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I think Rain provides best balance between formal and casual. Simpson is too chiseled. Forest is too rounded. Rain is best of both worlds IMO
I love my rain last boots. I would highly consider those. I think soller might be too rounded
Id be in but concerned about the fit for sure. I mean it seems like an incredible boot for sure just worried about sizing and how it would fit. To me its like trying to fit a loafer.
Also that NST I want. If cordovan is still an option when it is finalized I would want burgundy cordovan. It would be money
I would be interested in seeing how sizing would work. Especially if there is nothing to secure your foot in if it's too big would worry me. I would want a much more versatile color like dark brown or snuff.
Is the pricing over? I am trying to place in the cart but I can only apply the 10% SF code and not the West end code.
Buy belts from this man. I will be placing my order tonight when I get home from work. New navy for sure
Wasnt he at Pitti?
Peter Millar SC Boss Francesco serraiocco 9 fold Peter Millar trou Carmina cordovan boots
HSM MTM Zegna Nicky Milano Talbott Bresciani Bontoni Hopefully this angle is better
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