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I just can't get past the looks. Those bikes scream "EMPTY NEST DAD". Standards are a good image compromise IMO.
I see both sides. On one hand I think it's all a bit academic and folks over-romanticize having a bike that is difficult to ride. How far do we go? Twin spar frames, linkage suspensions and modern tires also go a very long way to aiding the rider control the bike. Should we go back to long cradle frames and crappy radial tires? I don't really want to.Same time though I'm not Rossi. Only track I have time for is the go kart track. Sportbikes on the street, electronic or...
Yea scraping a peg on the street as well as getting the tiniest little bit of powerslide action were pretty memorable. Also pretty fun using the throttle to flick the bike side to side out of chicanes and roundabouts. Weight lifting, cycling, motorcycling, hiking... I really enjoy activities that force me to disconnect and concentrate. Something we are missing in today's super connected times
As u acclimate to speed it will take more and more to "scare" you. I don't think that is a productive or realistic way to enjoy motorcycles. And in any case if that's the metric a Striple won't scare you much either. Just hold on to the SV for a while man. Save your $$$$
Oh boy. I give it to the end of the end of the page before we are arguing about "respecting the bike". An SV650 is borderline too fast to learn on IMO. I have great balance on two wheels, yadda yadda still had a lot of stupid noob close calls on my bike due to nothing more than there being more power than I could handle. U won't get to bang the throttle to the stop more than like once a week, and it will scare u shitless. Hold off dude.
It is kind of funny how so many folks here got slammed with life like at the exact same time. I get it. I'm not going super hard right now. Waist is almost 30" and I'm lean enough. Strength is coming back, maintenance is back up to where it should be for a healthy adult male. Hoping this bulk/cut cycle will be my last for a while. I'm definitely getting more and more interested in cycling and other outdoor sports. The closer I get to Speedo condition the more my interest...
WTF, has everyone stopped lifting cause it's getting into winter? I'm building my metabolism back up and have been cruising in the high 180s, getting my strength back bit by bit. Peru trip threw me for a loop but I'm getting back to normal.
U know once I graduated from college it was like an aspirational goal to move to Manhattan. My wife and I finally did (after being priced out of where we wanted to be in BK lol) and that's what wound up making us fully hate NYC. It wasn't even the rent.... it was the day to day grind. It eats away at you. I was even fortunate enough to be able to ride my motorcycle in to work. Still sucked. Plus there are decent roads not too far out of the city, but my god riding in the...
It depends what you want. I've had everything NYC has to offer. I'm in my early 30s now, married. I need a yard, a house, and a commute that doesn't warrant homicide. Charlotte's not the most exotic city, but it's a great place to live. Plus as cheap as it is down here, I can go visit whenever I want. I was just up there in March for business and I'm going back next month for fun. If you're not a billionaire that's the best way to take NYC in. Small vacation bites.
I love it. I'm a native New Yorker and I don't miss living in NYC at all (key distinction... I miss the city though, going back to visit in October). I love having a house and a yard, a car, a bike and space to work on my bike. NC is very bike friendly, the economy is very diverse and strong, and the people are OK. It's not a particularly exciting place but it's a great place to live.I'm in Charlotte now and like I said I love it. There is a road course about 70 miles...
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