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85 in Norcal
Yea come on six!!!! Lets get this one going. Itll still make it for the warm months ahead!
I should recorrect my statement, seen a picture/image of one that was worn opposed to brand new.The heel grip was always my issue with EG and why I loved GG. I find that EG is more classic and GG more modernized.
Interesting. I thought I would like the Woburn better however after seeing both in the wild I do like the Sandringhams a bit more.
Has anyone had the chance to try the new Frederic Malle fragrance? I know Barneys got it but I am curious if anyone has had any chance to smell it.
Thank you so much for those pictures! From top down angle looks like Inca has just a slight more room in the toe box due to shape. From the sole picture looks like Rain has a wider sole.I might have to give Inca a try. Cheers
I am selling my Aberdeen NST boots because I cant fit that last. So annoying because they are such beautiful boots. If theres any interest PM me.
Can someone compare the inca and rain last in terms of fitting. I know the length is almost identical but the toe shape is where it differs but due to that does the inca have more space in the toe in comparison to the rain? Thanks in advance
Hey Clags, Can I say FU? Not because I hate you but because that is an awesome fit. Well done sir!
The beauty in that color of the jacket is that its not a light tan but more of an earthy tan. That allows almost all color trousers that come to mind. I agree with the statements above, anything in the white, tan, grey, navy, chocolate, green, etc.
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