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So powder? I have started putting shoe trees in
But who wants it with brown pebble grain??? I DO
I havent had anything but I have them squeeking a bit now
Are you? If so I think I would still be interested
Thanks Betty jeeeeeeeeeez. Lol whose got another idea?
This is exactly what I want. Its a great balanced shoe for cold weather
I mean as long as its very close to the texture. I know the blucher boot that Steve has in his webstore has a fairly tight grain
No it was this
Steve can it be done as 1/2 leather and 1/2 dainite? or does it need to be one or the other? Tomir sole maybe?
Right? But that Gable is pretty amazing also. I tried the navy gables when Barneys had them on super sale and was so mad they didnt have them in my size.
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