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Can someone define what nice cuffs on denim look like?
Is that with benchgrade or handgrade? Also lasted shoe trees?
I am a true US10DAlden I just bought the NST Aberdeen boots in size 10I have:Carmina Rain UK9Carmina Forest UK9Carmina Soller UK8.5Carmina Uetem UK9GG UK9.5EEG UK9EBontoni 10D
I hate stacking jeans, i much prefer the cuffs. I am a MC rather than a SWD kinda guy.High tops. Love these
Have you worn other Carmina lasted shoes before? To me the Rain last is the most forgivingSo we would have 4 potential but semi brogue would have preference. Dainite is still ok for everyone?
Pricing? Ive never worn CJ so I would need help with sizing.
I forgot to post my butteros from earlier today
Probably quarter but neither is a deal breaker for me.
ANYONE ELSE WANT IN???We just need 4 more! Its gonna be a kick ass shoe
I guess I might have to do a single MTO on it then :-(
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