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I am all for making a wardrobe unique and tailor it to your style within some bounds. I have a few DB sportcoats that are unlined and with patch pockets however my suits have either besom or flap pockets. I guess it just is a unique choice and wanted some insight into your decision. It is your wardrobe and you have to be happy with it so more power to you. I probably wouldnt have done it your way but thats why its in your closet and not mine. Regardless the rest of it...
Pics?? Instantly I think of chinos/denim
Curious as to why you did patch pockets on a DB suit? The cloth looks pretty formal
Johnstons scarf trying to hop in the pic but Alden tankers are the star of the show
Ok so would you have your tailors press them the opposite way? Like a chino or denim? Would that remove the crease?
I was just eyeing the blouson.
See I got the performance rivet chinos otherwise I probably would consider them
I am also wondering the same.Would like to see the olive thick and cozy as well
I think there are some great options for loafer liners when wanting to have the sockless look but keep some level of sanitation. I use the stance no shows in my sneakers and dress shoes. I have yet to try them on loafers.
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