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I echo the quality of the gator. My card case is absolutely gorgeous. Perfect color, craftsmanship is amazing just like all the products from Charlie and Dawn.
So beautiful!
It's a hell of a great color and I posted it here for inspiration. Someone else posted something similar and I used it for my mto. So hope I can inspire others as others have inspired meI seriously can't wait to see them posted. I'll probably have to mto those as well
white trainers look great!
Thank you sir!
heelguy, these are the banbury chukkas on the 202. color is bauxite
Zegna Barba Bigi Godard EG
Yes please post pics. I'm sad I missed out on this one I do have this beauty coming in though to make me feel better
Epaulet Mazzarelli Vanda Cravatte Royale Panta Vass
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