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All I need are my black stretch 511s If I could get some similarly fitted chinos I'd be pretty much set for life
I think the 2nd dude from the left has a better back/shoulders but the 2nd dude from the right poses better Interesting to see what is competitive at the amateur level... I'm still a long ways away but this doesn't seem too out of reach
2nd dude's diet sucks, he should have won
Ninja 650R. Went down, destroyed the plastic, "fighter'd" it. Finally got it mostly sorted out, it was a mess for a while. [[SPOILER]] Back to lifting.... why is my energy so all over the place... Monday I felt great... today I feel like shit
Def not in LA. I try and keep my riding to low traffic density areas. If I'm heading into the "city" I take the car. Plus NC is very motorcycle conscious.Nothing like heading up to an empty mountain road and getting your lean on though.
Mark was talkin bout motorcycles I do miss my fixed gear though. The zen shit... cheesy, but no joke, very true. I wanna get some regular bikes for me and wifey here, lotta trails.
My dad has more hair than I do
Once the babies come if I have to dump the Z I will move into one of theseGood cars.
It dependsWifey n I moved down from Manhattan... she works about 20 miles from where we live now, I work from home. Our rent in Manhattan was ~$2100 for a 1 BR in the UES, but aside from that our only bills were cable, metro cards, phones and insurance for my motorcycleMoving down here, our rent got cut in half, but now we pay about $200/mo to insure our 2 cars, another $150/mo to finance wifey's (we bought mine cash, I didn't need anything special), and another $300-400...
I have stopped paying attn to these studies/experts. Anyone trying to keep up to date will go crazy.
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