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I have a pretty good arch (plus I am lifting for hypertrophy). Im thinking its the weak chest thing. Always been a problem and I dont do any fly work
Wat does it mean when ur narrow grip bench is stronger than your regular bench
I cook about 10lbs of boneless chicken thighs a week My FIL just brought some marinated chicken breasts over though, and I grilled em over coal. They came out damn good.
Vacations are so worth it. Esp with your bullshit ass roommates. Enjoy
Dude wtfrak man u look good. Yea tesser I was thinking about playing with carb/water/sodium cycling a little bit too just for shits and giggles. Im bloated as a MF
Fuark 1 week away I am gonna get culo blasted on this competition
Finally down under 200lbs But I lost 20lbs on my bench and 10lb on my squat in 4 months. Repping 225 on bench is a struggle. Cant get or maintain any kind of pump either. Thankfully pretty much all my other lifts have held up. Def looking forward this shit being all over though. Only 4 more months to go
Nobody here plays sports tho. Functional strength is some ol Rippletits thoughtspeak BS... we just like to lift shit and pretend bodybuild
Everyone knows Monday is bench day. After that shit is fair game
Interesting study. I am still going to curl in the squat rack.
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