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Im really getting an itch for a triple I wanna get an old Speed Triple... swap the rear seat for the new one, good to go.
Dont entertain that dude.
A few years back there was a sneaker brand that made a high top that came in a black + oil sheen finish for about $200. Anyone remember what that brand was?
Oooo Konis.... smart man.... what car? Im going to Bilstein PSS my car for Xmas.
Fuck, whoever made that up wins the internet
FuuuccckkkWhich bikeSorry man!!!! Heal up quick!
Facial aesthetics def took a huge decline. But arms are def bigger and strength is up. Hoping my cut = old aesthetics + big arms. I def wanna get back into cycling too.
I failed a squat for the first time Saturday. Was feeling confident as I had a real nice session the week before. Hit 5x4x295 then... tried 5x4x305, failed on the 2nd rep of the 2nd set. I slept fine, felt fine... I just wasn't focused, I think. I didn't have my headphones. Didn't die so I just had to laugh about it. Killed an upper back workout the next day
No failure on bench is really working. Wish I figured that out like 4 years ago.
Yea I have the bar high on my back, but I take a wideish stance and sit back a bit. Just feels natural. I tried to do a narrow stance and tweaked something in my lower back. No thx.
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