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Your numbers aren't bad. In for advice as my last bulk was a bit of a bust too. Mainly cleaned up form and made next to no strength gains.
Yea, gym messiness has nothing to do with race... dude is a dumbass. It's all about how crowded the gym is. Every gym I've been to in NYC was hella crowded and by extension really messy. Complete shitshows. Down here in NC all the gyms are clean, and the demographics are basically the same. But yea fuck @Reggs for insinuating non-whites and Asians are inherently messy, and also for being a biggidy bitch for letting a little mess punk him out of his workout. Such a weak...
Been sunny and in the 80s... There are some days that are nice where I just drive instead. Don't wanna risk too much. Yea, clipons suck on the street man. Never again.
Alan Thrall just made an awesome video about OHP formTL;DW: yea, some lean back is necessary.... just clench your butt and keep a neutral spine. Gets pretty easy with practice. I prefer standing OHP to sitting because when I sit I just wind up extending the hell out of my spine.
Damn that is beast mode then. You are asking the wrong people lol.
Is that a front or back squat Either way hip crease is below the knee.... looks good to me Where the fuck are Charly, kunk and fuji?
Controlled negatives and paused squats are good for everybody. They reinforce good motor patterns and build confidence in the hole
Ha, that is a really good question.
Chill Rumplestiltskin I just found this http://charlotte.craigslist.org/mcy/5532791669.html 05 SV650, less miles than my bike, full GSX-R suspension, $4K If the weather is good I am going to check it out. Too much other shit to buy this year though, bike dreams on hold. Gonna just settle for a new rear shock on my bike.... maybe a Power Commander
When your big indulgence is organic rice flour bread crumbs your diet is too clean Live a little, eat some crap. In my cut last year I think I was able to go for so long because I fit some indulgent shit into my diet almost daily
New Posts  All Forums: