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Ehhhh..... looking good and being strong doesn't stop being fun once you're married.
That is crazy high. I have been doing OK on about .75-1g in a bulk. In a cut I would turn it up to 1.5-2 (though even then 1-1.5 is probably fine)
That's what's up. It's always interesting to see what imbalances and issues training can expose, and it's satisfying AF to figure out how to resolve or at least work around them. Glad to see you back at it
Nice @conceptionist.... what injuries were you battling before? Did you dial back on volume?
Different ways to skin the cat. I do an upper/lower split.... for upper days the short day is 26 sets over 40 minutes, long day is 30 sets over about 55. Lower days I don't do much, but it's plenty for me... 3-5 sets a piece of squats and some kind of deadlift variation. 5 days a week + cardio, no problems with recovery or fatigue. Been working really well.But yea, if you're in a surplus everything should get hit at least 2x/week. I hit back, arms, shoulders and abs at...
1 is it IMO, 2 is no go as I always weigh in empty first thing in the morningThere's a lot of back and forth about it. In my opinion the fear is overblown. The weight is water and glycogen. In my experience the anabolic response and pump from dialing right back up from a cut is phenomenal. As long as you don't overshoot maintenance by like 3000 calories you should be OK.
It's hard to judge weight coming out of a cut. I put back about ~5-7lbs almost immediately after bumping calories up to maintenance levels, but now my weight has basically stabilized. So I wouldn't worry about weight too much for a month... you're going to get a good amount of weight back from water and glycogen as soon as you start eating again. I wouldn't even bother slowly ramping up either.
Fuck that being happy shit. Hello, meet my gf. Her name is Bigorexia Naw but for real he is in a good position. I would smart bulk (basically a recomp) till the end of winter and start dicing March/April. 2 months should do it
@suited I would start your bulk. For starters when you are deep in a cut you get flat and stringy as fuck. Bumping the calories back up to maintenance pumps you up fast and gives a huge morale boost. Plus we are about to get into winter (at least in the northern hemisphere) so more definition now would go to waste. Plus once you get lean if you are disciplined with calories it's not hard to stay leanish. I'm about 3 months and maybe 10lbs up from my last cut and I'm not...
I just rode in today. Mid 40s and the fuse on my heated grips is blown..... will be 60s-70s for lunch and the way home though I just got a Bell Qualifier DLX helmet. Loud and buffety as fuck.... to be expected for a ~$100 helmet. But it has a transitions visor which I absolutely love. Riding in the dark is really nice now. If we have a warm winter (which doesn't seem likely) I might be able to ride year round.
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