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If they come built as a Walt they will have a crease
Thanks gents I appreciate it. Again credit where it's due, Murls gave the advice and that's what I love about SF. Everyone trying to help each other out.So because Im not super into all the features on electronics I discovered with the timer it takes bursts of 10 pictures and then I can pick which ones I like best. Pretty fucking awesome lol
Sorry for not spoilering. On the cell but that looks great Mike. I think ill end up ordering them. Have you seen Gus's new cord suit? Just the perfect shade of green
I moved before the camera started taking pics. Formosa Barba Drakes Godard Panta EGs
Yes wearing around the house there will be some slip and then when broken in after a few hours itll get better.The big thing I check is if I have heel slip is it possible for the shoe to be fully laced and be able to remove the shoe completely. If that happens its too big, if they stay on then the shoes just need breaking in
I wear my pants with sportcoats so I want to make sure they would look good with it. I know chinos look good but I prefer my trousers with a crease like the walts.
I was also looking at the cords. Does anyone have a pic of what a cord trouser would look like with a crease like a dress trouser? That light tan thin wale looks great
Oxfords fit tighter while derbies fit much looser around the instep.
I backed it as denim then saw the chino option. I'm sticking with the denim but either way it's a killer swatch
I think this might help. I saw this in another thread
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