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Ring Zegna Calabrese Liverano Khakis of Carmel Vass on maiden voyage
Almost silly not to have an inaugural wear
Boldest statement out there. I really think vass is hands down one of the best out there. Holy shit. Comfort is immediate. Leather is buttery. Fit is on point. F last is the most balanced and sexiest lasts out there. Just sayin
They feel amazing. Slight tight on the toe. But I think it's gonna stretch out and will be super comfortable
Bonafe cordovan
Truthfully I think namor has the best shoes from any member on the forum. Just unique and cool pieces. He's the reason I bought shell and he's also the reason I won't stop buying shell. Hate and love ya
I want to go home right now! My 2 pairs are delivered and waiting for me. Grrrr damn it
They are really nice priced and constructed in my opinion. The most important is fit and that's what they do. They fit really well. They are better than Carmina. Almost in the same realm as vass in my opinion
I have 2 pairs right?
Formosa David Donahue Brooks Drakes Khakis of Carmel Enzo Bonafe Real shitty lighting in the Bart train (go figure)
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