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Millers Oath JWN Vanda Rubinacci Panta EG
Can't wait to see fit pics bro!
Kiton JWN Talbott Godard Panta EG I changed the angle and the option on the camera. Better, same, or worse?
Happy 4th!
This is fantastic advice. My problem is being outside during lunch or before or after work because the amount of riff raff that happens outside my work. Also when I am at work I get stuck inside and only get out when leaving for the day.I will try to change locations in the room where I take pictures and will attempt to take different pictures. If I need any more advice I will take it to a PM. Thanks for all the advice!
Ill third Equus, I had a BRG belt and I lost a lot of weight and its too big, but I only buy my belts from them.Highest quality ive ever seen
Ill try it for sure and see what happens. I appreciate all the complements and thumbs!
Orazio Epaulet Vanda Godard I tried a new angle so I thought I would share it. I am not sure if it enhances or doesnt do anything for my pics? @Coxsackie I very much appreciate your comments about photography. I have a canon dslr from about 6 years ago which is fairly new, I barely have used it. Maybe I just need to figure out a shooting mode to help get the best out of the camera. Its usually on Auto shoot
Check out exquisite trimmings, pricing is great
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