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If a gym doesnt have 150lb dumbbells I want nothing to do with it
U dont want a pet, u want a FWB/IB coke muse.
Make sure you keep your form in check.... DL is easy to cheat on and easier to get hurt on
Lol this guy is a smarmy fuck. Subscribed.
I have found that doing a good amount of warm up sets and keeping my upper back tight as fuck has eliminated all my shoulder issues. I start w/just the bar for 20 speed reps, then 135 for 5-8, then 20-30 less than working weight for like 2-3 reps working weight. I'm finding it a lot harder to get all my calories in during working hours.
Its def gotta be a worthy tripIm not scared of travel though. When I went to Europe for my honeymoon I lost 10lbs in 2 weeks, and it took me a month to get my lifts back to where they were. But it was an epic trip that was def worth the small setback.I would be more pissed spending 6 days driving to and from Denver. Im almost certain it would have been cheaper to fly.
I really thought dude was trolling. Units.... the comma of the bodybuilding worldI just started a new job Monday after working at home for a year. Im dying. My sleep has gone to shit. Hit a new PR on bench today though.
O I thought you meant MD like medical doctor. I was gonna say, good plan as then fuji could self prescribe
Sleep in Penn Station
Yea I have made a similar switch. I was hitting sets of 5 at 90% and burning the fuck out. Just dropping down to sets of 4 at 85% has made a huge difference. I can handle way more volume and I don't feel fatigued or anything at all. I applied that strategy to my bench but I think I am gonna apply it to my big 3. Haven't done heavy DLs in months so I'm hoping that strategy will help keep me from burning out. That was the biggie.
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