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God damnit Jason. Those macclesfields look incredible
Ring Barba Bigi ET pochette Epaulet espresso GG
Ring Boss Panta Vanda Khakis of Carmel Bonafe Dark morning and I edited the colors a little
I was screwing around on paneristi and looking at straps and then I see a 372 and it just looks so great as a weekend/fuck you watch
lol that decision is up to the fiance but was looking at the panerai just for the hell of it and figured I would throw it out for discussion
I know there has been a lot of panerai talk in the last few days. Was talking to someone yesterday who has a few pieces and was saying I should consider the 372 or the 390 as my next piece as I told him I have the 111. Would love to hear some thoughts
If they come built as a Walt they will have a crease
Thanks gents I appreciate it. Again credit where it's due, Murls gave the advice and that's what I love about SF. Everyone trying to help each other out.So because Im not super into all the features on electronics I discovered with the timer it takes bursts of 10 pictures and then I can pick which ones I like best. Pretty fucking awesome lol
Sorry for not spoilering. On the cell but that looks great Mike. I think ill end up ordering them. Have you seen Gus's new cord suit? Just the perfect shade of green
I moved before the camera started taking pics. Formosa Barba Drakes Godard Panta EGs
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