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I keep it simple. 100g of kale, 1 serving of blueberries, 12 oz of OJ and 40g of fiber
It's really not that bad once you get a routine going. Did you get a fluid trainer or a magnetic one... I want to sell my fluid and go mag.
This is REHT not MISC...... leave the beta BS at the door ========>
I just switched to a 4 day split... I do chest/back/arms one day and shoulders/legs the other twice a week. Very simple routine. CAB day is bench, weighted chins and then a tricep push down/curls superset. Shoulder/legs day I do a heavy set of either squats or military press and then do a range of other moves. Pretty short.... 40 minutes a workout. And I feel it's pretty effective, well so far anyway.
How did you guys' 2015 go and what are you looking to do next year? I got leaner and a little stronger. Next year I want to get leaner and a LOT stronger. I learned a lot and stayed injury free thank God.
If they wanted to make it sportier it needs more power and less weight. I think non beginner/large displacement motorcycles should be a little scary.
Naw. ER6 is OK. W/all the money I'd spend on a lateral move I can just fix the suspension (636 forks and an upgraded rear shock). If I'm gonna spend money on another bike I want a liter plus. Z1000s are cheap, GSX-S1000s will get cheap, SV1000s are cheaper. I need that torque
Only thing on the schedule is an oil change. Once the temp really drops I will put the battery on the tender. I am still debating getting a new rear shock.... that is getting annoying. Mod wise I need to tighen up my headlight... and I was thinking of actually adding a tooth on the sprocket. Bike has plenty of low end; I want the revs to be a little lower in 6th on the highway.
Overslept and rode in today. I always forget how fun riding is when I don't do it for a while. Damn near lowsided on a tight turn near my house though
It's supposed to hit low 70s tomorrow. I'm gonna ride.
New Posts  All Forums: