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Yea. 4K is also a ton of money to get a good bike up in the Philly/SNJ area. http://allentown.craigslist.org/mcd/5110677136.html http://newjersey.craigslist.org/mcy/5128218058.html
Why would u take on more loans...... Harlem is pretty much safe now and is like 20-30 minutes from NYU on the A train. Food, gyms and going out is cheaper up there as well.
rtc have you looked into Kawasaki Ws? They are basically store brand Bonnies, they come in 650cc and 800cc motors. Look really nice too. As far as style and comfort they are pretty much on opposite ends of the scale, especially when it comes to touring. Touring will also make a bike handle like crap (too much weight off the front). Truthfully the ideal is to have at least 2 bikes. 1 that you love to look at, 1 that actually fits the kind of riding you do. But if you can...
IMO if u already know how to ride there is no point in getting a little Ninja 250/300.
Beyond rent living in NYC can be surprisingly cheap. No car for starters. Just have to be careful with food and not go out too much. $1400/mo.... like $400 of that will go to bills and your metro card; IDK what your medical insurance situation is but there's that... other than that what else is there? $800 or so a month is a good amount for 1 person.
Yea carbs add unnecessary complication and maintenance.... avoid at all costs IMO. They offer no benefits over FI
Carbs are a PITA, u should be able to find an FI SV for not a lot of money.
Anyone know if they are going to re up on the slim fit stretch jeans soon? Do they switch to a new color palette for fall?
U will get it back. I went to Europe for 2 weeks, lost 10lbs, was back up to speed in a month.
Nuckols has a good but waaaay TL;DR article that discusses why going full DYEL mode for a little while won't just not kill your gains, but doing it periodically can actually help increase gains beyond just plugging away non stop. http://www.strengtheory.com/grow-like-a-new-lifter-again/ Everyone has a "i took time off for xyz and came back and hit a PR story". I am going to give this a try once I start bulking again.
New Posts  All Forums: