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Ghost milkshake FTW! But seriously, I dig the MA-1. APC Louis W. vibe at half the price.
Tried the first 3 of the 4 Anejos that I got for Masochistic Monday. By most accounts, the Monte is the best of the lot. I meant to smoke all 4 but couldn't take it anymore. L to R Hoyo: cold brewed cardboard Partagas: spicy cardboard. Least offensive of the 3. This would be a good cigar for someone about to black out. RyJ: hot burnt cherry cardboard
Sorry, for those of us just getting up to speed, only the pre-order OTR suits are Zegna factory made? Or are some of the 'New' tagged OTR suits made there as well?
VAT and other taxes vary, but yes, London will be the worst. Hajenus in Amsterdam is the best, Milan has an LCDH that I went to last month; LCDH in Zurich also. Madrid will likely be cheapest because of state-set pricing.
03 el Morro. Solid, solid cigar. Very balanced.
To wit, from a major EU LCDH: Dear Aficionados, In the latest days, weeks and months we received plenty of info, news and rumours on what is happening with our precious Cuban cigars. With this email I would like to give you my personal opinion and some facts concerning the current supply: 1. Due to 3 bad harvests there is a huge lack of large wrappers meaning the large vitolas became scarce. 2. A large amount of Cuban cigars has been bought by Imperial Tabaco to prepare...
Well, time to burn some miles and route thru Dubai duty free, I guess...I feel you on the full humidor part. I've actually been trying to cull down from an Aristo THC M plus & 4 coolers to M plus/2 coolers. But I know of a couple guys at least who have been stockpiling what you'd expect from iHav, etc, for resale value domestically in 6-18 mos. Lying if I said I hadn't thought about it! Last time I moved, I actually put everything in coolers and used fine art storage,...
Top Gear Top Tip: buy cords one size up to help accommodate holiday eating.
Might as well get the biggest marine cooler you can get delivered free: https://amzn.com/B00J0RZQJ4Regarding the fine print above, it's interesting, if I'm reading that right, that you'll be permitted bringing back Habanos bought at duty free shops in-transit? Would that extend to bringing cigars home purchased abroad?Regarding HSA, between being nearly at capacity/breaking down trying, wrapper shortages, iffy recent harvests, bad weather streaks, el Laguito rolling...
Navy herringbone Bumfreezer, sans hood, GRP bubbleknit under:And, not sure if it was due to NR's slight factory snafu that Kyle was trying to make right (generously so), but next-level retail apparently provides not just fit pics on request but literary inspo. So I threw on a SS scarf to get a little more Tom Ripley. Amazing, thanks so much for the novel gesture @conceptual 4est! Above and beyond. [[SPOILER]]
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