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Whats great for you, might not be for everybody.And adopting PL style lifts or programming doesnt mean one is absolutely committed to 1RMing. Plus if one's programming calls for singles at a % of a 1RM while never testing an actual 1RM, how is that any different from what I'm doing in terms of finding one's "true" 1RM?I feel like your injury has you frustrated and is making you lash out. Stop it.I have exceeded my keystrokes for this thread today... time to go squat n...
U dont need to do singles to accomplish these things.
I dont wanna do singles. U have yet to really say anything Im missing out on by not doing them. Put those keystrokes towards writing a swimming guide and lets move on.
Only person twisting their panties into knots is you dude, calm the fuck down. Plenty of competitive PLers don't 1RM outside of competitions and use theoretical 1RMs for gauging 1RM progress and programming. I chose my %ages for where I am with my bench at different rep ranges (65% ~ 185, 77.25% = 205, 85% = 225) and are hardly set in stone. So again not really sure what you are raging about.
If u arent competing in PL, what is the point of 1RMing Its not worth the work/risk for some people.
You were right before about dropping the weight + intensity. I'm def gonna have to drop weight on my 3x9, but my 4x6 & 5x4 feel good. If shit starts to feel too intense, I'll drop the percentages. But over the last month or so I put some lbs on my 4x6 & 5x4. If it keeps going up I'll stick with it. It's also possible I might be underestimating my 1RM.... I never actually tested that shit.
I'm not cutting yet. Waiting till next year, and trying to stabilize my strength and get used to this new routine through the end of this year. I knew the job would ding me... have to wake up an hour earlier and I'm way more active. This is def the worst Ive had it... even in NYC my commute was anywhere from 15 to 40 minutes depending on what I did, and I was waking up at like 7:30-8:00 instead of the 6:30 I'm waking up at now. I think that might be the difference.Anyways...
This job is absolutely killing my energy in the gym. I'm getting an hour less of sleep a day which is huge for me, and for some reason my high intensity push movements are good, but the lower the intensity/higher the reps the worse I do. On bench I can bang out 5x4x230 no problem, but I hit failure on my 3rd set of 3x9x190. Same story with shoulder press... I hit 3x5x165 after that shit bench session no problem. Diet is OK... could def be better, but my weight has held...
How tall are you, what were you trying to make weight for, how long did this take
All about them heavy rows. I was up to 3x7x145 a while back and for some reason I stopped. I'm up to 3x7x135 now
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