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Yup.Anyone mind PMing me the 10.5/11? Normally always get the emails but perhaps Gmail is acting up in my best interest.
Congrats from a fellow ultra thin owner! Stunning piece, enjoy it.
Braver man than I.
Mike, maybe the ravello-ish color next month? Remember seeing the sample and was completely smitten.
Would love a Tuscan Leather 50ml, please.
Also took the plunge on these. Had to, with this pricing.
There are at least 2 of 70 owners in TWAT, no? It's probably the only thing I've ever paid full freight for and am continually happy about.
Bring out the holy hand grenade!
Playing around with the tribute today, ostrich on shell off.
Welcome! Agreed, RG panatelas are a great value. Super Partagas and Upmann Majestics are also similarly priced solid machine-mades.
New Posts  All Forums: