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I so want the tan/khaki color pants. I might have to purchase them
Negative. Skoak is doing a mto for it in rosewood country calf. It's gonna be sexual
I'm like why is there no excitement.IM FUCKING STOKED!!!!!!
Thanks bro!Howard YountPantherellaEdward Green
I realized as well that the pocket square and tie combo was too close after looking at the picture. The tie knot is a four in hand and being that the tie is woven it has a healthier knot but not disproportionate in real life. I can't get a full shot that shows the colors but here's a close up of the textures together. I appreciate the feedback!
Fit of the boot. I just emailed Skoak. I have had bad luck with eg but found the Malverns on the 202 last to be the best fit. Provided an open laced boot would fit close to a closed laced shoe I will be in
This time around seems bigger than last time. I'm pretty stoked
So those Alderly that Skoak has are amazing. I want to order so bad
Ring Mario Muscareli (idk the exact spelling) Vanda on maiden voyage Drakes Howard yount Pantherella EG
Veni I despise you greatly. Both are fantastic
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