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I cook all my lunches in bulk When we get a house I am probably going to cook lunches once a month instead of once a week and get a big ass lunchroom freezer.
Im in love with "close grip" dumbbell press. When your elbows are at your sides your hands want to be in a neutral grip. The torquing of a bar grip with shoulder width grip is no bueno.That movement, dumping overhead tricep extensions and really fixing my flat BB bench form have been heaven for my shoulders/elbows/wrists. Only bar push work I do is stuff with a wide-ish grip, anything else fucks me up.
Naw I got a vacation coming up. I wanna do at least a full week at maintenance before I take the plunge, 2 would be ideal though.
I feel like 650s are too fast for beginners. Maybe not, IDK. Mine was for me, I wasn't comfy on it until like a year after I got it. Just get an old Ninja 250/500/GS500 and then a year later you can pretty much ride anything
Lol, cut postponed till February. Work and vacation got in the way
Yea I was going to ask thisWhat are you pulling horizontally/verticallyWhats your bodyfat like etc.
I rode bicycles and motorcycles in NYC. I kind of feel safer there. Traffic all going one way and speeds are slower. Im down in NC now and the two lanes worry me. I'm scared of someone turning out in front of me. That's way worse than anything barring someone running a red light in the city. Plus city riding teaches you how to be aware, scan traffic and balance at low speeds. I think it's a good training ground. As for bike recommendations I second something like a...
Cant wait cant wait cant wait for this damn home gym
I would look for a place high up... Rockaways got destroyed in Hurricane Sandy, lot of my friends lost homes Its about 90 mins away from Midtown too and the A train sucks Best bargain might be the Upper East Side right now... its shitty while they build the 2nd ave line but once they do you will be good money if you get a place for less than rent control threshold ($2500) I lived in NYC for 28 yrs, uptown, downtown, BK, Queens.... shits too expensive, we had to get out....
NYC is expensive dude, theres no way around it. Only gonna get worse
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