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My sneakers feel a bit bigger than my normal ones from Epaulet. I dont mind though at all.
@ThunderMarch as much as I like the look of the button boot, I dont know if thats a style I would invest major capital in. I really would be open to a split toe or a chukka in peccary.
Zimbabwe denim
Heirloom HH All on maiden voyage
Print is too large to be versatile enough. I mean its a great 5th or 6th jacket but as a first probably not the most ideal. I know in my personal wardrobe I bought pieces that are not super versatile at first so my suggestion would be start with basics and simple stuff then buy more unique pieces
Oh peccary, what are we discussing for style? I have always wanted to own a shoe or chukka in peccary
I bought the medium but wondering if I should go small. Rarely would I layer. Oh well. Im still fucking stoked
Loden Field Jacket kopped!
If anyone is interested in buying pieces from Nordstrom, please PM me.
Thanks Cleav! Miss your posts in WAYWRN. Hopefully it means your on vacation or holiday
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