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Steed Epaulet X 2 Rubinacci Panta EG
Same to you sir! I love the color of yours!
Orazio JWN Talbott Cravatte Royale Panta EG
Beautiful shoes. I wouldn't mind them with any shade of grey. They would look killer with security guard outfit (grey trousers and navy sportcoat)
Cordovan chukkas are gone? I clicked on the link just to see the details but its no longer online. Did it reach max people?
Thank you for all that info gents! I really appreciate it!I had these in mind but I am guessing they would be too narrow?http://www.bespoke-england.co.uk/products/st-crepin-year-model-2011-dark-brown-suede-8000
JL experts, what last is similar in shape in the toe box to EG 202?
Zegna JWN Talbott Rubinacci EG
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