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I think people should make their own routines. Using a template can be a starting point, but I doubt any will be truly perfect for anybody out of the box. For me shit just kind of fell into place once it became clear that I didn't want to be a powerlifter. Heavy deads burnt me out so I stopped doing them. I want bigger arms and shoulders so I hit them 3-4x/week. I don't have hours and hours to be in the gym so I do supersets and keep rest times short. Etc. So outside of...
This is exactly why I drink coffee maybe once a week tops.
I like lat pull downs with that neutral grip handle. Vertical plane = max range of motion. Neutral grip = no weird torques on your wrist. Machine = easier to control form. I do some cable rows for my mid traps but lat pull downs are my upper back bread and butter.
Working weights for bench + lat pull downs + military press + back squat + Romanian deads divided by my 1 week average weight Craziest thing is my total is up damn near 25lbs since I started. This gaining phase should be epic.
Data is good. Seeing the fluctuations, learning the patterns, seeing the impact of a miss etc. Makes cutting so much less stressful.
About 15 so far. Started at 198, wanted to get down under 180 which will be no problem. Looking where I am now, I'd like to see how I look at 175, but shit's starting to wear on me. I wanna enjoy summer. Maybe next year. If I can keep the bulk under 190 shit will be a breeze. Glad my protocol is dialed in.
Yea I have been cutting and I know I'm doing at least 800-1000kcal/day because my weight's been dropping ~2lb/week for weeks
I live for the roll on. I giggle, say "wow" and shake my head every time I do a top gear roll on on my bike.
Not powerful enough, I don't think. Just use earplugs. Disposable pharmacy shit works fine. I don't think it's good to listen to anything while you ride anyway.
Probably the easiest thing on the bike to fix. Plus bikes sound different when you are on them...
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