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Highway riding sucks but when the weather is right it beats the hell out of driving.Not necessarily. If you have close access to a track and are OK to pay for a lot of time then this is probably the best way to ride something sporty. I have thought about this, but I just don't have the time, and I live near some decent enough roads. I might hit the track a few times a year but thats about it
BostonHedonist do you have the Triumph OEM windscreen?
Demo days are usually the easiest way to go.[/quote]Son of a bitch, just missed one in May.I am seriously considering just hitting people up with bikes for sale I want to ride and offering them a few bucks for a spin. I will try some dealerships first though.
Nakeds also have much better ergos for street riding. The wind blast is annoying AF though. I would go ride a few and see what you think. Speaking of riding a few bikes.... whats the best way to get on a few bikes? Would I be wrong to go to a dealership and act like I am shopping? I do want to buy a new bike.... next year. I may even literally get a brand new one. I have never ridden another motorcycle besides my 650
Those guys really push the limits. Elbow down on a cliff side
U say that, but the first time u turn the throttle on a 600+ all that purity shit will go out the windowPlus there is so much satisfaction in corralling a bike that could possibly spit you off. Feeling the tail kick when you hit a little gravel etc. If u feel comfy on a motorcycle I would def at least give a few bigger bikes a ride.
ridethecliche have you looked into TU250Xs? Dirt, dirt, dirt slow, but they are in abundance (them and the GW250s are the official bikes of the MSF), they have that classic 70s look with modern reliability/availability and they can go a million ways So slow. I can't wrap my head around how slow they are. But they sound like they will work for what you want. Also look into the Kawasaki W650/800 (fake Bonnevilles) and the SR400 (kick start only though) Royal Enfield...
60 mph in Vietnam is like 85mph here lol.
Under 200cc, u mite as well get a scooter.I want to say a Ninja 250cc with semi-off road tires would work, but I don't know how bad the back roads you want to go on are. There is a really good motorcycle thread on here. One of the like 3-4 threads on this forum I am a regular in.
Hes humblebragging u guise.
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