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I would have been all over them if they were a 42
Those are shirts that are too big for me. Thank you for the wishes! Just saw someone at dinner that made my night so this sweater has been good luck thus far!
Birthday dinner wearing my heirloom and my CXL belt
I'm more excited that I have something that you own cause your pictures are so damn badass. Hopefully I can look 1/2 as cool as you
Mr. Six is killing it. I said it in the NMWA thread. Its just money
Sweet I ordered the tan. Cant fucking wait
I fricking hate you. That looks like pure sex
I would do gun club for summer and hop sack but only after I receive my hemp MTO to confirm my size
The leather feels super soft and I could see it stretching if worn super tight with denim. Mine hits the middle home without being stressed so I can't say if it will stretch much.
Gerry Gerry Gerry!!!!!
New Posts  All Forums: