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For the holdall, which color is a closer fit for the cognac briefcase I already have?
If you're desperate for ghetto cigar storage, throw in some Boveda packs and these work wonderfully...positive externality of ordering way too much.
Can def imagine their take on a Venetian in some #8 shell. How long has EFF shirting usually run recently? I.e., when to expect June (5/29) orders?
Just worth note--spoke to a US SS rep and they confirmed that items purchased while 'travelling abroad' ARE able to be returned, and while even though it's unofficially frowned upon, it's possible.
Not bad, but not good. Don't waste 1k on a novelty 50 cab..
Got an email from Harrisons stating the owner had been working with Kyle to make a Tods-style driving moc and it's in the store now @$295. Wondering if it'll stay a Harrison exclusive or roll out to the Rancourt webstore/other accounts.
in on Team GAT. Also Mike, dunno if it was your backend upgrade and/or Shopify, but it's a lot cleaner and less clunky in checkout now.
If you do wind up going, or anyone for that matter, will take ANY/ALL Terry sun & Novak optical
Washington looks great on you. Could someone explain the difference/details between the Hartford and La Spalla jackets? (Aside from the La Spalla shoulder pleats).
Happy birthday, first off. You'll see the viewpoint aped around various cigar fora these days, but I prefer, when possible, to get marca cigars from their mother factory. Can't say I have seen any MUO '14 Siglos in anything other than II's--although there have been MUO CoRo, Esplendidos, and likely lanceros. Although construction at Upmann should be better than your example for sure. But in general, I haven't really loved 2014 production that I've tried...2013 was such...
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