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Usually Samuelson and CanaliIf anyone saw Terrell Davis, Eric Berry, or Orlando Pace during the NFL Honors? We helped them with some shirts and accessories.
Its funny on Yahoo home page they said Eli Manning dressed like a grandpa. He was wearing a gunclub jacket and a light blue shirt. Seems SF appropriate to me lol
Woohoo. Let's get this going!
PICS!!!! That was hella fast!
Unfortunately I am a 31-32 in epaulet. I do have a few other trousers in a 29 if you are interested PM me
So gents where have we sort of landed with the cloud Utah? I still like full Utah on the 82 last with HAF sole. If not I would be open to the suede option
82 right Roger?
Thanks Razl for the mention! Already sold the green gables, looking for more quick sales!
Some would argue brown grenadine. I say brown because I don't wear black shoes and in certain cases navy grenadine looks better with black than brown. Just my 0.02
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