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Werd, 07 Asian PL robos smoke great right now. The 08 PL belicoso Asian RE is crap. The only other PL robo I can think of is the German RE, I think it was a 2010 release. Hard to find boxes and I didn't buy any on release. And there's the 2010/2011 UK RE, which is more like a gordito or canonazo size, super tannic still. I would go with the 07's.
They were great when they were first out. EL wrapper taste wasn't as dominant as it is in some EL's. Haven't had any for a while though.
V, cannot go wrong with the Boli lancero. I'm really surprised they are still around. If you wind up getting extra boxes I will for sure grab one from you. Pulled out a RR to smoke this afternoon. Had a gifted Illusione 88 Candela, wasn't terrible. (Blasphemy, inorite?)
I feel that way about the RA Extras EL. Sold off the 3 boxes I got. All I could taste was generic sweet maduro.
Only one I like is the 2007 Hoyo Regalos. Partagas SD Especial was decent fresh, but I don't feel like paying $15 for a Partagas unless it's a nice Lusitania or an aged PSD4. People seem to love the 08 Monte Sublime, I have always thought it sucked.
This thread has got me juiced for the next model, whatever that may be.
Spoke too soon, I was under the impression they were still mostly ETA or modified ETA movements.
You're much better off with a pen than wasting your money on a Montblanc watch.
]For sale is this brand new in box, with receipt, Quoddy Canoe Mocs. These were purchased from Leffot last week, but I just have way too many pairs of mocs already to justify keeping these. This is one of two makeups that Leffot stocked this summer, more details here: http://leffot.com/2012/06/06/quoddy-canoe-mocs/ Size-wise I am usually an 11.5 to 12 in most Quoddy loafers, these are on the slimmer end of 12, but will very likely give with time and wear. The colors...
Thankfully these have zero connection to any of that, in that they are purported to be real and come from a vouchsafed series of people. Very interesting taste.
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