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I love my Panerai. Had it for 3 years and it's been my daily. Would love a blnr but keep spending money on tailored clothing and shoes which prevents me from buying a new watch. Guess it's better for me lol
I probably would prefer the 82 to the 202. Open to the shaft material though. Why not Utah all the way?
Glad to see someone understands my dilemma!
Hopefully you guys can bring Formosa to the west coast. Still disappointed that I didn't make it out the last time you guys came out here
I don't doubt it at all and I have worn it once and thoroughly enjoyed it. My usual attire 5-6 days out of the week is dress and then my days off are sweats when at home or denim when going out and usually at that point want to give my boots/shoes some rest and wear one of my like 10 pairs of sneakers that collect dust lol.
I tend to reserve just sneakers for denim and then we'll made shoes/boots to more dressy occasions. I think I would be game.Also I have these so I wanted to make sure it wasn't redundant.
What would you wear cloud Utah Galway with? Could you dress it with odd trousers and a sportcoat or is that too dressy?
God damn both of the boots posted are gorgeous
Zegna Jwn Rubinacci Drakes Khakis of Carmel Crappy lighting at 6:30am
Roger can you wear your Gold Galways with odd trousers and a sportcoat? Or do you reserve it only for very casual outfits?
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