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ridethecliche are there any velodromes by you Or just buy a fixie. That shit kept my legs up when I wasnt taking leg day seriously
Looks good to me, esp for those long ass femurs Mite wanna open up your stance if you can, if you feel good-morningish
If I could sum up my goals in 2 #s, it would be 18 (inch flexed biceps) and 30 (inch waist). Im at 17 for the first and an unmentionable for the 2ndI didnt know we were talking life goals as well. Wifey and I are going to buy a house. And we just got a puppy so Im semi having fun training her. I want to step up my data analysis game immensely as well. And maybe get my PE this October. O lol and finish my albumAre u full on bro now? How has the transition/progress been
Wat are my RHETbrahs looking to accomplish in the new year I just want to get unfat without losing all my gains
Who Nashbar? I have read good reviews on it. I wanted the Ascent but that shit's out of stock until March. I would like one of the brand name ones, but it seems silly to get a $500 trainer for a $200 (used) bike when I am so out of shape. I just like it because I have its power curve and can get more out of it calorie burning wise than with a mag trainer.
Just ordered my Xmas gift to myself.... Nashbar fluid trainer Looking forward to shedding and shredding. Hope I can get right by summer time.
I feel like DB OHP is better for the lateral heads, which is all I care about. All the pressing I do nukes the hell out of my front delts.
One of the brahs at one of my gyms lost a ton of weight. I asked him if he was cutting, he said yea i lost 40lbs in the last 14 weeks. Hows your strength, o my squat dropped off from 315x8 to like 225x5. IDK about that one
Prob no good for his back, you have to angle back to get the bar to clear your head whereas with DB press you can just press straight up with a neutral spine.
New Posts  All Forums: