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I think u passed ur pain onto me. Still not right from that tweak in Mexico and today is two weeks. Its an overcompensation issue. One thing is sore then something else gets sore picking up the slack, and the first thing heals. So on and so forth. Getting better bit by bit though, but my squat is down by 10lbs.
Yea I am leaning towards Pilot Roads or BT023s.
I had a dream I rode my bike into a ditch and the only thing damaged was the fork. I was able to rationalize getting a ZX6R front end. I do need a new rear tire and I suppose with the age of my tires changing the fronts wouldn't hurt either. Bike is getting sold either this year or next so I'm trying to put as little money into it as possible. Its a Ninja 650. While I'm here might as well ask... any recommendations on tires? My main riding is commuting (97%), with a...
I think there are certain angles shoulders can be spared from. I don't do any front delt work as I bench 3-4x/week. I don't do any rear delt work as I hit that with horizontal pulling work. But laterals? I blast those with about 12 sets twice a week in various ways. Favorite shoulder move right now are Hammer Strength behind the neck presses.... they burn bad, I can barely do lateral raises afterwards. Really loads up the shoulders in a natural way. I think shoulders are...
Yea thats def M, M fit me fine at that weight/height/bigger chest (really lats).
At 165? Barring a huge drop I dont see how this is possible.
Is that in lb, kg or st (for fuji)Im guessing kg, 1g/lb in a 4 hour window is a lot.
Ooooo a photochromic shield would be the shit. Def gonna get a Bell helmet for their shield next go round. My tinted shield is a big part of why I don't ride at night.
Yea wifey works in corporate marketing... sweet gig
I think it was a great article. Lifting for most folks is largely about vanity, and that's OK. Humans like attention and admiration. I enjoy powerlifting and admire strong powerlifters, but I think Rippletits has set a lot of people back with his hyper-aversion to vanity and body composition. Lot of times people do SS and buy into that anti-aesthetic dogma, and then wind up stepping back, accepting their vanity and breating a sigh of relief. There is def a "reclaim your...
New Posts  All Forums: