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Sort of a hunting coat or hacking jacket?
V, San Juans are good. Happy to send you a pair from the box if you'd like to try. Later production not from La Corona factory, unsurprisingly not as good. 06 Corona Especiale from el Laguito. Lighter than I like these, but might be travel sickness.
To keep a good thing going, I'll take off $50 courtesy of @mosivy.
One last kick for the dead horse (cordovan pun!): Did the forex surcharge for paying in USD exceed $2.63? Because that...makes all of this null and void given the surfeit of non-FX fee cards.
Believe it's the more antiquated way of saying kid leather (from young calves). Lighter weight and more supple than 'regular' cowhide.
I suppose that would make me interested party #21 for the Warlow in 10UK? In.
Had a Quesada Keg lonsdale...creamed cardboard. OR Hoyo San Juan (EML JUL14) from La Corona. Cream and cedar. ULA MAY15 PSD4, cedar and leather, surprisingly not a whole lot of Partagas spice at the halfway mark. Odd.
For sale is a pair of twice-worn Viberg Service boots on the 2030 last in 'dusty calf.' Original link: http://shop.brooklynclothing.com/service-boot-dusty-calf/ MSRP: $750 -2030 Last -Size 11US -Kip lining -Dainite Heel/Sole -9 Gun metal eyelets -Made using stitch down construction -Re-soleable -Sizing is true to Viberg(US) Threw away box and bags, but worn outside exactly twice. Will include extra laces that came with. CONUS shipping included, elsewhere, please PM for...
@Girardian Original Reyes, very nice! Forgot to post this last week. 1997 Churchill, but in a Cuban twist, rolled at el Laguito. Extraordinary cigar, a 'one and done' experience.
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