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How will u gain strength without gaining weightAnd to cut to a real 20lbs u will prob need to cut 30lbs. The water rebound is pretty intenseOtherwise looks OK.
225x4,4,4,4,5 on bench went up pretty easy. I think I might be onto something
I enjoy low rep lifting more than high rep lifting. I want to be aesthetic, but I like lifting heavy shit too. It's not too hard to do both.
Angus, peppered
@conceptionist I like that wave idea. I want to keep the wave within a 1 week cycle though. I'm gonna give my thing a try, starting with the heavy day tonight. Yea, the 90% was rough. Realistically speaking I only hit it (3x5x235) once, and on the last set the form was kind of janky. Def gonna dial back and go for volume + progression over intensity and failure.
No no no no no no electric
I am liking that 3 way split. I don't want to fuck with the grip as I really want to reinforce technique through repetition. But I am thinking of basically running a lower volume bootleg Smolov Jr. 5 sets of bench 3x a week, first day will be ~77% x 6 with pauses at the bottom, 2 days later 70% 1RM x 8 for speed, 2 days later 85% x 4 for straight up heavy work and then I rest for 2 days and start over. Gonna try and add 5lbs to everything every 2 weeks, which should be...
This makes a lot of sense. I don't mind this at all. I'm still not quite sure I want to compete in PL so I don't want to go that route. But my bench sucks and I need to address it. I'm surprised you do DB flys though. I really hate the tension curve on those, I prefer the fly machines. It looks like a solid routine though.One place I'm weak is warming up. Lately I've been getting more reps off on my 2nd working set which says to me I am not warming up enough. I also am...
What's lockout?
If you wanted to bench 3x a week with a mix of low rep, high rep and failure vs volume work, for a long period, how would you do it?
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