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Chelseas look so nice. I've owned a pair before and I tried one on recently and for some reason I love the thought of it but didn't care for it on me. But I'm still like fuck I should buy one from epaulet lol
No i trust your expertise because you guys are well versed in knowing what to recommend and what to stay clear of
Holy shit that's amazing
I didn't know that. Gravati posted a chukka in peccary so I assumed it would be ok. You learn something new everyday!
Rubinacci scarves look gorgeous. Back to the peccary chukka. I still am holding onto the idea going against Norwegian. If anyone else is interested please let me know. Would love to get the ball rolling on this one
I think by adding a norwegian welt on a heavily textured shoe it causes too many textures. http://us.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/enzo-bonafe/products/enzo-bonafe-col-8-cordovan-chukka#&gid=1&pid=3 http://us.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/enzo-bonafe/products/enzo-bonafe-split-toe both of these are beautiful however I feel like the chukka looks more balanced like that without the norwegian welt. Ill let the fine gents at Skoak chime in as well if they have an opinion...
I get the idea of making it a bad weather shoe but I think on a chukka with a rounded toe adding a storm welt makes it blobbier than it needs to be.
They are but takes a long time. I have a pair of the 24 I believe and only wear them during winter and have had them for 1 year and are getting pretty comfortable. I mean they were like rock hard first time. Had the hardest time buttoning them at all. I might have to break them out in a few days as finally the weather starting to get cold in the bay
I dont like the storm welt on it and I think thats probably why I dont care much for the norwegian stitching.
I am pretty open to sole choices to be honest, but I think leather would look best on a chukka. I just am not entirely sold on the norvegese construction.
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