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Tennis trainers on the way to Vegas for the week.
Yes we went from the EG Shanklin to the Enzo Bonafe chukka that VVV posted earlier today/yesterday. Its a great alternative at probably 60% the cost of EG if you live in the US
Im not talking about like some thick boot socks. Im talking about some sneaker socks are thicker and then some liners are thinner. Thats all. Regardless I wear them in a 42 and have been toying with trying the 43. Maybe ill dip my toes in
I like and feel its ok to wear bluchers with suits but I was critiqued for wearing a pair with a casual suit a while back. Thank you Pliny for doing it and proving it looks great
Im pretty sure its impossible due to the fact it was just launched as a part of the MTM program in the last few weeks.
Weird! Both feel comfortable but I wonder if I should size up to a 43 in the Butteros? Just for a hair extra room for thicker socks?
I disagree. I am a 43 in CP and 42 in Butteros
Cappeli is great stuff. I love my new ET pocket square it was only $20.
I'm heading to Vegas in a bit so if the invoice comes soon I'll have to pay when I'm back on Saturday. Great mto vvv
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