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Everyone looks bigger cut down tho breh. I agree most people here are prob in the mid teens tho but even people with damn near no muscle mass look decent legit shredded.
Yea its amazing how much better people look w/o that damn spare tire, Im seeing it just 10lb downIts clear dude is concerned about aesthetics, he is in the denial stage and will snap out of it soon. I was literally just there 6 months ago, just fucking cut dude.
Oh I thought you had this one:http://www.homedepot.com/p/Honeywell-Wi-Fi-7-Day-Programmable-Thermostat-Free-App-RTH6580WF/203556922Would be nice if they made one that just tied into outside temperature and controlled based on that....
Does it automatically switch between cooling and heating? I have a regular programmable thermostat now and it's OK, but it requires that I manually switch between heating and cooling. Sucks when it's 40 degrees at night and then mid 70s in the day time. Nest is definitely overpriced.
Yea I dont know what thats about. 1.25 lbs of organic chicken = $4.00... spices (brown sugar, pepper, salt) = damn near free... baked Brussell sprouts are prob another $2. Theres my paleo
TN got rid of basic flavors though. Im not feeling that. If this choco peanut butter stuff tastes like ass I might have to go back to ON. Ha they just dropped it on my desk as I was typing this. Anyways ON's chocolate flavor is godly and they are pretty good about protein content. Might have to jump back on that wave
If I had the time to cook more, I would probably ditch them too. And now with cholesterol getting the govt green light, I don't have to limit meat intake like before.Just bought a coal grill for the house last night. BRB, smoking 10lb of dry rubbed chicken for my weekly meals
Thats a fair amount. On my "upper body party" day I do BB bench, DB shoulder press, close grip DB bench and then wash it down with two tricep accessory moves. Comes to about 5x3x9-12. I superset all that with pull/bicep moves. You would be surprised how much daily work capacity you have.
Thought you were talking about the Nest thermostat, never mind.
What's wrong with it? It will save you energy and keep your house comfortable. Also tracks your energy use and savings on HVAC. I'm gonna get two for each of our thermal zones. Full disclosure I am an energy efficiency specialist.
New Posts  All Forums: