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You have some fantastic Vass shoes and so I had to follow man. I fell in love with those austerity wing tips.
So I just placed my first order via Ascot shoes. Absolute pleasure. They were friendly, knowledgeable, and running a great promotion which I want to put out here for other gents to take advantage of. Option 1: £450 GBP - excluding UK Tax for Non-EU clients (approx $695 USD) + £35 Shipping, Insurance & Online tracking. 1) Hand Made Vass shoes (on U, K and F Last) 2) Premium J&R Leather Sole. 3) Premium French Aniline Calf. 4) Original Vass dust bags and shoe box. Option...
Those shell sport trainers are fucking insane.
Gents I am putting my Eidos field jacket up for sale here with Gregs permission. Unfortunately it didn't work out for me and I would love for someone to be able to take it and enjoy it. Please pm me with offers. It's the oatmeal/tan herringbone in a size 48S in Eidos which is comparable to a 38S.
For those purchasing through Ascot is it stuff your seeing on his eBay? Or is it via email? Prices seem relatively high? I feel like through NMWA it's almost $200 cheaper
Are those unlined? IM listening...
Best response ever
Just bought that new shantung camel stripe. I had to have it. Screams awesome
You got it!
Ironist I'm jealous. Those bronze are nutty.
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