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Fat loss is different for everyone. I don't lose weight unless I do cardio, but when I do cardio I lose way more than the calories I burn. I have a bike on rollers.... definitely helps, but even with my laptop still sucks. But it beats running or w/e and I can ride to a target with an HR monitor.
Welp looks like flys have triggered some kind of RC thing I thought I was over I got over it before just by not doing any chest pressing movements for like 3 months... and I went years w/o any issues thanks to not doing flys. Sucks as I do want to build my chest. Weird
To add to that, if you find yourself failing in that way, off the top of my head there are some quick to somewhat quick fixes: - keep your elbows under the bar.... that will brace everything from your lats up... but don't go too far and hyperextend or do a behind the neck clean grip (lol) - squeeze your glutes on the way up... that will keep your hips from shooting back and up - do more posterior chain work - lower the weight Quads are the main mover on back squats...
Wow, that is more than a Panigale R.
I agree with the above. Better to hit everything a little every day than to try and cram a week's worth of volume for one body part into a day. Body parts don't need a week to recover. I also think you should work in a higher rep range. If you're not looking to do powerlifting there's no real reason to dip below like 5-6 reps on compounds, and even then I would balance that out with some work in the 9-10 rep range on the same lifts later in the week. I think an...
This is fair. It's unfortunate that BS programs like the one he linked are being recommended. I think for general "look good naked"ness starting from PHAT and tweaking shit will probably work for most people.
I think people should make their own routines. Using a template can be a starting point, but I doubt any will be truly perfect for anybody out of the box. For me shit just kind of fell into place once it became clear that I didn't want to be a powerlifter. Heavy deads burnt me out so I stopped doing them. I want bigger arms and shoulders so I hit them 3-4x/week. I don't have hours and hours to be in the gym so I do supersets and keep rest times short. Etc. So outside of...
This is exactly why I drink coffee maybe once a week tops.
I like lat pull downs with that neutral grip handle. Vertical plane = max range of motion. Neutral grip = no weird torques on your wrist. Machine = easier to control form. I do some cable rows for my mid traps but lat pull downs are my upper back bread and butter.
Working weights for bench + lat pull downs + military press + back squat + Romanian deads divided by my 1 week average weight Craziest thing is my total is up damn near 25lbs since I started. This gaining phase should be epic.
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