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Do u commute to the city by plane
Even within the country, hard to compare. A half an acre plot back in LI alone would probably be a million dollars, and there are houses on plots that big for ~350K. Das why I had to get the fuck out of there. Im not trying to see my neighbor washing his balls in the morning.
U guys are lucky u dont have to think about school districts. That shit is a killer. We could buy a slamming ass house today but we have to spend double for a place in a good district. Still 300-350K for a nice house in a safe neighborhood with good schools is damn good. Just trying to get that 30% together by next spring Then I can home gym and be the king of my domain
Its OK if you can get an air conditioned place. Otherwise :nono:
I have been working on an album for the last 7 years
12% is pretty lean for starters. Thats like just on the other side of a 6 pack.But yea. You sound like you are still in that SW&D WAYWT mode. I hate to break it to you. But even for pure aesthetics, you have to gain muscle mass. To gain muscle mass you have to spend an appreciable amount of time in a hypercaloric state- gaining weight. In a hypercaloric state, unless you are very genetically lucky, or already really fat, you're going to increase your body fat percentage....
Damn I thought I was big at 44. When I cut down I will probably go back down to a 42 though. At least in the waist
"We educate our kids that becoming a badass means having a huge squat and deadlift, big ass and hamstrings, and thick erectors."
I think I'm gonna be stuck wearing 36 waist pants forever. I wore a 34" when I was 160lbs and biking everyday + not lifting.
I am really liking the more volume/no failure thing. Hit 4x4x315 on squats yesterday, which is a PR, but I have to dial back to ~295 so I can hit 5x4. Hoping this routine will help me stabilize my numbers to start this cut.
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