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I have the tomir on my Loren chukkas and love them. I would be totally fine with that. Dainite or tomir for me
Prune juice would have opposite effect. Wouldnt it make you go more?
Thats incredible.Found delivery time. Does the price also have the SF discount code as well as the tailoring credit?
Wait are Rota MTO all year round?
Super excited to see this thread. I have bought 2 pairs of trousers and I love them. Ive said this before but Jim is a hell of a dresser and if I could dress even marginally as good as Jim I would be happy. Now what is the range of prices on these Ring jackets for the trunk show?
New vanda shantung HAYWOW! Too bad my photography skills lack. This is a fucking gorgeous tie
Lol I didn't see the punctuation. Thanks broI've got one pair of GG and I sized them up 1/2 and they fit really well without being too big. I tried them at Wilkes and Barney's and it seemed to be consistent. My luck hasn't been great with EG which sucks.
Arent you a size bigger than me bro?
I kopped the 9 in Carmina and the 9.5 in the GG
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