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Diamonds on the soles of her shoes.
Cant use student parking... Lambo too wide for the spots
Paused squats are a great tool. I use them all the time. If I am feeling good I will just make the last rep of a working set paused. Thats my self-check for honesty. If I can't pause rep the weight on the last rep it's too heavy or my lifting capacity is shit.
I want to do data science/BI but reading fuji's posts makes me feel nowhere near quant enough Engineering is boring/dead end though. Wifey makes more than me as a graphic designer.
U can be endurance and still lift + be big. This guy squats 800 and is an endurance athleteFueco is just a "functional strength" lemming.
Lol Fueco got culo blasted, good job brhets. Cutting fucking SUUUUUCCCCKKKSSSS.
Most Youtube fitness subscribers do, yes.
This is not a club for lifters, its a brotherhood of dysmorphia. Only way in is the a Cell Tech oath.
GN you should open a gym/restaurant Like Planet Fitness but legit on both sides.
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