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Hmm that is a good idea. I did not even consider that. I am also considering swapping the springs. Cheap, easy, effective, though it could be a bitch in stop and go traffic which is usually not an issue for me.
Clutch is getting mushy. Not slipping but def could use more bite
I have 4 Topman tees I really love. I am finding I prefer a shorter tee that's a little wider at the waist than a typical one. Those tees are cut perfect but IDK if they kept the same cut and I don't want to gamble.
Man if not for my damn commute I would love a naked. If the Striple came with a fairing option I would kop. 40 degree weather + no fairing + 80-90 MPH commute is no go though.
I am gonna do a 3 day split once I get back to bulking, but it's too complicated to explain.Code:SxR Tuesday Thursday Saturday3x6 A Bench S Press Deadlifts3x6 B Chins Squats L Rows3x10 A U Rows Bench S Press3x10 B F Squats U Rows L Rows3x10 C H Curls Chins Chins3x10 D CG Bench H Curls H CurlsAcc A TPD TPD L RaisesAcc B Curls Calves CurlsHit all my upper compounds 3x,...
Meek thought this would be a walk in the park............. not a good look.............Bwitter is ablaze.....
Fuark. OK so now I'm up to like $900 worth of stuff to buy (still need a blender). Damn those look good. How many lbs of chicken can I cook in one batch?
Chicken thighs are so much better with not much more fat..........
Yea I cut carbs big time. I was getting like 400g on my bulk.2 plates is good money. It took me like 4 years to even approach 2 plates as I had no idea what I was doing. I still don't but I can at least throw up 2 plates for a few reps now.
It's not hard for me to get. I am in a cut and I prefer protein to carbs at the moment. Once I get back in a bulk I will dial it back to 200 or so most likely, with more whole food and less whey.
New Posts  All Forums: