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Whoa, they made a dealership close down? That's heavy
I just dont have the time. I just spent 2 hours cooking my lunches while working for my second job. Dinner was buttered toast and a shake Prepping veggies is key and I have some tricks up my sleeve. My brussell sprouts are really good, I have a drying rack for kale chips. But its faster to throw that shit in a blender with some OJ
Everything doesnt have to be a smoothie... I get 1-2 servings of hendrix approved veggies a day, I am trying to get more though. Plus for the most part veggies suck, if they didnt more people would eat them.
Yea MVs are like boats. Ride one if your friend has one but unless you have the stomach for bills and problems pass Id be damned if they arent the sexiest bikes on the road though. 15 yr old design and all
Yea this shit is gonna be huge for cutting. So much pulp, so few calories.
I have been turned off from clip ons since I had them on my bike. I am not sure if the combo of race clip ons and low + forward standard bike foot pegs was the problem, but I just never warmed up to them. After about 20 minutes of riding my lower back would start screaming, and after a ~3 hour ride in the mountains I was pretty much on bed rest for a day afterwards. Sucks as there are a lot of great cheap used supersports but I can't take that risk. Scrambler is a nice...
FFFFFFFFF 3-4 carrots and 125g spinach? That must be like a 40oz shake. I did about 120g blueberries, ~140g carrots, 50g whey and 8oz OJ. Came out to about 24 oz and I could only put away about 12. Still trying to figure it out.
Monster 821 is a nice nice bike. Dont know that I would get it over an SF848 but it's a damn good all rounder.
Really loving this bro style higher rep high volume stuff. Will be much easier to recover from on my cut too. Got a Nutribullet. Maybe I am an idiot, but I got into the idea after SNL an infomercial came on. Demos looked decent and then I saw that it had a 600W motor, which is good for its price. Not too bad. This shit is the only way I will consume a decent amount of fruits and veggies, and the only way wifey will take whey protein, so it's a win win. Any good ideas for...
Mmm that dead behind the eyes beauty pageant smileOne of my wife's coworkers did those. Shes miserable and psycho.The whole bodybuilding competition thing is kind of weird. I get wanting the physique, I dont get the parading on stage in a speedo
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