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Man I have so much respect for mechanics now. I installed coilovers on my Civic... my whole body is rekt and my hands/forearms are inflamed On a good note I lost a lb and a half in one day of struggling to get those fucking coilovers on lol
Fuck me, downstairs A/C went out. Some kind of leak. Next week is going to be in the mid-high 80s all week
That seems really expensive for a week in Central America. AirBnBs should be dirt cheap and a flight from... Boston?... to Cancun should be like
We should be good in London and Paris but IDK about Croatia. Plus that GNC grade shit can't fuck with my TrueNutrition. I will see what's over there though, that is a good idea.
I got a question guys... going to Europe for a month in September, looking to hold on to some semblance of my gains. Not really looking to do the whole routine or scramble for gyms though, just body weight shit. My questions are does anyone know of any good travel chin up bars, and is it within the realm of possibility for me to fly internationally with 5lb of protein?
I guess the question is, how important are handlebars to you? For me, enough to either spend a little money or go with a legit brand.
Depends on the bend. If they are pinched in any way, probably not. Bars are cheap though bro, you can get some Bikemasters for like $20 and rattlecan them whatever color you want.
4 reals?
Your numbers aren't bad. In for advice as my last bulk was a bit of a bust too. Mainly cleaned up form and made next to no strength gains.
Yea, gym messiness has nothing to do with race... dude is a dumbass. It's all about how crowded the gym is. Every gym I've been to in NYC was hella crowded and by extension really messy. Complete shitshows. Down here in NC all the gyms are clean, and the demographics are basically the same. But yea fuck @Reggs for insinuating non-whites and Asians are inherently messy, and also for being a biggidy bitch for letting a little mess punk him out of his workout. Such a weak...
New Posts  All Forums: