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APT is a mug... gotta hit the hammies, glutes and abs. Most people forget about the first two
I dont see that ending well
sphezph good work man, legs look beefy, you are cut enough
Yea I used to bike like crazy as a kid, I've always had sick calves and we usually have pretty shit calves.
I have a pair of Unbrandeds that were borderline when I was 30lbs lighter. I don't know if I'll ever be able to wear them again. I wish they made stretch unsanforized denim
I thought Sunset was in LA?1K/br is a slamming deal in the BayI am glad I didn't get that job with Google. We would ahve been miserable
Naw the one I am looking at is like $60. It has like 4.99 stars on Amazon. If I like it maybe I will upgrade later.
Lettuce be the judge of that.ridethecliche I'm thinking about getting a cheap indoor trainer to get my shit up for next riding season. Waste of money or wat?
Fuji u never answered the question about your viking roommate's buttocks.
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