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Is vintage Rioja very similar to Vintage Cherry? With prices going up in GG I am considering purchasing but I dont want to replicate the color if its similar
Thats unfortunate. I need a short. Tried on regular and its too long
When are NMWA drops? Also are short sizes going to be available?
Is there a SF discount code? I just saw this thread and wanted to ask before I submit my first order
Thanks for the great pics and previews!
Charge that ish! Pay for it later. LOL jk.But seriously you need a pair or 2.Greg whats to come for the next season?
I would say on a grain having minimal detail is ok. Quarter brogue would be acceptable.
#3 should be purchased tonight
I would say minus the medallion and truth be told I would rather not have any brogueing so it would be extremely simple lines
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