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Well the thing I like about the one online is its super light weight. Only 6 ounces.Thanks again man!Edit:Backed the chore coat and the sun timber plaid shirt
Those chocolate tassel loafers are beautiful. Do you remember pricing by chance?
Brown dynamite that looks fantastic. Great color and outfit. Thanks for sharing
Anyone have pics of their chore coat? Thinking about that one they have online especially at that price and weight. And for those that do did you size the same as your shirts?
Those 15 week wear is awesome
Lots of button boots. Would love to see pictures of them in the wild
This tie always knots huge and it's just a FIH. The shirt I don't I would care for with a lighter jacket but worth trying. Thanks for feedback.
Ring Barba Vanda Epaulet Carmina Couldn't get enough natural light to take a full length
Thanks gents and Ill post a close up, not a great photo but itll come.Jacket is a MTM Ring with LP silk/linen/wool clothTrousers are linen from Khakis of Carmel
Maybe the best way to compare would be against your favorite or best fitting brand?Eidos is an incredible value and offers great construction and cloths at a great price.
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