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This is what I like too, I'm realizing, and it's fucking impossible to find, at least in the mainstream stores I shop at. If I could get pants with that shape in cotton with a little stretch I'd be golden. Very forgiving combo for people who lift.
Yo Charly those pants I bought from you are my favorites. Some don't fit though. Any more pants like those?
I dont care about fashion anymore. Im ok with cheap clothes that fit OK. So honestly nothing has changed lmao.
I like t bar row and lat pulldowns. T bar lets me hit all that shit next to the rear delts, lat pull down gives max range of motion. Im not crazy about DB rows, they fry my lower back.
Naw but we do have the one where you can do them standing. I have tried both. I just don't feel like they are as effective as deadlift movements. When I do SLDLs with strict form I feel the stretch a good bit more. Quads are so easy to hit but with the cycling I'm hoping to do next year I need some good ham exercises to balance it out and I feel like I havent found any
Im trying to figure out how to hit my hamstrings without involving my back. I hate hamstring curls though. Just look so gay
Lol fuji spoiler that. I approve thoughYea I generally keep my sessions short... 3 movements tops. But I have to have that long ass day due to time constraints. Once we get a house I will probably just do little shit throughout the day. Do cardio/accessories in the morning and compounds at night.
Yea I do an upper body hypertrophy day once a week. Its a brutal day, I always struggle with maintaining energy through it. But it works.
U didnt post it brah I just searched.
RHEAFPT How does grip width affect you guys pressing... I noticed today a narrower grip enabled me to push more, which is kinda counterintuitive to me as I have somewhat long arms
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