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let me know if your interested. It would help me and you out
Itll be too short for you for sure.
undershirts also btw
Tommy John is the best shit ever
I was extremely disappointed at first with Epaulet and then I have been wowed by them. They are incredible when it comes to communication and product. If I lived in NY I would probably visit every week. Idk how the people who live by dont spend their entire income at their store. Cheers to Mike and Adele
That's fantastic. Gunclub is 2 months away but count me in
Leaves sent you pm regarding no8 jumper!
I have a question regarding Formosa mto. I know we had talked about the gunclub spring summer cloth as an option after project inky blue got off the ground. Is that still an option and if so can it be pushed till after delivery of inky blue. The gunclub was my top choice but I could always use a new navy sportcoat so that's why I sprung for it. I just want to make sure the gun club will happen but want to verify my sizing before dropping that cash. Kthxbye
I am glad to even be in contention. Some great combos up there
I agree that I do think it was a dumb move but maybe he had intentions of using it and 2 months or whatever it is after he didnt. Again I think huge waste of money because he could have paid someone to stay on SF and run this thread and it could help result in sales as opposed to such a negative thread.
New Posts  All Forums: