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This makes a lot of sense. I don't mind this at all. I'm still not quite sure I want to compete in PL so I don't want to go that route. But my bench sucks and I need to address it. I'm surprised you do DB flys though. I really hate the tension curve on those, I prefer the fly machines. It looks like a solid routine though.One place I'm weak is warming up. Lately I've been getting more reps off on my 2nd working set which says to me I am not warming up enough. I also am...
What's lockout?
If you wanted to bench 3x a week with a mix of low rep, high rep and failure vs volume work, for a long period, how would you do it?
So is a Monster 1200, Street Triple, Ninja 1000 etc etc. To each their own I guess, but to me the MTS' styling cancels out all its positives, especially considering its engine is available in other more conventional bikes.
Interesting approach. I thought about doing that, but I feel like I would spend too much time acclamating to the "shocks". Then again I am "BBing" now and it took no time to adjust. Similarly my low rep squats are fine after a month of not doing them. That might be something. I'm still trying to see if I can have it all every workout, or maybe every other workout.
Its an old man's bike. The BMW R1200GS of DucatiIt's stupid but image is very important to me WRT motorcycles. I would personally sacrifice some practicality/functionality for style.
I think sprinkling in some high intensity low rep stuff is not a bad move. Why'd you switch?I've been going back and forth and it's been kind of interesting. I have been on an all high rep cycle with extra arm work and my arms are def responding. But my ~8-10 rep bench has actually gone down. However my low rep squats have held steady. So IDK. I respond well to low rep stuff to a point, but then I get fatigued and burn out. I can do high rep stuff all day but certain...
I am not sure it's cheating. You should definitely utilize leg drive, but it's a balance... too much and you are doing a weird squat, too little and you are doing really heavy SLDLs. Either way, if you're not sure how you're doing, drop the weight and see what feels better and work on that.
MTS will age you by about 20-30 extra years
Hmmm this is an idea. I freeze chicken raw and bake it with seasoned bread crumbs. Works for me but it only works fresh... crust gets soggy as shit after a day in the fridge. Maybe I will try baking the chicken and then freezing it, though I'm not sure how it would thaw. I have a slow cooker as well so I will give that a try. It is very slow though, wifey says it doesn't cook at all supposedly.
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