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In for electric blue hoodie...anyone with me?
Sorry for the complete quote in advance, I'm on mobile.Which Audi?? Teat drove a new S3 and RS4, coming from a modified V8 S4...RS was powerful but not emotionally engaging to drive. S3 was a little pocket rocket. Never have bought a car new, only CPO, but it's quite tempting. Especially with ECU tuner potential for ripping off 3.8 0-60.My only qualm with Liquid Art House is that Ms. Party IV went and said drinks are great, but food is more about Insta presentation than...
Thanks for the thoughtful advice, Dino. And yes, my gut reaction was that the ask was obscene for that sort of condition. That's almost what the NOS vintage Exp1 price was from Bunny Mellon.Love Oak Bar! And have heard mixed reviews about the Boston Boulud outpost, but after that review I'll definitely give it a try.
Tried on a few today at European Watch Co on Newbury...Dino, read a bit ago that you felt their watches were too "handled" for their asking and filed away, but today agreed with you trying on the Geophysic. Had a couple desk diving scuffs and nicks and they were asking, first glance, 5% off MSRP. Liked it a lot, but wasn't sold. Also, I fell more in love with the UT Moon. The elegance of the face is stunning, but part of me also appreciates the more tool watch ethos of...
Man oh man, if anyone doesn't like their Nutsy pants in 34/35...holler. Those are seriously loud. Bravo.
LOVE Esp#2. 2005 Epi2:
For sale is one of the recent Epaulet shirting productions from the "Ends for Friends" sale, a 'Sunny Madras check,' size large. Photos are in natural light and with flash, price includes USPS shipping. Please PM if interested, thanks! $131 $125 $110 $100
Would you guys mind recommending a decent bedside table? Something for a reasonably low for a latex/memory foam mattress on a wooden slat frame. Prefer darker woods/walnut-ish shades, but open to anything.
Did anyone else think that Southwick used to do peak lapel DB's, or am I crazy? Thinking about a tobacco linen suit for summer...
Nice, what years/factories? 97 Upp#2 and 03 Siglo VI on Tuesday, going to try to smoke today.
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