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Buy ties from Steve. You will be happy. EG Cappelli on maiden voyage
Eidos Twillory EG Cappelli Bigi Khakis of Carmel GG
I think thats what I am definitely missing. Just deciding what I want...
Thanks bro! Really appreciate it and now people can believe how shitty my picture taking skills are. I'm glad you came out though. Super chill night
Wigmores on maiden voyage
Zegna Canali EG Cappelli Edward Armah pocket round Khakis of Carmel GG Wigmore on maiden voyage
Thanks bro
Amazing meet. I know tons of pics will be posted soon. Great to meet a lot of folks and again a tremendous thanks to the staff at Khakis Here's what I ended up ordering As a sport coat As a full suit
Better believe it!
Ring Donahue Bigi x 2 Khakis of Carmel EG
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