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I dropped about 13lbs between Feb 1- Apr 2.Something else to consider, and I dont mean this as a swipe at others, are supplements. I averaged about 1.25 lbs/wk as well, but that was with absolutely no supplements. I don't even do caffeine. Fucks with my sleep and sleep is God to me. I think you will be fine with another 100kcal off.Anyone know what the deal is with cardio... I have heard LISS is bad, and I have heard HIIT is bad. I am looking to start squatting 3x/week and...
One night out every now and then wont kill your cut.Re: rep ranges... staying at 6 reps and over has helped keep me injury free for the longest period I can remember.
Everybody is different and shit takes time to adapt to. I remember folks here giving me shit about using the maxi pad for back squats. Now I have trap meat so I'm good. But I'm having the same discomfort issues with front squats and Zerchers. It has been getting better with time though, the body adapts. Just have to stick with it.
@jacquelep things are nowhere near as bad as you claim WRT US college finances. For example median undergrad debt balances are only a little over $10K. $30K is "MSRP" but plenty of schools have huge endowments and there is a lot of financial aid out there. U dont need a masters to make a living, me n wifey dont and we make great money. U dont need to live in a big expensive city to get a decent job and make good money either... again me n wifey are making more (in wifey's...
Then why do rich Chinese folks send their kids to schools here instead of ScandinaviaWhy do companies like Apple etc recruit from US universitiesEtcU can be the best and still have problemsI do think the education system should be overhauled though.... math and history and all that shit isn't enough, kids need to know how to make Pivot Tables and shit.
There is still value in understanding how those programs are (supposed to) work just as a gut check When companies rely too much on computers they go out like LTCM
Sounds like her putting money in the 403b (????) is a better deal... much higher return
Everyone I know who has done it was absolutely miserable. I would bet you would bounce or relapse so hardcore too. Not worth it
Still waiting on Levis to make STF in the 511 cut......
1st 2 are kind of far out near Flatbush. Would not do. Trains are OK but then u have to get off the train. Last one is in Greenpoint. Only way to live in Greenpoint is to be as close to the Pulaski bridge as possible (north), then walk over the bridge and hop on the 7. Fun times in the winter. Anyways listing is down by the G which is the worst train in NYC and doesn't go to Manhattan.I still think upper Manhattan is your best bet.
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