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Most will agree with you about not cuffing the denim. I always cuff my denim no matter what. When I changed my position and needed to incorporate more casual pieces into my outfit I took my wool trousers (which have 2" cuffs) and substituted them for my denim. Is it ideal? Probably not, but it wont stop me from doing it.
My new tankers from Mike and team
My pleasure. I struggled with MC for a while but I think having a textured jacket with cuffed denim and a basic blue ocbd is perfect
@heldentenor it looks great. I would just shorten the denim. I prefer to cuff mine to be a bit more edgy and less MC. If you want to be more MC then shortening would be best.
@Leaves that is so beautiful!
I wear both my 1.25" and 1.5" belt with jeans. Some denim has different size belt loops so that helps me decide.
I wonder what leads you to think its tight?I also live in the bay area, we dont get that cold to layer more than a shirt and sweater and maybe the jacket on top
The jacket is way more distressed than I anticipated. Im on the fence if I will keep it or send it back. The zipper on mine lines up but sticks badly
I totally agree. This was not worth the wait. Here's a pic of me trying mine on.
It definitely is part of the fun figuring out details. I would say that the fit is the most important part. Without looking at fit there are so many details however if a manufacturer doesn't work then looking at their details is unnecessary. GG as much as I love the style they don't work for my foot.On another note if your a size 43 and want the F last norwegers I'm selling a pair. Shameless plug I know.
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