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Tuono would be my pick, though ~25 MPG sucks for a street bike.
Nice. I will probably order a pair this weekend
I have a black pair. I love them. Way better than 511sDoes anyone know if the blue ones fade like raw denim?
When I did ~2 hour rides I would have a big bowl of pasta the night before and then a cup of coffee in the morning right before I went out. I was OK as long as I was hydrated. Some HBCD and BCAAs in my water probably would have helped.
What are you doing for chest/pressing? When I was putting my home gym together I looked into DBs.... even with the cheapest 10lb plates I was looking at like $300 for 200lb of weight. Not really crazy about heavy dips either.
Taking the arch out of my bench killed it. Damn. Struggling to put 225 up for 3x6 again. No real gains were made
Real protein is expensive. I remember back when I used to make my own protein bars. The yield per $$$ was surprisingly low
No DBs... I dont have them at home and they are kind of a PITA to deal with even at the gym.
Yea sometimes when I bench I feel it in my lats. I think my base is OK from my waist up. It's my hips and legs that I need to recalibrate. I am going to have to scale back the leg drive significantly. I'm trying to switch to a BB style bench that won't wreck my shoulders.
I have been relying on arching too much for bench and it's pretty much taken my chest out of the lift. How do I build a stable base to bench from without a crazy arch? And would it be worth doing some "legs up" benching for some of my bench work?
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