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I feel like I asked before but can u do leg press? People sleep on leg press.
I will take that into consideration. Only problem I see with that is this meal is my pre workout and I like to get carbs in. Prob about 100g worth.
Depends on wat u want. I do arm bro work every time I hit upper body because I want bigger arms. But just switching to hitting everything 2-3x/wk will be a big change. My split now is probably like 60/40 compounds/iso, but some of those compounds are shit like close grip bench and upright rows. Its more like 20/80 "big lifts"/targeted bro stuff.
Too much fat, no way I could get 100-120g of protein in a 1000kcal frittada, I don't think.
I got a question about food. Kinda getting bored with my chicken and rice, even though cooking my chicken on the charcoal grill has def taken it to another level. Any other ideas for ~1000-1200kcal, ~120g protein meals I can bring in to work? I'm thinking about messing with pork and maybe a little beef. I would love to do fish but that shit stinks up microwaves.
I agree, hit muscle groups as frequently as possible. U will get more growth doing like 3-6 sets of chest 3 days a week than 9-18 sets once a week for sure. Again total bro science but I feel like thats been especially key for me in this cut. I dont know about squats (I love em) but you should def have some kind of big compound quad movement. Regular deads are not really an aesthetic move, something like SLDLs or GHRs would be better and are more an accesory than main lift.
Workout isnt really important, outside of striking the balance between max volume vs recovery and minimizing injury. Its def the calories. I was in a similar rut... finally decided to go in a surplus and the gains started flowing, but when I got too fat I kept making gains at maintenance until I started my cut this year. So its prob total broscience but in my experience you can make gains at maintenance but u have to be in a surplus for a while first.
Yea increase calories very slowly, like 100kcal/day every 2 weeks
Those are harder than regular squats IME and lunges are gay. Plus single leg leg press is a nice glute/ham move IMO. Trying to pick an exercise thats easy to learn and progress on... doesnt get much easier than leg press.
OK we will need a DYEL tier then. If u can squat 3+ manlets for like 5x12 doesnt really seem fair to compete with said manlets.
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