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Wat are his numbers, his total's gotta be better than Charlys
I use my trip meter vigilantly. I have to... my bike gets shit gas mileage for what it is and the tank is relatively small. Coupled with my long commute, if I get 2 days of riding without the gas light coming on it's a miracle. I love love love the look of nakeds but I'm considering getting a faired bike next go round. Shame there are not too many faired middle weights... I could mess with something like a faired 750-800 triple with upright bars
Yea I just buy it off the site.... best whey isolate by a landslide
Paused rep squats for 315.....
I like the taste of my BCAAs now, they are flavored. It would probably be fine.
How does this HBCD shit taste? Would it mix well with fruit punch BCAAs?
I just like BCAAs for intraworkout supplementation because they seem to stabilize my blood sugar pretty nicely through a workout. 20g BCAAs (which I think may even be too much) and a 200mg caffeine pill... I can go all nite Shit's so effective it's been fucking with my post workout meals.... I might not eat for like an hour after a workout if I don't remember. BCAAs are an awesome appetite suppressant, for me at least.
I thought that was just me. I take that to mean I'm doing it right... whole body should be engaged in bench
Its your life dude. Just seems like excessively unnecessary risk for little to no reward. Pretty much the only upside to benching with a suicide grip is to be able to say "i bench with a suicide grip". The mental block is easy to overcome... I overhauled my bench form this year from BB to more PL and I like it. If the shit drops on you you prob wont be able to come tell us about it. And Wendler is one dude... plenty of lifters bench big with regular grips, and PL...
And once it lands on your chest it will break some ribs, and/or roll onto your neck. Even better.And no its not a secure grip. Well, at least not as secure as a regular grip. We have thumbs for a reason
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