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Love that lil Honda. Has less parts on it than my road bike. So clean
I got some BCAAs but I have a shit load of unflavored whey isolate I gotta use. Prob gonna send the BCAAs back though. Been sleeping so much better w/o caffeine. Bummed but it is what it is.
I had it mixed up. It was Oxxxuss Vellum with the HBCDs. Just ordered some from True Nutrition. I hope they open up a warehouse on the east coast, this shit is ridiculous.Did chest and legs today which is usually a no go for me. Really good session, no caffeine. New PRs all around
Coldsnap what was that carb intraworkout shit you were bigging up. I need some shit mayne.
I just got a 600W Nutribullet like 2 weeks ago. It's not too bad. They have more powerful versions for not much more. I would get something with a bigger cup though so you can make shit in bulk. Nutribullet can only make ~24oz at a time apparently.
U def dont have to spend that much for thatI am feeling like any 2HP juicer with metal guts will be good enough, and u can get those for like $150 no problem.
Yea it would be... uhhh... 28 movements a week? So 84 sets. Regular volume for me but for some reason I just can't find a way to fit it in my schedule at work. Working out at night is tough because I have a deadline at the end of the year for my business. It will free up next year though so I will probably just stick with what worked and switch to night time shit next year
I am lost on what to do for my split. Trying to hit chest/shoulders/back/legs 2x/week, 4 movements a body part. And on top of that hit arms 3x/week. 4 movements on each of those. Need at least 48 hours between hitting a body part again. And I'm trying to keep my work gym trips to around an hour, but it's about 20-30 mins round trip from my seat to the locker room, and then another 10 or so minutes to get ready. Thinking about just switching back to working out at home....
RC390 sounds like one of those great "in theory" rides, like an S2000 But anywhere off the track/mountains I feel like I would be longing for more power like I do with my 650 Definitely an awesome first bike alternative to something like a Ninja 300 or CB500........... ...... but I couldn't buy this for ~5.5K over something like a used STriple........................
I have been doing OK with about .8-.9g/lb You could probably get away with a little less than that. Most of mine is from whey as well.
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