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This is fantastic. Voted for 8 ties
Yea that's how I mostly see it as. I like the variations you get in the color. It's a super unique piece which I love.
Thanks man!Everyone needs a little ghetto in their lives lol
Tomorrow this will be attempted. And if the pics are amazing the credit goes straight to Murls
Thank you sir and will give it a try. Lighting seems to be my fear. Most of my pictures are right outside my car. I'll see if I can find a way to prop my phone up on it.
Surprised no one has posted their Formosa from the recent mto.
Formosa on maiden voyage Barba Cappelli Tyt EG Really tough color to photograph. To me it's got a hint of a pale brown with a hint of pink. In the second picture it almost seems grey. I regret my tie choice and think a richer blue tie would have been better.
Thank you to all who have helped with my inquiry! I will definitely mention to her what my "favorites" are and see what she picks from there. Mike I think for the future I might use that site because prices look pretty damn good.
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