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I agree with the 2 gentlemen above. Stunning
I think you can get to that point when you have a really good wardrobe where you are not needing those pieces right away. I love MTOs as well and I prefer them over buying off the rack just because you get something unique and like you say you enjoy the anticipation. Its not an ideal world especially if you look at Gustin. They are taking forever to deliver and having issues with sizing consistency. Epaulet has been great at delivering goods in a reasonable time frame...
Just took delivery of the EFF shirt and Johnstons scarf. Always love the hand written notes. Such a great touch.Also I like the darts. The shirt fits me well with the darts and I like having the ability to remove them if I feel after sending to the cleaners makes the shirt feel a bit tight.Cloth is so fucking soft though. So good [[SPOILER]]
Collar looks handsome
I havent bought many shirts, I think only 2. I bought one individualized and one EFF. My EFF will be delivered tomorrow but my individualized is probably one of my best fitting and one of my more favorite shirts. The salt wash shirts have caught my attention and when I confirm EFF shirts fit I will probably end up buying more shirts. I know Mike and I have talked about it but I love the outerwear choices that Epaulet offers and I cant wait to see what will be available...
That's super hard to find out. I know that they don't show the models on the inside tag. Usually on the garment tag they showed the model. It's hard to find. Luckily I bought all my pieces from one store and they only sell one model. Good luck man
What originally hooked me to Epaulet was Carmina's offerings, but it was less so that there were so many shops offering Epaulet. It was more that there was someone on Styleforum that offered it before most did. I knew that in order for them to be an affiliate on SF there are fees and other things that go into it. More importantly they were on SF for a long time and had positive feedback after positive feedback. Why do I share this? I was hooked by Epaulet because they...
This was good to open up a discussion I kept having with myself. Thanks gents!
The reason I ask was because I also got that cloth and I saw black as an obvious choice but I dont have any black shoes except for the wholecuts that I am going to debut at my wedding with my tux. I have a pair of espresso shoes and figure they would be nice with the cloth.
Mike I really havent had much experience with Alden. I think I have owned 3 pairs in my time of proper dressing and 2 of those pairs came from you. I feel like my short experience with Alden isnt going to be as beneficial as any of the other gents that purchase from you. What I will say though is that I know there are quite a few alden sellers on the web however some of your makeups are unique and attract my eye. The new alt weins in the walkabout leather has been one...
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