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Lol last night was prob the 3rd or 4th time Ive been out with wifey and some chick grabbed a random body part behind her back. I wasnt even pumped
Wow I thought that lobster tail was mashed potatoes. Damn that looks tasty. I havent had beef in ages though. Cant remember the last time. Only time I have steak is when I have French food.
Im hoping next year will be my home gym year Gonna build some custom machines/racks as well, mainly to assist wifey with glute training
I keep forgetting this is a fashion board
Im thinking this is a scheme to find more slaying targets If so I salute
Yea I will see how it goes. Gonna superset it with my curls. 6 sets... that Dianabol pump Also found a decent intraworkout supp. Peanuts! Every now and then I would have a Bojangles biscuit for my pre-workout meal and I found them to help with energy. Seems like no sugar and a good amount of fat work best for me. Should go nicely with my HBCDs
Could I get away with just doing lateral raises for shoulders Front delts = benching (especially close grip) Rear delts = T bar rows Im gonna give it a try this week and see how I feel
Even when I dropped the weight by 100lbs and upped volume to 2x/wk it was the same problem. And I'm not usually sore starting out... its usually after about a month. Strength and capacity for deads just trails off. If it was low frequency or technique I'd be sore right away. I think it's something else.PLing isn't a priority right now anyway.... I might revisit them after my cut next year but overall right now I'm in bro mode.
Wonder what that's about. You might not be using your glutes enough or have much stronger quads than glutes. I can't deadlift anymore. Any time I have any kind of regular deadlift volume my back gets nuked. But I can take months off and come back and pull 400 and something. Im gonna hit a set maybe once every 3-4 months
Next year I will slow roast and try and get the duck skin extra crispy. I think my oven runs hot.
New Posts  All Forums: