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Its rare to see a basted model for MTM, usually its for bespoke
At this point you should demand a refund. I dont care if the jacket was cheap or expensive, that looks awful. The cloth is gorgeous and the fitting looks so shitty.
Really crappy pic but finally come and wet in the bay to wear my SS
Finally cold enough to rock my newest piece from Craftsmen.
Lol yes I have a lot of extra crap in that room. My room is busting at the seams as well with stuff. I have to send a lot of stuff over to our good friend Spoo at Luxeswap. Maybe some of those boxes will come handy. Anyways, thanks for the guidance and opinions. I will definitely see whats available in gunclubs/heavy textures and probably see if Ed can make me look good.
Thanks gents! I have a gunclub houndstooth jacket coming from Ed as well as a cashmere donegal. I appreciate all the responses. Now my next question. Soft shoulder or unconstructed? I've worn both and enjoy them equally. I just am not sure if there is a preference for one over the other. Ring from today Steed from yesterday
gents what would you guys recommend for a sport jacket cloth that would be worn mostly with denim/chinos? I would probably not cross it over into the wool trouser family. preference is all year weight, but am open to other suggestions. Also am open to whether people think the jacket should be soft shoulder (steed) or minimal shoulder (formosa, ring, etc)
Quick question, do any of you guys have a preference on a boot sock to wear with your vibergs? I dont want anything super thick and warm, but it needs to have more substance than a dress sock. I might add that I would prefer to stay around $10/pair
Thank you! They are new as wellI love them! So comfy all day and they are the perfect transition for me. My job has gone business casual and so no more formal. This is perfect for me in my level of comfort. Probably will end up buying more.Thanks bro!
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