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Worked on faded Margielas for me.
Thanks, Dino--looks like that's Henri Stern in NYC. Can they also provide whatever that Patek historical certificate is called with the repair?
Dig that AD, and +1 for APC/Louis W style suede bomber.
All this talk about repairs, I'm wondering: to have my 3445 serviced, I should just take it to.an AD? It's not been serviced since I inherited it, but worn very sparingly. Keeps time fine, but the crystal had shattered and was replaced by acrylic years back because a family member (not a watch person) got sticker shock from the sapphire replacement cost. Will this be an issue?
Where should I look for a large sand suede Louis W. APC bomber on sale?
I alluded to a purchase a few weeks back and got called out on it...well, finally here's a pic of the new, second syringed-hand JLC to join the family, in its natural habitat: ...looking to grab the nylon Cermet strap at some point TBD, but love this watch quite a bit.
and here...we...go.
Has anyone doing Individualized shirts through Ep gotten them monogrammed?
No, it's reversed for seailing.
There's a slight, if marginal difference between a pinky and ring-finger ring to me; I wear a signet ring on my right hand on my ring-finger. I don't seal many envelopes, but I do like the family association, and I do find it slightly less gaudy to have it on the fourth and not pinky finger. I wear watches on my left wrist.
New Posts  All Forums: