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I will bet your squat 1RM is much lower than your DL 1RM.... good rule of thumb is to keep DL 1RM lower until you have everything 100% dialed in. I nuked my back getting too eager with deads, cant even dead anymore. Form looked just like that.
Congrats OV. We are looking to make that happen next year. How much did your babies destroy your sleep?
I'm at the point now where I'm dieting by mirror rather than the scale. My waist hasn't been this small since college. Still not even close to a 6 pack but I def have "abs" now.
Progressive lets me insure a car w/nothing more than the VIN
Quads need more skrengfh
I *THINK* you should be OK w/no plate and just a bill of sale if you get pulled over. Maybe not. IDK. 100% legal option would be to tow or U haul the bike and not ride it until you get it registered. But if the seller doesn't need his plate you should be OK just riding it with that.
Mmm yea thats a tricky situation. Never thought about that. I either used my parents or had the income
Well aesthetically you will have to take what you can get. But functionally you are like 3 blocks away from every major train line, you are walking distance from LES and prob NYU, you are in a super safe neighborhood etc. If u want somewhere clean, safe spacious for what u can afford u are prob gonna have to travel a bit or get lucky. I would go for it
That's an awesome location. If the price is right and the apt is cool go for it.
I rode out to a dealership to see if I could get some test rides out yesterday as I had to work from home and had some free time. Took the highway up, but it was backed up on the way home so I took some nice country roads back. No dice on test rides, they gave me some shit about floor bikes not having any oil or w/e and used bikes being all on commission. So apparently they sell all their bikes w/o anyone actually test riding them lol.
New Posts  All Forums: