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Eidos Eton x 2 Belstaff Bontoni
Second from the right was kopped today. Its getting altered and will be ready on the 10th
It's the chocolate brown window pane with the zegna fabric. I'll send a picture of the fabric from the thread.Murls it's hard for me cause I need new stuff due to the rapid weight loss and Eidos hits all the marks in terms of fit, price, style. Especially on sale
I just pulled another trigger
Twinsies. Same jacket and same size. I know my competition for the next sale lol
Yes it is the tipo model. I like the fit a lot and I keep buying more of it. I'm getting my suit altered and hopefully buying one last sportcoat for the season from eidos
Hsm Barneys Talbott seven fold HSM Bontoni
Samuelsohn MTM on maiden Eton EG Cappelli Cravate Royale Bontoni
Let me just say this. They are gorgeous shoes and I am sad for Tchoy that they didnt work out. I love mine and whoever is the same size seriously needs to hop on them. Great price and great shoes. Good luck Tchoy
Exactly and I know Uncle has had them and wore them before. Incredible
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