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what kind of spread is that lol.
And standard MOP or smoked MOP?
I knew I wasn't losing my mind.Now on another note. Post pics of buttons as well as cost. Im considering changing some of the buttons on my suits.
Just four in hand.Nailed it
Formosa Zegna Vanda on maiden voyage Goddard Khakis of carmel GG
Ill have to look through those books and I actually found a darker version in the H&S book that has specs of black and blue in it. Probably a bit more versatile.Even though its linen in CA we definitely can wear lighter fabrics almost 3 seasons. Might be more versatile as well
Dammit Six that second jacket is nuts. I would be all over it if it was a 38 Short. I loved Mikes Friends for Ends.
I think it looks great on his shoulders and very rarely have I seen it not look good. There are some where I see the jackets shoulders extend past the wearer but after a few wears the shoulder softens allowing it to lay better.
Thanks man. About a year or so. I went from a job where I wasnt wearing jackets/suits so I spent a lot of money on jackets due to versatility and then every few months or during sale times I would just hop on a few pieces.Ive got probably 20-25 pairs of trousers and about 10 of them are various shades of grey. Others vary from linen, cotton, wool. Inclusive of shades of earthy tones, greys, and 1 pair of navy.
perfect. hopefully we can get this thing going soon.If we were able to get 3 wides faster than ordering normal widths could be in any number thereafter right? Or would we need 3 in normal as well?
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