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Most owners have used ones. New ones are not good values if the Gladius pricing holds up. I mean Suzuki's own GSX-S750, which is not a good bike but is better specced, only costs $300 more than the Gladius. FZ-09 is ugly but it crushes the SV for the same money.
Yea the # of calories is definitely critical. I guess at recomp levels of calories though playing with the protein balance could be the key. Right now I am getting about 200-225 reliably. If I cook dinner at night I should have no problem getting back up to the high 200s- low 300s. Just such a pain after a day of work.
What kind of deficit were they running that enabled them to lose fat and gain muscle? And yea when I was cutting 300g+ per day of protein definitely seemeed to help, both with satiety and strength/muscle retention.
I like it. It's way more butch than the Gladius. Exhaust is an easy fix. My main gripe is if I am spending $6K or w/e on a new bike I want more power. It literally would have cost them nothing to punch this out to 800cc for a grunty 100 HP. Then add an R model with USD forks, a better rear shock and better brakes. Would give bikes like the FZ-09 and Striple a run for the money while looking better and costing way less, respectively.
If I bought it new (or newish- I got my bike at 250 miles for 1/2 price!) then I will know what the issues are with it. Just gives me more comfort and confidence. Truthfully I am not sure I can buy a used bike the more I think about it.GSX-S750 is crap.... it's already about 6-7 years old I think. They need to completely do it over. SV650 looks interesting... a litte more power and some lost weight. But yea, looking at it more, meh. A used one with some work would be much...
The way I see it, how many more miles are you gonna put on it? I don't want to ride a bike at 40K that I didn't buy new.EICMA has a lot of goodies this year. New GSX-R1000, R1 based naked, Panigale 959 (they should have named it 916 to be cheeky cunts m8), new CB500, updated SV650, XSR-900 (XSR = quasi scrambler 70s style take on FZs) and I'm sure there is more to come. That R1 naked is so tempting but I wanna see what the gas mileage is like. My Civic gets 30 MPG, I want...
I would not want to buy anything with more than like 10K miles honestly. I am at 15K on my bike now and I want to get rid of it before it hits 20
If air cooled 911s are any indication I see some disappointment coming your way.
That is kind of similar to what I do for my chicken, except I don't add water and I use thighs. I do: Dark brown sugar (30-40g per lb of meat) Kosher salt (3g per lb) Black pepper (the cheap shit, not that peppercorn BS, too inconsistent- to taste, I use a lot) Cumin (to taste, secret ingredient) I put it on as a dry rub and let it marinate.... last time I let it sit for like 2 days and it came out phenomenal.
Something interesting I heard.... MSG is apparently not bad for you (or at least no worse than sodium). It's a legit flavor booster and a homie of mine said it's been godly to his slow cooker dishes https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/speaking-of-science/wp/2014/08/25/no-msg-isnt-bad-for-you/ Something to think about throwing in. I'm gonna order some
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