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The skivvies don't have a flap in the front, or so it looks...no?
Wish I had saved my Doyle code for the brown horsehide...damn.
Close, it's a black and white animal, but it's a panda...hence the bamboo shoots and leaves.
I've forgotten, do the Ep by New England Shirts fit L:L with 'normal' Larges? Also, Mike, the copy in the measurements is for a 'size 40, true to size.' http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/epaulet-by-new-england-shirt-red-grey-gingham-flannel
Having my second to last Partagas P#1 (V, got a line on these?) and its fucking delicious.
How much have the Waxing Moon humidors run in the past? I'm hoping it bridges part of the gap between the cheapie $100-300 and the Elie Bleu. I have an Aristo THC M plus & coolers, but I would like a better desktop for my "to smoke" stuff.
Mauro, will the dress shirts be MTM or sized? And price range, I guess including toteholders? I would be interested, given your nose for quality.
Did you happen to snap any pics in it? I'm pretty tempted.
Not to be a bother, but I shot a PM your guys' way about the email signup code not working--would you mind replying when you get a sec? Really want to pick up the grey buffalo check. Thanks!
Obviously everyone here's aware of the cordovan shortage. But might Carmina have some extra green shell somewhere, simply because there haven't been nearly as many green shell MTO/GMTO's? (Presumably).
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