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Might anyone else be interested in GMTO of Mike's shell double monk? It would fill a gap in my collection between navy shell and chocolate calf. -PartagasIV
Haha, looks like cigar troll was banned...good riddance. Think his "review" site was a front for two CC-selling websites of dubious legitimacy. Considering they had things like Robo T's, Robo Extras, Bolivar Coronas Extra... Gonna light up a Jan '14 Montecristo Esp#1 after finishing cleaning up my place. These never let me down, from cello-wrapped '80's versions, to recent production. Esp#1 en cellos have been some of the greatest cigars I've had.
...and what cigar do you speak of, asshat?If PE sells fakes, as you allege, there are certainly thousands of smokers who would want to know...
Both MUR 13?
I have always had a soft spot for the hobnail bezelled Calatravas. Beautiful simplicity. Want to pick one up someday. Is there a number associated with that type?
Scotchgrain captoes on the way...
Grabbed another box of original release Robusto T...not cheap, but love these.
So want both Poas. Any fit pictures from compulsive shoppers would be appreciated...
Had a 'meh' '11 Hoyo Churchill, custom robusto, and slightly enjoyable Monsdale last night...maybe my palate was just off. Was the German RA beli good? I remember them being very strong.
Anyone have a Brooks Bros code for the waxed canvas boat shoes? They look great.
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