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Why didnt you fuckers tell me about belts, Im pretty sure I will be able to add 10-20 lb to my squat and dead in a cut which is crazy. Also got the charcoal grill setup and made my lunch. Should have taken pics. I did a video but my house is a mess. Smoky dry rubbed shredded chicken thighs, butter toasted brown basmati rice with shallots.... so good.
Seriously GN. Gym slash restaurant. A Planet Fitness for discerning lunks
conceptionist are those pants baggy or are your legs that fucking huge now
I readily admit I could not hang. She is like House of Lies consultant status. We had our fun though
No to the stability ball, dont be a Dwight
Ugh speaking of exes mine might be at my college reunion. If she fell off it would be OK but she is coked up, tan and quant as fuck. I do kind of want to go though, it would be cool to see everybody and be in NYC for fun and not work.
Yea I took my first breakup really badly. If you have the means to distract yourself with work and friends and shit do that. I didn't which was what made it rough. Ultimately you will recover, shit's just raw right now.
tesser ur girl is a rich LI Jewish princess. 3 Michelin stars is the minimum
Yea if theres no sex its pointless. And sometimes with sex its worse. Shit happens for a reason
Damn, what rep range are you moving those weights at? Strong, srs
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