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Thanks bro!I saw those and even humored myself to see if the size was there and it wasn't. I do think that's a nice shoe for the price
Ring Zegna Bigi Edward Armah Epaulet Enzo Bonafe
Cinnamon, ecru nep, derby. I mean come on this isn't even fair.
Wait really? GRRRRR
I have the Uwings from KoC and I think those Sandrighams might interest me
Whats the difference between burnt pine and chestnut?
I mean they are nice but chocolate brown would have been perfect haha.The GG Sinatra is a beautiful shoe even in black but still cant justify spending north of $800 for a black shoe
I have a pair of Aberdeen no8 NST boots. Great condition size 10. Barely worn but just isn't the right last for me
These GG needed some love badly I hit them first with a round of brushing. Used 1 coat of Reno 2 coats of dark brown sapphir cream polish A few coats of dark brown sapphir wax and gave the toe a little shine
Idk to be honest. Every time I look at them they just look lifeless and dead. They don't develop any patina or character. That's what I love about any other color shoe.I do own a few pairs of navy so I guess I can live without black
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