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I would venture to think there would be some pieces that are year round but I know you have done 2 variations of the blue blazer in a donegal this season and a hopsack last season.No harm in asking right?
I wish the Inglese would fit me. I got the chambray stripe one and its suuuuuper slim.BTW I was looking at that tie when they first launched and I so want it now after seeing it action
Its funny last night I was just pulling mine out of the closet. Need to take in the waist a bit but so ready to wear them again.
Nick is there going to be a number of basic items that will be available all year to purchase through the many retailers? Thinking about grey wool trousers, blue blazer, tan chinos, white and blue button down shirts, etc.
I would say the instep is tight on Uetam but it will give a little. I have a super low instep and it was tight at first but now my shell and calf loafers are so comfortable
I actually am in the need of a killer navy tie. Just saying Jason
I normally agree but I feel like the green chukka boot is such a great price and almost a must have for a price thats even slightly higher IMO.Hard to say though because I got them as part of GMTO
Steve did one and I was able to take advantage of it. Great chukka. Highly recommend if you can get 6 otherwise its worth it to even consider doing as a solo MTO
At work they call me king of brown. I wear a ton of browns and earthy tones. They are perfect IMO
Omg seeing this makes me remember the restaurant we went to after. Such good food
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