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You need to post like right now!
So this happened and yes it was all in one day: Zegna wool silk blend su misura LBM overcoat, featured in their catalog and its the exact piece used in the photoshoot which was pretty neat IMO Vandas. I love them and Gerald and Diana are simply wonderful Bontoni Barrett
A coworker commented "man you really like Eidos." I was like it fits and it's great why wouldn't I?
Both of you need to post fit pics when items are worn
Mike I noticed not a lot of Carmina on the website. Are you guys going away from them? If so are you doing more Alden? Or are you going more to the SW&D with sneakers?
AFPOS is an incredible retailer and I would highly recommend them. You really have to think about how they are packaged from the factory. AFPOS has nothing to do with that. Also your images posted are things that are going to happen when you wear the shoes anyways. If it bothers you return them. This looks normal to me.
Did I hear Rain last???? Listening........
Can someone talk about these Vass right here: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/footwear/shoes/galosh-oxford-captoe-brown-museum-calf.html I have never owned Vass before and I am a pretty true to size 10D in US shoes. What size would I take in Vass? I also have heard Vass offers millions of lasts and so want to know feedback about this one (i.e wider toe box, shorter, longer, etc). I know Greg usually has the best of the best and I just want to make sure if I...
Those jumpers are money! Congrats on picking those up. I cant wait for my cordovan ones in a few months to come in.
Not trying to be a creep but showing off my CXL Natural belt. Wore for the first time with Gustin denim
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