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That brown and green graph check is beautiful
My first pair of StC took a little longer than I expected to break in but now they are pretty damn comfortable. I did another order and instead of adding to the width adjustment, I just went to a wider width and that helped tremendously. I love my StC and my EG but since I feel like I have a good amount of EGs I will be investing in some StC. I was thinking of doing a chelsea boot in a dark olive color and a chukka in a medium/light brown. I would wear these mostly...
I really dont have a really nice navy sweater so I figure go with a basic at first. Then can deviate down the road for sure.Purple and brown were both strong contenders for me.
1. Yes, lots from Gustin but just bought my first pair of 3sixteens from Standard and Strange in Oakland. All via email but the guys there are super friendly and helpful!2. I am going from a retail atmosphere of dress furnishings to sportswear. I think a tie would be over kill, and trousers might be acceptable every so often. I plan on putting some money in some casual wear pieces which include chinos, outerwear, and some knits.3. All good to be selfish, a few of my old...
I know the majority of guys are posting about the trousers, but I just preordered a navy sweater!
Erik so sorry for the loss. Sending good thoughts to you and your wife. Epaulet Canclini Sozzi Liverano Gustin EG I will be taking on a job where my position will be more business casual. I might slowly peel back posting here because less ties and more jawnz and chinos will be worn.
Zegna JWN Bigi Godard StC
Steed Boss Conrad Wu Godard Panta EG
Thanks gents for that advice. I will probably stay true to size. If I recall the rivets stretch after some wear which would be perfect.
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