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I feel like most of the naked 600-1000s are both. I def dont want a bike that gives anything up on the street for the track.... I would say 95% of my riding is commuting/street riding.
Been using a.... daily undulating periodization? for my bench. I do heavy (5x4), medium (4x6) and light (3x9). Did a little deload, came back, my heavy bench is weaker. Haven't checked my weight to see if I'm eating enough, and sleep/stress levels are less than optimal. Is there anything I can do outside of addressing those 3 fundamental things? All my other lifts, in particular my squat and deadlift, are on the money and OK. Bench has always been the lift I struggled with...
I dont like having to wind up my 650 to get moving. I still think it needs more power, but mainly just so it can have more midrange torque. If I take it past 7K I'm being an asshole. Sounds like ass up there too.
Yea thats about what my wife's loan is, I think the cost of interest to us is less than Something else to look into is Zipcar... totally forgot about that shit. If you aren't driving to work like for real for real you don't need a car if you have Zipcar.
I use parchment paper for my pizzas. You have to make sure to cut any excess, otherwise it burns
Whole Food meat prices make my eyes waterI would pay a good amount of money for fresh fish though. Organic or not. Grocers here seem to have no problem peddling crap fish wise.
I dont know if people will think that far but that's a legit demerit. Don't all Ducs have that short maintenance interval though? Or is that only the air cooled ones
Yea goofy bars aside it's a great looking bike, and its distinct look definitely creates valueI prefer the generic origami looks of the Japanese but I salute Ducati... they saw a hole in the market and plugged it. Maybe this will prompt Honda to bring back the CB750 under the 1100
Are the foods actually materially better than non-organic stuff? Seems more like you are into bragging about paying more. Its not like non-organic broccoli is bad for you
Plain chicken does taste like shit.... I generally either season it heavily or hit it with flavored bread crumbs and fry itI dont know how people do plain ground chicken and shit. Sounds horrible
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