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Any other gentlemen on Team Mint? Hoodie here.
In for mint heirloom...
torsion, great smokes...would have bought that '07 SdC#2 and LGC #2 boxes if I were you!
Any interest in polo suede tassel loafer GMTO?
Has there been a polo suede tassel loafer made up yet?
@Mauro, I was a L in the 2014 round of T's, but I thought we were similar sizes and you're a M now in these?
Any green floral arrivals?
In for green suede string loafer. Also, is the polo suede string loafer still available anywhere in 10UK?
For the holdall, which color is a closer fit for the cognac briefcase I already have?
If you're desperate for ghetto cigar storage, throw in some Boveda packs and these work wonderfully...positive externality of ordering way too much.
New Posts  All Forums: