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I think this might help. I saw this in another thread
Ring Twillory Panta Rubinacci Khakis of Carmel Vass
I wear a slim 30 in denim and a slim 31 in chino. My fits are perfect and wouldnt change a thing
Thanks for the info. I am wearing actually thin socks but I sent this pic to my guy who is helping me and he mentioned as well to go narrower width and I thought maybe going the 82 last in a wide instead.Will report back what I decide!
My sweats and hoodies arrived. I am so glad I bought them
@nabilmust Lol my coworker named my car that after I told him I got one
No need to rub it in. Move on from it please. Skoak has been honest and transparent and has given us plenty of notice.
Yup I agree on that. Not bad for the first try. I used the hood of my car since my trunk doesn't have anywhere to put my phone on top of. Might bum my brothers car to do it.
Eidos Epaulet Vanda Godard Khakis of Carmel EG New angle and idea for taking pics via murls.
Thanks everyone for input. These were to try in order to nail down a size for a mto For those saying they were too big because of the lacing I would say that's normally true but my dovers also close completely and are perfectly comfortable. Not too big and not too small
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