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I concur. I believe I've worn every last or tried every last from GG and the only way I found it to work is a personal last adjustment which is costly and it seems like too much effort to make a $1200+ shoe fit. EG haven't had any issues and they fit perfect (still fine tuning the 82 new resin last).
I totally agree guys. I just was giving my opinion. I just got my Sinatras on the MH71 but had to do a last adjustment to make it fit. I find EG easier for my foot and therefore its easy to buy high quality luxury shoes without too much fuss.
I am biased after spending a lot of money on my GGs and then trying EG and finding from a comfort, aesthetic, and shape/styles that I prefer EG. I dont want anyone to think I am knocking any brand, I just love EG and think they are better for me personally over GG
I guess my opinion is based on seeing such beautiful shoes here and having owned shoes from both manufacturers I still prefer my EGs. I had the StJames on the MH71 last which in images looks like the most beautiful shoe ever, however handling it didnt seem that impressive. I just guess I prefer EG in all aspects.
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That sucks about your boots, I guess I would brush the hell out of them and then use a warm spoon
That makes 2 of us
Mines here tomorrow!Looks great right off the bat man! Cant wait for tomorrow
I love this thread just because its all incredible and beautiful shoes. I dont think theres another thread that is like this one. Even the GG thread isnt as good as this one
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