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Any recs on London/Milan vintage or independent AD's to look at while I'm on vacation? Wondering if there's any deals (relatively) post-Pound drop.
Congrats @Torsion!! Things are probably happening right now... And Omar, based purely on production numbers, the fresh Partagas P#2 will be more reliable than the fresh Montecristo #2. Monte #2 are one of the highest volume and most inconsistent cigars coming out of Cuba.
What is the OG Warlow ETA, again? Can't remember. Fall?
Can't speak to the oz weight, but it's skewed more towards winter cord than Bedford cord, maybe 60/40. That's zero help, sorry.
I still own the #2130 Tword (Cordureed?), it's a fantastic fabric. Must. Buy. Other. Color.
Maybe I'm looking in the wrong section, but it's not in the smoking jacket area.
Size and/or measurements would be helpful.
In for Vantablack field jacket GMTO. Archer would approve.
Dunno about that--for ageing, short of glassine paper or vacsealing, hard to beat for slowing down air exchange. Look at how good 90's Punch Monarcas are from tubo. Magnificent.
'98 Monarca
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