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Yea I dont know what he is talking about. Switching back to IF and more importantly concentrating the bulk of my calories to about 1-2 hours before working out has helped me a ton on my cut. Way more than intraworkout shakes or anything. Lifts actually went up a little bit when I made that change and I dont feel like shit in the gym anymore.
Thanks GN, lot of interesting stuff. It would be a lot easier if I weren't trying to hold on to lean mass, but I'm making progress nonetheless. Your point about whey is interesting... I've heard other folks say the same. I would probably be able to stay a lot fuller if I got all my protein from food... but I try and do about 240-250g per day. That's a lot of meat. You definitely have me thinking now though as wifey and I are trying to sync our eating and I do want to get...
Also hopefully not jinxing myself but weare in contract on a house again. Got my gym room picked out. Should be able to build it up for like $1500. One thing I'm going back and forth on... is it worth getting a full on cage, or would a rack with a safety catch do? Space will be at a premium.
GN whats your experience on the cut been (weight lost, amount of time cutting, strength losses etc) I have pretty good momentum going on mine but I still have a long ass way to go before I'm satisfied.
knucks what kind of bike do you have? I miss my fixed gear even though I never made it to Kissena....
Reverse hypers are good too but they are a pain in the ass to set up and you have to use a limited range of motion to protect your back Def time to work that ass out though ladyboy
I have always wanted a Coogi zip up hoodie. Thanks for reminding me
We are all on the same menstrual cycle it seemsWho is the alpha bitchI am OK with shit days/weeks as long as I can learn from them. This whole cutting thing has been a huge learning experience so far which I'm enjoying.
Been up and down for me... felt like shit yesterday morning, realized I underate Tuesday, killed a box of Nilla wafers and then leg session Question for the brahs. Is there an ideal time during the day to work out on a cut? I usually worked out at lunch but I'm finding my night workouts to be a lot better now in a deficit.
New Posts  All Forums: