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Its so hard to get an accurate color but only people with it can enjoy its true beauty.
This thread is seriously all over the map. Entertaining to read 50 posts....I do think Noodles and Greg need to take everything to a PM. Seems like its getting out of hand
Pics of those butteros made me want to bust mine out
Unlined horsehide Thedi? SIGN ME UP
I keep looking at Galways to see whats the best combo but it seems the DOAK and Walnut CC is the most versatile and best first Galway. Now where to kop and on what last lol. 888 fits well but snug in toe box, 606 seems to fit well, 202 fits extremely well but I can imagine would be too big on a boot.
Im about your size and I was thinking of the tagged size L, which is true size M.
Thank you for the response. Would probably be a great choice on the Cardiff or Ullswater
Paging @GusW to organize a meetup!
Are you coming up to SF then?
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