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You know I'll be happy to take that title. Has a nice ring to it (har har)
Can't wait!
It's super light. Pale color but oh so damn good
Wine Oxford and I think Okayamas
Ring Inglese Marinella on maiden voyage Goddard Epaulet
My brother introduced me to the sperry no show socks and those are my absolute favorites. Stay on your feet, not really all that thick. I wear them with my sneakers and absolutely love them. I've worn them with my oak street loafers and they are perfect. Highly recommend especially when you get 3 for like $20
Light grey or white i think is the best way to pair that jacket up. If you want to be adventurous you could do a really light blue as well
FUCK ALL YALL NEW YORKERS THAT GET YOUR STUFF SO EARLY!!!!!!!!! (SORRY THATS MY JEALOUSY SPEAKING) I bought the cinnamon cardigan and the indigo crewneck and colors are looking super promising!
Ring Barba Vanda x 2
New Posts  All Forums: