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haha sorry man! Heres an attempt when I first go the suit. Definitely not what I wore it with today:
Thanks man! Its hard because I would have to take a pic in the mirror with a crappy angle. I have tried and it came out pretty crappy unfortunately
Ring suit on its maiden voyage
Right click on the tracking. Select search google click on the link. Tracking is provided. Easy enough no?
I only own the suede and I find it to have more substance. A bit heavier and thicker. I can appreciate that because the suede Carmina uses seems very thin which makes for easy break in.RogerP could probably comment on both I know he owns both manufacturers
Those blue single monks are incredible
Sweet man! Ive noticed with the last few things that pop up hella fast I am always missing out on them so I want to make sure I dont miss this. Ill email you tomorrow.
Mike not sure if you saw my question but I figure I would throw it out again. Any chance of doing a Bison boot preorder?
Hello gents. I am selling a pair of suede oxfords on the Simpson last. They are a bit too narrow for me and I have some other suede shoes that I tend to wear more frequently. These were purchased a few years ago from the Armory before they came to NYC. I remember paying over $500 for these. Asking for $225 or best offer.
As in you can never have enough. Variations are great as well.
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