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MUR '13 coronas were pretty great on release, haven't had any ULA '14 yet. Older Imperiales are godlike if you can get a few singles. Gran Coronas (DC'ed in 06?) are also pretty amazing.
In for both.
Yup, looks like I'll just be Reno'ing and Saphir'ing...lesson learned:
Just to as much advice as possible, did anyone else's Galways from the recent GMTO delivery have similar burnishing issues and could recommend a fix? (Reno, polish?)
For me, it's more a function of whether or not it's a)burnishing or b)underlying leather. If it's just the top burnishing layer, then I have a much smaller issue re-doing it. It's if the leather was messed up that would give me pause for having the boots LT.
EFF shirting arrived while I was travelling. Mike was super patient with my order, I'm really happy with how they came out. Pics in natural light.
Damn. What's the cab, Eslavos? Can't see.
First post in this thread and first EG's after 20+ Carminas/Aldens, echoing Wills. Yes, leather's an organic material and has veins/creases, but these look more like cracks. Is this just dry Doak burnishing, or is this something to send back? My fear is it'll get worse, even if nourished & polished, with wear.
Would a Barrie 10.5D/Plaza 11D/Rain 10UK just copy over into a 10UK for these, or am I better off going with a 10.5UK?
My understanding (albeit limited) is that a) HSA has drastically reduced roller access to tobacco, and b) the customs you've smoked are from an era that is now over. With many of those named rollers, especially Mons, now gone, there are a bunch of...enterprising Canadians, Europeans, and one or two Americans who have been reselling 'customs' to anyone and everyone that are significantly inferior to the customs of old. To wit: Monsdales still being made/rolled/sold, when...
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