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New sweater. It came in the mail last night but I was too drunk to try it on so I texted Mike and he was rolling. Sobered up this morning to put it on and to say it's awesome
I wear a medium in most jackets and this jacket fits exactly how I would want my mediums to fit.Its a killer jacket, just because I run warm I need to not wear it when Im running around lol
Black stadium and brown weft heavyweights
I think between my brother and me we have 10-12 pairs....I wear CP as well but they were all purchased before buying Epaulet sneakers.Epaulets are super comfy and I prefer them
It was quite early in the morning, but never too early for a drink
I totally agree. I wanted to try it out and see what I thought about it. I think either the boots need to be changed or the pants. I usually wear jeans and chinos but my wool trousers were getting lonely in the closet.
It's all preference but I think Roger nailed it. It's about what fits you. I love the F last and 82 from E.G. however none of them work but the P2 and 202 work great which in my opinion are all great looking for dress or casual pieces. I'm wearing my new P2 boots with dress trousers today and with chinos yesterday. I'll post a picture of them when I get out of traffic.
Decided to take a page from @GusW book. Swapped out the sport coat for this SNS
Listen to this advice ^I love the F last however it doesnt fit me as well as the P2 so I chose that. I think both are fantastic
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