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Green croc St. C's Chelsea boot GMTO... on a Carmina note, if I am normally 10UK Rain, would it be advisable to size up to 10.5UK for the suede string loafers--or would they stretch a bit because they're unlined?
Does the black dialled version have the same brushed finish as the original? The brushed finish is what makes the white face NOT bland for me...edit: no.
So I can reference, what size do you take in that bomber, @gdl203? [[SPOILER]]
Has anyone ever used Auctionata? I'm very wary of their lack of super hi-res photos, although I suppose one could ask in advance...current auction going on now for Rolex/Patek and 7:30 for some other watches.
looks like Google pulled up mailboxde.com
Depending on price, perhaps.
Couldn't agree more. Appreciate great engineering, great value for money, now in-house movements, fairly clean designs--but they don't pull at my emotions at all, and that's ultimately what makes me love a watch long-term. Teutonic emotionality being oxymoronic we'll shelve for later?
Wow, genuinely like both those Kudu. Maybe possible to snap a horizontal shot of them? It's hard for me to gauge the looks when they're vertical like the store pics.
Need to nail down my SS sizing in a Chicago trip in a few weeks or else I'd be PMing vincentvogan now.
Yup, prob the MUO May, I have one too.
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