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May is off to a bad start. Stalled out on ~2200kcals and I dinged my knee bad. But I still want to make that big push for 6/1....
Not per gram of actual protein. Once you calculate on that basis it's OK (though their prices have been creeping)
They should have made the code babycomebackThey have been crying in my email since I left to True Nutrition
I banged my knee walking around in the dark pretty good yesterday and now it hurts to extend under load Gonna wait this week out with leg shit but I hope this isnt serious. Feels a little better today but I cant squat
No but once Im done with this cut I will start
This is my beef. Big arms and a big total are equally silly goals. They dont really mean anything. But they are fun to pursue.
***T-NATION ALERT*** "Is Powerlifting Hurting Bodybuilding?" https://www.t-nation.com/training/is-powerlifting-hurting-bodybuilding Thoughts? I think powerlifting is awesome, but it's def not for everybody, and beginner programs (I hate 5x5, should be 5x8-10) and Rippletits shame push too many people in that direction IMO who might not have gone that way had they been able to choose w/o bias. Layne Norton's latest vlog discusses this.
O thats not bad. My lunch today was like 1400 kcal.
I would just eat less eariler in the day, or do cardio or something the next day. When I eat out... I go.. balls deep? I hate having to hold back at an outing. I miss NY sushi
What are people doing for non suit/non denim pants then? I bought some V Ave pants from Charly... they are chinos with a weird but good cut, roomy crotch with a taper. Something between those and middle management Dockers chinos would be nice.
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