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Chelseas on maiden voyage
Wow all those colors are magnificent
My EG mtos also took about 7-9 months which is totally fine with me
Formosa Circle of Gentlemen Conrad Wu Christian Kimber Panta Bontoni
Yes sir they are!
That is correct, 100% linen. I believe Ed has a bit of fabric left. Its a hell of a great shade
Panta suit on maiden voyage Canali Vanda Rubinacci EG
No sweat at all on my end, more curious than anything and I figured it would help change the subject lmao.I do love that indigo matka as well. Shit its gonna be hard deciding which colors and how many to get
I mean that AFB color is so fantastic and is a must have. A linen silk would be a really unique choice in fabric but I would be open to it or something else.
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