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Yessir, Harlech MKII.
Email sent to Lauren with info...
Hoyo DC with six years....welcome, spring.
In for whiskey Harlech round II.
I have an active system in my Aristocrat, but in desktops and coolers use beads. Beads are idiotproof. You can use certain types of kitty litter for less but I haven't ever really bothered. The cost savings aren't worth the hassle to me, and I fucking hate cats. http://www.heartfeltindustries.com/categories.asp?cat=Humidity+Beads
I generally store/age at 60%, and smoke 60-65% tops.
Having trouble narrowing down from the Jodphur in CXL and the Chelsea in calf...which one would you pick? CXL for durability but Chelsea for ease of on/off...
No--you're paying extra for the name. If you want handmade quality, talk to Bob:http://www.aristocrathumidors.com/aristocrat-mplus.html
V, you had a 2013 LGC#2? They are like candy. I haven't heard any lines on Upp2 Reservas yet but I would be in to split a box at least.
Shitty picture, but good Lord what a cigar. '80's Lancero from yellow cello.
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