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Those boots are ridiculous. Deets on pricing
LOL as I just read this page. Not to sound noobish but I never really posted full fit pics, usually it was just sock/trouser/shoe so trying to get that down and thats the easiest way. Again causes distortion of fit and color. It will keep coming that way guys so get used to it on my end lol
Probably the angle as I do prefer my sleeves on the shorter side than mostHSM = Hart Schaffner MarxSTITCHY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!
Tassel loafers!!!!!!!!!!!! Jump on board
MTM HSM DB on maiden voyage Barba Conrad Wu Bontoni
Definitely chuckle worthy. Nothing to be sorry for!
Does this knot really large? Heavy or light weight wool?
Greg when would delivery be of these jackets? Fall? Also ballpark of pricing would be awesome as well. Sorry if this has been answered before but I wasnt considering them and after seeing fabrics mind can be changed
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