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They are really nice priced and constructed in my opinion. The most important is fit and that's what they do. They fit really well. They are better than Carmina. Almost in the same realm as vass in my opinion
I have 2 pairs right?
Formosa David Donahue Brooks Drakes Khakis of Carmel Enzo Bonafe Real shitty lighting in the Bart train (go figure)
I think the lining would hide some of your imperfections where an unlined jacket accents it. I own a few Eidos jackets and they hide my extra curves pretty well but my recently acquired unlined jacket shows it off pretty well. Maybe it's just my experience but I tend to make sure my unlined jackets fit slightly larger in the waist for that reason
Question about the little dauber polish applicators that The Hangar Project sells. Do people have a preference on whether or not to use them? I always apply polish via a chamois and my fingers but sometimes it might be nice to not have your hands smell after your done. I just fear too much polish might get applied? Any thoughts?
Exactly what Ive been saying! They are incredible for the price.
I've used the inexpensive. I'm patient and don't mjnd waiting for shoes.
You guys are enablers.In all seriousness thats my favorite swatch. That tweed is just gorgeous
I think when we were at the trunk show the pricing was based on the letter of the alphabet of the card. I dont know what the difference is between fabrics though. Better for epaulet to answer that.
Im pretty sure fabrics will all cost different amounts. I believe they list the lowest price of the group of fabrics
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