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@Girardian Original Reyes, very nice! Forgot to post this last week. 1997 Churchill, but in a Cuban twist, rolled at el Laguito. Extraordinary cigar, a 'one and done' experience.
Green velvet, gold roping. Really happy with the result.
I've had fantastic Millennium robustos...but this particular cigar, meh.
Ok, what vitolas would everyone prefer...I think it's cheating a bit for me to do something with cigars specifically mentioned already, but I can do 2 cigars of the same size unbanded?Dull and lifeless, must have been bad storage, shame.
I think it's British in origin, but 'F@$*ing Red Trousers' is a hilarious meme. Would grab the EFF's if I didn't already have reddish Bedford EP cords!
@Girardian Lovely review, thank you. Not only do namesake factories not produce their offspring solely anymore, you have certain aberrations recently like MUO 2014 Romeo Churchills, MUO 2014 PSD4 (el Laguito code)--that I've tried, and while the Churchills are Esplendidos in everything but name (budget Cohiba?), the PSD4 taste sort of mottled generic CoRo. Blind tastings are super helpful in gaining humility and confirmation bias with cigars (and wine)--something I am...
@SteveH35 Thought Madeworn in LA did this sort of engraving...? Been thinking about using them for an exp I 39mm or newer DJ II blue dial, but I sort of wanted to find someone that is a master shotgun engraver, or at least see if Madeworn could incorporate some classic shotgun engraving-type motifs.
Thought they were no longer doing shell jodphurs? Or were they making exceptions @Proper Kit? Dammit...
Finalizing here as well... SS Thinner in beige (team camel) SS Conservation in blue/grey heavy twill NR SB dove grey NR BF black herringbone Really lusting after the SS burgundy, but would prefer black/dark navy contrast, especially on a Thinner.
shell with calf tongue?
New Posts  All Forums: