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Apologies for the crappy image but I really like this wool challis tie. It's gorgeous and I can already tell it's going to get a lot of use this fall/winter
Here is said shoe! lets get this going! @steveyoo1983
First wear was hard but they are so damn comfortable. I could wear them for hours and I definitely have. Im not sure about the leather but I cant wait for what is going to be offered for the fall/winter. I know people were asking for pics in the wild so there you go.
Rain last pebble grain oxfords on dainite??? ANY TAKERS?? ultimate fall/winter shoe. Yes there is a fantastic boot going around but I think this shoe is an absolute killer. Come on lets do it!
Rocking my butteros. Love these sneaks
I saw the Dover and I was interested but the price is too high for me to not be 100% sure of my size in EG.I think this would be a killer shoe at a reasonable price. Lets get the ball rolling on it!
Lmao I'm so stupid. But I don't want to get another boot. I think as a shoe would be incredible.
I saw this on leatherfoot insta and I think this would be an incredible shoe for the cold/wet weather. Whose in? Rain last Burgundy pebble leather Dainite sole
What is the BOC measurement? Is it close to a 28.5" or 29"?
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