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I would love the shit out of that.
Awesome! I will try my best to be out there Gus! Thanks again for organizing.
Frank thats cause you da man! I cant wait to get it. Grey trousers and knit blue tie?Thanks man! Me too. I cant wait
Do they have a store front? or are they setting up a pop up shop?
Super excited because the weather is starting to get cold and this would be perfect
Correct me if im wrong the Gun Club isnt going to be stocked till January right?
How long ago did you order this? I order a FF sportcoat and I am super excited for it! Just hoping its on its way shortly!
I will check my schedule and get back
Rob is one of the best dressed guys hands down
Would it make you feel better if I told you I was out of the house for maybe 5 hours and it was launched and sold out in that time?
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