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Wheres this from????
Well the biggest thing I have learned is that when you start off wearing shoes in the morning they should be slightly roomy because as you wear your shoes through the day your feet swell. So if in the morning they are tight and when your feet swell they will be in pain and your toes will feel it the most.Its just my experience, as I also walk about 5-6 miles a day in my shoes. So I do prefer a little extra room.
I think we share those jackets, lol.I like both choices!I also echo Shaya at being amazing with great product and fast shipping!
Gents I appreciate all the feedback. I make sure to get light blues and soft colors when looking at dress shirts. I commented previously that in my earlier menswear days I should have bought 10 variations of light blue shirts and white shirts so I could wear them interchangeably. Unfortunately I bought loud checks, stripes, contrast collars etc. Ive eliminated most of those shirts already but still dont have enough of light blue shirts to wear.I will be the first to...
So I think even if you were able to stretch them they are still going to hit your pinky toe in an uncomfortable way which will not allow you to wear them comfortably I hope I am wrong
Thanks for the feedback. After looking at it on my laptop it looks like a rich blue color but in reality its a softer blue. I really need to work on better photos for sure.Stupid pose but true color of the shirt
Thanks bro!Surprised didn't get a lot of thumbs. Pretty basic navy blue suit, blue shirt and grey blue tie. Would love to hear what could have changed or improved?
I like the look and I think Eric or EFV does it extremely well
Isaia on maiden voyage Talbott Vanda tie on maiden voyage Vanda ps Vass
My issue with loafers have been they are always too narrow for me. Having it being unlined might be perfect as well as a tassel is perfect for when I wear a sportcoat and trouser. I already emailed Alvaro
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