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Thanks gents. I can't take credit. The fine folks at Skoak presented it and I took part in it. I am stoked to see my "galways" made by Enzo in whisky cordovan.
Also just got my invoice for the cordovan Enzo jumpers! Super stoked
I might be interested as well in either the plum or the brown.
Ring Mazza RLPL Rubinacci Epaulet EG
Id be interested in the herringbone on the bottom of the image:
Really? I dont think I could fit 1/2 a size down.
I own both and I feel like they are almost identical. Very little difference between the two.
Si senor and gracias!
Thanks man. I posted a few times and got ripped rightfully so. I took a little more time lurking and found some pieces that I love. My wardrobe would have been perfect in the peacock thread as I wanted to put a lot of crazy stuff together but I realized simplicity is best and so I buy more staples and a few fun pieces.Suits and sport coats are a mix of ring, eidos, zegna and a few onesies. Some are otr and some mtm.
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