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Im interested in both Kunk!
Bought from them online. They sent the wrong size and charged me for items that I ordered that they never shipped. Never even emailed me to tell me that some of the items were already sold and when I approached them regarding a return label due to their error in shipping I never got a email response back. Never doing business with them again.
Looking to sell or trade these EG/WWM items. All items have been worn 1-5 times. Wool Coat is DS. Bought brand new except the Matt Pant which I bought off a SF member. The shoes are DS and from last weeks release. Looking to trade those for a size 10 of the same model. If not I will be willing to sell outright. Not looking to sell the Vans at retail though, so please refrain from asking. Looking for EG items in L or XL, dependent on measurement of the...
where did you find these for sale?
Do you still have these?
For the right price.
SHUSH. Now i'm gonna go cry in the washroom at work.
Looking for the Engineered Garments Matt Pant in any color in size 36. Please PM me.
If anyone is looking to trade or outright sell a pair of white or grey slip-ons in size 10 please let me know!
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