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For me? Not with stock ergos. I should mention race ergos are no go for me, tried em on the 650 and they killed my back. Can't commute like that. If I got either of those I would make em naked.
Yea the lightness of the 650 is key. My commute shouldn't be too traffic heavy, but you never know. FZ07 sounds alright but it's basically a modern version of my 650. If I went that route I'd prob jump to the FZ09, or the Street Triple. I'm not crazy about the F4i. Prob scratch the ZX6R off too. I feel like they will be weak on the low end, which is kind of where I would like more power as that's where I do most of my ridiing.
Ideally, I would do 80% commuting, 15% canyon carving, 4% track days and 1% 2 up riding. Practical/logical choice would be something like a VFR800 or Sprint ST.... but I love naked bikes. I want to ride a VFR and see if that V4 and its build quality can win me over. The 650 is worthless so I could keep it to fulfill my naked/build up needs.
I hate BB rows. I really think it's a love/hate movement.... if it doesn't feel right, don't bother. I got my wings from cable rows and chin ups
I had a fixie. BUT, I could trackstand with no hands, and before I got lazy I was pretty fast.
Lol. They are clinchers. Thank you based LBS Now I just need a lock and something to hold my keys and shit. Just went for a quick spin. My god am I out of shape
I dont know where you live, but road bikes are expensive as hell in Charlotte. $200 for a road bike in decent shape is a good deal here.Yea I agree. I will probably get some CXP22s and sell these. I don't want anything I can't fix myself.
I have a Ninja 650 now. I like it. It's comfy, light and handles well enough. But I want a better suspension and more HP. Budget would probably be about 5K. I would love a Striple but it's out of my budget and I think the Speed Triple might be a little heavier than I like. I'm thinking anything from an SV1000N to a naked old GSXR750. Sometihng in that 100-120WHP ~400-430lb range. Would be awesome if the pillion accommodations were decent too.
Man I want to upgrade so bad. Maybe next year.
Cut is officially on. Well, in a month once I get acclimated to night lifting again. Just picked this up. For all the bike buddies.... it has period correct Mavic tubulars and Dura Ace components lol. The tube shifters shift nicer than my motorcycle and car. I just hope the LBS does tubulars.
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