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Steve what shoe/boot you think would be good with that lama?
Were you guys wearing them sockless and with denim?
Yea brick lama
Who else is down??
Ring ️Zegna Bigi Rubinacci Khakis of Carmel linen/cotton on maiden voyage Pantherella EGs
905 has 5 eyelets?
God that Brick Lama screams to be a chukka or a PTB. Do the right thing guys and join me on one.
http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/oak-street-bootmakers-beefroll-penny-loafer/3653021?origin=keywordsearch does anyone have experience with the beefroll loafers? They seem like they would be fantastic for summer
Thanks gents. I can't take credit. The fine folks at Skoak presented it and I took part in it. I am stoked to see my "galways" made by Enzo in whisky cordovan.
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