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Dont, shit takes timeMy shits are like 16.7499999999999999999 now but I bet they will drop an inch with this cut
O yea Im def a fan of deloads First full load day back hit all PRs
PL style bench is for PLI want to build my chest so I keep my back tight, but I keep the arching to a minimum. Shoulder blades and butt on the bench, feet well ahead of my butt. If you are a bodybuilder benching with a PL ROM you are just cheating yourself
If you cant understand dumping money into mods, you're not a car guy. I will go even further and say dumping money into mods and weightlifting are equally pointless endeavors. I.e. the exercise equivalent of "keepign it clean and mechanically sound" = doing light low impact cardio every day and eating right. Hobbies are hobbies... they're not supposed to be rational. Though I will say, modding cars is fucking expensive. I just spent $1K this weekend getting a brake upgrade...
I associate Plastidip with ricers My center console is scratched to shit thoguh. Might mess with it for that.
That's a good idea. I did the same with my riding buddy. He lived about 2 hours away from me though, which sucked.
I have a full itinerary anyway, I don't even think I would have time to check this bike out. Plus I have to sell my bike first.
I def target fixated too. It's tough because that's the natural response when you come across something you don't see often. I have to add that to my reaction repertoire
Fuck that actually looks like a good deal. And Im going to DC next week Had a real pucker moment... didn't panic though. Coming around a corner on a road I hadn't ridden before, I came across a fucking sea of gravel. Thankfully I sat the bike up, kept it rubber side down and on the road. That always sucks, gravel frightens me
fuji uses metric feet
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