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knucks what kind of bike do you have? I miss my fixed gear even though I never made it to Kissena....
Reverse hypers are good too but they are a pain in the ass to set up and you have to use a limited range of motion to protect your back Def time to work that ass out though ladyboy
I have always wanted a Coogi zip up hoodie. Thanks for reminding me
We are all on the same menstrual cycle it seemsWho is the alpha bitchI am OK with shit days/weeks as long as I can learn from them. This whole cutting thing has been a huge learning experience so far which I'm enjoying.
Been up and down for me... felt like shit yesterday morning, realized I underate Tuesday, killed a box of Nilla wafers and then leg session Question for the brahs. Is there an ideal time during the day to work out on a cut? I usually worked out at lunch but I'm finding my night workouts to be a lot better now in a deficit.
Electronics are good IMO They do suck for building bikes but there are a lot of great old bikes out there.
Yea that 1290 Super duke or w/e is the naked version of that bike with even more displacement.
I was trying to keep it light while I was bulking. It probably would make sense to do a little more though. FWIW I realized I underate like 700kcal yesterday on top of my deficit. Killing a box of Nilla wafers and then heading in for legs. Feeling better already
Keeps me up at night. At least whatever True Nutrition had in its "BCAA Plus" did.Plus coffee in the day won't do me good if I work out at night.
I do 30g carbs and ~15g BCAAs. All that really does is keep my energy up through the end of the workout. When I was bulking I had energy coming in. Now I have no energy coming in. Strangely enough my compounds at the beginning are weaker... bench/lat pulldowns are down already... but all the frou frou shit at the end is still holding up. I'm feeling like my body just turned down the dial on my metabolism.
New Posts  All Forums: