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No failure on bench is really working. Wish I figured that out like 4 years ago.
Yea I have the bar high on my back, but I take a wideish stance and sit back a bit. Just feels natural. I tried to do a narrow stance and tweaked something in my lower back. No thx.
I wonder if its owned by the same guy who owns the Golds Gym I go to. If so, I wonder if he has 2 bro trucks parked in front there too. What a scene.
Thats my biggest gripe... you have a bunch of people who no nothing about fitness jumping into a routine that is dependent on quality coaching with no kind of accreditation required for that coachingThe marketing angle of it is brilliant though. I met a couple down here that met at Crossfit. I have been considering checking it out just for the networking/social aspect
I will pray for you dude.My apt in Manhattan was a corner unit with one side facing 3rd ave. We lived there for 3 years and I don't think I got 1 good night sleep. Shit is damn near luxurious down here by comparison. Cant wait to get a house and throw some programmable thermostats in. Take it down to like 67 for bed time and then have it hit us with a 75-80 degree wake up blast. I'm hoping to put a zoned split AC in too. Im an HVAC/building energy specialist so this shit...
Sucks about your bench. Looks like mine is going to get slaughtered as well as that's my weakest + most sensitive big lift.Still damn good results though, especially for what looks like a pretty monster deficit (2lb+ a week on average). Thanks for the info
Did you lose a lot of strength... and if so when did it really start to plummet
Whats great for you, might not be for everybody.And adopting PL style lifts or programming doesnt mean one is absolutely committed to 1RMing. Plus if one's programming calls for singles at a % of a 1RM while never testing an actual 1RM, how is that any different from what I'm doing in terms of finding one's "true" 1RM?I feel like your injury has you frustrated and is making you lash out. Stop it.I have exceeded my keystrokes for this thread today... time to go squat n...
U dont need to do singles to accomplish these things.
I dont wanna do singles. U have yet to really say anything Im missing out on by not doing them. Put those keystrokes towards writing a swimming guide and lets move on.
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