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Wingtips are on point
Well I got excited seeing the word Hove but then thought it was a country version and got sad because I was going to partake in the GMTO except it was country calf.I think I might have to pull trigger
At first I thought oh no hatch grain because I thought it was pebble grain Then I went to bespoke england to look at what it was going to look like. Now I am
I wore my brown knit tie yesterday but I guess I could have done a shantung. Point noted. Thanks for the suggestions.
For a quick second I saw 400 but it might have been something else I was shopping for lmao.For 600 it still seems like a great price. My only hesitation is the how light the edge is. I'd prefer a darker brown for suit wear
Peter Millar Zegna Serraiocco Cravate royal Panta Bontoni Sorry about the bright light from the window in the back
I agree thats a killer price
Longwings are ultimate for casual style. I would be all over those if I didnt have a pair of shortwings that are almost identical. Wear them and enjoy them casually those are gorgeous
I have my newest acquisition in my hand ready to go get tailored
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