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Better brakes, more displacement, and crucially like 30-50lbs less weight.SV650 needs a higher grade version... 100HP, fully adjustable suspension w/USD forks, brakes from this century, maybe an aluminum frame. If they could do that for STR money they would have something. I just can't stomach spending $7K on an SV that's no better than a 10 year old one I can get for $3-4K. That GSX-R suspension'd one near me is still for sale and dude is getting desperate
Well deserved... for my money though the FZ-07 has more appeal
We will did a lot of running around and probably will be again this time. We'll see.Regarding women + jiggly butts.... that's how they are supposed to be
I would rather know I'm hitting my protein and not worry about calories. Last time I went to Europe for 2 weeks I lost 10lbs I think. It's no biggie but if I can get protein over there I will.
Yea I am mulling this over for our trip to Europe for 3 weeks. I would really love to bring my True Nutrition stuff there but if I have to just grab some ON crap in London so be it. Other thing I'm gonna have to get out there is fiber... I did some math; wifey and I burn through 560g of it a week. With all the indulgent gluttony we have planned we might need to up the dose out there.
Fat loss is different for everyone. I don't lose weight unless I do cardio, but when I do cardio I lose way more than the calories I burn. I have a bike on rollers.... definitely helps, but even with my laptop still sucks. But it beats running or w/e and I can ride to a target with an HR monitor.
Welp looks like flys have triggered some kind of RC thing I thought I was over I got over it before just by not doing any chest pressing movements for like 3 months... and I went years w/o any issues thanks to not doing flys. Sucks as I do want to build my chest. Weird
To add to that, if you find yourself failing in that way, off the top of my head there are some quick to somewhat quick fixes: - keep your elbows under the bar.... that will brace everything from your lats up... but don't go too far and hyperextend or do a behind the neck clean grip (lol) - squeeze your glutes on the way up... that will keep your hips from shooting back and up - do more posterior chain work - lower the weight Quads are the main mover on back squats...
Wow, that is more than a Panigale R.
I agree with the above. Better to hit everything a little every day than to try and cram a week's worth of volume for one body part into a day. Body parts don't need a week to recover. I also think you should work in a higher rep range. If you're not looking to do powerlifting there's no real reason to dip below like 5-6 reps on compounds, and even then I would balance that out with some work in the 9-10 rep range on the same lifts later in the week. I think an...
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