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Anyone able to help me out dating this Brooks Bros coat? oh and some bandanas for friends
paul n shark (missing label) - na talbots mens collared knit - na brooks bros collared knit (i left 4 others, didnt think they had much value with broken MOP buttons or shrunken wool, but good enough for me) - n/a montana silversmiths 'W' buckle (some of the gold is coming off) - available
it's not. it's a japanese mid-tier-ish label that produces english rocker kinda looking stuff (like old dior homme)
Only because I wanna get on this 50s denim train I'm uploading these crappy pics of my recent military/prison issue 1955 work jacket (find). I always see GWG stuff but never old/good GWG stuff.
This was probably a mistake to pick up ... not a common brand in North America. Size 36. Fits me but I'm not sure I'll wear it. Been DYING to get some calf hair shoes for some time now... And these are pleasantly ugly. (N/A) VW Anglomania oversized turtleneck...
Does anyone have any pro-tips for getting grease stains out? The fabric is 100% nylon...
I can't remember the exact terminology but Lee used to use denim with fringed edges like that. It's more like the standard selvage on a bolt of fabric instead of the closed edge people are so fond of in vintage/'premium' denim. So maybe not exactly selvedge/selvage because it isn't woven into itself at the edge. There is probably a lot of debate about this subject actually... I think it's mostly semantics.So if what I wrote is a jumbled mess... Yes, that's what would be...
picked up this 'Big Horn' chore/work jacket... hardly any info on the brand. I assume it was just a manufacturer of labourers clothes at some time. This particular piece was made in my city which I thought was cool. Has some selvedge detailing on the cinches but nowhere else. Odd vintage pieces like this are one of the best parts of thrifting
crockett & jones beaufort(?) model. haven't been able to find any useful info on the model but for some odd reason it's the second pair of i've seen in a thrift shop
you can just press it against the inside of your forearm... sensitive enough skin there for a hot/cold test and you're not putting anything to your face like a weirdo
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