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Naw wat Im saying is 1 night out wont make u fat, dry chicken breasts arent necessary to get lean, and this reeks of passive aggressive "this will make for a great 'we are victimized bcuz of our 6 packs' blog post" BS. Shit just rubs me the wrong way, he just made a situation unnecessarily awkward to say BBers have it so rough. Its silly
Fat shaming is wack too, everybody sane loves shit like ribs and having/wanting a 6 pack isnt necessarily "healthy"
Anyone who orders chicken breasts at a rib joint is a dick worthy of ridicule. Plus in any case 1 rack of ribs wont kill u, plan for the shit.
Also dont live facing an avenue. One thing that chased me out of NYC was the shit sleep. You could read the paper in our bedroom at night with the lights out and it wasnt better with blackout curtains. Was crazy loud too with our quaint pre-war walls and cheap windows. Didnt help that we lived on top of a CVS and they were doing construction on our block for literally 2 years. Wow its all coming back to me now. Yea definitely scope out the location thoroughly for any and...
I want to do front squats so bad but my elbow/shoulder flexibility is BASURA... straps don't work... it just never feels comfortable. I think I might give them a go again once my home gym is up and going. I can just practice whenever I feel like it.
UES or UWS/Harlem are prob the best bang for your buck if you are working in Manhattan. I used to live super close to the NYSC on 91st and 3rd. Not a bad gym... had a pool which wifey loved.... but it got crazy crowded during the evening rush. The Synergy over on 92nd and 2nd was less crowded but it was a very shitty gym with horrible staff. You should be able to find a decent gym anywhere in the city though, NYSC is all over the place and there are other alternatives.
Yea theres a reason why full on dirt bikes weigh about as much as a lawn chair. But I cant knock the hustle.
I feel like any bike sold with street tires is not suited for dirt duty. Adventure bikes kinda make sense... they are kind of the SUVs of bikes in many ways, including the illusion of off road prowess and all associated with that image, as well as the dynamic losses from the higher CoG. Unlike SUVs though they aren't any more practical off road or in the winter. It's not like a sport bike where you sacrifice the practicality for track duty or w/e... I just dont get it
Yea if u are eating food, drinking liquids and producing waste u are going to have multi pound swings during the day. My morning piss is worth an lb usually.
Yea I would hide/get rid of the scale. Women have the bodyfat levels where they can legitimately recomp quickly and they look better with that nice balance of fat/muscle IMO. I mean shit you could just tell her to weigh herself, drink 16 oz of water and weigh herself again. Thats a lb. Scale can be destructive if you dont know what to look for. Wifey took some time off for our move but she starts back up again tonight. I'm excited
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