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Likewise here. Good looking Super Coronas in recently.
Same here, in for green loafer. A green ostrich would be candles on the cake, but Carmina doesn't seem to do that leather...
Yup.Anyone mind PMing me the 10.5/11? Normally always get the emails but perhaps Gmail is acting up in my best interest.
Congrats from a fellow ultra thin owner! Stunning piece, enjoy it.
Braver man than I.
Mike, maybe the ravello-ish color next month? Remember seeing the sample and was completely smitten.
Would love a Tuscan Leather 50ml, please.
Also took the plunge on these. Had to, with this pricing.
There are at least 2 of 70 owners in TWAT, no? It's probably the only thing I've ever paid full freight for and am continually happy about.
Bring out the holy hand grenade!
New Posts  All Forums: