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Gents still trying to get this project off the ground. Green sportcoat from Formosa. It will be a killer piece and you dont want to miss out on it! http://www.styleforum.net/t/433187/formosa-x-nmwa-gmto-operation-giacca-estiva-poll/210
Anyone for the green?
Swede those are insane. Wear them in great health!
I think it varies by fabric book/mill. I want to say they start at about $1600-$$$$. OTR suits cost me $1100 which is the most I spent on something OTR but it fit so great that I didn't mind.Cuffs are 2". They definitely seen and appear larger in the picture
I checked bloomies in SF and there was only 1 thing in 48S. The new spring collection is what I am waiting to see whats available.
Haha yea that was a shirt that was a mistake during my earlier years. It would be awesome if you were there!
GG on maiden voyage Pantherella Ring suit
Thanks man. Actually both my suits are OTR. This one is a bit more tapered in the waist but I love the weight and feel of it. They are doing a trunk show on the 24th in San Francisco so I plan to get one more during that time.
Ring suit Zegna A suitable wardrobe tie GG on maiden voyage
I need someone to do it for me!DOWN.Last time was so much fun, try to come bro!
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