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Fuji's shit eating grin in that pic says it all If you can stay at that BF do it... I remember you were having dem feels earlier, no need to go further
http://www.chipotlefan.com/index.php/index.php?id=chicken_recipe Going to make some more this weekend. I want to make a video but you can prob put the video in that jarude swim guide category.
Bike through Central Park dude, its worth it for buttock views alone
Its long as fuck. I made Chipotle chicken... that's a whole process in and of itself, I will pull up a link when I get home. Whole thing took me 2 days, my recipe usually just takes 1But for the rest, I made brown rice, which I just make in a big 20 quart pot, boil in like 3 gallons of water for 30 minutes on high and strain. Comes out perfect every time. I made beans too, boiled those on low for 2 hours I think, then mixed them in with the cooked rice. And I threw in like...
Ugh, dat feel when you accidentally make 2x the rice you need for your lunch recipe, and end up with 2 weeks of carby ass low protein meals I did manage to get Chipotle's chicken recipe somewhat right, but the shit definitely needs more salt.
I def want to get into cycling again. Once I get my arms and waist to the size I want I might make cycling my primary thing.
I just want to get and maintain a 6 pack once. If I can keep it indefinitely then I will. But if not I will at least have done it. ~8-10% seems about perfect for actually living.
Read something paper based before bed (i.e. no computer/tablets)
I'm 5' 9", I'm hoping to get and stay under 180. A legit lean 180 is nice for a manlet
What are you trying to doI would take a month to get my strength back and then get back to cutting. Only thing that sucks is it's gonna be hard to cut in an NYC winter. When I wanted to drop weight I would just commute by bike to work
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