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Yea I mean they fit but the problem is I am on my feet for 8-12 hours a day and walk anywhere from 3-7 miles during the course of a day so Ive expensively figured out that I need something with a little extra width in the toe box. Let me know if I can make it easy to send over your way
so I unfortunately found that the Rain last doesnt work as well for me as I thought. I have a few pairs I am selling that are available in my signature. Please feel free to reach out with questions or interest.
Gents here are a pair of Cognac Cordovan Carmina boots on the Rain Last. They were purchased as a GMTO and I have had them for over a year and have been worn maybe 15 times. I have discovered the Rain last doesnt work well for my feet so I will be unloading a lot of Carminas that were purchased over the years that no longer get worn due to my feet not being able to fit them. Details: Cognac Cordovan Rain Last 973 Captoe Boot Dainite sole (cannot recall if double or...
Would love to hear what everyone is choosing here. At first I was gonna go GAT but now im thinking tennis high top.
I think we did sell a small houndstooth one at one point
Damn that's insane. Couple of beautiful coats in that pic
My first 3 were their exclusive fabrics and they are fantastic. I've ordered from caccioppolli, lp, and barbera books
Love the color palette @DavidLane
I forget but are trees recommended or no for the sneakers? I've worn mine about 5 times and they are breaking in nicely
Colors are perfect Murl
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