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In an unrelated post, if size 10 in the Heschung Mustangs is slightly tight, not broken in, would 44 be a decent choice for the Buttero lows?
Excited as well...more excited for her to take a quick cellphone snap of how they look!
How was the Lusi GR? Normal Lusis don't do anything for me.
Another interested party here for the Rain last Vegano Brown calf Chelsea. Pull tab and Danite?
If they have Trin Robusto T's, buy.
What's the best shop email for a quick sizing question?
Boots were in fine shape, they're boots...just saying, throw in some bubble wrap and VAT claim form for a $1250 purchase.
Thought I bookmarked last week or so a Mismo bag and the Inis Meain blue melange cardigan, both on sale...did the cardigan get taken off sale? Just curious why if so.
Museum calf...in. Remind me why the Simpson dislike? Narrow, or wide?
They told me they'd ship expedited but it ended up taking about a week and a half-two weeks. My 10.5 natural shells just arrived yesterday. What size did you get? They literally just stuck the Viberg box in a huge box with no padding and no Global Blue form...not the best CS.
New Posts  All Forums: