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Shitty picture, but good Lord what a cigar. '80's Lancero from yellow cello.
Fresh production Quai coronas are magnificent.V, where the F did you get the Connie As? Box buy?
Something as durable as a Barbour but much less twattish than Jack spade.
Waxed canvas messenger with a laptop sleeve built-in and a flap over the top closure....sign me up.
@Turner, that's good to hear about the RG's--I'm waiting to get them from Andreas @ Cologne. Have a box of Connie A on the way as well. Have seen internet posts about the return of the RyJ Churchill so I picked up a box, POU has put out some fabulous cigars in 2012/13, these look pretty good:
:dunno: 3 pairs from massdrop shipped to MA, $81.69 vs 3 from woodlore, $95.47
FYI, guys, didn't see this posted in the last 10 pages, but it's a deal site for what seems like Woodlore epic twin tube trees with pretty cheap shipping (non referral link): https://www.massdrop.com/buy/curated-basics-cedar-shoetree
Likewise--I'm currently smoking a 2005 Monte #1 since it's 48 and rainy, first cigar in a while.
Also curious if I'm normally a 10UK across several Carmina lasts--how does the Deia fit? Love the jodphurs.
Chalk up one more 'interested' for this. The olive moleskin jacket from last year was underrated I think--it's one of my more worn Ep pieces. Will be good to have an alternative piece.When you mentioned anything in the Pantone book--I would be down for something pretty bright, 'fuck off' category color from Pantone--hoodie. Maybe after you make up some basics and get it marinating in some heads.Scottish light tatt!
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