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If you cant understand dumping money into mods, you're not a car guy. I will go even further and say dumping money into mods and weightlifting are equally pointless endeavors. I.e. the exercise equivalent of "keepign it clean and mechanically sound" = doing light low impact cardio every day and eating right. Hobbies are hobbies... they're not supposed to be rational. Though I will say, modding cars is fucking expensive. I just spent $1K this weekend getting a brake upgrade...
I associate Plastidip with ricers My center console is scratched to shit thoguh. Might mess with it for that.
That's a good idea. I did the same with my riding buddy. He lived about 2 hours away from me though, which sucked.
I have a full itinerary anyway, I don't even think I would have time to check this bike out. Plus I have to sell my bike first.
I def target fixated too. It's tough because that's the natural response when you come across something you don't see often. I have to add that to my reaction repertoire
Fuck that actually looks like a good deal. And Im going to DC next week Had a real pucker moment... didn't panic though. Coming around a corner on a road I hadn't ridden before, I came across a fucking sea of gravel. Thankfully I sat the bike up, kept it rubber side down and on the road. That always sucks, gravel frightens me
fuji uses metric feet
Im feeling like training each the same to the limitations of the weaker side is the ticketIm asymetrical as fuck, too many ways to count. Cant fix it so its not worth worrying about.
Corporate has computers locked down... I would have to bring in my laptop. I know Python/Pandas a little bit.I figured out how to do it in Excel and didn't get the #s I wanted... so either the data doesn't match what I thought or my approach was wrong
I would like to ride with others; the prob is it seems like a large contingent of sport bike riders are idiotsI think the answer is to ride with older folks.
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