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I like the wine analogue--if it's a crap wine, it's not going to get better with age. If the underlying raw materials are good, as with cigar tobacco, and pending good storage, yes, the cigars will get better with age. You can play with air exposure (cabinet of 50 vs. dress box of 25 vs. tubos vs vacumn sealing) to adjust how 'gracefully' cigars age. Groupthink is that for long term (5-15+ years) the less air exchange, the better. Single cigars in a desktop,...
Recent smokes: EL (yup!) '98 Fundadores. Few boxes of el Laguito-rolled Fundies out there....MKO '04 Siglo VI. Then POL '10 P#2, MKO '04 Lancero, '11 Sancho Molinos, JM '98 Famoso (rolled entubado, dimple under cap), 2/87 Romeo Corona, 11/87 Bolivar Belvedere from cello. P#2/Lancero/Molinos/Famoso were all from a good friend.
Ha, catching up--this was a late 80s box, stored in a UK shop for its entire life for one client who passed away. They weren't cheap with or without VAT. I also bought a Latour box from the same shop that I haven't cracked yet. I brought both boxes to meet up with a friend in London across from Davidoff and Eddie Sahakian stopped by. We all agreed the Margaux was the better box. Aroma was intense and amazing, cello was yellow and a double-axis cello like modern...
Nice! I got this 3-ply, as well as two solids also. Hoping mine are on the way shortly.
Those with recent Individualized deliveries, when did you order?
Not sure what availability is like, but there have been 3 French regional releases in the last few years that, if in a shop, would be worth picking up:|on_Regional_Francia|on_Regional_Francia|on_Regional_Francia I'd be happy to trade cigars or funds for anybody...
Some cigars from the recent Eurotrip: 1987 Bolivar machine mades Davi 3000 from Davidoff London Late 80s: Wedding night ashtray:
X-post from NMWA...Regretting not having someone snap solo pictures where it's not pulling slightly, but the Ciro cream silk DJ in its natural habitat: a villa wedding on Lake Como. [[SPOILER]]
Didn't manage to get any solo pictures taken where it's not pulling slightly, but this is the cream silk DJ that was stocked in May. Shown in its natural habitat, a villa wedding on Lake Como. Fantastically comfortable. [[SPOILER]]
Can't all be like RogerP!
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