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VAT and other taxes vary, but yes, London will be the worst. Hajenus in Amsterdam is the best, Milan has an LCDH that I went to last month; LCDH in Zurich also. Madrid will likely be cheapest because of state-set pricing.
03 el Morro. Solid, solid cigar. Very balanced.
To wit, from a major EU LCDH: Dear Aficionados, In the latest days, weeks and months we received plenty of info, news and rumours on what is happening with our precious Cuban cigars. With this email I would like to give you my personal opinion and some facts concerning the current supply: 1. Due to 3 bad harvests there is a huge lack of large wrappers meaning the large vitolas became scarce. 2. A large amount of Cuban cigars has been bought by Imperial Tabaco to prepare...
Well, time to burn some miles and route thru Dubai duty free, I guess...I feel you on the full humidor part. I've actually been trying to cull down from an Aristo THC M plus & 4 coolers to M plus/2 coolers. But I know of a couple guys at least who have been stockpiling what you'd expect from iHav, etc, for resale value domestically in 6-18 mos. Lying if I said I hadn't thought about it! Last time I moved, I actually put everything in coolers and used fine art storage,...
Top Gear Top Tip: buy cords one size up to help accommodate holiday eating.
Might as well get the biggest marine cooler you can get delivered free: https://amzn.com/B00J0RZQJ4Regarding the fine print above, it's interesting, if I'm reading that right, that you'll be permitted bringing back Habanos bought at duty free shops in-transit? Would that extend to bringing cigars home purchased abroad?Regarding HSA, between being nearly at capacity/breaking down trying, wrapper shortages, iffy recent harvests, bad weather streaks, el Laguito rolling...
Navy herringbone Bumfreezer, sans hood, GRP bubbleknit under:And, not sure if it was due to NR's slight factory snafu that Kyle was trying to make right (generously so), but next-level retail apparently provides not just fit pics on request but literary inspo. So I threw on a SS scarf to get a little more Tom Ripley. Amazing, thanks so much for the novel gesture @conceptual 4est! Above and beyond. [[SPOILER]]
If normally I'm 52 in a Field Jacket, would I go M or L in the Thompson shawl cardigan, accounting for some stretch?
The Warped cigars I've tried, can't think offhand, but there was a El Oso (bear band) and a Colmena in Laguito #2 vitola that I enjoyed--both were pretty impressive for New World stuff. Any others that people have tried and liked?
OPM 09 PL petit beli...not much honey or caramel one usually hopes for in a PL, they did nail the graham cracker at least.
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