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Back from Mejico, lost 2-3lbs of straight glycogen and sprained my lower back
Drinking excessively makes me feel like shit the day after. That and I had a DUI scare last month. Pretty much ruined my dad's life too. More than enough to keep me in check Headed to Mexico, delirious from low sleep and all I can think about is losing my gains. Guzzling a shake now before we head to the airport
You are harder to hit though, especially if you are a competent/defensive rider. I know people who have ridden for decades without accidents. I have had accidents but they were because of my own stupidity and even they weren't that bad. And the upsides are pretty numerous. Riding is just plain fun and probably a big part of why I'm not bummed about selling my sports car. Theres a reason we call them cages
Dont ride anywhere where car traffic is legit doing more than 10 MPH more than you. I rode in NYC for years, only problem I had was going over the handlebars after hitting a pothole.Riding in NC pretty much seems DOA. I just bought an indoor trainer and ride that.Thats not true. If you pay attn you can usually see the distracted idiots long before they are a problem. Only real big danger is folks turning in front of you. Bikes fare worse in accidents but are able to better...
TU250X is good money if you are OK with getting your culo blasted at stoplights by Camrys I wish I was kidding!!! 12 seconds to 60. Good for learning and good in the city too. Old school look without the old school hassles. But I get stressed out thinking about riding one anywhere near a highway.
*drinks 100g post workout whey shake :\*
I like to keep it simple. All I do for triceps is cable pushdowns with a U bar grip and that close grip dumbbell shit. Lowest risk with the highest mind-muscle feels, for me at least.
I cook all my lunches in bulk When we get a house I am probably going to cook lunches once a month instead of once a week and get a big ass lunchroom freezer.
Im in love with "close grip" dumbbell press. When your elbows are at your sides your hands want to be in a neutral grip. The torquing of a bar grip with shoulder width grip is no bueno.That movement, dumping overhead tricep extensions and really fixing my flat BB bench form have been heaven for my shoulders/elbows/wrists. Only bar push work I do is stuff with a wide-ish grip, anything else fucks me up.
Naw I got a vacation coming up. I wanna do at least a full week at maintenance before I take the plunge, 2 would be ideal though.
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