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You should give tracking a try. You'd be surprised.
Do you track your calorie intake?
I am feeling like GHRs don't hit the hip extension hamstring heads or glutes at all beyond isometrics. They seem like fancy leg curls
If I could drop it like 2" without completely destroying the handling I would fuck with it. That's my only gripe. For the $$$$ though it's fucking brilliant. Had me giggling like a schoolgirl
Wish the front end wasn't so quasi adventure bike. You forget all that shit when you're riding though. That FZ-09 is so much fun.
I have been doing front squats for a few months now and switched back to back squats cause FS were bothering my ankles. Is it normal for hamstrings/glutes to be sore from back squats? I'm def getting way more hip extension but that seems weird.
Browsing through my YT subscriptions I see Charly hit a 1900 total at his last meet @ 242 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SLGbcSoDWs JFC man 780lb squat WTF bro. He put like 400 on his total in a year
Zara Topman Uniqlo Diesel I put this on and thought of fuji. I feel like I stepped out of a time capsule from 2011.
OK, interesting day. Suzuki demo day about 1 hr from my house.... weather looked sketch but the sun came out. Anyway here are my impressions GSX-S1000- That engine is a beast! Any gear, you twist the throttle, it's GOING. Running to redline takes commitment. Bike looked good... nice build quality. Shifter felt incredible! And that engine had like no inertia. I overblipped the hell out of every downshift. Engine was definitely the star of the show. Chassis was nice too...
I went full bro like a year ago. Best decision ever for me. Why fight it?
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