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I believe at one time, they were given out to people flying on the Air France Concorde fleet.
I still need to nail down my Formosa size as soon as the sale ends and I can return, but I'm tentatively in. What's the price ballpark for this fabric?
I'm in for brown with pull tab.
Just an update if anyone's looking...14oz in Berlin still has 11, 12, and 13 left in this natural shell 2030 last. The last 10.5 pair might be incoming.
Assuming for both, a storm welt and Danite? Or what is the groupthink?
Very interested in a GMTO suede Chelsea. Grey and/or brown and/or calf, possibly.
I got my first Farnese/first Castaners in the mail Monday, and just picked up two more suede belts...they're supremely comfortable.
Yes, I did. I am 10UK in in most Carmina lasts.
Better photo with natural light outside on maiden voyage. Love the color.
New Posts  All Forums: