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When would these green monsters drop???
Just kopped 2 more pairs during todays trunk show in SF Here is a pair of Split Toe Norwegian Boots:
Robert last looks amazing. Roger la Rock those dont look like they fit well at all sir. Your foot is extending much past the shoe.
This is why your the man!
PMd regarding lbm
Sorry Steve for no heads up on it. Just thought I would throw it out there
Any interest for the wingtip shown above?? We all will want it and then have to wait. Might as well get it ahead of season
Gents I havent even talked to Steve about this but I think it would be a great model to introduce now so when we take delivery it would be perfect season: Rain Last Wingtip model 922 Mixed media, brown leather with dark/mid brown suede Leather sole Perfect spring/summer/fall shoe. Do I have any takers?
Just for comparison sake if I wear a 1 or a size small in james perse tshirts does that mean I would wear a size small in the loopwheel tshirts? Rocking trainers with Gustin denim:
RYDENFAN HATE YOU thats the jealous in me talking
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