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No worries. Before you post just add 200 to each of the measurements to make the image bigger. Thats the easiest way on phones
Just thought I would help. They are beautiful so show them off!
Its still in great condition. No need for resole anytime soon
Shell at that price? I mean you can barely get a belt at that price.
Jealous. Those look beautiful
Yes they do. Some say size down 1/2, some say TTS. For a comfortable fit I need to stay TTS and need to replace these with the 10.
Popover looks amazing
Whose getting what?
Question, is this the new st James? Or is this the one that's been around for a while? Not that it makes a difference for me but I figured doesn't hurt to ask
Definitely want to know about the jackets. I'm a 36 short. If they fit I would be seriously interested
New Posts  All Forums: