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I saw that I had like 50+ new posts in this thread... figured either someone dropped some sick progress pics, fuji regaled us (where you at dawg) or it devolved into a bitchfest rerun So much for being an optimist Can disc problems manifest themselves as pain in muscles on the side? I did SLDLs yesterday for the first time in months and my back feels sore in a different way than the DOMS in my hamstrings. And my back has been semi-weird since I got back from Mexico in...
Blah, I think not deadlifting has created an imbalance. My left hamstring has been feeling weird during squats and my form is a little off. I'm going to go back to SLDLs for a while and see if that helps.
Damn that sucks man. I'm pretty much covered at home and work for like $40/month all in. All we need is an indoor pool facility for wifey and we will be good.
Fuck man thats expensive as shit! You can def rationalize a sick home gym with that money.
What do people use to make benches "stickier" I hit heavy bench today and found myself sliding up the bench. Not fun. I remember seeing someone using some kind of rubber strap?
Struggled through 3x6x235 today, More like 6,5,4x235. Them cutting feels
It will be interesting to see what you do. How long have you been lifting? I would chill on the deads if you have back problems. IIRC you did.
3x/wk will prob call for upper/lower. I tried a rotating deal for upper (i.e. back/chest, chest/shoulders, shoulders/back) and then decided to recalibrate it to address weaknesses (i.e. chest/arms 3x/wk, switch between back/shoulders) If you are at the point where u know the lifts and what your strengths/weaknesses are that might be a good approach. No sense wasting time blasting parts that grow with minimal help.
Calm down Occ See if you can do a lateral raise without flexing your traps. I can't. Ex-rx lists traps as synergists/stabilizers http://www.exrx.net/WeightExercises/DeltoidLateral/DBLateralRaise.html When I do LRs I lean forward a little bit and make my palms face backwards. Been working OK. I haven't deadlifted in months and my traps haven't lost size. Its almost like u knew u were wrong and got defensive pre-emptively just to have an argument. Come on guy
We just got a warm weather spurt. I was wearing shorts in late February last year so if sunset is late enough I might start riding in again soon.
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