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Those boots though.
I haven't given a lot of mine the love recently either. I told myself in the next few days the least I can do is condition the shoes
Loafers in general. I love the way they look but when given the choice I'd rather wear something with laces opposed to loafers.
Just dont get much wear in the rotation unfortunately. They are amazing but when given the choice I wear others first.
I love the colors but not a fan of the pattern on the socks. The patina on the AS is incredible but it would help to give them some Saphir Reno.
Thats why I cant find them! If they arent in my possession I can rest assured they are in great hands
Love these jackets
Upr did you steal my pantherellas for your pic?
I think I own 8 pairs in both cotton and wool and they are my favorite trousers. Waiting on the tobacco linen that was special ordered for me
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