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If you want bigger get bigger.... as long as it isn't a PITA to deal with. I heard 1098s don't like low speed stuff. 848 with cans and a tune could be the wave. Thanks for the impressions. Damn, 22 mile ride? They won't let me fart on a used bike down here. What exactly did the liability paperwork entail? Places I went basically wanted me to take ownership of the bike before I rode it.Just saw this vid.... love this guy's channel, nice little Dainese commercial.
Yea it looks like my weight is holding and I'm not *too* flat. Taking tomorrow off of work to just sleep and recover. I'm not stressing cause I know when I come back its gonna eb like when Pacman has the big pellets.
What are you doing for diet....
Fall cold is going around the office and I am one of the lucky winners. I'm shutting down the studio for a week. Relieved to see my gains are still in place after ~3 days of not lifting. Hoping I don't revert to a 120lb 7th grader by this weekend.
They sell used MotoGP bikes.... many of which are built around production engines. Would hit
For me fixing what the OEMs got wrong is part of the fun. Especially if the bike is cheap. One of the great things about the SV.
I hate the FZ-09's ergos too. Adventure bike in disguise. FZ-07 looks soooooo much better, but apparently begins falling apart as soon as you ride it off the lot. Horrible build quality.
When you can't build an audience with content (or get below 25% BF) just call everyone out
I have a set somewhere in my house. I think they are Bikemasters. Gonna be holed up during this storm so I should probably get to it. I've only had em for like 2 years lmao. Frozen hands were pretty much the only problem I had in "cold" weather riding here so I hope they do the trick.
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