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Do a cutThe other joke is that his physique in that was not that great. No abs, small arms, yadda yadda. Just good skin, good lighting, good posture, movie star swag.
Hes gonna be like 110 lbs. Thats not healthy. He should swap some fat for muscle.
That rebound is going to be a disaster
Yea, shit gets crazy.
I bought my 06 650R in.... 2011? 2012? With 250 miles on it. There are deals to be had. I think the round body Spiple with bug eyes would look pretty good. It's rounder but it's still modern and angular and it looks better than the newer one IMO. Dat torque too. I would probably still get a last gen Z1000 over all though. Because I am a fucking GEEK I pulled all the performance data from Sport Rider so I could sort it into an Excel table. Z1000 has the meanest top gear...
Gawd I want a Striple. Maybe next year.
No helmet? I like the alien eyes. The round eyes make it look old. I was thinking about replicating the bug eye look on my ER6 with some ZX6R lights.
Friend of mine called me one a few weeks ago. I plead no contest.
What is your budget for the jacket
My coach wanted me to get him better footage
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