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I thought that was just me. I take that to mean I'm doing it right... whole body should be engaged in bench
Its your life dude. Just seems like excessively unnecessary risk for little to no reward. Pretty much the only upside to benching with a suicide grip is to be able to say "i bench with a suicide grip". The mental block is easy to overcome... I overhauled my bench form this year from BB to more PL and I like it. If the shit drops on you you prob wont be able to come tell us about it. And Wendler is one dude... plenty of lifters bench big with regular grips, and PL...
And once it lands on your chest it will break some ribs, and/or roll onto your neck. Even better.And no its not a secure grip. Well, at least not as secure as a regular grip. We have thumbs for a reason
Speaking of bench... why do I have no problem doing 6x235, but get killed by 4x245? Based on 1RM theory I should be good for 250-255 for 4 reps no problem.
IDK man. Already replaced front teeth. And that would be getting off easy dropping 250lbs on my face. Plus you want as much rigidity as possible through the chain IMO... any weak link = less force transferred.
O god its worse than I thought. Yea Im not gonna delve into that. Why would he even come out with this shit?
O I did not factor in bar height, I can pretty much only do highbar. Long forearms
Wrists are not the problem here brahYour back holds the weight, your hands just balance it. You tighten your wrists, this happens again, maybe next time you injure your shoulder. Gotta build up that upper back (and back in general). Some kind of horizontal rowing with your elbows flared (build your mid/lower traps) and practice keeping your back locked with shit like stiff leg deads
What are you doing in the 3 hours from when you wake up to when you leave...... thats prime gym time right thereHeres my schedule6:45- wake up, pack my shit7:15- out the door8:00- arrive at work11:00- have a small pre workout meal while I work(usually oatmeal)11:30-1:00- 3 days a week, work out. My boss is OK with it, I eat at my desk if I don't go out.1:00-5:00PM- basically graze, big meal is something I cook in bulk on Sunday afternoon6:00PM- get home, have a small snack...
My wife was vegetarian when we met, she was for like 15 years, she gave that up though
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