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Whoosh, tightening my shit up and dumping carbs = I'm down like 3-4lbs from last week, most of it I'm guessing being water weight.
Stranger danger.
IDK about the brown, the more that I think about it. Black = bad ass. Brown = Member's Only Dad.
Sorry for the delirium yesterday. I'm focused again. Just need to cut back on carbs and get some sleep. Wifey wakes up like 2 hours later than me and is a night owl. I'm gonna just start going to bed on my own time. I feel so much beddah
Where can I get chinos or twill pants in a slim fit in this color: http://lp.hm.com/hmprod?set=key[source],value[/model/2014/A00 0258976 002 27 0206.jpg]&set=key[rotate],value[]&set=key[width],value[]&set=key[height],value[]&set=key[x],value[]&set=key[y],value[]&set=key[type],value[STILL_LIFE_FRONT]&hmver=3&call=url[file:/product/large] IMG tag doesn't work... they are teal. H&M is out of stock, Google yields nothing.
Lel, diet has admittedly been a little shit over the last month or so, about when the stalling started. Goal for daily intake is 2000kcal, with like 230-250g protein and the rest as I see fit. Training has been consistent AF.... 3 upper body days, 1-2 lower body days. Played with cardio for a bit, but I hate LISS, and the intensity I ride at really blunts my recovery. I have made decent progress though... waist is down to a little over 32" from like 37" when I started. I...
Maybe I just need a break. I have been cutting since February. Down ~17lbs over 19 weeks, but most of that came over the first like 12 weeks. Now it's coming in spurts. Down to 2000kcal/day, lost 20lbs off my bench n squat working weights, feeling like cardio hurts more than helps (fucks with recovery and accelerates muscle loss). At a crossroads and Im still prob in the low teens with BF being optimistic Ideas?
Brokaid's active ingredients are ephedrine and guaifenesin. Guaifenesin, in my experience, clears up snot and dries the shit out of your nasal passage. No worries though, I have an eph only plug.
Alright maybe it's the sleep deprivation talking but I think I'm ready to take the plunge. Someone learn me EC stacks. I'm not fucking with Bronkaid because I dont want to continually take guiasfenin or whatever the fuck it's called. That shit dries me out and gives me nosebleeds. All the info I'm finding on getting ephedrine in the US is confusing as fuck. Also considering yohimbine HCL now too.
Get a bungee harness
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