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What do you cook it with? I am like days away from breaking down and getting a rice cooker.
Nice! Thanks for this tip! What kind of rice do you use? I am trying to stick with brown basmati... Trader Joe's 10 minute brown basmati is nice but hard for me to get; I'm striking out with regular brown basmati.
Fun, low impact cardio is definitely key. I am loving my indoor bike trainer. My dream is to have one of those indoor endless pools one day, like one of my old bosses... so that maybe one day I can learn to swim
Cut is going OK. Down to about 207 from 215 at the start of February. Some of the folks at my work gym noticed I leaned out. They dont know what I have in store. Dont be afraid to LISS or even MISS. Its total broscience but I feel like deficit from activities is more effective than deficit from straight calories, though I've been making strides with mainly calories.
I love my black 511s... gonna need a smaller size when this cut is done tho, mite switch to them jeggings.
I wish I had gone into DBA in college. Theres a guy at my company here doing "big data" stuff. I'm trying to make that transition too. I am the data guy in my dept but my DBA skills are basura
I killed a sleeve of (stale, blech) graham crackers last nite and still hit my deficit (rode 8 miles on the fluid spinner). Loving this IIFYM life.
Moto Guzzi is still alive and kicking I am personally not very into them... I like the engine to be aligned with the wheels. Just looks weird the other way like Bimmer boxers.
Yeh... sounds stupid but direct arm work helped my arms grow a lot. I feel like such an idiot for spending years in the anti-accessory fog
Fixing APT = stretching what's tight (hip flexors and lower back) and strengthening what's loose (abs, GLUTES, hamstrings) Flex ur glutes and abs = PPT
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