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I wanna see pics of the meetup and the suede jackets!
Your only issue is if you have to go to the bathroom. Removing your pants becomes challenging lol. Not from experience but I was once told it
Jackets are amazing!!!!
I saw the Aero jacket model on IG and it looks amazing. Cant wait for the drop to happen!
Those blue shoes are beautiful!
Awesome! Any idea of approx timeframe for delivery?
Is this a run you are working on to sell? Ive never participated in your runs, but I wish I did on that last brown one. If this is up for sale I am definitely listening
If theres no harm in doing nothing, ill probably stick with that. The only thing I usually spray is my suedes, but leather I dont mind brushing.
dumb question, with the weather finally turning and it started raining outside, do I need to do anything in anticipation of the rain for my boots? I am all for patina, aging, color changing, etc. I just dont want the leather to deteriorate as a result of the rain.
I agree, with all the statements above. I have no reason to look elsewhere, Ed is one of the best. Easy to work with, able to find flaws quickly and adjust them. I cant wait for my cashmere jacket from him. I just got the basted fitting and Ed is making adjustments and I cant wait to see the final product!
New Posts  All Forums: