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Well done! Mine should be here this week or next, cant wait.
Negative. Sozzi knit
Another really good picture lol It's warm in the Bay Area so perfect weather for this shirt.
Ring JWN Isaia Godard Khakis of Carmel EG Photos came out a bit fuzzy unfortunately.
Its really trim without being too tight. Very flattering but that fabric is just insane. Its hard to put it in perspective unless you actually handle it.
Thanks man, I thought about going a stripe and then went with this for the color.
Thanks bro! Rob nailed it.
My apologies for the really shitty pictures as it is common knowledge that I suck at taking pictures of my fits. First impression. WOW Second impression. HOLY MOLY Third impression. This fits incredibly well and the fabric is gorgeous. Fourth impression. If Rob opens up MTM I seriously could be in trouble. In all seriousness, the cloth is incredible, the fit is close to the body without any pulling. The fabric is so soft. The collar is so soft and has great...
New Posts  All Forums: