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I think I will do cardio. I was just so burnt out I didn't want to do anything. But I my next one will be planned so hopefully I won't be nuked. Seems like every 6-8 weeks or so I get sick or just get burnt in the gym.
I did a deload, came back, and had crazy DOMS in my legs and quads. I didn't do shit over the deload. I don't have time to stretch all the time but would stretching over my deloads help with that DOMS? I am over it now but it was rough for like 2-3 days.
Do shit that strengthens external rotation... also build up your upper back (rhomboids in particular). Its not structural, we are desk jockeys
I don't have breakfast.... I just drink a shit load of water. It's not that hard
Some people are just not made to clean grip.... I am one of them and am only somewhat of a fat ass.I bought the smaller version of that harness.... I used it like once. It's for sale if anyone is interested
The two are not mutually exclusive And what is important is down to the individual IMO the return on investment is higher for improving aesthetics in many metrics/areas.
Literal lols
Indeed. Hopefully one day I will make that hypertrophy happen
Not axially, but there is definitely some shear loading which can be as bad or worse.
That is weird.... I thought the reverse hyper would be a back nuker. Such an unnatural way to load the lumbar spine
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