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That last boot what last would it be on? Looks like money!!!!!
I keep getting confused and I keep responding in the GG thread. How many interests are there for the Thorpe burgundy pebble?
at under $1000 I would be very interested in that thorpe mto
Gents here is a pair of Uetem loafers in Navy shell. UK9/US10 Looking for $400 -> $350 Great condition and they fit extremely well. Tons of life left on these. Just havent had many wears in the rotation and would love for a fellow forumite to have.
So whats pricing looking like for the Thorpe? I particularly like the burgundy grain on the boot. Double leather sole?
Frank should win the award of the best dressed gent
I thought the projects was Thorpe not the Burnham
Thats what I hope my Enzo MTO looks like. KILLER
I feel like this needs to be printed framed and included with every purchase of that jacket.
posted here rather than swd. deal with it [[SPOILER]] ]Just received this. Does it seem snug in the waist area?
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