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Again, what is that supposed to mean?
What's that supposed to mean? I've put a lot of poundage on all my lifts over the last year or so that way. Obviously you can't do 100% xRM with any kind of regularity but I don't really see the point of doing 50-60% of an xRM. I'd rather just stay home
Yah I dont get going to the gym and not lifting as close to your xRM as possible I don't go to failure every set but I try and get damn close. I do go to failure on accessories though.
Any of you brahs do smoothies I hate vegetables but I just had an spinach/oat/blueberry/raspberry/yogurt/milk smoothie and it is pretty good. Way better than salad
Dont rows hit those
Outside of getting some pre workout calories I agree
Possibly. Water and glycogen are muscle mass too.
I tried straps and it still didn't feel quite right. Where is the bar supposed to rest?
I can't clean grip... I would love to front squat but the grip throws me off. When I have a home gym I will have a custom front squat bar made
Buying size 38 pants is depressing Especially knowing that once I cut, I will still have to wear them for the thighs
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