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Those with recent Individualized deliveries, when did you order?
Not sure what availability is like, but there have been 3 French regional releases in the last few years that, if in a shop, would be worth picking up: http://cubancigarwebsite.com/brand.aspx?brand=quai_d%27orsay#338_Edici|on_Regional_Francia http://cubancigarwebsite.com/brand.aspx?brand=quai_d%27orsay#381_Edici|on_Regional_Francia http://cubancigarwebsite.com/brand.aspx?brand=quai_d%27orsay#1421_Edici|on_Regional_Francia I'd be happy to trade cigars or funds for anybody...
Some cigars from the recent Eurotrip: 1987 Bolivar machine mades Davi 3000 from Davidoff London Late 80s: Wedding night ashtray:
X-post from NMWA...Regretting not having someone snap solo pictures where it's not pulling slightly, but the Ciro cream silk DJ in its natural habitat: a villa wedding on Lake Como. [[SPOILER]]
Didn't manage to get any solo pictures taken where it's not pulling slightly, but this is the cream silk DJ that was stocked in May. Shown in its natural habitat, a villa wedding on Lake Como. Fantastically comfortable. [[SPOILER]]
Can't all be like RogerP!
For heathens like me with only one pair of EG's, would the level of contrast be similar on the #2 bourbon/chestnut Utah as the above pair?
Any smokers here that reside in London? Here for a few days.
Any recs on London/Milan vintage or independent AD's to look at while I'm on vacation? Wondering if there's any deals (relatively) post-Pound drop.
Congrats @Torsion!! Things are probably happening right now... And Omar, based purely on production numbers, the fresh Partagas P#2 will be more reliable than the fresh Montecristo #2. Monte #2 are one of the highest volume and most inconsistent cigars coming out of Cuba.
New Posts  All Forums: