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They sell used MotoGP bikes.... many of which are built around production engines. Would hit
For me fixing what the OEMs got wrong is part of the fun. Especially if the bike is cheap. One of the great things about the SV.
I hate the FZ-09's ergos too. Adventure bike in disguise. FZ-07 looks soooooo much better, but apparently begins falling apart as soon as you ride it off the lot. Horrible build quality.
When you can't build an audience with content (or get below 25% BF) just call everyone out
I have a set somewhere in my house. I think they are Bikemasters. Gonna be holed up during this storm so I should probably get to it. I've only had em for like 2 years lmao. Frozen hands were pretty much the only problem I had in "cold" weather riding here so I hope they do the trick.
I had a round headlight but I didn't like it. I feel the same way about round lights on Triples. They are modern bikes, they need modern lights IMO.Light is from a Honda GromI wanted a single modern looking headlight that used an H4 bulb so I could retrofit a projector into it. I think the whole project cost me $200 max.
@ridethecliche here is my bike.
I am so happy to have an enclosed garage. Still though, there is little shit I've been meaning to do, like re-cut and adjust a bracket on my bike.... been like 4 months, haven't done it yet lol. I got some new headlights for my car, haven't put them on yet, been like 2 months on that lol. I want to get a new suspension for my car and I feel like that's going to collect dust for a while too. I think everyone needs to go through a tinkering stage though. There was a point...
Your bike is an N right? What are you going to do for your headlight and gauges?
Depending on the price, mods, mileage and condition that could work
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