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Yea I figured I would focus on one lift each day to go heavy on and then just sprinkle the rest in accordingly. I want to keep the sessions short so I'm thinking of maybe doing a 6 day push pull split. But I think if I keep daily volume low I can hit everything daily. I know which variations of movements I like so I'm building the gym/workout around those.
I am just trying to think how to apply these principles to a purely aesthetic/hypertrophy focused program. I'm not sure it's possible to have something like a 5-7 day full body bodybuilding split, but if it is it would yield max gains. Lot of respectable folks talking about the Bulgarian method and other shit. I'm feeling like if I spread my regular bulking volume out evenly over the week on a daily basis I may be OK.
@conceptionist can you tell me more about your "hit every lift every day" program Not gonna run it on my cut obviously but if I have a home gym I should be able to do a little something every day
FFFFFFFF 100 houses? How many ones did you go into contract on? We have looked at maybe 6-7 houses and have been in contract twice. We did offer what they were asking for this house though.Once shit is all together I will probably make a YT video.
barrelntrigger talk to me..... whats the full setup and whats the routine Im about 2 weeks from finding out if we get this house... gonna piece my shit together bit by bit, no rush.
OK that would just be torture because French food is hard as hell to find down here. U cant get boudin noir in this city
TLDR; fuck bitches, acquire gains
Unless you are eating shit like duck confit/wild rabbit/wild boar stew etc u wont get me. Next time I go to Europe no grocery store meat
I still eat luxuriously even in a deficit.... I had a Bojangles combo a few days ago. Blegh at McDonalds, total shite including the sausage, egg and cheese biscuits I have a (emotional and gastrointestinal) weakness for.
Ha, I was thinking SW&D. I never go to MC, its like the business card exchange moment in American Psycho suspended in time.
New Posts  All Forums: