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Id be interested in seeing the options DWW. Werent you working on a green windowpane as well?
I can definitely add my opinion in the matter as well. I also was contacted and was more than happy to provide my input. Like my buddy @jcmeyer the shoes were not the right size for me but that didn't stop me from trying to get my foot in. I was able to even though they were a bit tight. The first thing I felt was how soft the suede was. I've owned unlined chukkas in suede before and they feel great and rough but thin. These had a great nap and soft feel to them but...
That Porter and Harding is pretty nice looking!
It was one of my fears but then i realized that I'll wear an ocbd so it'll be the barrier between jacket and jeans
order placed Peer pressure is a bitch. Although it helps that I wanted the jacket too lol
Roger I love those. I'm having a pair of Vass made with those soles. I'm gonna call them my shit kickers
Im probably never going to wear it dressed up. Itll be a denim and ocbd look. Maybe even throw in some chinos.
So to ghost suede MA-1 or no? Im thinking yes especially with that discount. Quick question, would you guys wear with denim? Is it more versatile than the snuff suede version? Also @Epaulet do you have an ETA for the leather jackets? I gotta atleast try to budget lol
I truly do feel sorry for you man. It is such a beautiful cloth and design.
but with a bespoke garment it should be minimal flaws showing. Wouldnt you agree the sleeve issue is pretty large in the last pic?
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