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When your big indulgence is organic rice flour bread crumbs your diet is too clean Live a little, eat some crap. In my cut last year I think I was able to go for so long because I fit some indulgent shit into my diet almost daily
I would be lucky to get $2K for my bike as is so I just do maxxed out liability only. Totaling my bike (assuming minimal injury) = excuse to buy another bike
I do too but I do the bulk of my own cooking. Wifey was a vegetarian when we met, she still doesn't know jack shit about meat except that it's delicious
+1 on learning how to cook. You'd be surprised how much good food and protein you can fit into ~600-700 calories
Noooo not Adey!
1 week off is no biggie if you keep your nutrition on point. See if wherever you are going has a shit hotel gym where you can cycle through some body weight stuff, or an actual gym where you can continue your workout. What killed me on my 2 weeks off was obviously the flu, but within that flu the 3-4 days of basically not eating anything. Just slept off fevers for 2-3 days straight and had zero appetite. I have taken 1 week off here and there though and come back at...
Is there anything I can do to speed up recovery from a long layoff? I got sick at the end of a deload and wound up taking 2 weeks off, and combined with the sickness I lost a crazy amount of weight (like 6lbs in 3 days). My appetite is back but I'm still under weight and my big lifts are off. What can I do? Most fucked up part is I was riding high with my lifts going strong and I was supposed to start my cut last weekend This shit might have set my back like a month or so.
Wish I could do a track day in Europe. Rent a 959 and do Mugello
Your exhaust doesn't have a baffle?I want to get my bike tuned.... that first touch is a choppy bitch. But it's not worth it. Next bike most likely
I would go with a Sony A6000.... biggest sensor (same size as Fuji), some decent lenses, huge bang for the buck and you can pick one up at Best Buy. Also comes with a smaller kit lens. Of those three I would go with the Fuji. Gray market = no warranty. You would be better off buying slightly used or refurbished.
New Posts  All Forums: