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The way I see it, how many more miles are you gonna put on it? I don't want to ride a bike at 40K that I didn't buy new.EICMA has a lot of goodies this year. New GSX-R1000, R1 based naked, Panigale 959 (they should have named it 916 to be cheeky cunts m8), new CB500, updated SV650, XSR-900 (XSR = quasi scrambler 70s style take on FZs) and I'm sure there is more to come. That R1 naked is so tempting but I wanna see what the gas mileage is like. My Civic gets 30 MPG, I want...
I would not want to buy anything with more than like 10K miles honestly. I am at 15K on my bike now and I want to get rid of it before it hits 20
If air cooled 911s are any indication I see some disappointment coming your way.
That is kind of similar to what I do for my chicken, except I don't add water and I use thighs. I do: Dark brown sugar (30-40g per lb of meat) Kosher salt (3g per lb) Black pepper (the cheap shit, not that peppercorn BS, too inconsistent- to taste, I use a lot) Cumin (to taste, secret ingredient) I put it on as a dry rub and let it marinate.... last time I let it sit for like 2 days and it came out phenomenal.
Something interesting I heard.... MSG is apparently not bad for you (or at least no worse than sodium). It's a legit flavor booster and a homie of mine said it's been godly to his slow cooker dishes https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/speaking-of-science/wp/2014/08/25/no-msg-isnt-bad-for-you/ Something to think about throwing in. I'm gonna order some
That sucks man. Glad you are OK
Those new Triumph twins look pretty cool. I wonder if they shrunk them down though. Current ones look big.
Those new 1.8 primes are awesome. Tamron just came out with some new primes too. And of course Sigma has the ART ones. Lot of good glass.
I just bought a used Sony A7.... I'm going to sell it though. It's a nice camera... I love its balance. I didn't like how big FF DSLRs felt. But I can only afford manual lenses for it at the moment, and they are a pain to use. So many missed shots. So I'm going to sell it and go back to Nikon DX. I like the D5500... going to get that, the Sigma 17-55 2.8 OS, the 30 1.4 Art and probably the Nikkor 55-300 or 70-300. I'm bummed because I just took the A7 and some MF lenses to...
If you can buy used, a Sony NEX is probably your best bet. I still like my NEX-C3. Not the latest and greatest but it gets the job done.
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