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You drive well, but I love my car (please do not break the gearbox!)
A plane whose appearance differs from other private jets, (among other things, is not a jet but it turboprop). You may like it or not, but in any case we must recognize that it is an original and unique design.
This is in Valencia (Spain) was to replace the old stadium smaller and in the center of the city, this new project was a great stadium, but things went wrong, imagine that there was no money and so just stayed. Only the cement structure that seems over, but the lining and the whole interior is not done.   Whenever I pass by and see the giant building, I wonder when it will end ...
Please change the link of the video to : The old video is going to be deleted. Best regards
With only the wind force reach impressive speeds. Virbac Virbac 70 trimaran (MOD70) sailing at "La Route des Princes"
Faced with the stridency of some megayachts this classic schooner built by Jongert represents the elegance and essence of classic sailboats.
Interestingly, the reason for the arrive to Spain of the first scheduled flight to the world's largest aircraft (Airbus 380), is Mobile World Congress Barcelona, a small object (the mobile phone) but apparently really moves the big world.
Curious contrast between these two spectacular yachts made in Germany, megayacht "A" famous for its inverted bow of a Russian billionaire and Dona Amelia renovated old classic yacht, moored alongside in the port of Cartagena (Spain), the modern face against the most classic, extravagant compared to the simple, definitely hard to choose.
Some cars are so nice that it doesn't matter how old are, they are elegants always.
For some it may be a very attractive plan but the fact is that without accompanying sea state can be a nightmare, in the video Queen Mary 2 leaving the port of Valencia (with good weather). It also seems to have forgotten soon the Costa Concordia accident ... because cruises are crowded
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