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What are people doing for non suit/non denim pants then? I bought some V Ave pants from Charly... they are chinos with a weird but good cut, roomy crotch with a taper. Something between those and middle management Dockers chinos would be nice.
Stretch medium rise chinos pls.
Its not that bad. Your clothes shouldnt be tight enough to where people can see your shoulder/glute striations anyway. As long as my pants fit good, stomach is flat and sleeves hug the guns Im OK in clothes. I do want more detail and bigger arms tho
I havent been to SW&D in months, maybe years. Is this wat is going on now I was thinking about poking around to look for shit to buy once I'm done with my cut but Im good now. Like Consuela say "no we dont do that one, no"
Sucks but they can fix it. I had a bend in my rear rim that caused a slow leak, just got it fixed with new tires free of charge.
I cant fuck with that look man. They all look so hungry. Im all about that bass
Yea I have been thinking about this. Rep max calculators are probably a good start. Quick check looks like its a fractional power (i.e. weight x reps ^ .87 looks about right) based on Ex-rx #s
Yea I couldnt even unrack my heavy bench on my last set today. Blazed through all my brocessories though
First month or two of a cut really suck, then u get over it. My only suggestions... manage energy during a workout as thats key, will keep up metabolism, morale and lifts. I still feel my BCAA + HBCD cocktail is unfukkwiddable and is also stimulant free which is key for me. Breakfast is a waste, u dont need it to sit at a desk. Drink coffee instead. Macro priority should be, IMO, slow carbs, protein, fats... u dont need a ton of fat, shit is generally empty calories....
Dont know if u have room but Im getting a cage with a hi/lo pulley. I do upper/lower but the only thing I repeat now is bench and arm shit. Even with bench shit is different. Heavy BB bench, light DB bench, incline etc. Valor has the cage I want for like $450 shipped I think.
New Posts  All Forums: