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Nope, didn't make it. Some crazy shit being smoked I'm sure. You meet up with them?
POS 06 corona, great; LGC Cuba, unusually, not great; SUB '11 Royal Robusto, awesome.
Yes, those ones.
I'll take some shots of my natty shell boots from the first batch next week. Can't remember what European vendor had them. Was this round a GYW makeup?
Sorry, I meant doing a canvas-style tote, only making it entirely out of milled leather. Like a larger, more functional/sturdier version of the women's soft tote you already make.
^that's mold spots, not plume, sorry. Wipe with alcohol wipes and good to go. Original release MKO Reyes was amaazing.
Roman, ever thought of doing a milled leather men's tote--like a canvas beach bag style?
With today's FX movement, what would the rough difference be in the next Galway GMTO? Only one pair so far...
+1 for hacking off 2cm in the next batch of polos...I roll up the sleeves to compensate, but they'd be perfect with just a little less sleeve length.
Sorry, unclear post...I miss the shit ouf of the '90's Hoyo DC. The one pictured was 07 or 08, I think. They're pretty good, certainly not bad, but if you've tasted the old days, it's hard to not compare. But Epi #2 and DC are great hot summer day cigars, as are modern Quai coronas.'54 from 2010 today.
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