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Fuck that being happy shit. Hello, meet my gf. Her name is Bigorexia Naw but for real he is in a good position. I would smart bulk (basically a recomp) till the end of winter and start dicing March/April. 2 months should do it
@suited I would start your bulk. For starters when you are deep in a cut you get flat and stringy as fuck. Bumping the calories back up to maintenance pumps you up fast and gives a huge morale boost. Plus we are about to get into winter (at least in the northern hemisphere) so more definition now would go to waste. Plus once you get lean if you are disciplined with calories it's not hard to stay leanish. I'm about 3 months and maybe 10lbs up from my last cut and I'm not...
I just rode in today. Mid 40s and the fuse on my heated grips is blown..... will be 60s-70s for lunch and the way home though I just got a Bell Qualifier DLX helmet. Loud and buffety as fuck.... to be expected for a ~$100 helmet. But it has a transitions visor which I absolutely love. Riding in the dark is really nice now. If we have a warm winter (which doesn't seem likely) I might be able to ride year round.
Altitude affects air density, not oxygen percentage. Training in thinner air helps boost red blood cell production and endurance. Problem with those masks is they don't work and they look stupid. Altitude is not bad if you allow yourself to acclimate to it. Wifey and I were fine in Peru. I was more gassed running around Europe last month than I was hiking all up and down Machu Picchu.
YesBasically same bike under the skin. You could damn near build a new R6 with aftermarket + Ebay parts. Disappointing
New R6 kind of infuriates me. An R1S has 2x the horsepower and an engine that isn't 10 yrs old for only $2K more.
I'm almost certain the Supersport is a faired Monster (judging by the trellis) with the 937cc from the Hyperstrada. So whatever that means conceptually. Panigale is 100% for the track, it's a mystery as to why people get them for the street IMO.This is a good street bike but I still think Ducati needs something lairy and scary like the original SFS. Take Monster 1200R engine, put it in something with a 55" wheelbase. Or even better, take Panigale 1299 (!!!), remove...
I don't get why if the engine goes sideways the bike has to be so long Lot of interesting debuts at Intermot though New Ducati Supersport New Kawasai Ninja 650 New Fireblade Updated FZ-09 & GSX-S750 and a FZ-10 "M" with the active Ohlins suspension and some other shit Motorcycle industry is doing better.... good stuff
Eagerly awaiting my Bell Qualifier DLX.... that's one of the helmets with the Transitions visor. Key as I leave for work when it's dark and come home when it's light. Broke down and ordered a tail bag too.
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