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Not spoilering, sue me.GORGEOUS
I might have to pull the trigger soon on something
That pebble grain chukka would be pretty awesome.
So I would normally agree with you but seeing as this would be definitely worn more casually than dressy doing it in pebble grain would be ok. I still prefer smooth but I could get used to the pebble.EG and my foot have not found common grounds yet and until we do I will have to sit out even with 2 grail shoes on the line (Dover and Nevis)
nvm... just placed order for 3 belts
Flat welt sounds good to me. Dainite is preference, I thought I would hate that sole but its so damn comfortable especially since I am on my feet all day
I believe so! I definitely will want shoe trees and will pay for them. I hate buying boots and not having the right trees. Shoes I can find trees that will work.Single dainite soles correct?
I am highly considering it. Have we decided on details? I will participate if we do rain last.
I've handled forest rain and Simpson. Rain would be my choice. Now for sizing bkotsko did you size the same for the Chelsea as for a shoe or did you have to go down? That's where my struggle lies. That's a beautiful boot you have sir!
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