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Nice to hit an new PR heading into deload week. I hope I'm doing this right.
Somethings going around NC. I'm due for a deload but I feel like ass too.
I will have to see what channels they have at the gyms I go to. Apt gym is poverty spec... if it's not football season I'm screwed. May have to get a tablet and watch old MotoGP racesAlso read that podcasts are good... anyone have any to recommend?
I thought about doing something like thisHow do you keep from killing yourself from the boredom... thats the biggest challenge of it for me.
FWIW this is the first time I've been pulled over on my bike for speeding in.... 4 years of riding? And I've definitely sped before. It was in some podunk county so all the shit is cheap. I'm hoping with the lawyer and everything not to spend more than 200. Definitely going to make a case for a track day membership. Might have to sell my Z and get something more economical which also means I could probably buy a built track bike
If they could they would upgrade too Man I might have to sell the bike. Yesterday was my bday... Im riding to work, catching a sick sick rhythm. Roads had a wide on for me. I'm pushing a little hard but still in control... WOOP WOOP.... 4th speeding ticket in 4 months I dont have any points yet cause of lawyers but shit's getting nutty. I think I have the case to make to wifey to get a track day bundle deal and maybe take the bike off the road for good.
That looks good as hell Been looking for a good pho recipe as well. No way around it but slow cooking... found packets at the grocery store and it just doesn't come close. Theres actually a sick pho place randomly here down the block.
Yea benching 3x/wk has been the key for me to break through my ~3 yr plateau. If I had more time I would train all my body parts that way... best I can do is 2x/wk for everything else.
How much time do you have during each workout? I would go for some kind of full body plan.Another idea is to do multiple workouts a day. They have to be pretty short workouts though.
Dude youre fuckedNaw I dunno. I did add one of those packs of taco meat seasoning to the marinade as the shit was pretty bland first try. Hopefully that will be enough to give it some more kick.
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