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I still dont understand deadlifts. I just keep the weights light, the reps high and my spine neutral. My body has a motor pattern for deadlifts I'm too lazy to fix.... I am just going to stick with that. Its too much. How much quad do you use? Sumo or conventional? Straight spine or a little flexion? IDK I just want bigger hams. Unless u are competing its not worth agonizing over. Coldsnap has it right. Tossing heavy deads was a huge step in embracing my inner bro and...
I have better question.... why not just get regular stem mirrors They work so much better and wont get clipped.
Yea, you cant go wrong with one of those RCs. GSX-R750s are also pretty iconic but I think good running slingshots are entering "collector" status realm. Early Fireblades are getting up there too. Lot of cool bikes over the years.
Im pretty sure I'm DQed off the rip. I dont have any before pictures.
I think biking is gonna be the key. Rode 10 miles today. I feel lighter already. I just hope I can squat tomorrow
Hes 5' 8"30-35lb is a good first pass down from dreamer bulk
I dropped about 13lbs between Feb 1- Apr 2.Something else to consider, and I dont mean this as a swipe at others, are supplements. I averaged about 1.25 lbs/wk as well, but that was with absolutely no supplements. I don't even do caffeine. Fucks with my sleep and sleep is God to me. I think you will be fine with another 100kcal off.Anyone know what the deal is with cardio... I have heard LISS is bad, and I have heard HIIT is bad. I am looking to start squatting 3x/week and...
One night out every now and then wont kill your cut.Re: rep ranges... staying at 6 reps and over has helped keep me injury free for the longest period I can remember.
Everybody is different and shit takes time to adapt to. I remember folks here giving me shit about using the maxi pad for back squats. Now I have trap meat so I'm good. But I'm having the same discomfort issues with front squats and Zerchers. It has been getting better with time though, the body adapts. Just have to stick with it.
@jacquelep things are nowhere near as bad as you claim WRT US college finances. For example median undergrad debt balances are only a little over $10K. $30K is "MSRP" but plenty of schools have huge endowments and there is a lot of financial aid out there. U dont need a masters to make a living, me n wifey dont and we make great money. U dont need to live in a big expensive city to get a decent job and make good money either... again me n wifey are making more (in wifey's...
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