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????????????????????????????????????????????We are judging the character of bikes by watching them ride by now? Lmao. FZ-09 has character oozing out of its valve stems. The thing is you have to ride one to see it.
Like I've said before, I don't venture too far outside of this thread here. Took me a while to realize SF is kind of a shit show. The ToJ soap opera is what completely turned me off. I am looking forward to trolling the SW&D WAYWT thread with Speedo pics from Croatia though.
I wanna say the line around the nipple
I grew up across the street from a guy who would idle his straight piped Harley from about 6AM every morning, so the shit is hardwired. I kind of get it though. If nothing else cruisers make more sense on the street than full on superman ergo sportbikes. They are at least designed primarily for street duty. I like speed and handling though so I play the middle with nakeds. Different strokes
Lol putting saddlebags on a sportbike does not make it a touring bike. I'm not crazy about Harleys either but that was pretty bad. Live and let live, everything isn't for everybody.
I'd be worried about potential overrevs, but that could happen to a street bike too. I downshifted when I was supposed to upshift at redline once bike still runs fine. No way to know so probably not worth worrying about.... that's the risk of buying used. If it's well maintained that should be enough.
I hear you. For me it would be cool to be able to pay some kind of annual fee and just be able to cycle through a wide range of bikes. I have no desire to own and most importantly maintain a wide array of bikes. One is enough of a PITA....RTC your exhaust doesn't have a baffle? Yea my bike would pretty much be unrideable without one. Even as is, 4 years in I think my packing is starting to go. It's just about perfect but I can see it getting annoying soon. Hoping I can...
It seems like you are more fond about having your current bike than riding it......I don't really see the point of 2 street bikes. 1 good bike is better than two bikes that complement each other IMO. I've been there with cars... whittled it down to 1 car and 1 bike that cover the gamut 100%.
Yami has grunt but I thought it was pretty friendly in its power delivery. I would still prefer the 700 for a variety of reasons though.
Buying new is just not something I can stomach. I was just talking hypothetically. I don't know that I buy the "more power to get out of dicey situations" logic though. I haven't ever come across such a situation in all my years of riding... and if you are getting chased by a road rager odds are high you aren't an innocent party . Plus while more power is nice it's no big deal. SF848, GSX-S750, FZ-09 all make like 30-50HP more than my bike, but when I got off of them I...
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