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Speaking of Explorer 1's, this is obviously overpriced, but I don't think I've seen a 1016 that looks to be in better, unpolished shape. Or at least for a while. http://www.europeanwatch.com/20495.html
Hoyos are okay but they don't hold a candle to the 90's ones. Those are epic
Really quick question...Monitaly jacketing roughly TTS?
Yeah I got an '11 Serie A cab before the disappeared. Hoyo DC's I'm still working through an 08 and 10 DB or else I would have sprung for those. Getting too cold now for DC's in MA anyway. I'm looking forward to the RA Perfectos for Switzerland.
Naw, don't think I've had any since a 2007 cab I have buried. Don't see much press about the recent ones on the forums. You? Recent Regios very good.
Really like those Unipair shell and suede boots.
Anyone else so far not been impressed with fresh '14's the way you were with the last couple years? I've had some pretty generic tasting cigars.
let me know how they smoke, curious. Odds for decent Monte 2 are much better at Upmann, not a provincial factory.
FR NISU Punch DC from cab...kicking my ass. Strongest cigar I've had for months.
Dammit, so many drops I missed flyfishing for two weeks. Did someone here break the 'Notify Me' button in a fit of sabotage? Because it seems to have stopped liking when I click on it. Tried Safari and Chrome both.
New Posts  All Forums: