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Cleav I am so jealous of how awesome that fit is.
I've bought mine to be worn with everything. Layer it with a sweater when it's cold. Wear it over my suits as a light weight piece of outerwear. It's pretty much the most versatile jacket. Nick posted a picture of him wearing it a few different ways in the NMWA thread
No8 NST Boot
This is why I bought also. I've not heard horrendous things about purchasing. It's the return that's awful so I figured no harm in purchasing.
someone needs to hop on this fast. I needed a short size so had to special order it at full price. Hell of a deal
How often you gonna get a drakes tie at 50% off? And may I add ones that arent shopworn.
Same as last post in Puerto Rico. Scheduled delivery is Jan 8th
Good looking out! Just got 2 squares and 1 tie for $145
I still dont have my pants. Emailed asking and no response. So what is approximate wait time before chargeback? another week or so?
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