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Photographing it is extremely challenging (yes I am one of the worst photographers in this thread) but I do like charcoal trousers with a navy jacket or any derivative of gun club check.
I wonder if Nick plans on doing trousers. I just got my suit back from the tailor and the pants fit really well after the bottoms were finished. Enough in the thigh but tapered enough to not be too full.
I wonder how the sportcoat pricing would be.On another note whoever in this thread gets images of the new fall collection please post images!
Why not? I was checking prices and suits are about $1600. Almost every retailer have a wardrobe/MTM event where they go on promotion. I would be really interested to see if they participate.
Has anyone thought about doing MTM through Eidos? I was peeking through some of their books while waiting for my alterations and I will say some of those fabrics I could see in my wardrobe. There was in particular a light grey chalkstripe. I wonder if those go on some sort of promotion like 20-25% off in the future
Seriously. I want to know when the newest items will hit so atleast I can scope out to see what I like and need.
Thank God
Would love to see the new collection. Especially if SF won't have it.I'm glad I picked up my pieces when I did then.
Do we remember the price?
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