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Fuck that bike is a true work of art wow!!!!!!!!!
Can you explain this further.... this is my biggest hurdle in PLing; managing fatigue (and consequently avoiding injuries)I'm good for like a month of heavy deads before my CNS starts crying uncle.
Thats a pretty silly misrepresentation/generalization of what people's responses were.
What is your training cycle.... not the specifics but just the general philosophy and scheme
Fuck that. Im already risking my life riding the thing.
Everyone is different. If I just did deadlifts 3x5 once a week, I would still burn out. Plus, I dont see how 100 sets a week is good, if you can get stronger, recover faster and get 90% of the same results with 50 sets a week.
Yea I def see the practical aspects of it, but if I wanted practical I wouldnt ride a motorcycleNo gurgle, no gear shiftting... those are 2 of my favorite things about bikes, especially on the daily grind. No thxI think a hybrid bike would make a lot more sense. You engine brake a shit ton with a regular bike... might as well put that energy into a battery
How will u gain strength without gaining weightAnd to cut to a real 20lbs u will prob need to cut 30lbs. The water rebound is pretty intenseOtherwise looks OK.
225x4,4,4,4,5 on bench went up pretty easy. I think I might be onto something
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