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Takes power to crush and liquefy stuff. I bought a Magic Bullet which I think had 600W... didnt do shit. Kale was not chopped fine at all. Ninja Ultima has 1500W and that multitier blade system. I am gonna try and get one this year for sure, such an easy way to get fruits and veggies.
Wow, another Morimoto man. I am rocking the D2S 3.0 in a Grom headlight on my 650. Ironically I avoid riding at night at all costs
Not really, it's just out of habit/placebo/broscience for the most part. The thing doing the heavy lifting is the HBCDs. The low molality gives you a carb rush without the blood sugar spike response. As far as consistency the stuff is pretty much like a sports drink.
cliche I use this http://truenutrition.com/p-5003-highly-branched-cyclic-dextrin-1lb.aspx I use like 20-30g a workout with about 5-10g of BCAAs. Gonna try the unflavored one... 24oz of "fruit punch" followed by a chocolate whey shake just doesnt jive with my palette
Heres what I do Tuesday: Chest/arms/back 3x9 BB bench/lat pulldowns Close grip DB bench/horizontal row Bicep/tricep superset Bicep/tricep superset (optional if I have time) Wednesday: Legs 3x8 back squat, ham curls/rotator calf machine superset Thursday: Chest/arms/shoulders 3x6 BB bench/upright rows CGDBB/ lateral raises Bicep/tricep superset Optional bice/tricep superset Saturday: "Upper body party"- Chest/arms/back/shoulders 3x9 BB bench/upright rows Shoulder...
For me personally, anything involving arms can't be done within 48 hrs of doing other stuff with arms. I realized this putting legs/shoulders after chest/back/arms. Even shit like upright rows took a hit, and military press was absolutely nuked. So for example, for me, my arms would be more taxed on your Saturday, than after the end of your Monday or Friday. I would try and either do a push/pull setup, or more reasonably do an upper/lower split. I do 3/2 days upper/lower...
For me, lateral raises with my palms facing back/thumbs facing the body are good. The way I see it, the head of the shoulder opposite the ground is the one bearing the brunt of the load, and turning the hands inward takes the front head out of it. Im a fat fuck now but when my shoulders are pumped they still have detail and I credit that exercise. I'm seriously contemplating just doing lateral raises and nothing else for shoulders.1RMing is good for PLing but I have found...
I believe what you're looking for is called a dip & chin station. That plus dumbbells for shoulder raises will probably get you pretty good for upper body if you do them enough and progress.Lower body is trickier without equipment.
Im itching for a Vitamix or other industrial strength juicer. Maybe once we get back from Mexico
U dont do whey? Or do u mean one of those industrial juicers?If u arent doing whey, u should be doing whey. Half my protein comes from whey.
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