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Naw the one I am looking at is like $60. It has like 4.99 stars on Amazon. If I like it maybe I will upgrade later.
Lettuce be the judge of that.ridethecliche I'm thinking about getting a cheap indoor trainer to get my shit up for next riding season. Waste of money or wat?
Fuji u never answered the question about your viking roommate's buttocks.
I bought a shit ton of polos for work from Kohls and had my wife tailor them all I feel like they were $10 a pop
Thank you, I don't know why I tried to ask in a roundabout way.200lbs tho....
Is she fat and lumpy or big and sturdyWhere is the weight
Nice to hit an new PR heading into deload week. I hope I'm doing this right.
Somethings going around NC. I'm due for a deload but I feel like ass too.
I will have to see what channels they have at the gyms I go to. Apt gym is poverty spec... if it's not football season I'm screwed. May have to get a tablet and watch old MotoGP racesAlso read that podcasts are good... anyone have any to recommend?
I thought about doing something like thisHow do you keep from killing yourself from the boredom... thats the biggest challenge of it for me.
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