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I dont think theres any room to let the arm holes out. I was once told while wearing a jacket that you can try to push the arm hole down with the opposite hand and it helps ease the armhole. It has worked for me with certain pieces but not all.
I agree with this gent. I have a pair of DOAK/Walnut CC but I have it on the 888 last because I couldnt fit the 82 properly. I wear mine with sportcoat/trousers and with jeans. Its a very versatile boot.
Whose your tailor. I'm gonna have him make me LP jackets. Especially if they are cheaper than Minnis. That's silly Ok I just re read it. My LP jacket was actually less than my Ariston jacket.
Thank you sir! I bought my first piece of SS last year and was impressed so I figured had to go with what I know
I just order the Stephen Schneider rollneck. Its my first one ever
So in my experience (2 pairs) if its snug or painful its not the best fit. My first pair which was a MTO is just slightly too snug in the toe box. My second pair had no break in period whatsoever. It might be a fitting issue but only you would know that.
Yea no codes, just saw a pic on IG and figured they would be perfect in my rotation.I once owned a pair of cordovan NST boots on the Aberdeen last. I liked the way they looked but never really reached for them and sold them. I have a feeling these boots are going to be great. I most definitely will post pictures. As most of the forumites know my quality of images is less than poor but a picture nonetheless.
just kopped shell cordovan tankers. Pretty stoked
I agree with the 2 gentlemen above. Stunning
I think you can get to that point when you have a really good wardrobe where you are not needing those pieces right away. I love MTOs as well and I prefer them over buying off the rack just because you get something unique and like you say you enjoy the anticipation. Its not an ideal world especially if you look at Gustin. They are taking forever to deliver and having issues with sizing consistency. Epaulet has been great at delivering goods in a reasonable time frame...
New Posts  All Forums: