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There is the real issue of catabolic damage. IMO once you get down to where your deficit is more than ~1000kcal or ~40% of your normal maintenance, unless you are like morbidly obese you are probably doing metabolic damage. I did a cut once where I think my average deficit was ~1300-1400 from baseline. Felt like complete shit, lifts were garbage, muscles were flat and when I got down to "target weight" I put back about 10lbs in a week or so. Rather take my time and stay...
Its not that simple. For example when your calories drop for a while your consumption drops too. The leaner you get the harder your body holds on to fat (so u dont die). Etc. etc.
Pilaf! Why didnt I think of that. Looks good
I want to make a ladyboy joke but I'm not funny enough Wat could u possibly want done? All Ive had is some dental/very light reconstructive work done after a bike accident that I want to follow up on. I used to have such great teeth.
Its the bar I use for horizontal seated cable rows. I didnt know what else to call it... prob should have called it "W bar" Dips are OK but I really want to protect my shoulders and I feel like they don't do anything for me. Even as a fat ass I can bang out reps with a 45 plate with good form. I dont find them satisfying. Plus space is at a premium so the less racks the better.
Form check on home gym equipment list?
Yea I drink half a gallon of water a day at work and then drink alcohol on the weekends so water weight variations alone pretty much render the scale meaningless for me aside from some kind of moving average. I will keep going by the mirror and feels
I dont get this cutting shit man. I look leaner in the mirror, midsection feels less lumpy, vascularity is coming back to my arms/shoulders/chest, lifts are dropping but the scale is all over the place. I'm not changing shit as it looks like it's working but it would be nice to get some confirmation via the scale.
My gym is all roidfail second childhood expensive boat divorcees. Looking forward to leaving
Yea I dont know what he is talking about. Switching back to IF and more importantly concentrating the bulk of my calories to about 1-2 hours before working out has helped me a ton on my cut. Way more than intraworkout shakes or anything. Lifts actually went up a little bit when I made that change and I dont feel like shit in the gym anymore.
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