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I cant wait for my British Racing Green Gables! Those are beautiful
In your shirt? Or sort of looping it in a circle through the keeper?
You and me are built similar it seems. I'm a 38 and it fits perfectly. It was snug at first but it's a knit and will stretch.Ignore the stuff behind me. I'm wearing a size small gustin shirt
I agree with Tira. I'm short and I do a double and it's perfect
Am I missing preview pics???
I am committing myself to another heirloom. Maybe an earthy tone and hopefully the MA-1 entices me. Regardless. Can't wait!
I also want to know thoughts on driving loafers or shoes to be worn in summer with light (in color and weight) denim with an ocbd or polo. I had considered espadrilles but I think that's too casual. Sneakers are an easy choice but looking for some sort of sockless option
Treeself I have those shoes. I love them. I wear a US10D. I bought those in a 43 from NMWA. I also was going to say I attempted to spit shine the toe and it was actually much easier than any of my other shoes. Looks absolutely fantastic. I'll post pictures soon.
Henry carter shantung. Love this tie
38,40,42 etc
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