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Ha ha- looking through old phone photos. My attempt at goth ninja, aka headed to the gym in brick ass NYC winter. I think I did it wrong. Regulation NY beanie Cheap leather jacket H&M hoodie Hanes tee Kmart shorts and long johns Puma x Rudolf Dassler Schuhfabriks Fun times
For the love of God does anyone know what kind of t-shirt and shorts dude in the middle is wearing? (I can't get the URL of the image) https://www.instagram.com/p/BIFQlu3hkjH/ Also I know this series is silly and prob scoffed here, but this Jason Statham "style tribe" resonates with me. This + a dash of "end of the USSR dinginess & wear" describes the casual look I'm trying to go for.... where do I...
@Reggs I'm gonna wager you aren't quite at the stage of development where your upper chest needs tweaking. Hit everything, including chest, like 3-4x/week, and gain like 1-2 lb a month. You will be skraight
Damn, yea you are in that car for a minute. That kind of sucks. Still though, bike + OK car >>>>>>>>>>>>>> somewhat nice car. Plus keep in mind a fun convertible is going to suck up North, even with snow tires. If I were up north I would probably DD an SUV
What kind of car do you drive now? Wifey and I used to get around in a POS 92 Accord. It wasn't really about the car, it was about the destination. For me as long as it has stickshift, is somewhat fun to drive and has a good stereo I'm good. Much rather have my Civic and my bike than a convertible... my last car was actually a 350Z and I couldn't wait to sell it.
Better brakes, more displacement, and crucially like 30-50lbs less weight.SV650 needs a higher grade version... 100HP, fully adjustable suspension w/USD forks, brakes from this century, maybe an aluminum frame. If they could do that for STR money they would have something. I just can't stomach spending $7K on an SV that's no better than a 10 year old one I can get for $3-4K. That GSX-R suspension'd one near me is still for sale and dude is getting desperate
Well deserved... for my money though the FZ-07 has more appeal
We will did a lot of running around and probably will be again this time. We'll see.Regarding women + jiggly butts.... that's how they are supposed to be
I would rather know I'm hitting my protein and not worry about calories. Last time I went to Europe for 2 weeks I lost 10lbs I think. It's no biggie but if I can get protein over there I will.
Yea I am mulling this over for our trip to Europe for 3 weeks. I would really love to bring my True Nutrition stuff there but if I have to just grab some ON crap in London so be it. Other thing I'm gonna have to get out there is fiber... I did some math; wifey and I burn through 560g of it a week. With all the indulgent gluttony we have planned we might need to up the dose out there.
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