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Naw, its about image over sense. I broke my foot riding at like 15 MPH, because my 1K miles looked cooler than real riding boots. W/e
Dem feels when u dont wanna go to Peru cause u are making gains
To disappear
My bad. I have been following Z1000 and Sxxiple prices for a while now so I know where they are at. But thanks for the info.
I would def do more riding bro. Get a one piece leather suit and high boots and do some track days.
Not much tread left, u are riding on steel bands.
@ridethecliche how many miles have you put on the thing, like 1000 lol. Ride it for a while. GSXR front ends are tricky. Your bike is an N right? Just remounting the headlights and gauges alone will be a PITA. If you want to keep the bars factor in more $$$ and work for either a dirtbar mount (sketchy IMO) or a new triple ($300-400). You will lose your steering locks too, I think. AK20s are good as are CBR600F3 cartridges, which will be a fraction of the price. And...
I made an incline platform for the home gym. Doesn't feel drastic but at the same time makes a huge difference. Torso can sit a lot more upright. Was the missing link to help wifey squat (5' 11" with a 33" inseam)
Welcome to the dark side. I need to get back up to the mountains. I just hate the hour plus on boring highways it takes me to get to them
I am 5' 9", 190, larger than average arms/shoulders and a ~32" waist. I have these in an L. The sleeve diameter and shoulder width is perfect, but the sleeves are a little short. The body is definitely wide. I am going to have it either darted or taken in. I think it's worth buying and altering. I don't think you will be able to find a shirt that fits well for that total cost.
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