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For sale is a pair of Alden Brixtons from Epaulet, in a 10.5D Barrie. Purchased and never even tried on--too many shoes in rotation already. Includes USPS shipping with Delivery Confirmation. Please PM if interested and thank you for looking! Link here: http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/footwear/products/alden-for-epaulet-brixton-boot-madison-oxblood $525 $500 $475
Price includes Paypal fees and USPS shipping with Delivery Confirmation. These have been worn around my apartment but otherwise are brand new, too big for me. Original box with shoe bags and extra laces included, along with original receipt. Open to offers.
Does the sizing correlate roughly to Gustin shirt sizing? i.e. L to L...
V, SUB 11, or 12?
Will the waxed cotton be sized to go over its same-size Gustin shirting? I.e. large with large...
Snap decision: impulse buy cognac bals and keep waiting for WWII Lobb cognac shells in meantime...or just stay with WWII shell preorders.
Have never been so excited to get an 'in stock' email, for the birdseye Inis (guessing restock? Medium is mine...)
Wha? Founders circle prices but:
Thoughts on Grandioso? Had the Brit LFDC Gran Cano, delicious cigar. Smoking a '12 JL#2 now, very solid.
Guys, between all the quoted posts, I can't tell which color this is--is it pallissandro? Or grigio/antracite? Want for an MTO.
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