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I am an 80s NYC punk Next year my wife and I are going to be Andy Warhol and Basquiat
I might want to compete one day. I am putting up decent numbers for someone at the weight I hope to be.Plus TnG feels cheaty. I don't do the sternum bounce but I'm def using some stretch reflex. I can do pause reps with my working weight on heavy squats.... def can't do pause reps on my working weight for heavy bench.Maybe I just need to dial the weight back a little bit and focus on form.
Whats the correct way to pause bench.... I was pretty much letting the weight sit on my chest for a second, which I feel now was wrong. I watched some of Charly's paused bench work and it looked damn near TnG. Are you basically supposed to pause at the bottom just long enough to dissipate the stretch reflex? And yea I would want to do more reps than that. I like my 3/6/9 approach. I will probably do 3 reps for pin press, 6 reps for paused bench and 9 reps for CGBP
What rep ranges and 1RM%ages are good for paused bench and pin press
I feel like sumo is pointless if you're not competing. I did it, got some decent weight up, but I missed conventional. Dropped weight, went back to conventional, focused on pulling glutes and leg drive into it and it's been a fun road back.
I like to stick to 1 rep range for each movement in a workout. Makes it easier to keep track of things, and works well enough for all the rest of my body parts. Plus I don't have a ton of time to work out, so I like to make each set count.I think playing with paused reps and stuff will force me to be a lot more honest, as well as address the weaknesses holding back my bench. I am on a ghetto percentage based routine, but I think I have moved up too quickly on some lifts...
I believe it. I would bet the 1st working set doesn't do the most recruiting either. A bad 5x4 bench day goes like this for me:1st working set- 4 grinder reps2nd working set- 4 easier but still not fun reps3rd working set- 3 reps... 1st 2 OK, last one is usually failure4th working set- wild card... some days I get second wind here, some days I can't get more than 1 rep5th working set- if I get second wind this goes up like butterIt's bizarre, because on all my other...
So do u think its a good idea to ditch regular non-paused bench completely? I guess it's more honest. Do you train with that kind of bench anymore? I know your bench has been shooting up which is why I'm asking
ThanksI actually get hung up towards the middle/top of the movement... I don't bounce but I try and be mindful to start building upward momentum well before I actually touch the bar to my chest. That may be part of the problem... paused reps will help me get more explosiveness out of the bottom, I'm guessing. What exactly does the dead stop variation do that the paused rep variation doesn't? If you had to choose one over the other of those two what would you go with (I...
Its my most sensitive lift. I've been putting lbs on squats, deads and all my upper back/shoulder shit no problem. But with bench, for some reason if I'm not feeling 120% it just doesn't move up anywhere as quickly as anything else. I recently revamped my form, which helped, but even still, it's a struggle. I usually stall out towards the middle of the rep, which I guess means triceps, which I'm working on.
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