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LOLThats why I hate Chelsea boots, if they dont fit well theres absolutely nothing you can do to help make them fit better. I had a pair from Carmina and had too much heel slippage and it never got better. I need roomy shoes but you cant wear a Chelsea/Jodphur loose, has to be as close as possible.I just keep looking at them though and thinking how gorgeous your boots are though!
But But but they are so pretty!!!!
@RogerP any pics wearing the chelsea boots?
Sorry thats confusing, I meant chelsea model shoe aka the captoeYea I saw that post on IG.Ive been against Chelsea boots but after seeing RogerPs boots Im like wait those are beautiful
I also concur doing MTO through Steve. I believe I have 3 MTO's with him for EG: Chelsea in coffee suede Banbury in bauxite Dover in chestnut utah BOOOM Probably will kop his Galway later in the year
I think you nailed it
No doubt they are beautiful, just my observation
Please cuff
Bro they definitely look too tight width wise.
My pleasure!
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