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Wow, Figaria looks great. Totally overlooked that in favor of the Poa, but reconsidering...
Band on the new PL Picadores...based off a very old Dunhill PL band, I think. [/url]
The skivvies don't have a flap in the front, or so it looks...no?
Wish I had saved my Doyle code for the brown horsehide...damn.
Close, it's a black and white animal, but it's a panda...hence the bamboo shoots and leaves.
I've forgotten, do the Ep by New England Shirts fit L:L with 'normal' Larges? Also, Mike, the copy in the measurements is for a 'size 40, true to size.' http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/epaulet-by-new-england-shirt-red-grey-gingham-flannel
Having my second to last Partagas P#1 (V, got a line on these?) and its fucking delicious.
How much have the Waxing Moon humidors run in the past? I'm hoping it bridges part of the gap between the cheapie $100-300 and the Elie Bleu. I have an Aristo THC M plus & coolers, but I would like a better desktop for my "to smoke" stuff.
Mauro, will the dress shirts be MTM or sized? And price range, I guess including toteholders? I would be interested, given your nose for quality.
Did you happen to snap any pics in it? I'm pretty tempted.
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