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Mike is cool as fuck. That's all. Great fucking host. Knows so much. I can't wait to order
I agree to that but my proportions are very off. I am wider in the chest and shoulders so I tried on a 36 and it was just too tight for my liking. Now I don't think my comparison is apples to apples. My Eidos pieces have more structure in the shoulders than my ring and Formosa therefore to accommodate my shoulders I need to size up.
I don't think it's possible to do a slanted break with a cuff ie longer in the back than the front due to the seam of the cuff. I think you can only do it if it's plain bottom.
I remember mike saying that everyone would be taken care of opposed to like an ends for friends event. They have a ton of fabric to make product just need to sort the color/style that folks are interested in.
I agree with sizing up. All my Eidos are 48S but my ring and Formosa are 46.
Yea price is my only factor at this point and eta of delivery. I have a lot of MTOs open and I am hoping they will space themselves out without 4-5 shoes showing up at the same time
EFF trousers
Ring Borrelli Rubinacci Talbott Epaulet Pantherella EG I though socks were grey this morning when putting them on in the dark. I actually really like the dark green with it
Just paid for mine and my MTO shirt just shipped! SWEET!
Im hoping you mean leather cause thats what im excited to see
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