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Dude youre fuckedNaw I dunno. I did add one of those packs of taco meat seasoning to the marinade as the shit was pretty bland first try. Hopefully that will be enough to give it some more kick.
Man water retention is tricky as fuck. My waist looks like 3-4" bigger than it did yesterday morning cause I was out drinking and dehydrating last night
The 2g of fat in a Pop Tart make way more of a difference than the 20g of sugar lmao.
TrueNutrition.com Carbs are so great. I don't understand keto at all. I'm going to keep having 1-2 candy bars a day when I cut. Only ~50g of sugar total which is just a little over what ADA recommends (37.5g/day for the brahs), and all the sugar I've been getting in a day at all for the past month or so. IIFYM is god
Yea I have read shit pretty much to this exact effecthttp://www.burnthefatinnercircle.com/members/Will-Upright-Rows-Wreck-Your-Shoulders.cfmI have never ever ever ever had problems with upright rows... always used a wide grip and got up to 3x10x125, I think... just gave up on em cause I got internet spooked.Another True Nutrition fan. Got chocolate whey isolate with 1x sucralose, finally (apartment office forgot to tell me it came in, it was sitting there since Monday and...
Wat are u guys thoughts on upright rows.... I took em out of the program but I want to save the bulk of my pressing for bench, and just do shoulder press once a week instead of twice. Plus I want the lateral meats and pressing is useless for that
Fuuuucccckkkkk GN.... Im gonna make a batch tomorrow, will post pics Also that tiny ass stove is a trip down memory lane #NYClivin
I would def push for the Bonnie I was gonna say, u should do a track day at Laguna Seca if u can. But I guess that's out
I want to say no. I tried.But ridethecliche should be able to get decent legs with a good cycling routine. My buddy is the sprinter on his cycling team. A fucking Hatian powerhouse. 220lbs of quads. He fucks around with weights every now and then but his main training source is cycling. His legs are scary. Mind you in HS he was super obese and out of shape, so I don't think he was born with great legs. I wouldn't give up hope, just have to find a different approach.
Naw I feel him on that. For example last summer I was at a YMCA with some cheap ass rubber hex plates.... I was hitting 3x7-8x"225"... I switched to a Golds Gym with Iron Grip plates and my bench "dropped" by 20lbs. That was over a year ago, I'm just now hitting 3x6x225. Their dumbbells were doo doo too.Now when I sign up for a gym I do some trial workouts... and if I can I bring a scale....
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