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I ordered 3 shibumi ties that should be here soon.2 grenadines and one linen. I've been wanting to try them and finally found the opportunity to purchase
Ring Inglese (hard to tell but stitchy are we twins today) Panta Rubinacci Bontoni
Wool and 3.5"
Subscribed. Hell of a thread for some cloth p0rn
Black, itll make the color very rich. Otherwise burgundy
I can understand that. I thought cheap jackets looked ok on me. Then I started spending more and finding how much better they fit and drape.I respect am jealous of a dude that can drop that kind of cash on a trouser
I hope I didnt make it seem like its stupid. Its just not necessary for me. Maybe some point in the future they could be something I try but I dont foresee myself wearing/trying pants at that price for another 5-10 years. I am very happy with my current trouser choices
I dont think I could ever justify spending that much money on pants. I barely spend that much on sportcoats. I can understand there are a lot of people out there that could or would spend that kind of money but to me it seems excessive.Just my .02I dont doubt they are fantastic but to me unnecessary
$1250 for bespoke pants?I am very happy to buy 5 pairs of pants for $1250 OTR.
Thanks man. I need to cool down soon. I think theres a lot of winning happening recently on SF.But man those boots are insane. I might have to replicate at some point
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