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I've got both those horween belts and the suede but in the chocolate version of suede. Love all 3
The best would be like a tie rack that had the pegs and putting a belt loop through there.
Oh that's what it means. Nice
On a hangar or a fixture that's attached to a wall? Would love to see a picture
Also how do you guys store your denim? I don't want to fold them because I don't want it to affect how they look when your unfold them and I usually lay them across my chair but there's gotta be a better way
What does felled mean? I have so many pairs of gustins. I love them. Best jeans for the value
I also prefer wider silk ties but wool doesn't matter because they are usually heavier and tie a hefty knot anyway. I've tossed up the idea of that exact tie
Heavy American on first wear
What do you wear with the oxbloods? I want to back them but idk what to pair back with it.
New Posts  All Forums: