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Its not that far fetched... my heavy bench day is 5x4 with 4 minute rests. I have to warm up, so I will do 15 reps with just the bar, then 5x135, 3x185, 1-2x205 and then get to work. I take like a minute or so between warm up reps, and each working set takes about a minute or two to get positioned and do the lifts. So warm up takes like 5-10 minutes, and then each set with rest time takes about 5-6 minutes give or take. Even taking off the rest time for the last set,...
I have been looking for some fall/spring gloves... I have some perforated hot weather gloves and some nice chunky insulated Cortech Scarabs Might add these to the collection
Here is a highly relevant article written by someone bigger and stronger than you.http://gregnuckols.com/2014/07/12/strength-does-not-guarantee-knowledge/Tossing new knowledge because you have some weird grudge with somebody seems pretty idiotic to me. Obv you have to take everything with a grain of salt and not everything works for everybody... but writing somebody off the jump because you "dont like them".... lol. Good luck
Sure, why listen to someone who is SMARTER than you lol.And I got fat on a low fat diet. I would say, anecdotally, sugar is worse for fat gain.
I did my first ever on purpose deload week a while back, came back and PR'dMy gym sessions were getting too long so I am going to try a 6 day split. Just pop in, do 1-2 compound movements and superset 2 sets of accessories. Today will be my longest day, hoping to be there and back in under an hour. Will be interesting to mix in cycling with that, but with monthly deloads I think I'll be able to handle it.
Dont, shit takes timeMy shits are like 16.7499999999999999999 now but I bet they will drop an inch with this cut
O yea Im def a fan of deloads First full load day back hit all PRs
PL style bench is for PLI want to build my chest so I keep my back tight, but I keep the arching to a minimum. Shoulder blades and butt on the bench, feet well ahead of my butt. If you are a bodybuilder benching with a PL ROM you are just cheating yourself
If you cant understand dumping money into mods, you're not a car guy. I will go even further and say dumping money into mods and weightlifting are equally pointless endeavors. I.e. the exercise equivalent of "keepign it clean and mechanically sound" = doing light low impact cardio every day and eating right. Hobbies are hobbies... they're not supposed to be rational. Though I will say, modding cars is fucking expensive. I just spent $1K this weekend getting a brake upgrade...
I associate Plastidip with ricers My center console is scratched to shit thoguh. Might mess with it for that.
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