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Whey, HBCDs, bcaas Like a month away from an eca stack. Should get more fiber
Calorie calculators are kind of BS. I am supposed to be dropping a lb a week at my maintenance.1. It wont at the start2. Like I said metabolism is super dynamic... eventually that 700-800 deficit becomes zero, at the expense of pretty much everything related to gainzzz, without some outside factor (ECA, yohimbine, clen, whatever killed that girl) fooling your body into not going into starvation mode. Maintenance can vary like crazy. I was maintaining at 3000-3200kcal when...
Yea cutting sucks dude. Esp the first cut, and esp if its a long cut. No way around it. Have to learn how to manage hunger and manage stalls. But there's no way around either. They're gonna happen. I agree with you though, KC, that diet breaks are not a bad idea for natural cutters. Scat man agrees.
Maintenance is dynamic though, to a degree. For example thats why people do EC stacks. Helps increase metabolism. Similarly the body slows down the metabolism when it senses calories are sparse so u dont die. So if u stall sometimes it makes sense to take a break and eat at 200-400 above what you were cutting at for a week or two. Help your hormones reset and help u feel sane again. Getting down low in calories is a bitch though. I have been looking at my diet and realize...
Yea +8 on not needing to be so aggressive, u already lost this summer bro that ship sailed Plus that 1.1lbs/wk seems slow now but once u get leaner 1.1lbs/wk will be godly. Esp with no strength loss.
I am averaging about 10lbs down on my bench n squat every 2 months. Im not stressing it though, I know the snap back will be righteous.
Nikon F mount lenses fit on all Nikon DSLRs. I have been kind of loose with my diet lately... still losing a little bit though. I am supposed to be at about 2200 and I'm gonna start biking for half an hour every day I can, which will probably add up to like 3-5 days a week. I will give it a month and let you see how it goes. I think you should be fine though.
keh.com is a great site. You wont get what you'd get if you sold it on your own but it's worth skipping the hassle. I buy and sell from them all the time. They are the premier second hand camera dealer.
I know, I know, I know, but it's still interesting. https://www.t-nation.com/blogs/stop-worrying-about-being-too-big
No excuse! [[SPOILER]] Heres my submission. [[SPOILER]] I used to be so much leaner. [[SPOILER]] Still got a long ass way to go. I weighed in in the mid 198s today, might have to get down to like 170 to be where I want.
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