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Yea increase calories very slowly, like 100kcal/day every 2 weeks
Those are harder than regular squats IME and lunges are gay. Plus single leg leg press is a nice glute/ham move IMO. Trying to pick an exercise thats easy to learn and progress on... doesnt get much easier than leg press.
OK we will need a DYEL tier then. If u can squat 3+ manlets for like 5x12 doesnt really seem fair to compete with said manlets.
Anyone mess with vertical leg press? Wifey does not like squatting and I am feeling like she doesnt need to. When we were in NYC she just used the hack squat machine and had sick legs. We dont have space for a hack squat machine tho
Ur body talks, listen to it.TeeKay just shut down the studio
Assume the worst and do more cardio when u have to have sushi. Avoid it otherwise.
I just do the whey isolates... Ive done both mixing methods, can't recall a difference. On a $/gram basis TN is a good ~10% cheaper than stuff like ON etc. Why the hesitation?
May is off to a bad start. Stalled out on ~2200kcals and I dinged my knee bad. But I still want to make that big push for 6/1....
Not per gram of actual protein. Once you calculate on that basis it's OK (though their prices have been creeping)
They should have made the code babycomebackThey have been crying in my email since I left to True Nutrition
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