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Sounds like her putting money in the 403b (????) is a better deal... much higher return
Everyone I know who has done it was absolutely miserable. I would bet you would bounce or relapse so hardcore too. Not worth it
Still waiting on Levis to make STF in the 511 cut......
1st 2 are kind of far out near Flatbush. Would not do. Trains are OK but then u have to get off the train. Last one is in Greenpoint. Only way to live in Greenpoint is to be as close to the Pulaski bridge as possible (north), then walk over the bridge and hop on the 7. Fun times in the winter. Anyways listing is down by the G which is the worst train in NYC and doesn't go to Manhattan.I still think upper Manhattan is your best bet.
Congrats TK. Bleh we did the whole "capture the moment on FB" thing. I wish I could delete it now. Ring shopping was easy as well. Just went down to the district. Old lady jeweler mispriced a ring and tried to steer me another way after I paid. No thanks. Thought I got a good deal until last year when the stone fell out at an amusement park All I did this weekend was refeed. I think I had about 3/4 a box of baked brownies.
I have unlocked the cheat code to shredded meat (hand mixer)
Send her down here. I miss my NY Jews
I have a buddy who is a Cat 3 racer... not one of those bird bone feather weights, he is a 200lb Hatian powerhouse. He just started squatting, but long before he set foot in a gym his leg game would put everyone in this thread to shame. I think squats are a good exercise, most specifically because they are a great indicator of fitness... u cant squat with wack core strength or imbalances.... but u dont really need em to build big legs.
I feel like I asked before but can u do leg press? People sleep on leg press.
I will take that into consideration. Only problem I see with that is this meal is my pre workout and I like to get carbs in. Prob about 100g worth.
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