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Just paid for mine and my MTO shirt just shipped! SWEET!
Im hoping you mean leather cause thats what im excited to see
Ok I am game. Whats the price and timeline?
Interested for sure. Just need to know pricing.Also the one pair I have on the 202 is closed lacing where this is Blucher. Does that affect sizing?
I love how the garment changes shape and starts off crisp and ends up sorta wrinkly.I love my cappellis, all from Steve at GFW
Fuck yes!!!!
Forgot to take a pic in the am so here's one on my way home. Definitely more rumpled Ring Ledbury EG Cappelli Rubinacci Khakis of Carmel Pantherella Bontoni
Mike what should we expect to see in SF this weekend? Shoes, pants, tees, shirts, sweaters? I know the preorder and launch of the Heirloom and MA1 will be previewed on Friday but anything else we should be super stoked about?
Yea still a better price than everyone else and I love Skoak. They are fantastic
Omg so much action since the last time I looked. Back to black shoe discussion. Captoe or wholecut? Skoak has both on the rain last and I could spring $300 on them.
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