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This is not a club for lifters, its a brotherhood of dysmorphia. Only way in is the a Cell Tech oath.
GN you should open a gym/restaurant Like Planet Fitness but legit on both sides.
I wonder how much the anti-rice cooker folks spend on clothes Time is worth more than money + counter space.
Some people lol. I remember someone in here was complaining about juicers. What's wrong with convenience?
Rice cookers Ive seen can have the "pot" removed and cleaned. And you don't have to watch it.If we ever get this fucking house I want a rice cooker, bread maker and 200 horsepower blender
That is tough dude. That's my goal as well but I usually keep it under 70 or so. I cheat though. My shakes and supplements have sucralose.On a somewhat positive note, the whole "dietary cholesterol is bad" thing seems to have been disprovenhttp://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2015/02/10/new-dietary-cholesterol-advice/23174871/
Depends how much you press and how much you weighI would say you should be able to pull what you push though
Isolateral leg press is fucking tough. Way less than half of what I can do with both, even with my "good" leg. I'm down about 5lbs so far just fucking around... I dialed my shit in yesterday so I'm looking forward to see what I can do this week. Hoping to be down around 208 or so by March. I started late January around 216.
I don't know if it's this thread's fault, but after doing my self evaluation at my job I realized I want to work in BI. I really enjoy playing with big datasets. Trying to learn SQL and R now
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