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Really loving this bro style higher rep high volume stuff. Will be much easier to recover from on my cut too. Got a Nutribullet. Maybe I am an idiot, but I got into the idea after SNL an infomercial came on. Demos looked decent and then I saw that it had a 600W motor, which is good for its price. Not too bad. This shit is the only way I will consume a decent amount of fruits and veggies, and the only way wifey will take whey protein, so it's a win win. Any good ideas for...
Mmm that dead behind the eyes beauty pageant smileOne of my wife's coworkers did those. Shes miserable and psycho.The whole bodybuilding competition thing is kind of weird. I get wanting the physique, I dont get the parading on stage in a speedo
Yea we are getting hit with a cold blast tomorrow. Gonna throw the cover on the bike tonight and call it a season.
Would help for folks to remind everyone what they're riding I have a Ninja 650R that a crash turned into a street fighter.
I'm feeling sleepy as hell now. I don't think caffeine is messing with me too much
I get about 7 hours a night. I am very sleep sensitive so if I'm not getting decent enough sleep my performance/mood nosedives. I would say I've been about a 6-8 out of 10 on the sleep scale for the past few weeks I have been using this stuff, so I think it's OK.Big problem is wifey is a night owl AND gets to wake up 1 hour after I do for work, so that's always an issue. If I could go to bed an hour earlier I would be so set.
I think he is saying the opposite, at least for being close to 1RM. 60-70% is ideal for hypertrophy.
I wish I had a place to store my bike. Gonna do the following: - install heated grips (already bought) - get new tires and fix dent in rear rim - SS front brake lines (I dont think I use the rear brake anymore) - oil/brake fluid/coolant change next spring Was thinking about upgrading the rear shock as I can feel it going but I think next spring I'm gonna trade this for an SV or Superhawk. So I just wanna get it sellable and keep it pushing. It's been a good 12,000 miles...
I'm def gonna give that a try. What are people doing with caffeine? Just found out my BCAAs have them which explains why they give me such a huge boost. Each serving I do has about 200-250 mg. I don't like being dependent on it but it has definitely helped my performance and endurance.
He made it look easy Those fucking Nords
New Posts  All Forums: