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You also dont need to go as low as singles/doubles/triples depending on what you are trying to achieve. I dont think its too hard to make a decent program from scratch either.
Are the slim stretch navy selvege jeans RAW?
Yea I loved how ToJ was just good plain leather with good cuts I saw a ToJ bomber and the baseball jacket in person and they were absolutely beautiful. All those jackets look like dept store crap by comparison
Biggie said it best... "u think a crackhead payin ya back? Heh, forget it" Du was flush w/cash, dabbled and lost control. It's a real shame and a sad story.
Did not see that coming. That Reddit summary is on point. I'm suspecting drug use.
What the hell happened with ToJ? Only threads I read here are this one and RHET (weight lifting). I peeked into the ToJ thread and it was a total shit show.
O yea, Im not fucking with Indian food or pizza or any of that good shit till the cut is over. I am gonna have lamb burgers this weekend though. I thought cardio would let me indulge a bit, but after tightening shit up the hunger's not bad. I'm not gonna do an hour on the bike just to have more rice and chicken, I'd rather just eat less.
Well my main riding is commuting. So ideally the solution would be overpants that wouldn't cook me or be a PITA to change out of.
Im trying to figure out what to do for pants as well. I finally just got some riding boots which is very key, though the left one digs into my ankle a bit. It's hitting the 90s down here with a good amount of humidity, which I can manage with boots and a mesh jacket on the highway.... but as far as pants go I'm pretty much naked. And I can't think of any easy solutions.
Indian food has been so hit or miss for me. All I know is naan and roti. What's good?
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