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I bought the Shanklins. Hell of a deal
StC on maiden voyage. Trousers appear to have more break because of me leaning forward to take the picture
Everyone loves navy trousers right?
My first pair of StC on their maiden voyage. Pants don't have that much of a break. I was leaning forward to take the pic
Zegna Zegna Vanda Calabrese
its sad, most of what I ordered is on the bottom of the list for votes. I really hope that houndstooth makes the cut.
Thanks gents. Enzo is fantastic in my opinion. Night and day better than Carmina. I just find the lasts are less forgiving than Carmina
Enzo Bonafe boots
And vote for that houndstooth sport coat cause it's so damn good
Retro for sure but so damn good. That's my number one choice.
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