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I like to break my fast during sleep personally. I just set an alarm every 2 hours
Triumph has gotta stay niche.... that's its whole appeal. Cliche as fuck but they are kind of the thinking man's bike brand.
Naw, understandably the dealer guy was not pushing it and I had no idea where I was going (they didn't let me out by myself). I did get to rev it out on the highway... def had some nice top end pull but I was expecting some more arm stretching. It was nice overall though. Not even sure I would change the exhaust since I always ride with earplugs anyway.
I don't want to get lean for other people. Im already in better shape than most people I know (I did meet a dude who may be off to the Olympics for lifting- he did not even look like he lifts). I'm just doing it for me. I think making the assumption that people are pursuing a certain goal to impress other people is a little.... presumptuous. And even if someone does it for a competitive reason, so what? One can compete and measure themselves against others without...
People can be whatever they want to be, and be happy doing so.
I just hate his video style. He embodies "Gym trainers HATE HIM"
I think I was expecting 1098 rip. It was cool though. Love that V twin sound. Makes my Ninja sound like a lawn mower.
Rode an SF848 today. Was awesome but it didn't feel like 2x the power of my bike. I was surprised. Big takeaways for me were the suspension & seating position. I think a tuned + modded SV with GSXR suspension would be just about perfect for me. In the meantime I'm def gonna get a new shock for my bike. That shit is a mealy banana by comparison. Prob not going to be able to swap till next year.
Looking like rain tomorrow.... if so, won't be for a few weeks But I definitely want to see what it's about.
Riding an 821 tomorrow! Might see about the 1200 and SF848 too.
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