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I feel like DB OHP is better for the lateral heads, which is all I care about. All the pressing I do nukes the hell out of my front delts.
One of the brahs at one of my gyms lost a ton of weight. I asked him if he was cutting, he said yea i lost 40lbs in the last 14 weeks. Hows your strength, o my squat dropped off from 315x8 to like 225x5. IDK about that one
Prob no good for his back, you have to angle back to get the bar to clear your head whereas with DB press you can just press straight up with a neutral spine.
I like to even out the rest time for supersets. I have found that for 10 reps I take about 30 seconds. So if I want to have a 3 minute rest for the same exercise, I will rest for a minute and 15 seconds, do the other exercise, rest for another minute and 15 and do the original. Rest times are def an important variable in training IMO, I try and be as consistent as possible with them to enable decent recovery between sets, but also keep my heart rate up
Only u know that.... I am working ~12hrs/day 6-7 days a week and still getting my shit done tho.
Yea I am loving the upper/lower split I would try 5 days though if he is busy. Its nice to be able to move shit around if there's a scheduling conflict. Skew it to which side needs more work. I do more upper than lower cause my legs have always been huge. But he could do lower if his back allows it. Then maybe alternate once hes happy with the balance.
For me personally I need 2 days for a body part to recover or joints start screaming. I dont like the chest/arms one day and then shoulders the next for example, that is basically arms 2 days in a row My lagging parts are chest and arms so I do those 3 days a week, and then I add back/shoulders to hit them 2 days a week. I do legs 2x/week. Big thing I love to use is supersets- I super set pretty much everything and save a lot of time. Weekdays I do 3-4 compound moves and...
I am on a 5 day a week upper/lower splitId do more if I had the timeAll u need is 48 hrs rest for each body part.... and deloads when your body starts screaming for one... and appropriate volume
Clearing that 225 hurdle is glorious. IDK about end of the year but if you focus on it it will def happen soon.
Wake up, go to work, lift, drive home, work 2nd job, shower, sleep Sucks Thank God for the gym, my weekdays would be unbearable without them. Wifey + workout + weekends are all that keep me going now. Just gotta make it to the end of the year
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