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I think if you are already used to riding at 80 MPH you should be fine. Highway riding is kind of boring. Like CDFS now my biggest challenge on the highway is keeping things under 85.
Yea things are looking good going into this year's cut as well. I dropped 27 lbs and gained 17 back. Didn't get a lot stronger but I did gain some muscle and I'm leaner now than I was at this weight last year. Unfortunately it looks like I'm gonna have to drop another 20 to even get close to where I wanna be. Def gonna have to cut again next year and hopefully not gain so much back. I learned a lot from the last cut and have a plan in place though. Lot stronger with cardio...
$350 for some damn chinos lmao. I don't think my whole wardrobe (not counting shoes) costs that much.
I have been able to squeeze into H&M's slim fit stuff since my last cut. Still kind of bummed they don't throw a little spandex in the fabric though.
Ditto, I haven't found anything
Oooo thanks for the heads up... I will look into this
Tuono would be my pick, though ~25 MPG sucks for a street bike.
Nice. I will probably order a pair this weekend
I have a black pair. I love them. Way better than 511sDoes anyone know if the blue ones fade like raw denim?
When I did ~2 hour rides I would have a big bowl of pasta the night before and then a cup of coffee in the morning right before I went out. I was OK as long as I was hydrated. Some HBCD and BCAAs in my water probably would have helped.
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