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I ordered the Natural CXLs in the trench boot and it got cancelled 2 times. I guess sold out in my size. Gonna order the brown instead but I can see myself ordering the natural CXLs in the future.
Very true. I forget how easy that is.Thanks Patrick. Definitely seems like they are almost identical. Gonna order the 29s and see what happens.
So would you take a 34 in the Wilshire? Or still go with the same size?
My APC waist is slim and I would want it a hair bigger thats why Im thinking 29s
Ok for the denim if I wear about a 30 in Gustins slim and a 28-29 in APC new standard would I take a 29 or a 30?
I echo this as well. I cant seem to fit any last made by EG.
Greg do you do a lot of Vass mto? I bought my first pair from you but would love to add more to my wardrobe. Wanted to know if you could give some insight on how it works. If best suited for pm then I'll go that route.
Thanks man! After seeing your Chelsea posts I knew I wanted a pair.Yes sir. Rain last and same size as my shell bal boots and my captoe oxfords.Rain last fits me the best. Sleek enough with enough room at the end of the day. Especially when I walk about 5 miles in my shoes bare minimum every day
Suede Chelseas. Sooo comfy
Already got shipping confirmation. Sickkkk
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