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I am glad to even be in contention. Some great combos up there
I agree that I do think it was a dumb move but maybe he had intentions of using it and 2 months or whatever it is after he didnt. Again I think huge waste of money because he could have paid someone to stay on SF and run this thread and it could help result in sales as opposed to such a negative thread.
Maybe he did decide to pay in one lump sum. Regardless shitty service. Some of his products look decent but not even worth trying to buy from him.
I have the same problem and I only wear wear them with cotton pants/jeans now.
How do you like the Alcudia? It seems very long and pointy and I havent seen much in terms of being stocking in that last.
I'm eager to try the shirts for sure. My work wardrobe is in good shape now but casual needs work.
I can imagine. Still hats off to your collection. I'm rebuilding my wardrobe now and trying to get rid of my stuff that doesn't fit
Mike and Adele must love that picture hahaha. Great though. I wish I had space to do that
Newc that is amazing.
Gotcha, the little guy needs some play time! Have fun out there and tell the Khakis crew I say hello!
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