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I think every 2-3 wears I have to replace the laces. They are terrible. I tend to not wear my boots often due to the fact that I have to replace the laces so often. I want to see if I can have some removed, especially near the blind eyelets so I don't have to use them
HSM MTM Ike behar EG Cappelli Rota Carmina First day at new position. Pretty excited/nervous
Ty sir! I've always hated white shirts and bought one after 4 years and I think I'll be hooked.
MTM HSM Talbott Panta GG
What kind of prices are we talking about for the shell tassel loafers?
They only have a few sizes.
Lol that was fat Justin. Probably 5 years ago. Idk why my facebook pic got attached but it did. Super random. But I agree those Giannis are money!
Stevent I like those a lot.
Burgundy belt from Equus
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