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I'm on the shorter side and I feel like they make me look even shorter with anything above the knees. Maybe I'll reevaluate but at the end of the day they are shorts. I hardly ever wear them
Uh oh sale at ET. Better hold onto my wallet lol. I see Atleast 2-3 ties I might have to add especially at 20% off.
Ive bought expensive shorts and they have lasted a good amount of time. I just tried on shorts after a long time and I tried a 9" and an 11" inseam. The 9" is way too short for my liking and the 11" was comfortable and what I ended up buying. I wish these were longer, I probably would have gotten the olive and maybe one more color.
Epaulet EFF Navy Fresco sportcoat
Epaulet on Maiden Voyage Mazzarelli Vanda Godard Panta EG The jacket is a really really dark navy fresco. I actually really like how dark and true inky navy it is
Chestnut is a great 3 season color. I would wear in spring with worsted wool in lighter colors. Summer with linen would be a great combo. Fall chino or moleskin in lighter colors would be fantastic. Some might wear tweed for winter but I prefer boots or heavy grain during that time. Those are beautiful
Steed Epaulet X 2 Rubinacci Panta EG
Same to you sir! I love the color of yours!
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