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I don't know if it's different for clean grip, but long story short I can't clean grip so I use straps. I guess I could get used to it eventually, but I just ordered a Stingray pad. 135lbs bruised my shoulders, I can't imagine what 225 or w/e will do.
Thats what I'm thinking. Only thing I have to figure out is how the hell to position the bar. My shoulders feel bruised.
Front squats humbled me.... been off lower body stuff for about a month since I missed that back squat at like 305 I think. Back's been feeling funny. Anyways I worked my way up from the bar... my 10 rep working weight is 135 Not sure if my back squat form sucks and I am just good morninging it or I just need to get used to front squatting. But I'm gonna stick with it.
Whats this site where you can combine your own ingredients? I have been mixing stuff in with NOW isolate, but it tastes like soap and turns into a weird nasty gel if you don't drink it within ~15 mins. Strangely enough, this is my 2nd or 3rd bag of it. Almost done with it, looking for alternatives.
Man there are so many slootz in NYC, dont even sweat it man. Sorry about that shit, but u shatteth where u eateth. It is what it is.
Yea there were about 8 of us. Shit got out of control. They weren't even squids either... a few Ducatis, but the leader was on a Sportser. There are some older groups down here that go on rides. I might link with them, and I definitely want to do some track days both in my car and on the bike.
I'm spooked from riding with folks. I went on a group ride with some internet buddies 2 months after I got my bike. For starters they went way too fast for me. And the dude in front of me crashed, which caused me to crash into his bike, and total mine (on paper at least, just needed a new fork and plastic I didn't replace). I did ride with a buddy I knew for a few years a few times after that, and that was fun. But now I'm down in NC and I don't know anybody. Plus all the...
I get cotton shorts from Walmart or w/e and taper themCant get cheaper/better fitting than that.
I thought Tupperware was microwave safe..... http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/product-reviews/consumer-protection/plastic-safety-heat-food-6
If I do a road trip I will take one of my cars. Track days are another good place for it, didn't even think of that.
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