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Unfortunately most of my shoe purchases in store were snug and recently my purchases have been mostly EG where I have tried on 3 lasts and I for the most part wear them exclusively (888, 606, 202, and ordered the 82 after trying)
I mean no disrespect as well to the original poster. Ive probably spent upwards of $10-$15K on shoes in the last few years because I love the aesthetic of the shoe and hope they fit. I buy them and they are slightly snug or slightly short and im like they will stretch or attempt to do it myself (I own stretchers, thats how much I wanted ill fitting shoes to fit). Regardless I think buying at the end of the day and trying on after foot is completely swollen will be the...
Nice boots and great price. GLWS!
I couldnt disagree any further. A snug fit shoe will take a long time to feel better and most folks will not have the patience or will power to get to that point. Then they go on the methods of bending the shoes in weird ways, stretching, and doing some stupid things. If you buy a shoe that is comfortable it will stay comfortable. If a shoe fits well off the bat it wont stretch out, itll break in. Dont buy shoes that are snug, buy shoes that are comfortable.
F-43 606-9.5E I think I could use more room on the F last though in the toe box
There is an Alden store so maybe I better try that before I consider buying. I just remember trying them on there and not really loving the way they fit. I sort of went with the logic of "the split toe in no8 shell looks amazing and I have to buy it". I compromised look vs fit and I'm guessing that the epaulet version has best of both worlds.On another note I was at Costco with my brother and he's like "when's that place in New York gonna launch new sneakers" (referring to...
That's my fear is not having tried another last besides the Aberdeen and trubalance. Both were not optimal
Why disaster??
So I bought a pair of Aldens a long time ago, didnt care much for them due to fit, now see the Alt Weins and somehow have started to show some interest. I also had like 10 pairs of shell shoes/boots and sold all but 1. So pitch to me why or why not I should have them.
Get both, its the price of the original at full price
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