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I am pretty open to sole choices to be honest, but I think leather would look best on a chukka. I just am not entirely sold on the norvegese construction.
The lighter brown color I would prefer. I think it looks best
I might go against the norwegian stitching on this because I am almost positive you have to go dainite on the sole with norwegian stitching
I agree that Dover is the best out there. Chukka fits the leather perfectly in my opinion. Needs to be a rounder toe though, nothing angular
For peccary I would do a chukka, loafer, or split toe. Any takers on it?
My sneakers feel a bit bigger than my normal ones from Epaulet. I dont mind though at all.
@ThunderMarch as much as I like the look of the button boot, I dont know if thats a style I would invest major capital in. I really would be open to a split toe or a chukka in peccary.
Zimbabwe denim
Heirloom HH All on maiden voyage
Print is too large to be versatile enough. I mean its a great 5th or 6th jacket but as a first probably not the most ideal. I know in my personal wardrobe I bought pieces that are not super versatile at first so my suggestion would be start with basics and simple stuff then buy more unique pieces
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