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Thank you Gus!Ill be seeing you on the 28th correct?
Mtm Ring jacket
Ring Inglese Vanda x 2 Epaulet
The thing is their jeans fit me so well that I will always keep looking and wanting more. Especially at $74. I paid the higher price and don't regret it at all.Also received my gustin chore coat just came in the light weight fabric. Fucking amazing!
I just got a cream silk because it gives nice variety instead of using white
I saw it and wanted to fund it and then looked through order history and realized I already owned them. Lol
Do we think kudu Ishan can be worn with trousers and sportcoats or is it too casual for that?
post pics so we can see where its too big.My sleeves are always too long. I roll the ends always
My question to stiffness was the actual kudu leather. If it's stiff and not very pliable I would get a wider fit but if it's soft I would get standard width
Dainite is fine with me. Depending on the stiffness of the material will determine what width I go with
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