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Why bother with the Miata though.... might as well do rentals or that car sharing service where you can rent someone else's sports car for a weekend or w/e. You buy a Miata with used SV money, you could be getting into a whole other quagmire of problems IMO
My first crash was on a backroad. Good gear helped a lot. It's not worth it brah
Yea I am really confused as well... especially after all that work you put into it, just doesn't make sense Reminds me of when I hastily sold a sweet Maxima I built up after a cycling accident. I didn't really need the money. I'd probably still be driving it today
Now PSMF is where I draw the line. I think I would revert to a subhuman state. I can't think of any kind of situation that would prompt a 2,000kcal deficit. Everyone has their own goals and thresholds though.
It worked for me. I was dropping over 2lb a week at one point and still making gains. For me, it doesn't make much sense to take it easy if you feel OK getting more aggressive. The less time you spend cutting the more time you spend gaining, or at least fed and sane. I think it takes experience and close monitoring though... I tracked absolutely everything, watched trends etc. so 1lb a week is probably good for someone cutting for the first time. But I think experienced...
Some folks have to go that low. I was probably down to 1700-1800 net on average in the last ~8 week leg of my cut. First 6 of those weeks I definitely got my money's worth, but then I hit a wall and said fuck it. Bottom line going aggressive can work.... just have to pace yourself in a bigger context and have a good understanding of macro balance and timing when you're that low. I had to buck a lot of convention to fit my individual biases and needs. Only tough part is...
Sounds counterintuitive but a week or two at maintenance (or more) could help you get that last bit of fat off. If you are down to 1500 and normal size your metabolism is fast asleep. What do you eat when you maintain? Anyways I've found that jumping back up to maintenance or more for like a week every 6-8 weeks in a diet makes shit a lot easier. Metabolism wakes up, I feel sane, and I can be more aggressive in the cut I don't think you are gonna be able to maintain lower...
650 is def in the realm of thrashable on the street. I would much rather an SV or even Ninja 650 over one of the NCs (no offense). If you are considering 2 up though def get your pillion to sit on the bike before you buy it. Or budget for a Corbin
Whew, that cardio info is a good look. Thanks for keeping us up to date. Personally I'm still not convinced that HIIT and a caloric deficit mix, but now that I'm eating like a red blooded American again I have the recovery capacity for that intensity. Got a breadmaker... fucking heavenly. Once I land on a good whole wheat recipe my cypher will basically be complete.
Yea I was just about to say I'm surprised at the difference. I did take it to redline a couple of times.... definitely had some rip. But didn't make me giggle like the FZ-09 or shit my pants like the GSX-S1000. Power was manageable to the point it was almost disappointing, and the engine got a little warmer than I would expect for such a short slow ride. It was still cool though. But I damn near feel like I enjoyed looking at it more than riding it
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