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I enjoy wearing my lighter color shoes with something else in the mid brown up top. I also tend to wear them more often and use a mid to dark brown polish to give them a bit more character which in turn looks even better. Again I think as a whole we dress significantly better than most in the general public who wear their trousers with too much of a break, sleeves on jackets too long, and their favorite square point shoes.
I actually have a lavato I bought last year which is just a bit too snug for my liking which I'll be posting on b&s. If anyone is interested pm me. It's a size 38
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I dont understand this. How can you make a statement 7 months in? Have you got all the warm fuzzy winter gear you want already? I certainly dont haha
Just to echo I've used Spoo for a ton of items. In certain cases ive listed items and haven't sold them then send to Spoo and with his fees make more than what I listed them for. His pictures, reputation, etc make him well worth the 40% fee.
Maybe more brown tones to if? Obviously with this fit you dress better than 95% of the general population so it feels weird to critique it but that's just my .02
Newc I think with a blue shirt the fit would have been fine. I do agree there is something off about the fit due to the shoes. Maybe even if you threw in a pocket square that had some sort of coherency with the shoes that may have helped.
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