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I am so happy to have an enclosed garage. Still though, there is little shit I've been meaning to do, like re-cut and adjust a bracket on my bike.... been like 4 months, haven't done it yet lol. I got some new headlights for my car, haven't put them on yet, been like 2 months on that lol. I want to get a new suspension for my car and I feel like that's going to collect dust for a while too. I think everyone needs to go through a tinkering stage though. There was a point...
Your bike is an N right? What are you going to do for your headlight and gauges?
Depending on the price, mods, mileage and condition that could work
Ah you haven't seen my bike. It's naked (from a crash!) with Renthal bars. I had clipons for about a month as they came with my new forks, but I hated them. They need rearsets to match, which I didn't have, and I just didn't like low speed maneuvers with them.SV is just a little bit better in every way. More power from idle to redline, and a much better sound. Linkage rear suspension, so I can grab a shock from pretty much any sportbike to swap in, along with cheap + easy...
Naw man I have a strong stream. I drink like a gallon of water a day
I love my leverage for the low speed security alone. It's like riding a BMX bike.
They have desks that can be for standing or sitting. I get up to piss prob once an hour so I don't need em.
Im having a bowl of meat as a pre workout for my bro lunch session right now
I just can't get past the looks. Those bikes scream "EMPTY NEST DAD". Standards are a good image compromise IMO.
I see both sides. On one hand I think it's all a bit academic and folks over-romanticize having a bike that is difficult to ride. How far do we go? Twin spar frames, linkage suspensions and modern tires also go a very long way to aiding the rider control the bike. Should we go back to long cradle frames and crappy radial tires? I don't really want to.Same time though I'm not Rossi. Only track I have time for is the go kart track. Sportbikes on the street, electronic or...
New Posts  All Forums: