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Wow Ive only been back in NYC two nights and I'm already burned out and ready to go home. Good job NYC. I did have a decent workout last night FWTW.
Plus Hoboken sucks
I think you might have but it was still worth the laugh. Why go through all that drama and risk to do quarter reps Im in NYC for the week. Well, LI. Gonna see what Synergy is about. Closest gym to my parents place. I used to go to the one in the UES. Possibly the worst gym in NYC. Gonna pay cash so they don't have my CC info.
Hit 315x5 on squats for fun today. I am starting to think I would benefit from some kind of periodic programming. Switching between low rep high intensity and high rep low intensity on the big movements.
Whats sad?
+1 for cycling. I really miss the NYC parks though. Prospect Park, Central Park... literally perfect cycling training loops.
Who said that? Charly?
Yea I dumped on it before but I am becoming a believer in periodization and specialized programming I like powerlifting but since I have no plan and just go hard I burn out. With some kind of program I could probably better manage fatigue and enjoy it + progress more. But for now my goal is just to build up my arms and get unfat... I kind of know how to squat and dead so once I have my 17ish biceps and 32ish inch waist then I might get back into it. I like the Smolov Jr...
And stone and grams"Finally hit 200,000 on DLs M8s. Only 2 stone more and Im at 3x bodyweight. Should be there in a fortnight. Solve for x"
datass.jpgGonna have wifey do em with bands
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