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I would do a pre-order for the blaze orange. I'm a hunter, but I'd wear the blaze solely in town for contrast.
For the ...Southern part of north america, their shipping has historically been all over the place...but recently, it's been nailed down. 8-15 days delivered. The prices for (exceso maduro) PSP, (maduro) HQ, that's another matter...
Did not.
Any loden suede chukkas available anywhere? Or, any interest for a GMTO for a loden chukka?
Wow, Figaria looks great. Totally overlooked that in favor of the Poa, but reconsidering...
Band on the new PL Picadores...based off a very old Dunhill PL band, I think. [/url]
The skivvies don't have a flap in the front, or so it looks...no?
Wish I had saved my Doyle code for the brown horsehide...damn.
Close, it's a black and white animal, but it's a panda...hence the bamboo shoots and leaves.
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