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Got my 11D's, this is indoor with flash and industrial carpet, but just unwrapped:
Seems to be just 11D left now on the Lindricks...I was meant to purchase them.
Pics and tasting notes!
PUC Nov00 Epi#1. Not that great.
Just re: #2, have your friend buy ERDM Infantes, boxes of 10. As many as possible. The rest...sigh.
Mike, saw your post elsewhere that they've found a new supplier of the museum calf--can't remember, but think it was your pair of dub monks in museum calf that you posted a while back as a personal pair of yours? Would be interested in a GB in those, or another agreeable style, as long as it includes that calf...
Guessing someone normally a 40R would go for a 50 in Valstar?
V, have 2 boxes o' Perlas, cruised through one already. On my second box of Epicure#2 this summer, they have been great.
Yup, emailed for no box. Got the leather sole, brown edgetrim:
Espresso shell beefrolls arrived.
New Posts  All Forums: