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Thank you! I wanted to wear a navy jacket with it but I had already worn navy jackets 2 days prior so I figured needed to wear something different.Its definitely different but doesnt bother me and the angle shows off more white than if it was straight up. Still fits well and fills a void of a stripe in my shirt collection.
Let him sell it. I'll buy it. Since its heavily used I'll take it for $20!
I almost would say grail. It's a hell of a shoeSee the thing is in California it's probably good for all year wear.
Ring Talbott Henry carter Goddard Khakis of Carmel EG
I have no money but that's a must have
Fuck me. They looked darker online It's like the perfect suede color
Are those the shanklins on the site right now?
BRUH. It would be amazing with mid to darker grey trousers. You must be too drunk already.
Your saying you don't have any grey trousers? Those would be perfect with that jacket
Blue jackets are so necessary. I almost want another and I have 4 already.Vass F is a rounded fuller last.946 is definitely more of an angled last.946 is edgy and more ItalianF last seems more EnglishI had a hard time in the toe box with Carmina on the rain. These fit perfectly fine. Enough space without being excessively bulky.
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