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I want to get back into swimming, but that shit is hell on my elbows. O and speaking of which, jarude
I jumped back on the IF/fasted training wave 2/17... looking back at my logs, body weight is down ~2lbs, but 3x5 bench & shoulder press are up 10lbs, 3x5 squat and deadlift are up 20lbs. Over the last 2 fucking weeks. Again we'll see what happens long term but I'm loving this shit so far. I am not trying to cut either, I'm averaging about 3000 kcal/day
What is your split like... whatever you are weakest at, you should be doing as much as possible and first in each workout. I bench 4x a week now and have been seeing good injury free gains
No swipes at conceptionist but consider the source. 100% of your gains are dependent on lifting... i.e. nobody's genes are so great they can grow their muscles w/o lifting
I wouldnt sweat it. Weight doesnt come off linearly, sometimes it comes off in waves.Basically I just let calories get too low and did too much cardio. When weight stopped coming off I panicked, instead of waiting to see whether I needed to wait or make a small adjustment, and in the process destroyed my metabolism and catabolized all my gains. So now I'm giving myself a lot more time, being more patient, focusing more on maintaining strength than losing weight quickly.I...
Ah ok.Yea my first 2 cuts were pretty awful. I destroyed my metabolism and lost a lot of strength. I have a much better idea of what I'm doing now. I'm hoping to get down to about 170 and stay between 170-190. If I can do that I will be set.
This April will make 5 years of me consistently lifting. In that context, my numbers are pretty horrible. I'm 5' 9", 211lbs, I bench ~3x5x235, squat 3x5x305 and deadlift 3x5x385. I'm gonna cut once my 3x5 numbers add up to 1005 (so 255, 325, 435). My 1st year I made good gains, but then I spent about 3 and a half years spinning my gears. 2 bad cuts that set me back and a year or so of zero weight gain, but also zero progress (under the auspice of "Leangains"). So I did...
I never said it was an amazing thing and I damn sure wouldn't pay that asshole MB 1500 a month to tell me what I already know. Nor did I say I was expecting to gain muscle while in a 500kcal deficit. My point is IF & fasted training work for me, regardless of however much people hate Leangains/Martin Berkhan.
Some people can do both at the same time. Similarly some people can't make appreciable gains on a ~250 calorie surplus. Different strokes for different folks, its not that serious.I like IF... people say its not optimal, but I perform better in the gym fasted. I've tried a lot of shit and this is what works for me, regardless of what the scientists say.
Fasting def helps my energy. Food slows me down
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