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Depending on how cool your job is, I would look into working out at lunch. I go 3x a week and it takes me about 90 minutes door to door with showering and all that. Then the other 2 days I just eat lunch at my desk. Wait...... Coldsnap I thought u just bought a house? Can u do a home gym? That is what I'm gonna do once we get ours.
I do lat pull downs or chins, and T bar rows or seated cable rows. 1 vertical movement and 1 horizontal one if I hit back during a workout. It may be different for lifting to powerlifting but for width vertical movements are better for lats. Much bigger ROM for the lats. I do the horizontal lift as an accessory for all that middle of the back shit.I think DB rows are OK if you keep them light. I used to do heavy ass dead stop rows. At one point I was hitting 145x7/side....
Bent over rows are a stupid exercise IMO, save your lower back for bench squats n deads Hope u have a speedy recovery Brof. Conceptionist
I noticed no such bruises
My neural pattern for bench is just hard wired for tippie toe leg drive Im gonna stick with that form through this cut since that's what I know. But after I will switch
Yea you will def see some gains just from thatI need to learn how to bench from my heels instead of on my toes.
Dat long femur short torso doe Deads are gonna be rough no matter what w/that geometry. I would prob just drop the weight and focus on form. For me personally keeping deads within ~30# of squats for the same reps is safe. I dont like that knee lock reset deal betwen reps either
They shoudl wait for him to succeed before touting him as a success story
Bike trainer supposed to arrive tonight. Cut is gonna start in like 9 days. I'm ascared. Strength benchmarks are ~210x9/235x6 on bench, 285x8 on squats, 220x10 on lat pull downs, 125x9 on seated military press which seems like bitch weight respectively We will see how this shit goes. Just gonna split the deficit 50/50 between food and cardio. Hoping for 1-1.5 lb a week
I think that bit of arch is excessive. But even for Bro McBiceps theres value in retracting the shoulder blades, which is much easier to do with a tight + arched back. You also get to move more weight without legit cutting ROM which is good for hypertrophy
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