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NYC is many things Boston should be but isn't... but overall, "a phenomenal city and a terrible place to live". Get in, make $$$, build resume, slay wenches, get out
375ccs, ~25whp, and I want to say about 50lbsBoth great bikes... I would probably go with the Speed Triple over the Street as I'd rather have the grunt over the nimbleness. That's more relevant to the kind of riding I doUnless you plan on doing a ton of track days I'd probably pass on the Daytona.... Street Triple gives you everything it has but optimized for the street
Again, what is that supposed to mean?
What's that supposed to mean? I've put a lot of poundage on all my lifts over the last year or so that way. Obviously you can't do 100% xRM with any kind of regularity but I don't really see the point of doing 50-60% of an xRM. I'd rather just stay home
Yah I dont get going to the gym and not lifting as close to your xRM as possible I don't go to failure every set but I try and get damn close. I do go to failure on accessories though.
Any of you brahs do smoothies I hate vegetables but I just had an spinach/oat/blueberry/raspberry/yogurt/milk smoothie and it is pretty good. Way better than salad
Dont rows hit those
Outside of getting some pre workout calories I agree
Possibly. Water and glycogen are muscle mass too.
I tried straps and it still didn't feel quite right. Where is the bar supposed to rest?
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