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Wish the front end wasn't so quasi adventure bike. You forget all that shit when you're riding though. That FZ-09 is so much fun.
I have been doing front squats for a few months now and switched back to back squats cause FS were bothering my ankles. Is it normal for hamstrings/glutes to be sore from back squats? I'm def getting way more hip extension but that seems weird.
Browsing through my YT subscriptions I see Charly hit a 1900 total at his last meet @ 242 JFC man 780lb squat WTF bro. He put like 400 on his total in a year
Zara Topman Uniqlo Diesel I put this on and thought of fuji. I feel like I stepped out of a time capsule from 2011.
OK, interesting day. Suzuki demo day about 1 hr from my house.... weather looked sketch but the sun came out. Anyway here are my impressions GSX-S1000- That engine is a beast! Any gear, you twist the throttle, it's GOING. Running to redline takes commitment. Bike looked good... nice build quality. Shifter felt incredible! And that engine had like no inertia. I overblipped the hell out of every downshift. Engine was definitely the star of the show. Chassis was nice too...
I went full bro like a year ago. Best decision ever for me. Why fight it?
I'm pretty much already set on a Versys Progressive shock or a Nitron R1. Some folks use the shock from the Yamaha R1 as the spring rate is close, but it's a completely different suspension design. After years of building shitty little Hondas and Nissans I've learned suspension is one place to not fuck around or cheap out. Nitron is nice because they build the shock specifically to your weight and use. Should be nice
Pressure bleeder worked really well, though in retrospect I don't know that I needed it. Embarrassingly, I was putting fluid into the rubber seal and not the MC itself Once I figured that out, along with the best way to secure the tubing to the bleed port (zip ties!) it took like half an hour to finish. Reverse bleed with a syringe is messy because you have to clean the fluid out of the MC. I would just fuck with a vacuum bleeder.... for a flush it would probably take...
Just looked at my weight log... down 2lbs since Monday and 8lbs in the last month lol. Hopefully only 10lbs to go... already burnt through most of my love handles and getting tricep/delt separation. This is fun
No I have air in the SS lines. Admittedly I didn't keep up on brake fluid like I should have before but my brakes still worked with the stock lines. Vacuum/pressure bleeder is coming tonight though so I should be able to knock it out.
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