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I didn't do the work on my forks. When I crashed my bike (the first time lol) the forks got bent, and I bought a set from an ex racer who weighed what I did. So he swapped the springs and put the emulators in. I would probably get a shop to do it.Another idea is to swap in the guts from a bike with 41mm forks. CBR600F2/F3 and the VTR1000F have them. But they may have to be rebuilt yadda yadda.Personally I like my emulators. The front end feels great. Once I get the rear...
I want that gray trench!!! Is this going to be available online at all?
Fuckkkkkkkkkkk If you have a go kart track nearby go ASAP More raw than a motorcycle. I am fucking hooked
U dont need a full GSXR front end to be honest. That is just bling. I have Race Tech Emulators on my 650... while part of it is I don't know what I'm missing, I don't really miss much on the front end. The back end is soft as shit and is the real problem. Front end is great with the emulators.
If they have those for like $7K used I'm in. Not very likely..................
I think the faired ones have different rearsets, so all you would possibly need is a new rear brake line. Regarding the bars, if they are stock SV1000N bars they will probably be just as upright. And SV1000N forks are a different diameter so those clipons won't work. SV650S, old VFR750 and Hawk GT650 clipons will though. I need to ride a Z1000 to see if the power is worth the weight. Been riding a lot this week and I'm really enjoying the bike. Hard to keep it under 90,...
I have a Ninja 650. Basically like the SV, but cheaper and just a hair slower. Also consider getting a used pipe. DO NOT get a CF pipe. They pretty much all explode.Lower bars are good. I have Renthal Superlows, I think. Pretty much perfect. You also have to consider foot placement. Have to bring your feet up and back as you move the bars forward.
There are so many good options for you. Delkevic, Yoshimura TRC, 2 Bros etc etc. Just make sure you get something with a DB killer. And whether you get a pipe or not wear earplugs. The wind noise will destroy your hearing with a pipe or not. For the front, you should be OK with some fork emulators. I have those on my bike and the front is perfect. Back needs a new shock though.And yea, emissions based tuning sucks and can make low speed throttle action tricky. My bike is...
There is a cat in the can. Just get a slip on, and when emissions time rolls around put the stock can back. Full exhaust is not worth it for your bike without a tune, and then it might not run right for emissions. Depending where you are though you might not even need it. I didn't in NYC.
Sleep is the main thing I am afraid of with kids. If I don't get good sleep I am a truly miserable fuck. Sleep is a big part of why I quit my job and left NYC w/nothing lined up down here.
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