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No worries! Wear them in great health man. I cannot wait to see you rock them
At first I looked at your shoes your selling to see if they were my size and then say your newest boots were ugly and that I would be happy to take them from you. Since you are not my size, that joke doesnt apply. What does apply is WOW. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL.
I would rather see it done on the antibes
I agree, but it would be too similar to my inky blue formosa.That winter herringbone though
Shoes have not been delivered yet. I believe their first batch is due in October?
@Epaulet what is the approx weight of the flannella? I know it's lighter than the lambs wool.
Formosa Ledbury Vanda Rubinacci Epaulet Bontoni loafers not pictured
Those new MTO trousers look so good. Hard to pull the trigger when it's like 95 degrees out though
New Posts  All Forums: