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I knew my dumbass would regret not getting in on that T(s) blazer. I didnt think I could wear it and my job just went super casual and it would be perfect.
I love my burgundy one. I just need it to get cold fast haha
Nik that angle makes your neck look super long LOL
Is there a place where you can order the service boots and be able to return based on if sizing isnt right? I have a medium to wide foot and I am really curious to try a pair of these boots
Most of me is built for a medium or a size 15.5/16 but my neck is super small so I usually can't buy slim or lots of Italian makers just due to the fact they cut pretty trim.
I normally wear in most dress shirts a 38/15 however my 2 Inglese I bought first or second season (?) are that size and are extremely tight across the chest. Unwearable for sure for me. I'll probably never wear a tie with it so I don't mind going up in size. Maybe I'll take it to an email with you Greg with pics so you can see how tight it really is on me. (Imagine sausage casing). Not a good visual
I just need to figure out sizing. I no longer wear ties and my neck was small for the rest of me. I wear about a 38 sportcoat. 40" chest and about 38" waist. Would I wear about a size 41 in this?
That brown and green graph check is beautiful
My first pair of StC took a little longer than I expected to break in but now they are pretty damn comfortable. I did another order and instead of adding to the width adjustment, I just went to a wider width and that helped tremendously. I love my StC and my EG but since I feel like I have a good amount of EGs I will be investing in some StC. I was thinking of doing a chelsea boot in a dark olive color and a chukka in a medium/light brown. I would wear these mostly...
I really dont have a really nice navy sweater so I figure go with a basic at first. Then can deviate down the road for sure.Purple and brown were both strong contenders for me.
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