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Thanks earlier for the reply about servicing...wound up picking this up from DavidSW. The new(ish) revision of the 214270, now with 3/6/9 lume and longer hands! I'll take some better pictures tomorrow. It's not a mint 1016 but a good first Rolex for me.
A lot of the cigar folks I talked to in London recently said that it's already pretty full of "ugly Americans" not doing us any favors in the optics and/or politesse departments. Unfortunately. I'm going in Feb.
Looking to add one of the revised 214270s my collection--are there any issues with having a US AD take in a foreign-bought Rolex down the line, as long as it came from a European AD? I know Rolex USA/Intl can be prickly about customs, non-OEM stuff, etc.
No SLR Cuba Regional Marquez?? And Fidel's favorite was technically a Cohiba Lancero, as it was the first vitola produced.
Must be an Exhibition #4, by the size/band.
Going to London next week for 5 days and planning on doing exactly that. Scouting for JLC's, the new 214270 refresh, and a whole hell of a lot of cigars.
83 Latour driving up to Vermont
Ghost milkshake FTW! But seriously, I dig the MA-1. APC Louis W. vibe at half the price.
Tried the first 3 of the 4 Anejos that I got for Masochistic Monday. By most accounts, the Monte is the best of the lot. I meant to smoke all 4 but couldn't take it anymore. L to R Hoyo: cold brewed cardboard Partagas: spicy cardboard. Least offensive of the 3. This would be a good cigar for someone about to black out. RyJ: hot burnt cherry cardboard
Sorry, for those of us just getting up to speed, only the pre-order OTR suits are Zegna factory made? Or are some of the 'New' tagged OTR suits made there as well?
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