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Willing to bet that my measurement skills are off but I tried based on an online tool that Ive seen most people use.
Is that Eidos CP overcoat sold out in a 38? Also if you take a 38 suit should you take the same size in an overcoat?
Hi gents up for sale is a Hickey Freeman 3 piece suit in a traditional prince of wales check. Suit fits like a 42R/S Looking for $350 or best offer Shoulder: 19.5" Chest: 22" BOC: 30" Pant Waist: 34" Inseam 29.5" with 2" cuff with 3" to let out Vest with 4 pockets and 5 buttons
I believe so. If I leave the fabric in a natural state its about 21" when stretched out a bit it fills up to 23"
Sorry for the delay:P2P- 21"S2S- 19"BOC- 31"@OzzyJones
I know these arent Carmina but I can imagine they would look very similar
Rain last for sure. I will see if i can locate a pic of the color
So would I take my single cuff and roll it twice to make them smaller 2 rolls? I'll try it. No harm
Here's what they look like from the side.
Can someone define what nice cuffs on denim look like?
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