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I tried ordering these while on my phone with no luck. I will place my order tonight
I asked Steve and he said about 2 weeks till they are done in Spain and then on their way over.
Shell captoe no 8 boots by Enzo. It's a mto that's open. Go back a few pages.
Just paid my deposit for the shell enzos
Mike you know what would be awesome is to be able to filter by size on the website. I dont mind looking through but it would help I think. Just my 0.02
Terrible dimple, send it to me and ill try.Dude your trippin its perfect
I think you guys have been incredible in the last year in my opinion. I love the quality of products you are selling and the direction you are going. I love your sneaker offerings and I cant wait to see what else is coming. On top of that is there anything else we can look out for in the future?Inventory accuracy is the biggest pain in the ass. Believe me working in the retail industry I know how horrifying it can be. I think its great when people post questions here...
agreed. its also sad that i check the website everyday in new arrivals to make sure i havent missed anythingI just got my CXL belts and they are fantastic
let me know if your interested. It would help me and you out
Itll be too short for you for sure.
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