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Daytona's extra power is all on the top end. They are pretty much matched below ~8.5K https://www.google.com/search?q=street+triple+vs+daytona+dyno&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0CCwQsARqFQoTCJSf4uPezsgCFUk8PgodTqMKQg&biw=1600&bih=726 I would def love more top end on my bike but if I could choose I'd rather have more low and midrange.
25 hp that can barely be deployed on the street.... Man temperatures have taken a big dip. Gotta get those damn heated grips on.
Striple R is just a Daytona with dirtbike bars and milder cams, no? Dunno if you guys watch MotoGP but today's race was EPIC. I might watch it again tonight
If I am going on the highway, yea I wear earplugs. I do think a lot of it is the quality of your helmet though. I have a cheap Scorpion shit I will probably need to replace soon.... it buffets and is loud as hell. Anyone know anything about heated gear? I have heated grips and I want to get something to keep my legs warm.
So so so so so luxurious to be eating 3000+ kcal again. Fucked up thing is it's not even that much food. Just enough for me
Earbuds, even with active noise cancelling, won't cancel noise as good as earplugs. If your exhaust is sociable it should be fine on back roads though. I am OK w/o earplugs under like 60. Had a moment today. Was booking down some backroads and I downshifted at redline Bike seems OK but that was less than chill
Anything less than earplugs on the highway is painful and annoying to me. Probably my cheap helmet, but still, prob not a good idea regardless.
If you want bigger get bigger.... as long as it isn't a PITA to deal with. I heard 1098s don't like low speed stuff. 848 with cans and a tune could be the wave. Thanks for the impressions. Damn, 22 mile ride? They won't let me fart on a used bike down here. What exactly did the liability paperwork entail? Places I went basically wanted me to take ownership of the bike before I rode it.Just saw this vid.... love this guy's channel, nice little Dainese commercial.
Yea it looks like my weight is holding and I'm not *too* flat. Taking tomorrow off of work to just sleep and recover. I'm not stressing cause I know when I come back its gonna eb like when Pacman has the big pellets.
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