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I got some Topman tees randomly.... I should have bought 50. They were perfect but they don't make them anymore. All I want in a tee is thin fabric, high arm holes, good taper and for the bottom to hit just below my pants waist.
I'm still chewing it over. I do like that fairing configuration... would make putting a set of standard bars on it really easy. Just not sure how well that windscreen will work. Is this the official F4 replacement?
Only 1300 miles... P/O was an idiot and/or pussy J/k this bike scares me more than the GSX-S1000 did. 848 kind of disappointed me.... not a ton more torque than my bike till like 8K
Which half of the car is it?
I'm enjoying the bro life. A lot of shit clicked this year. Dieting, gaintaining, what exercises to avoid, how/when to deload etc. Just want a little more size and to maintain at a lower body fat and I will be basically done.
To me an electric bike = all the risk and none of the reward. The sensation of ripping through the gears, hearing the exhaust pop on overruns and downshifts etc.... without that I'd rather just drive. IMO it's gotta be all or nothing.
I was only flexing my left arm lol. Lats and delts are def there, I will get a snap after my upper body workout tomorrow side by side with the old contest pic I put up before.
Random physique update. Def looking less doughy than my last one [[SPOILER]]
Why bother with the Miata though.... might as well do rentals or that car sharing service where you can rent someone else's sports car for a weekend or w/e. You buy a Miata with used SV money, you could be getting into a whole other quagmire of problems IMO
My first crash was on a backroad. Good gear helped a lot. It's not worth it brah
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