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Man night time workouts with no caffeine are shit. Any pre workout supplements that won't have me up all night?
Took some pictures on a vaca with wifey this weekend. I have a damn gut. Fuck that. Buying a road bike tonight and starting this cut ASAP. Gonna see how the first few weeks go before I decide on a goal, but I eventually want to maintain around 185-190 or 25-30lbs from where I'm at now.
Pray 4 me.
Fuark. Just got a job. No more 10AM workouts. Going to see what the night rush is.... 7PM chest and arm workout
Yea I am thinking about a Windsor Wellington 2.0. 2 of my buddies started out on Windsor Knights and are now very serious bike racers (CAT3 and 2 I think).
Yea I want to get another road bike. One of those Bikesdirect shits. And then some Chinese crabon 38mms.
In that picture, at least, gravity
Upping the brotient on my workouts is giving me desirable results. Biceps are 16.5"Yall heard about this Omar Ventura shit lol. [[SPOILER]]
I dont know the names of olympic lifts. But yea. Its a wonder nobody has died yet.
People fucking up power clean + presses makes me cringe, ever since that dude got paralyzed. Crossfit: The official sport of *crash thud clink wobble* "Hey man are you OK?"
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