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First month or two of a cut really suck, then u get over it. My only suggestions... manage energy during a workout as thats key, will keep up metabolism, morale and lifts. I still feel my BCAA + HBCD cocktail is unfukkwiddable and is also stimulant free which is key for me. Breakfast is a waste, u dont need it to sit at a desk. Drink coffee instead. Macro priority should be, IMO, slow carbs, protein, fats... u dont need a ton of fat, shit is generally empty calories....
Dont know if u have room but Im getting a cage with a hi/lo pulley. I do upper/lower but the only thing I repeat now is bench and arm shit. Even with bench shit is different. Heavy BB bench, light DB bench, incline etc. Valor has the cage I want for like $450 shipped I think.
Yea u can go really beast mode with an upper lower split My longest upper day is about an hour with 30 sets. Once Im in the home gym I might do that day 3x/wk. Tons of volume and I don't feel beat up at all afterwards. U get used to it if u set it up right. Key is really just to avoid failure at all costs on big moves and push closer to it on accessory shit
I want to buy some suits once my cut is done but theres nowhere to wear them on a night out in this basic ass city.
Yea but Im still moving decent weight... I squatted 3x~8x275 last night. I think thats belt worthy
People much stronger than me are dependent on them (and knee sleeves/wraps which I like too). Im OK with dat
Why didnt you fuckers tell me about belts, Im pretty sure I will be able to add 10-20 lb to my squat and dead in a cut which is crazy. Also got the charcoal grill setup and made my lunch. Should have taken pics. I did a video but my house is a mess. Smoky dry rubbed shredded chicken thighs, butter toasted brown basmati rice with shallots.... so good.
Seriously GN. Gym slash restaurant. A Planet Fitness for discerning lunks
conceptionist are those pants baggy or are your legs that fucking huge now
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