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And stone and grams"Finally hit 200,000 on DLs M8s. Only 2 stone more and Im at 3x bodyweight. Should be there in a fortnight. Solve for x"
datass.jpgGonna have wifey do em with bands
I do squats before deads on leg day. Squats, even heavy low rep squats, are easier for me than any kind of deads
Speaking of home gyms............ What would you guys get, if you could build one?
Wow. Only been riding for about a week, and my energy is way up. I feel great. Cardio is not bad at all. I kinda missed it.
Barrel welcome to the thread. IME ~10lbs of weight loss is water/glycogen that comes back immediately. I want to get a home gym, but I need a home first. I do have a little $100 squat rack for wifey. I will get a cage for the house though.
Man you aint lyin about them tchotckes. Damn near all of our furniture is from places like Goodwill etc which is good but yea wifey has a lot of crap.I had a storage unit for a while.... all it made me do was realize how much shit I had that I didn't need. I had a storage closet full of car parts.Saddest part though is our place now is twice as big, and we just filled it up with twice as much stuff. Can't wait to get a house to fill that up too lmao. At least that will be...
NYers do w/o living rooms- NY is your living room! Naw but for real, living room obviously becomes 2nd bedroom. Which is why we had to get the hell out. We had a 1BR, about that size. Noise drove me nuts and we started running out of space. Getting the mop out of the hall closet took like 10 minutes.
Hmmmm might jump on that Smolov wave for bench. Lot of people used it to that end successfully. My bench has always sucked
Interesting choice. I hear they are relatively reliable too. I heard they get absolutely awful gas mileage though. Like 25 MPG. My car gets about 20. That's still a factor.....
New Posts  All Forums: