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Wow 2 days a week. Really makes you put things in perspective.
Lol Im in NC.
For me? Not with stock ergos. I should mention race ergos are no go for me, tried em on the 650 and they killed my back. Can't commute like that. If I got either of those I would make em naked.
Yea the lightness of the 650 is key. My commute shouldn't be too traffic heavy, but you never know. FZ07 sounds alright but it's basically a modern version of my 650. If I went that route I'd prob jump to the FZ09, or the Street Triple. I'm not crazy about the F4i. Prob scratch the ZX6R off too. I feel like they will be weak on the low end, which is kind of where I would like more power as that's where I do most of my ridiing.
Ideally, I would do 80% commuting, 15% canyon carving, 4% track days and 1% 2 up riding. Practical/logical choice would be something like a VFR800 or Sprint ST.... but I love naked bikes. I want to ride a VFR and see if that V4 and its build quality can win me over. The 650 is worthless so I could keep it to fulfill my naked/build up needs.
I hate BB rows. I really think it's a love/hate movement.... if it doesn't feel right, don't bother. I got my wings from cable rows and chin ups
I had a fixie. BUT, I could trackstand with no hands, and before I got lazy I was pretty fast.
Lol. They are clinchers. Thank you based LBS Now I just need a lock and something to hold my keys and shit. Just went for a quick spin. My god am I out of shape
I dont know where you live, but road bikes are expensive as hell in Charlotte. $200 for a road bike in decent shape is a good deal here.Yea I agree. I will probably get some CXP22s and sell these. I don't want anything I can't fix myself.
I have a Ninja 650 now. I like it. It's comfy, light and handles well enough. But I want a better suspension and more HP. Budget would probably be about 5K. I would love a Striple but it's out of my budget and I think the Speed Triple might be a little heavier than I like. I'm thinking anything from an SV1000N to a naked old GSXR750. Sometihng in that 100-120WHP ~400-430lb range. Would be awesome if the pillion accommodations were decent too.
New Posts  All Forums: