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Formosa Talbott Asw Godard Epaulet
My okayamas are my go to. Especially since they have been fully broken in. They are super soft and comfortable.Not to be an ass I think @whiskeyriver you bring up some points which I think are valid about trying new things but I don't agree that they should change their dna. There's very few and far between people that want a work shirt, or popover, or western shirt. There is a better/higher demand for what Gustin already has to offer and it would be silly for them to...
Formosa Eton Vanda x 2 Rota
Didnt realize there was a navy choice. Just kopped
Gents this was a special edition for Skoaktiebolaget. There was a special patina project that was released for Skoak and this was one of 3 colors which included a cherry and a green. Unfortunately the Rain last is too narrow for my feet towards the end of the day. Looking to move them to someone who would enjoy these and would fit them better. UK9 Rain Last Always stored in shoe trees and treated with Saphir Looking for $250 $230 or best offer. Will be willing to...
Gents I have a pair of Uetem Burgundy Tassel Loafers in a UK9/US10. Unfortunately they are too narrow for my feet so I want to move them along. Carmina doesnt work well for me unless its a really wide last. Regardless they have been stored with shoe trees, and used Saphir products. Looking for $225 $205 or best offer. Willing to combine shipping with any of my other listings.
Yup medium classic
I bought the middle one and tried wearing it and then the next day I returned it. Too difficult to wear
I agree VVV. They are sharp looking.
Those ullswaters look amazing. 202 last and rosewood?
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