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FuuuccckkkWhich bikeSorry man!!!! Heal up quick!
Facial aesthetics def took a huge decline. But arms are def bigger and strength is up. Hoping my cut = old aesthetics + big arms. I def wanna get back into cycling too.
I failed a squat for the first time Saturday. Was feeling confident as I had a real nice session the week before. Hit 5x4x295 then... tried 5x4x305, failed on the 2nd rep of the 2nd set. I slept fine, felt fine... I just wasn't focused, I think. I didn't have my headphones. Didn't die so I just had to laugh about it. Killed an upper back workout the next day
No failure on bench is really working. Wish I figured that out like 4 years ago.
Yea I have the bar high on my back, but I take a wideish stance and sit back a bit. Just feels natural. I tried to do a narrow stance and tweaked something in my lower back. No thx.
I wonder if its owned by the same guy who owns the Golds Gym I go to. If so, I wonder if he has 2 bro trucks parked in front there too. What a scene.
Thats my biggest gripe... you have a bunch of people who no nothing about fitness jumping into a routine that is dependent on quality coaching with no kind of accreditation required for that coachingThe marketing angle of it is brilliant though. I met a couple down here that met at Crossfit. I have been considering checking it out just for the networking/social aspect
I will pray for you dude.My apt in Manhattan was a corner unit with one side facing 3rd ave. We lived there for 3 years and I don't think I got 1 good night sleep. Shit is damn near luxurious down here by comparison. Cant wait to get a house and throw some programmable thermostats in. Take it down to like 67 for bed time and then have it hit us with a 75-80 degree wake up blast. I'm hoping to put a zoned split AC in too. Im an HVAC/building energy specialist so this shit...
Sucks about your bench. Looks like mine is going to get slaughtered as well as that's my weakest + most sensitive big lift.Still damn good results though, especially for what looks like a pretty monster deficit (2lb+ a week on average). Thanks for the info
Did you lose a lot of strength... and if so when did it really start to plummet
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