is if I hit the gym and cut my body fat a bit they should be okay with stretch. How much shrinkage is expected in the inseam? I'd like to get these puppies hemmed.
Jet, mag 46'es? or 50's? Either way great choice.
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