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I just bought a used Sony A7.... I'm going to sell it though. It's a nice camera... I love its balance. I didn't like how big FF DSLRs felt. But I can only afford manual lenses for it at the moment, and they are a pain to use. So many missed shots. So I'm going to sell it and go back to Nikon DX. I like the D5500... going to get that, the Sigma 17-55 2.8 OS, the 30 1.4 Art and probably the Nikkor 55-300 or 70-300. I'm bummed because I just took the A7 and some MF lenses to...
If you can buy used, a Sony NEX is probably your best bet. I still like my NEX-C3. Not the latest and greatest but it gets the job done.
How fat are you..... might be storing it in your legs. If u have disadvantageous geometry it might not be worth pushing too hard anyway.
W/o commuting I would probably never ride..... no time
I feel like any modern sporty standard worth its salt will have better foot positioning. I like where my feet land on my 650. SV is probably a little more aggressive in naked or faired trims though so that is probably the best best bet.
I'm out the door around a quarter to 7.... once the sun's out it's perfect, but the mornings are brutal.
No, but I may look into that next. They *should be* cheap.
Just crop and alter some cheap snug sweatpants.
Heated grips are overhyped AF. Put some on last night, hands were still freezing this morning (~mid 40s, no sunlight). Hope it warms up or my riding season is effectively over, which is weird for NC. I was riding through winter last year.
All they need to do for the Busa is make a bike with a different name and fairings that don't look like a wax sculpture left in the sun. Maybe a stronger subframe. Theres not much difference between something like a Ninja 1000 and a Busa under the skin
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