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Thanks, Dino--looks like that's Henri Stern in NYC. Can they also provide whatever that Patek historical certificate is called with the repair?
Dig that AD, and +1 for APC/Louis W style suede bomber.
All this talk about repairs, I'm wondering: to have my 3445 serviced, I should just take it to.an AD? It's not been serviced since I inherited it, but worn very sparingly. Keeps time fine, but the crystal had shattered and was replaced by acrylic years back because a family member (not a watch person) got sticker shock from the sapphire replacement cost. Will this be an issue?
Where should I look for a large sand suede Louis W. APC bomber on sale?
I alluded to a purchase a few weeks back and got called out on it...well, finally here's a pic of the new, second syringed-hand JLC to join the family, in its natural habitat: ...looking to grab the nylon Cermet strap at some point TBD, but love this watch quite a bit.
and here...we...go.
Has anyone doing Individualized shirts through Ep gotten them monogrammed?
No, it's reversed for seailing.
There's a slight, if marginal difference between a pinky and ring-finger ring to me; I wear a signet ring on my right hand on my ring-finger. I don't seal many envelopes, but I do like the family association, and I do find it slightly less gaudy to have it on the fourth and not pinky finger. I wear watches on my left wrist.
Was in Chicago this weekend so stopped by. Peacock salesmen, totally inattentive if one didn't bring their attractive female or screaming children. I nailed down my fit and secured a German forwarding box. Didn't try any Hartfords in person (forgot about that cut) but La Spalla was pretty on point in the brighter blue. LIke the Washington peak lapel with ticket pocket, but it doesn't sit as nicely on the shoulders, obviously. Saint Laurent staff was infinitely less...
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