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Finally took a picture of my natural leather KMW belt, bought from Jay almost 4 years ago.
Went with jade & camel for Memory jacket... Sizing question, if normally V in SS, 40R...would M in Gray sweaters (V-neck) and L in Scott & Charters slim crewneck work?
Speaking of cigar paraphernalia, just bought this Rollagas for myself.
I had such regret at missing the Merino, I'm almost tempted to rationalize my aggressive b-day present(s) and go camel, jade, and moleskin. Selling most of my outerwear and soul in the process.
Had to search my inbox, bought these black shell SW's from Leathersoul in 7/12--maiden voyage yesterday! Look like calf as never have been brushed, ever.
Is the Quorum Melange just a different colorway of the Poa?
Those. Are. Absurd.
Did jeans sell out? Link from email seems to be broken.
In for FRANKENFUCKINGSTITCH if someone backs out...
Lime buffalo is ILL. Purchased.
New Posts  All Forums: