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prop 2015 is a sweet mess
Still hoping for a decent sale with a good selection of EG.
To all the EG fans that populate this post, I thought I would question and mention something some of you may have been looking out for. I called to see if the September date was still good for the EG X Vans release and was just told it is being pushed back till early next year at the soonest. Has everyone heard the same?
Interested in the Baker in L. Please PM me.
i have been oblivious to this page. Thankfully I found it!
This is a "normal" bi-product of certain bacteria in beers. It is not a wanted taste but it happens more than you would think.
Any one have any leads on a BANDED COLLAR LONG SHIRT in white L? I know Need Supply had one but I missed out. & GHURKA SHORT DK NAVY FRENCH TWILL in 3 trying to find them on sale. If anyone has any leads please let me know.
Looking for Navy, Green and Black Matt Pant. Winter and summer weight. Size 36 because these are sized down drastically. PM me if you have any for sale.
Did you ever sell these?
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