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 label says 50
Desperate to return the alligator bag I searched the store for TOO LONG... Squeezing past groups of kids talking about what they want to be for Hallowe'en. I nearly walked out with nothing but thought I'd do a quick check of sportcoats and I found this wretched thing:It even has an extra button in the original etro paper pouch... [[SPOILER]]
Again, thanks! Looks like I'm going back ... Maybe I'll find something for me this time ...
Since you're the resident exotic skins expert, I have one more question for you. Does alligator of this age become fragile? Or is it possible that I could break down the purse down and use it the skin as material? I STILL GOT THAT RECEIPT THO.Thanks for your insight.
Speaking of purses... Is this this bag repairable? the leather has cracked in high stress areas like the strap. the inside is in pretty decent condition and the majority of the body is OK too.      
i would hesitate to call it 'diffusion' because its hardly more affordable. however it is a line focused on 'RO' classics and 'basics' leaning towards the sporty/casual side (not to be confused with Lilies which is a womens line focused on jersey fabric).thats a great find and it is definitely something to look out for because the labels (particularly darkshadow - which is usually just an embroidered label with his silhouette on it) don't scream HIGH FASHION/LUXURY/WORLD...
  fake dior shoes :(  was so excited to find something that i bought without checking. they fit so i might keep for beaters. also Yang Li is very cool. not sure on resale value but he does some fantastic stuff and it's pretty rare.
minor find over past few weeks. it's a nice shirt tho it doesn't fit me ... 16½ made in usa  
Is the tag visible from the back of the jacket (the black one)? Could potentially be SLAB by Rick Owens. Here is a comparison of the model # tag.
Anyone able to help me out dating this Brooks Bros coat? oh and some bandanas for friends
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