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That IM piece is money. Ive been looking at it for a while, just dont think I would wear it
Just amazing stuff EFV. Thanks again
Thanks man. I love this jacket. One of my favoritesShibumi grenadine
Frankenstitch on maiden voyage
Friday challenge first time entry Ring ️Zegna Shibumi Goddard Khakis of Carmel Carmina on maiden voyage
Perfect! I'm still not sure which style I want. Everyone's got me saying GAT but those tennis highs would be money also
How much is the preorder again?
Great pics Eric. I know many of us appreciate it. I'm very pleasantly surprised to see all those DBs. Not that seeing them sways me one way or the other but I was planning on a DB potentially for fall
I've bought a few pieces of rubinacci from shaya and I cant wait for even more to be stocked. My favorite was that burnt orange neat. Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks shaya for having great prices and great pieces!
There is nothing boring about navy sc and grey trousers. There's just excellence
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