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Maybe a dumb question but I'm gonna ask. Is Madder supposed to be fall/winter and with SC/trousers or can it be worn all year long and with a suit?
Lol I almost used it twice but then changed my tie last minute.Maybe tomorrow my new cappelli will go on its maiden voyage lol
Looks fantastic, I almost wore mine
Panta Eton Vanda Liverano Panta EG on maiden voyage Tie was a little askew this morning but was fixed after the picture was taken
Thank you! It took me a while to finally add a pair but I'm glad I did and I love the 202 last
Chelseas on maiden voyage
Wow all those colors are magnificent
My EG mtos also took about 7-9 months which is totally fine with me
Formosa Circle of Gentlemen Conrad Wu Christian Kimber Panta Bontoni
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