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Thank you! They are new as wellI love them! So comfy all day and they are the perfect transition for me. My job has gone business casual and so no more formal. This is perfect for me in my level of comfort. Probably will end up buying more.Thanks bro!
Chestnut Utah dovers courtesy of Steve
Epaulet performance chinos on maiden voyage
Yes 1035 last.Thank you!
My modest contribution of my 3sixteen vibergs with my 3sixteen denim
I cant decide if I want that black moto jacket or not. Its so awesome looking and I am a huge fan of the double zipper.
I think we all know if you decide to go in on something with Gustin you will get a great product eventually. Unforeseen events and production issues happen. Communication is hard when there's not a lot of staff and they offer a shit ton of products. I'm not saying it's right but it just seems to be what it is.
Wish I was there for the sample sale. Save me some size 10s, mediums, and 33s in pants!
I echo this statement. A Chelsea is supposed to be sleek but that extra panel takes away from the sleekness of the boot.
Party at Frank's!!!
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