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Lol very true. But I got 5 pieces for the price of maybe 1 Formosa. Id say it's a decent trade off for me.
Its super light padded shoulders. Narrow shoulders as well which is nice. High armhole, slim through the chest/waist as well. I am not entirely sure about the new model and/or formosa. As much as I want to dip into formosa its out of my financial means.
Where are we with the Burgundy pebble grain rain last captoe?? This will be a killlllller
HC ties be awesomesauce
I like the size of the grain on the boot. I think its tight enough and small enough for the style we are looking at.
I meant to just target anyone who was interested in the particular makeup. I agree finer is better. Steve will have to be the one who confirms for us. Are there more interests for this shoe?Again thinking of:Rain LastDainite SoleBurgundy/dark brown pebble grain
Also just ordered 2 brushes and neutral cordovan cream on Monday afternoon and just received them. Steve is AWESOME!
I would rather do pebble than hatch grain. I remember epaulet doing it and it was super grainy. Not as good of a finish as GG. Pebble grain in burgundy!
I was just looking at both of those. They are both amazing. What/how would one wear that though?
Greg are those flannel? Fully lined? Pricing?
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