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In spite of the news spread about the embargo of the yacht of the Russian millionaire Andrey Melnichenko Gibraltar by a debt pending by the construction of the same, the truth is that the same day the ship left Gibraltar and arrived at the port of Cartagena to the Spanish shipyard of Navantia for Make the first improvements on the boat. Here we enter yesterday in the port, a ship that combines beauty and ugliness as you look. move in your own airplane of this size Boeing 747 800 VIP BBJ that surely belongs to the Khalifa bin Hamad Al Thani's, sheikh of Qatar yesterday in Alicante (Spain) Hard to go unnoticed ...
The new commercial airplane, Airbus A350 1000 XWB (Super wide body), of the European company Airbus has a capacity and a similar size to the Boeing B777 300, being also almost 20 tons inferior in weight. Thanks to a design with intensive use of light materials, such as carbon fiber, and a new and very efficient engines that reduces fuel consumption by making the cost of passenger / kilometer be reduced to terms never seen before, seems willing To challenge the "Queen"...
It may seem somewhat exaggerated the use of four large aircraft to navigate the world, but perhaps it is due to the needs of represent the most powerful country on earth. Air Force One dusty takeoff at Spain.
The Dassault Falcon 7X is undoubtedly one of the most exclusive private jet, used among others by Prince Albert of Monaco, French President Hollande and others politicians and celebrities
We hope that criminals do the same because otherwise ... Difficult to catch them
A plane whose appearance differs from other private jets, (among other things, is not a jet but it turboprop). You may like it or not, but in any case we must recognize that it is an original and unique design.
This is in Valencia (Spain) was to replace the old stadium smaller and in the center of the city, this new project was a great stadium, but things went wrong, imagine that there was no money and so just stayed. Only the cement structure that seems over, but the lining and the whole interior is not done.   Whenever I pass by and see the giant building, I wonder when it will end ...
Please change the link of the video to : The old video is going to be deleted. Best regards
With only the wind force reach impressive speeds. Virbac Virbac 70 trimaran (MOD70) sailing at "La Route des Princes"
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