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Im trying to figure out what to do for pants as well. I finally just got some riding boots which is very key, though the left one digs into my ankle a bit. It's hitting the 90s down here with a good amount of humidity, which I can manage with boots and a mesh jacket on the highway.... but as far as pants go I'm pretty much naked. And I can't think of any easy solutions.
Indian food has been so hit or miss for me. All I know is naan and roti. What's good?
I never got the whole "dont want it to be paid as taxes" thing. Hippocratic oath = everyone gets care whether they can pay for it or not, which means you just pay for it through your insurance. That aversion has become so boneheaded places like Texas are turning down ACA money to the tune of billions of dollars and millions of people without insurance, just on "principle". Its maddening
Just ordered all my home gym stuff. Kind of excited. Debating whether or not I want to rip out the carpet in the room and put down gym flooring. Gonna talk to wifey about that tonight.
Maybe too early to tell, but it looks like I do better on a cut w/o cardio. I stopped bullshitting and using cardio as an excuse to have brownies and ice cream and just tightened up my diet and now I'm legitimately under 200......
http://newhaven.craigslist.org/mcy/4975269541.htmlI feel him dawgI wanna get an old 1000 and throw some dirt bike bars on it. These dudes are pricing these bikes like they are selling Amber Rose pussy. There is no reason a K1 750-1000 should cost any more than $4K and that would be an IMMACULATE one.Look at this shithttp://charlotte.craigslist.org/mcy/5057588712.htmlDude is asking $9K for a stretched K4................ so he can trade for a cruiser These dudes dont give a...
It looks good to me. Hips are a little low at the bottom for my taste but thats nitpicking and I dont know shit about deadlifting anyway.
Stop eating after 6:30
National fucking donut day and my job is celebrating in abundance. gotta be fucking kidding me.
Whey, HBCDs, bcaas Like a month away from an eca stack. Should get more fiber
New Posts  All Forums: