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I've used the inexpensive. I'm patient and don't mjnd waiting for shoes.
You guys are enablers.In all seriousness thats my favorite swatch. That tweed is just gorgeous
I think when we were at the trunk show the pricing was based on the letter of the alphabet of the card. I dont know what the difference is between fabrics though. Better for epaulet to answer that.
Im pretty sure fabrics will all cost different amounts. I believe they list the lowest price of the group of fabrics
Wow your wardrobe is fire!
Um Cardiffs and Piccadillys. FUCK Ok so now fit question, if I wear the 202 in the Malvern (closed lacing) will a derby fit different or should I get the same size?
Its dry cleaning time and that was closest to solid blue I had without a stripe which I figure would be a bit too much. Pocket square came off more red than burgundy but I can see where the contrast might be too strong
God if I only I lived in an area with a cold climate. I would be all over that
I agree well said! They have a lot going on at the same time and they want to make sure it was perfect. Best example was the couro sneaker situation. I think that solidified to me how impressive epaulet is and how much they value their product and make sure the customers are completely satisfied even if it does take a little longer than expected
I thought the checks looked different but saw how the color looks. Both are amazing.Now to be clear is everything going to get ordered but odd sizes could order now or is this all mto if we get 8 people to buy into a specific piece?
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