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Yami has grunt but I thought it was pretty friendly in its power delivery. I would still prefer the 700 for a variety of reasons though.
Buying new is just not something I can stomach. I was just talking hypothetically. I don't know that I buy the "more power to get out of dicey situations" logic though. I haven't ever come across such a situation in all my years of riding... and if you are getting chased by a road rager odds are high you aren't an innocent party . Plus while more power is nice it's no big deal. SF848, GSX-S750, FZ-09 all make like 30-50HP more than my bike, but when I got off of them I...
New SV looks like ass with that banana seat. Your gen is peak SV but it's not really fair to compare new vs used. And after riding those GSX-S bikes and the FZ-09, for me at least handling + character >>> power. A 1000cc 4 banger forces you to tip toe with the throttle and makes the handling sluggish. 600-750cc 4s feel about the same or slower than twins/triples on the street. They handle about as well but don't sound anywhere near as good. Regular 4 banger engines feel...
Its a fucking crime we don't get the XSR700 Definitely not as clean or pretty as something like a Monster 900 or Bonneville but definitely more.... interesting... than an FZ-07.
Wow @Lorcan7 I went from hating to loving that fit in one spoiler click. Great details
You should give tracking a try. You'd be surprised.
Do you track your calorie intake?
I am feeling like GHRs don't hit the hip extension hamstring heads or glutes at all beyond isometrics. They seem like fancy leg curls
If I could drop it like 2" without completely destroying the handling I would fuck with it. That's my only gripe. For the $$$$ though it's fucking brilliant. Had me giggling like a schoolgirl
Wish the front end wasn't so quasi adventure bike. You forget all that shit when you're riding though. That FZ-09 is so much fun.
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