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I have a silk jacket that also ran really warm and my deodorant ran onto the cloth which sucked and my cleaners couldnt take it out. Last foray into silk jackets
I don't mind jeans but I think that with a sportcoat there needs to be trousers. I how're also reserve the sport coat I'm wearing today with jeans due to how casual it is
This is just so good. I want a suit like that in my life
Hate wearing jeans with my sportcoats but if I'm gonna do it then my Shanklins seem like a pretty good choice of footwear
First outing of the jacket. It is about 60-70 degrees and I'm very comfortable with it on running errands during the day.
I got my socks yesterday and put one on. They are really tight to get on but were pretty comfortable all day. Hopefully after a few washes they hold up the same way. They did slide down during the day and I got the mid calf.
Formosa Zegna Vanda Godard Brax EG
I know my jaw dropped...
Rob is the blue stripe one on the blog the same as the one in the group shot of all the ties?
On another note I was able to try both the uk9 and 9.5 on the 82 last and unfortunately neither worked for my foot. Such a great looking last but couldn't get it and my feet to cooperate. Coldinboston love your new shoes. Nightshade is beautiful
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