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Stevent I like those a lot.
Burgundy belt from Equus
How many people needed to avoid MTO fee?I think its a killer shoe and it would be awesome in a medium brown. TG73 last or DG70.
HSM MTM Uniqlo APC on maiden voyage AFPOS AS I figure the denim is clean distress free and appropriate for this thread opposed to putting it in the casual thread.
That collar is money on that shirt!
If you did a MTO with the Hove's I might have to partake in that
I totally agree. I was showing my tailor and I think we are going to change the buttons to something darker. I am going to have the trousers trimmed up a bit as well. They feel a little fuller than what I like but I love the feel of the fabric.I also need a new navy sportcoat. Thinking of a hopsack fabric as this jacket was a quick desperation grab.
Samuelsohn Ralph Lauren Cravatte linen Panta trousers on maiden voyage Carmina Happy memorial weekend guys
I disagree @jrd617 reminded me of a great episode of curb your enthusiasm.This thread wins
I am going to make a bold statement, I think the Hove actually looks better than the EG Dover. Is MTO pricing the same from most places? (skoak, bespoke england, etc)
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