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Direct arm work is so underrated. Feels silly and bro-ish but it really works.
I think they do... I dont want to wear blue jeans that aren't raw though, regular blue jeans look kind of dumb to me now. All about chinos and sweatsIm doing 36-38" waist pants now.... squatting and deading is fun but I'd rather be able to wear 32-34" pants again. Hopefully with this cut I can do both
I played with a pair of 501s for a while. The top block is so.... Midwestern. They need to make a raw 511.
Only pair of jeans I have are Levis 511 black stretch. Funny thing is I've been wearing the same size for like 10 years, over which time I gained like 50lbs. But I wore them baggy back then.
Naw.... her shoulders are wider than her hips, like a man. She is pretty fit though.
The 955 so I guess gen 1. I'm a cheap ass, I dont wanna spend more than like 4K on it. Like I said I would just do the new seat and maybe do a GSXR front end and upgraded rear shock. Perfect. My 650 has a little pep but I'm over it. I want more.
Im really getting an itch for a triple I wanna get an old Speed Triple... swap the rear seat for the new one, good to go.
Dont entertain that dude.
A few years back there was a sneaker brand that made a high top that came in a black + oil sheen finish for about $200. Anyone remember what that brand was?
Oooo Konis.... smart man.... what car? Im going to Bilstein PSS my car for Xmas.
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