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Agreed post private sale pics. Would love to see what's to offer
Thank you sir. I was amazed when I saw them at first and they feel as good as they look. The toe box feels a hair snug on my right but nothing a minor stretching can't help with. Love these though and the trees are also so beautiful
Vass on maiden voyage
I want pics of that denim jacket in terms of fit.
I definitely just saw this thread and so mad I couldnt purchase the tan briefcase. FUCK
this year will be great for all parties involved. gonna try to participate this year!
Vass shoes arrived and they are amazing!!!!!
proxy a 48short for me!
FUCKKKKK. I was already planning on how to wear them if they were in stock item. LUCKY BASTARDS TO WHOEVER ORDERED THEM!!!!
Soller last on the chukkas? Also are those part of a MTO or online stock?
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