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Seriously. I want to know when the newest items will hit so atleast I can scope out to see what I like and need.
Thank God
Would love to see the new collection. Especially if SF won't have it.I'm glad I picked up my pieces when I did then.
Do we remember the price?
Is it a bit sad I looked at that pic and I have 1/2 of those.
I have a basic Navy Blue sportcoat for everyones viewing pleasure. Samuelsohn 40Short Patch pockets 3/4 lined 100% wool Blue smoke buttons Here are pictures, PM if measurements needed I paid over $250, looking for $100
I live in SF otherwise I would try it. I am a 38Short so I fear it just being a bit too big for me
Between me and @gyasih we have everything that Bloomies bought exposed lol. I still want that overcoat in a 38 though G!
Already reserved my size in the tassel! Get on it! Its a sweeeeeet shoe
New Posts  All Forums: