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That's my fear is not having tried another last besides the Aberdeen and trubalance. Both were not optimal
Why disaster??
So I bought a pair of Aldens a long time ago, didnt care much for them due to fit, now see the Alt Weins and somehow have started to show some interest. I also had like 10 pairs of shell shoes/boots and sold all but 1. So pitch to me why or why not I should have them.
Get both, its the price of the original at full price
Koala that jacket you posted is absolutely gorgeous!
I checked last week and it was gone. I didnt buy it unfortunately :-(
I am also wearing flannel up top and a wool tie. Felt appropriate to wear country calf in the situation. Plus it's cold and chances of being wet in the bay so I wore my bad weather shoes.
I have no skin in the game for the trousers but the transparency from epaulet makes me happy to be a customer from a company that doesn't hide anything and presents everything to their customers. Well done team!
Great job on the twins. They look gorgeous
Andy how do you like the fitting? They look much better on a foot then in product images!
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