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Just saw this thread, pretty cool stuff. Ive opened up dialogue with Antonio and possibly going to start up a project with him.
I didnt know there was a Massdrop thread, or maybe I did and I forgot to check. Ill have to keep checking back here for drops.
Your first picture with your back to the camera shows it pulling across the entire back. Starting from the shoulders down to the midsection and to the vents. I mean I think you need to re-evaluate and possibly go up a size. Buying off Ebay doesnt work unless you know your proper size. To me this is 1-2 sizes too small. The shoulder in the back looks really bad. Again this is coming from someone who wears their jackets pretty trim and have been critiqued about it. I...
Never tried Viccel but for almost $8 a sock its a pretty good price. Wondering if anyone has any feedback about the quality? I normally wear Pantherella
HH trainers in Santa Cruz I was on a ride and they kept telling me to put my phone away.
I was in this boat and when I spoke with Patrik from Skoaktiebolaget he was able to add a fitment piece in the toe box. My instep is super low and so going up in width would cause my foot to slide around the shoe so without affecting that too much he suggested adding a few CMs on both toe boxes. I took his advice on my sinatras and I just tried them on a few times and they instantly are feeling way better. It did have its upcharge but totally worth it in my opinion
TM that looks fantastic! I cant wait for my Hollywood jacket to arrive. I have lived in my leathers this past week and I am glad to add an olivey brown color to the mix
I think the angle makes it look good, however I think if its from a natural angle (chest/eye level) it might appear to be a hair long. I dont think its unwearable though.
I think even if you wash them after wearing them they will expand back to being too full. If its just the waist band then take it to a tailor to trim the waist up a bit.
What size are those Galways. Those are amazeballs
New Posts  All Forums: