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@SteveH35 Thought Madeworn in LA did this sort of engraving...? Been thinking about using them for an exp I 39mm or newer DJ II blue dial, but I sort of wanted to find someone that is a master shotgun engraver, or at least see if Madeworn could incorporate some classic shotgun engraving-type motifs.
Thought they were no longer doing shell jodphurs? Or were they making exceptions @Proper Kit? Dammit...
Finalizing here as well... SS Thinner in beige (team camel) SS Conservation in blue/grey heavy twill NR SB dove grey NR BF black herringbone Really lusting after the SS burgundy, but would prefer black/dark navy contrast, especially on a Thinner.
shell with calf tongue?
Anyone bought from Matthew Bain before? This vintage memovox is tempting me. http://www.matthewbaininc.com/watch-details/2049
Have the EP navy shell DM, but those look fantastic!
Yeah, I would never buy vintage from them for the reasons Dino has gone into. But the site/app does make for nice browsing. I got my JLC moon from them and between negotiating and a wire transfer knocked the price down to roughly market. But...congrats! I had the Geo on my wrist a year ago but it's been growing on me since then.
Less, for me. Much clunkier than other watches with similar complications. But the basic Drive I like more than the Tank MC, and for probably similar money discounted.
Are the SdC knit bombers we preordered in July due sometime this spring? Know it's far off, just lost track.
Mark XVIII...not too shabby. But any reason, should one want to scratch the IWC itch, not to go with a NOS Mark XVI? One mm smaller to boot.
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