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Yup, prob the MUO May, I have one too.
In for outrageous mint hoodie.
Might anyone have pics of the green suede Indy that J Gilbert has? Can't seem to find any in their makeup, just the Unionmade one...
Disappointed...bought 10 boxes of 2003 Punch PC del Punch and they are all musty-smelling, which to me, indicates shitty storage. I've never had a musty box ever smell more than marginally better.
Agreed on ERDM, especially Tainos--gems. And still priced well under LGC Tainos. This was the Elegantes, 2010 regional...some marca DNA, I do like the Gordito vitola, but it was good and not great. Normally I get a pair of a cigar to try, but just got a single of this and one of the LGC 2010 Swiss regional Triunfos which wasn't great.
Very happy. edit: clearly didn't capture the brushed finished dial, sorry for the cheap pic...
Happy Easter.
Damn, it's a good day for TWAT. With all this talk about discounts, thought I should let y'all know by going AD I saved a bunch of money on my car insurance. Also 30% off this 35mm PVD rose gold number for my first ever quartz beater. Yes, quartz is anathema to my being. Sometimes you take a looker who's a little less intelligent, as @BostonHedonist suggested about food a ways back.
I was quoted 255 plus Fedex cost...I've no idea what an Omega servicing would run, though.
A bit offtopic with the recent discussion of canis lupus snoopiarus... Has anyone used Nesbitt watch repair in Seattle? Saw Archer watches in Canada discussed on TZ, but he emailed me back he'd been ill and isn't doing much. Just looking for my beater Seamaster to get spiffed up.
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