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"We educate our kids that becoming a badass means having a huge squat and deadlift, big ass and hamstrings, and thick erectors."
I think I'm gonna be stuck wearing 36 waist pants forever. I wore a 34" when I was 160lbs and biking everyday + not lifting.
I am really liking the more volume/no failure thing. Hit 4x4x315 on squats yesterday, which is a PR, but I have to dial back to ~295 so I can hit 5x4. Hoping this routine will help me stabilize my numbers to start this cut.
Fuck that bike is a true work of art wow!!!!!!!!!
Can you explain this further.... this is my biggest hurdle in PLing; managing fatigue (and consequently avoiding injuries)I'm good for like a month of heavy deads before my CNS starts crying uncle.
Thats a pretty silly misrepresentation/generalization of what people's responses were.
What is your training cycle.... not the specifics but just the general philosophy and scheme
Fuck that. Im already risking my life riding the thing.
Everyone is different. If I just did deadlifts 3x5 once a week, I would still burn out. Plus, I dont see how 100 sets a week is good, if you can get stronger, recover faster and get 90% of the same results with 50 sets a week.
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