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I echo this post, I would be in on that
Gerald when do we expect the matka silk preorder to come around? No rush just curious. Also a silly question but I figure I would throw it out there, would you guys ever do knit ties with a flat bottom?
Shit was yesterday the seconds sale? I am so jealous of everyone that gets to go in person to shop it.
Zegna Eton Francesco Marino Vanda Panta EG Jackets buttoning point is a bit high but I love the colors so its being worn, oh well.
I received mine as well and its amazing. My first SS piece and its great!
I think you can wear them with all 3 pant types for sure. There are probably no alterations that are necessary. Seriously well done, looks fantastic!
Friday: Formosa Barba Francesco Serraiocco Rubinacci Today: Orazio Luciano Mazzarelli Panta Drakes
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