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HSM Suit Talbott David Donahue tie on maiden voyage Bontoni
I've never tried Robert. Not a fan of forest. The heel cup doesn't work for me. Also no speed hooks. I prefer dainite as well.
I agree and your jackets fit like a glove. I went to see if bloomies in SF had any more but nothing in a 38s.I can't wait to see what fall has to offer.
WU! That's awesome! Just wanted to say what's up!
Not the best angle but I like the colors. I'm so glad I pulled the trigger on this jacket. I'm dressing it down today but it could be easily worn with a mid grey trouser with no problem.
HSM MTM suit Hugo shirt Canali tie Sozzi socks GG shoes
http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/frontpage/products/enzo-bonafe-adelaide-in-museum-calf If this shoe came in a captoe in suede I would be all over it. I would be open to a medium brown suede option and if theres enough for a GMTO that would be sweeeeet!
I love my Butteros. They are my favorite and I probably will end up purchasing another pair in the near future.
I tried editing my post and accidentally quoted and then couldnt edit original after I saw navy.Anyways great suit!
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