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This tie is FUCKING MONEY!!!!!! http://gentlemensfootwear.com/collections/e-g-cappelli-napoli-ties/products/e-g-cappelli-linen-tie-in-grey-8-5-cm-unlined
Both look like same last no?Ucap looks fantastic though
I took that into account, I usually need BOC of 29"
If this was a bit shorter I would be all over it
Is there a discount code floating around? Also would love to see a Macclesfield in action
Wurger I would love to see those bad boys in action. Khaki trousers, Blue hopsack SC and brown tie?
Steve is just killin em!!!!!
I also need to wait a bit but a ptb in dark brown pebble would be pretty awesome
Ok so I just want to throw this out there because there is a lack of shell in the world. What about CXL? Any interest in doing something along those lines? I am just throwing it out there not because I want to or can at the moment but it would be a great substitute for a casual chunky shoe. I remember Unipair did a rain lasted wingtip blucher boot in CXL and it looked badass but my fear was the rain last. Any thoughts out there?
New Posts  All Forums: