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Jazz those are gorgeous. I just did another mto with Ascot for a pair of OEII in black on the F last. Can we fast forward 12 weeks?
Eidos Barba Calabrese Epaulet EG
I dont seem to understand this concept
I agree with this. I'm sure the owner/purchaser wanted his trousers made that way. Can't hate on Ambrosi for making it to those specs
Gables were a popular choice. Were these all orders before the price increase?
I ordered 3 shibumi ties that should be here soon.2 grenadines and one linen. I've been wanting to try them and finally found the opportunity to purchase
Ring Inglese (hard to tell but stitchy are we twins today) Panta Rubinacci Bontoni
Wool and 3.5"
Subscribed. Hell of a thread for some cloth p0rn
Black, itll make the color very rich. Otherwise burgundy
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