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While this would ordinarily stop me, to be completely honest and not SF-approved, I haven't worn any of my Quoddys or Rancourts down to the point where I've had to recraft them. As nice as a long-term patina would be, I don't mind the TS version and given the comfort of the Lactae sole on the PDG Kudu Chandler moc, I might grab them.
Very sharp, Lloyd B!
Gray fabric looks really neat--almost like a Schneider stitch. Any idea on blazer pricing, full suit pricing?
That green would be amazing as a weekender!
Still not allowed. Habanos SA has supposedly been stockpiling in anticipation of embargo end, but look at 1999-2001, demand surges, supply is increased to meet demand and shitty, shitty cigars result.
How was the Cohiba pyramide? LRE '09 PSD4 up in Vermont. Superb.
Can't recall offhand...is GRP bubble sizing going with one's Schneider size?
If only a half size bigger...
What model?
Green croc St. C's Chelsea boot GMTO... on a Carmina note, if I am normally 10UK Rain, would it be advisable to size up to 10.5UK for the suede string loafers--or would they stretch a bit because they're unlined?
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