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No.... as far as starts from dead stops go, starting in 2nd w/no gas is only second to starting in 1st w/no gas with regards to minimal clutch impactU wont be doing this on a regular basis.... its just a training exercise. And a really good one too.
I do it all the time, I use a bike and rollers though. I just got done riding for an hour
I really think HIIT is an individual thing. I am back on the cardio train as I'm stalled in my cut, but I dialed the intensity back a ton. Before I was doing an hour at as fast of a pace as I could maintain, and it absolutely nuked my recovery. This time I am going at a much easier pace for the same amount of time, and so far (which is like 2 days) I feel OK. A little hungrier but not too bad. One thing that helps me get through the mind drain of cardio is a tall ass...
Some buddy smh. I rode a CLer's GSXR today. There are some things I like about it but overall it confirmed that sportbike life is not for me. I do have a new appreciation for 4 bangers though. Its howl up top was intoxicating but you really had to commit on the street to get up there. I really want a GSX-S1000 now
Its also good practice to replace your helmet every 2-3 years. The impact absorbing components get old. I am gritting my teeth and saving up for a Shoei or Schuberth for something well made with good aero/noise control. I am still trying to figure out how to demo some damn bikes. All dealerships are pretty much giving me the finger, I guess for good reason. I just put out an offer on CL to pay for quick rides on random people's bikes.
I would get a Corbin if you can. My bike is obviously different but the stock seat was awful. I can ride on the Corbin all day and I got it used for a good price. And yea @Rumpelstiltskin I have a real knack for freak accidents. I broke my pinky in gym class when I was a goalie in a European handball (???) game.
Ha, no the funny part is I was so hopped up on adrenaline I picked up the bike, went to Target, walked around and came home. Wasn't till then that I realized something was seriously wrong, and the next day I went and got an x ray and a boot. Thankfully it was a small bone... it was pretty much healed in a week.
I think that was a Harlem exclusive lol.
Dude get good boots. I was riding in my Wolverine 1Ks and came across a plastic sheet leading up to a stop light. Bike lowsided violently and landed on my foot. Broke it. Def would not have happened with a legit motorcycle boot. U can get a decent pair for like $200, it's definitely worth it. Dont skimp on gear
Im gonna be honest, I just dont like Rippletits. Im not going to try and rationalize my dislike of SS beyond that. He and his accolytes.... yeesh. But at least they are lifting.
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