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About 15 so far. Started at 198, wanted to get down under 180 which will be no problem. Looking where I am now, I'd like to see how I look at 175, but shit's starting to wear on me. I wanna enjoy summer. Maybe next year. If I can keep the bulk under 190 shit will be a breeze. Glad my protocol is dialed in.
Yea I have been cutting and I know I'm doing at least 800-1000kcal/day because my weight's been dropping ~2lb/week for weeks
I live for the roll on. I giggle, say "wow" and shake my head every time I do a top gear roll on on my bike.
Not powerful enough, I don't think. Just use earplugs. Disposable pharmacy shit works fine. I don't think it's good to listen to anything while you ride anyway.
Probably the easiest thing on the bike to fix. Plus bikes sound different when you are on them...
Not all cruisers are huge. And that Multistrada or S1000XR are only like 100lb lighter than a smaller cruiser, but feel heavier because of their higher centers of gravity. That will make them harder to pick up off the ground too. All bikes are hard to straddle backwards uphill. Sportbike ergos are terrible for the street as well. I feel way comfier pulling a u turn on a cruiser than a sportbike and that's pretty much the only time anyone will drop a bike. Street wise...
????????????????????????????????????????????We are judging the character of bikes by watching them ride by now? Lmao. FZ-09 has character oozing out of its valve stems. The thing is you have to ride one to see it.
Like I've said before, I don't venture too far outside of this thread here. Took me a while to realize SF is kind of a shit show. The ToJ soap opera is what completely turned me off. I am looking forward to trolling the SW&D WAYWT thread with Speedo pics from Croatia though.
I wanna say the line around the nipple
I grew up across the street from a guy who would idle his straight piped Harley from about 6AM every morning, so the shit is hardwired. I kind of get it though. If nothing else cruisers make more sense on the street than full on superman ergo sportbikes. They are at least designed primarily for street duty. I like speed and handling though so I play the middle with nakeds. Different strokes
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