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Meek thought this would be a walk in the park............. not a good look.............Bwitter is ablaze.....
Fuark. OK so now I'm up to like $900 worth of stuff to buy (still need a blender). Damn those look good. How many lbs of chicken can I cook in one batch?
Chicken thighs are so much better with not much more fat..........
Yea I cut carbs big time. I was getting like 400g on my bulk.2 plates is good money. It took me like 4 years to even approach 2 plates as I had no idea what I was doing. I still don't but I can at least throw up 2 plates for a few reps now.
It's not hard for me to get. I am in a cut and I prefer protein to carbs at the moment. Once I get back in a bulk I will dial it back to 200 or so most likely, with more whole food and less whey.
When I need to play with macros I cut carbs. Im getting like 250-300/50-100/50 PCF right now and loving it. Good fats are good. Def gonna up my fat and carb calories equally once I start bulking again, instead of just carbs. They fuck with me.
I would mess with a prescribed program for bodybuilders but not PLers. I dont deadlift or 1RM, Im all about hypertrophy and body composition. To that end I think one can manage with linear progression with some deloads and a little periodization (i.e. holding a lift steady for a while etc) should be OK. Would a coach help, sure but its not really rocket science I dont think.
500 sounds right. $150 helmet, $70 gloves, $120 boots, $100 jacket (though u will need another jacket for cold weather. Prob another set of gloves too)
The Monster 696/7 whatever. Not bad bikes at all, but aside from looks and name just not better than an SV to actually own. At least the old air cooled ones in your price range. I would do an old M900 or something if I went that route.
Blegh Monster lol. The Porsche 914 or Ferrari 308 of Ducatis. And the maintenance intervals........ Brand aside the SV is a better bike in all ways.
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