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Snap decision: impulse buy cognac bals and keep waiting for WWII Lobb cognac shells in meantime...or just stay with WWII shell preorders.
Have never been so excited to get an 'in stock' email, for the birdseye Inis (guessing restock? Medium is mine...)
Wha? Founders circle prices but:
Thoughts on Grandioso? Had the Brit LFDC Gran Cano, delicious cigar. Smoking a '12 JL#2 now, very solid.
Guys, between all the quoted posts, I can't tell which color this is--is it pallissandro? Or grigio/antracite? Want for an MTO.
I'm not up on Reddit, would someone mind posting a link? And also, dig on the multi-colored flannel in the newsletter. Would anyone else want an AD or BD in the currently out Gitman white/black buffalo check fabric with specks of color?
Re: J Gilbert 2014 list, does anyone have a pic of the green hunting suede? Interested...
This is after they have settled a couple weeks. Okay now, very likely epic in a few years.
I'm a Barrie 10.5D/Grant 11 and I was a bit worried about sizing. But try-on after a long day with thin socks and they feel amazing, not as stiff as I would have expected. Not sure whether I'll be in touch, but thank you, they are gorgeous.
New Posts  All Forums: