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I feel like any bike sold with street tires is not suited for dirt duty. Adventure bikes kinda make sense... they are kind of the SUVs of bikes in many ways, including the illusion of off road prowess and all associated with that image, as well as the dynamic losses from the higher CoG. Unlike SUVs though they aren't any more practical off road or in the winter. It's not like a sport bike where you sacrifice the practicality for track duty or w/e... I just dont get it
Yea if u are eating food, drinking liquids and producing waste u are going to have multi pound swings during the day. My morning piss is worth an lb usually.
Yea I would hide/get rid of the scale. Women have the bodyfat levels where they can legitimately recomp quickly and they look better with that nice balance of fat/muscle IMO. I mean shit you could just tell her to weigh herself, drink 16 oz of water and weigh herself again. Thats a lb. Scale can be destructive if you dont know what to look for. Wifey took some time off for our move but she starts back up again tonight. I'm excited
I think you will be very satisfied and make a lot of progress. Cutting can be great for morale, especially getting into summer months. I spent a lot of time on my buddy's boat on the lake last summer, the pics make me cringe.
Fuck, I should have measured myself at the start of my cut. Good idea. I would like to get down to like a 30" waist and 16" unflexed arms eventually.
Made the texture weird. Im guessing that means it works, but I'm scared to take it again, real talk.
Make sure to block out a weekend in ur calendar. That shit works almost TOO well.
Man the prospect of keto sounds like a nightmare to me. Id rather cut protein than carbs. Plus all that salt would fuck with my blood pressure. I usually have a candy bar or a sleeve of graham crackers or w/e every couple of days to satiate my sweet tooth... that's usually enough, especially since I usually have to earn it with cardio. Different strokes.
Keto?Im gonna keep trucking on this cut, shit is melting away and lifts are holding. Couldnt ask for anything more but shit to go faster
Im cryingI hope those cups of rice and oatmeal are cooked... otherwise thats a good 2000kcal alone. Dude is not human
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