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Gents here is a classic Hickey Freeman suit in a 44R. Jacket features full canvas construction, ticket pocket, functional sleeves, flat front trousers, 2 inch cuffs. Enough description, heres the pics: Looking for $300 OBO. CONUS please otherwise international pay for shipping. Thanks gents!
Gents here is a HSM gunclub SC in a tagged size 43R but fits and measures out to a 42R. I have worn this jacket maybe 3-5 times and its now way too large for me. Here are the pictures: I am open to offers and want to move this incredible jacket. CONUS please otherwise international pay shipping
I wish a 38S. I would have instakopped
I think the herringbone suit was a sort of burgundy color right?
Ask for pictures!I would love to see what other retailers are selling. I saw a shit ton of images on tumblr of new things for possible advertisements.
Happy bday Greg!
I haven't thought much about a pattern one. But now that I think about it I might be open to that.
Amazing! Absolutely amazing
Glad to be of help sir!
Guys need to chill out. Let's talk about shoes. Btw does anyone know when shell will be back in stock?
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