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Rivets and denim jacket courtesy of epaulet
First wear. The soles are definitely thick and heavy. These bad boys will take a while to break in I'm guessing
Why would people not like the toe? Is it not as round and traditional as a boot normally is?
Is it silly to have both earth tone tatersalls?
Really shitty light and just a quick try on
I got the plain toe from the 3sixteen launch and I like them a lot. That's my first time ever with viberg. I like the weight feel and color of them a lot. I just need it to get cold in the Bay Area to wear them.
Steve what size you take in the thermals. I teeter on small and medium on most things. I'm guessing medium
Ryden you got any pics of the Thorpe?
Now that is why the guys and girls at epaulet are one of the best. I have no stake in this but that is amazing customer service
Mr Six what shirt is that second one? Its beautiful!
New Posts  All Forums: