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I know places in the US such as Wilkes Bashford (CA), Marios (WA), Stanley Korshak (TX), Bergdorf Goodman (NY).I think in Hong Kong theres a store called Tassels that sell Bontoni. Look through this thread theres a ton of different models
I see black and blue on the suede. I dont see the red though, looks like chocolate brown suede
Where are you located? Any particular style interests you?
Its a very unique suit. I love it because it takes away from being a super formal suit. The fabric is more of an air force blue with pinstripe. I hate my photography skills because it doesnt do the suit justice.
Do you mean the tie is too casual for the suit? If so I would disagree because the suit is a casual fresco fabric. Patch pockets, 3/4 lined. If it was a worsted wool fabric I would agree.
Ring Ledbury Panta Liverano Marcoliani EG This was yesterday but forgot to post
beautiful stitchy
Thanks Cleav!
It was weird. Way too much heel slippage. I was able to slide my feet completely off the she in my correct size.The ones I have on today have a bit of heel slippage but it's due to them not being broken in yet. I can't slide my feet out of these.
EG Marcoliani Ring
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