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Quick and crappy pic but maiden voyage of the grey hopsack. Great hand to it
Got to see this piece at the trunk show and the colors Greg is bringing into the shop are absolutely money!
I think Mike was saying they had over 300 orders over the weekend so I am sure they are in process to take care of it.
Ring Barba Bigi Godard Dry cleaners pressed the roll wrong on the lapel. GRRR
Zegna JWN Millers Oath on maiden voyage Kimber
Oh I didn't know washing would help. I figured since it was denim to not wash it unless it got dirty to build up some cool fadez
It just means more meet ups to confirm I still look decently put together.....even in shantung
That was going to be my next question.Mine will head to the tailor in a few days as well then
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