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It's so easy with denim. Especially since most denim has an earthy sort of stitch. Shirts wise will wear blues
Khakis of Carmel Pantherella GG
There was a tan herringbone in a swatch book posted above. Any interest in something like that? Perfect summer jacket
Wow that suede/calf bal is beautiful but that inca is on another level. Inca and rain fit the same? Just different shape in the toe correct?
Formosa Inglese Gitman Goddard Khakis of Carmel Pantherella GG I know my images suck and the pocket square was probably not the best choice this morning but oh well. In real life it's not sticking out as much as it looks either. I just need to hire a professional photographer to take my pics
MA-1 was so sweet.
Shouldaville. Just perfect
Thanks for the feedback guys. The trousers from a few feet away give off a pale grey color. So I thought it would be ok to wear it with the blue patterned jacket. The tie is cotton so to pair back to the casualness of the linen trousers. May not be the best or most coherent but it's what was worn today. Would definitely wear it with my hop sack jacket
Kop both. That's what I'm doing
Eidos Eton Panta Epaulet Pantherella Bontoni
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