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I aint got time for all that shit mayne. 5 lift sessions a week and 2 hours of cardio.... I'm fully loaded.
No way I'm doing shit like PSMF. Just a good old cut through the spring and I should be skraight. @MGoCrimson where is the fat loss muscle gain paper?
I am dialed in on this bulk. Not really even watching the scale anymore though I am up 10lbs from my all time low during the cut. Main metric I am tuning my diet/calories around is my waist size which is holding steady in the 31" range. All my big lifts are moving nicely, except for shoulder press which is bitch weight right now (105x10!!!). Never was a strong lift for me but there was a time when I was moving ~165x5 on it. Don't really care though
Thing that kind of sucks about the SV engine is you can bore the hell out of them. They can go up to 700cc just with pistons. But the crank is glass. If they make a new engine it would be stupid to limit it to the same displacement. People have swapped the SV1K motors into 650 frames so there is definitely room to play. GSX-S750 doesn't even make 100 WHP; a revvy 800-900 could do that with ease to replace it, while a little 500 twin with less weight could replace the 650...
Gladius is the Caitlyn Jenner of SVs.
Most owners have used ones. New ones are not good values if the Gladius pricing holds up. I mean Suzuki's own GSX-S750, which is not a good bike but is better specced, only costs $300 more than the Gladius. FZ-09 is ugly but it crushes the SV for the same money.
Yea the # of calories is definitely critical. I guess at recomp levels of calories though playing with the protein balance could be the key. Right now I am getting about 200-225 reliably. If I cook dinner at night I should have no problem getting back up to the high 200s- low 300s. Just such a pain after a day of work.
What kind of deficit were they running that enabled them to lose fat and gain muscle? And yea when I was cutting 300g+ per day of protein definitely seemeed to help, both with satiety and strength/muscle retention.
I like it. It's way more butch than the Gladius. Exhaust is an easy fix. My main gripe is if I am spending $6K or w/e on a new bike I want more power. It literally would have cost them nothing to punch this out to 800cc for a grunty 100 HP. Then add an R model with USD forks, a better rear shock and better brakes. Would give bikes like the FZ-09 and Striple a run for the money while looking better and costing way less, respectively.
If I bought it new (or newish- I got my bike at 250 miles for 1/2 price!) then I will know what the issues are with it. Just gives me more comfort and confidence. Truthfully I am not sure I can buy a used bike the more I think about it.GSX-S750 is crap.... it's already about 6-7 years old I think. They need to completely do it over. SV650 looks interesting... a litte more power and some lost weight. But yea, looking at it more, meh. A used one with some work would be much...
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