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I also had to pick up the cotton Valve, as well as the brown calf tubo and some espadrilles.
Smoking a really nice Epi#1 from a cardboard 5x3, probably '11 production.
I think at the MSRP of $340 a box, I agree...Ravi occasionally sales them for a few bucks over $300, which is a little more palatable. The Pacifico has so much more character than the JL#4 torpedo, same year regional.
Wool/cash check would have been my choice. Greg was right in that keeping it open longer just delays things, just for those of us that just binge our way through SF threads once a week or 10 days, no wool/cash check in the cards. Beautiful fabric and great project idea, hope to get in on a future round.
What were the standout cigars for you?
What last were the brown suedes made up on? Very nice.
First thread post:
Don't see what all the fuss is about yet...
Any recent Upmann connoisseur #1 will be great. Most everything is smoking better fresh now than ever before.
LFDC Grandioso. Very nice.
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