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IDK I think "training by DOMS" is kinda BS too. All that matters in lifting IMO is adding weight to the bar, mastering form, not hurting yourself and having fun... u dont need chronic DOMS to do that.
Yea its better to do less more frequently... I.e. a 5x10 superset 3x/week is pretty fucking goodJust have to figure out how to balance that with other lifting in general. I have been holding back on arms to save it for benching but now I'm kinda like fuck it.
Frustrated as fuck with bench. Everything is moving up like clockwork but bench is damn near moving backwards. What gives
Yea we went to the diamond district and bought it together. Not really romantic but that kind of pragmatism is just how we roll
I am too brother. I will def keep you posted with what I do.... cycling is going to be integral to my cut, starting with riding a trainer dailyYesIf you get vintage make sure you get the stone set right. My wife went to an amusement park last week and lost a 0.6ct diamond
I like me Elite FTS ones.... not much rebound anymore but they definitely stabilize my knees
Lesson here, write name on or label everything.
Wat are his numbers, his total's gotta be better than Charlys
I use my trip meter vigilantly. I have to... my bike gets shit gas mileage for what it is and the tank is relatively small. Coupled with my long commute, if I get 2 days of riding without the gas light coming on it's a miracle. I love love love the look of nakeds but I'm considering getting a faired bike next go round. Shame there are not too many faired middle weights... I could mess with something like a faired 750-800 triple with upright bars
Yea I just buy it off the site.... best whey isolate by a landslide
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