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Im too fat for that shit. Maybe in like 6 months
My wife's company does daily walks. Sometimes you have to start small. I am surprised the company has a gym, that's a lot of liability, esp for fat fucks already on the edge
Next time I do them I will try and get video. Will be good for me to see what I'm doing wrong too.
OK... so Splenda/sucralose it is (since True Nutrition is all powder) And yea now I get how to use the belt. That makes a lot of sense. Thanks brahs
I just don't feel comfy/stable with the weight loaded up, and because of that my form winds up suckingHow would I attach the chain to the belt? All the powerlifting belts I see just have a buckle.I looked into the True Nutrition stuff and I'm into it. My question now is, which is less carcinogeny.... Splenda or sucralose?
I keep forgetting this is a fashion forum. Only threads I frequent are this and the fitness thread.
I like them. I used to do them. I have no prob holding a 120-130lb DB but I was reaching the end of the DBs with them. I am frustrated as hell with front squats... thinking about switching to dip belt squats and saving my pennies for an Ironmind hip belt. But yea I think squatting with the weight out in front of you or not loading your back as a quad blaster is a great idea. I get more of a quad pump from light front squats than heavy back squats
Got to see the effectiveness of knee sleeves today. Forgot to put them on for a quick front squat session... troublesome knee is killing me now after a year of no problems (thanks to wearing knee sleeves) Def not doing that again, or trying to tag on and rush through squats in an upper body session. Gotta focus for those.
Kind of a silly question, but actually, not really. Any good recommendations for a whey protein isolate? I went through 10lb of NOW and I'm glad it's over. Dymatize has one that's decent, but its sweet to the point that it's almost sickening for the # of servings I do (100g in like 20 oz of water). I hear Optimum Nutrition has something out, and they have a deal with it at Costco, but I don't have a membership and it's double the price ($100 for 5lbs) anywhere else I can...
At a decent low rep workload 4-5 minutes is OK. I used to take 6-7 minute breaks when I was deading heavy. And the bar set is kind of high speed to get blood to my arms and get my heart rate a little bit up.Workout today was 5x4 bench and then 3 supersets of tricep pushdowns and lateral raises. I think I overestimated... I want to say the whole workout was ~35 minutes.
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