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You should check out Panta bro, they drape really well and are cut trim enough without being too slim.
Great write up Peter! Jackets look fantastic as well and cant wait to see the other 2 come in
Its weird how they size the US size one full size up from the UK size.
Wow thats a hell of a jacket!
Formosa JWN Vanda Vanda StC
Gorgeous!!! Here's what I wore today
Gotcha thats what I imagined. The grey grenadine is nice and I had a RLPL one but I never wore because I thought it was too light for me. Hopefully you post pics wearing it soon.
Do you go to a lot of formal events? I could only see those being used for weddings
And I thought my two pieces were cool. Big time bro. Love it
Banbury on maiden voyage
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