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Yea thats what I thought he meant too
As I cut down Im starting to realize my chest is non existent. That is probably why my bench is so shit. What bench angles are people using for incline? I'm feeling like anything more than 20 degrees is no bueno. At 30 degrees you literally have half the load on your shoulders.
I havent done decline in years. IDK, just felt so pointless. My technique sucked (a lot more) back then though.
I will use plate clips to hold em, plus I am generally pretty stable on push moves so stuff shouldnt move around that much. My main concern is what will happen to my wrists at the bottom of the lift. Thats a weird angle and prob worth just moving to DBs forLooks like an Oly lift, seems like cheating. I want to put as much of the load on my shoulders as possible, plus I feel like that would exacerbate my back issues.
Rogue has a rackable trap bar but it's 85lbs and like $400 Olympic bars are 51" between collars and a regular hex bar is 56" wide so they should be rackable... in theory. I will probably cop
O god, allergies, don't remind me, the pollen culo blast is already beginning to ream.
It does weird things to the lumbar spine with shearing loads. I'm pretty sure my form is on point too. I guess I will just stick to seated presses. I got up to 175 for reps with those
More ROM? DBs are prob a better bet.
Anyone do standing shoulder press with a trap bar? I have been getting back pain doing them with barbells and while behind the neck doesnt hurt my back they are just scary.
IKR their onion rings are so much beddah
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