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If they are marking one why not mark the other?
Thank you for looking into this. Obviously more frustration with the transportation than with you guys. I can definitely say I am really excited and anxious for my jacket. I'm pretty sure I can say the same is true for Andy.
Formosa JWN Talbott Godard Havent worn a bow tie in a while and figured it would be nice to throw it on with the jacket
I'm sure I would go in on it too.
Not a jodhpur guy but god damn those look awesome
Both of the swatches in the swatch book look great but if I saw the second picture I wouldnt be as excited. Im guessing the one in the swatch book is overexposed and the other is underexposed
I think it has to do with personal hygiene (nails)Ive put holes in socks near the ankles and stuff where the seams are stressed
Not that I need another Gator wallet but can we see the inside of that wallet Charlie?
I looked at them today as well and their website took forever to load. I started to lose patience and the one thing that kinda annoyed me was the logo on the socks. It seems as though they all have them. Pricing came out to about $20 a sock. At that price I would rather shell out the $5 to have pantherella
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