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My green floral:
Wow, dig the suede fishing vest. Where's that available? +1 on cuffs.
Are the Carmina LWB's also 1/2 size different, or both 10UK? Copy is confusing and 1/2 sized pair seems like it's just the Aldens.
Any other gentlemen on Team Mint? Hoodie here.
In for mint heirloom...
torsion, great smokes...would have bought that '07 SdC#2 and LGC #2 boxes if I were you!
Any interest in polo suede tassel loafer GMTO?
Has there been a polo suede tassel loafer made up yet?
Any green floral arrivals?
In for green suede string loafer. Also, is the polo suede string loafer still available anywhere in 10UK?
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