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Would love to come, but I'll be destroying my liver at a bachelor weekend...Have fun!
I smoked a late 70's Upmann Dunhill ninfa before it, so to me, it just seemed one note. Didn't strike me the way the Monte 80th struck me of really quality tobacco. Also the booze and cigars that day, palate was pretty shot...I'm gonna try the giftbox one soon and we can compare notes.
Pretty interesting--Hector Luis Prieto won an HSA award in 2005 for best farmer. Most of Cohiba leaves originate from his farm and farms within a 4km radius (take with salt). He had lonsdales and the 6x60's, I only had the latter. Good tobacco, not complex, strong in nicotine. But best part was seeing the shade-grown tents, the drying barn, etc. It's a 3ish hour drive from Havana, so there's always next time...definitely worth going once.
Couple other pics from the trip: -new Dumas (smallest of the 3) at the Gala Smoking a custom gran corona from Alex at the Tropicana: Hector Luis Prieto farm house farmie, 6x60: Smoking in La Guarida before dinner:
Pffffffft! This was my first trip, and it happened under really fortuitous circumstances and at the last minute.Also a Mag 46 fan, I found a cardboard 5x3 at el Ajibe's shop from 2005. Not great (cardboard for 12 years), but good with a fresh daiquiri
Read that this morning! Must be nice to be able to expense a visit to first I couldn't tell if he was having a laugh with the whole piece.
Grabbed this 2 weeks ago. There are 799 like it, but this is one mine:
I'm a Yank, but was there with a group of mostly Brits. And I heard Dominique yelling at the Nacionale staff about hot water outage! Ain't just the wifi. Pretty funny that @torsion and I were there at the same time. We should have got a picture together, your pics look great! Was pretty epic to spend my second night in Cuba in black tie at Festival.
Speaking also of JLC, since @bostonhedonist covered most of the bases: -Despise the sector dial'ed Master Control Date/Chrono/Geographic. For me, the spacing of the silver 'O' feels off--like it should have been shunted 1mm towards the outer dial for more asymmetry. Not a Patek 5296. Feels austere, almost 'stoic,' like how @Dino944 feels about the MUT. Only like the hollow syringe hands. Please keep these, especially if they're lumed. -Like the new Memovox! The...
Love the placement of the eye on the end! I would be in, also would love if the buckles felt substantial in the hand--would gladly pay an upcharge for sturdier hardware.
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