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Zegna JWN Talbott Rubinacci EG
Thank you! If my memory serves me right they are the Newbury on the 888. They are just a hair snug on my left foot. The color is nightshade. One of the most unique colors I've ever seen
Any sort of wait is well worth it. The products are just the best. I dont see a reason to shop anywhere else for belts
http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/clothing/trousers/beige-mid-weight-cotton-trousers-9-10-oz.html Im sorry I think that these are the best fathers day present. Lots of dads are wearing "dad" pants and this is such a clean way to clean up their excessively baggy trousers in a classy way that remains comfortable and clean. Whether they are wearing it with a polo shirt to a BBQ or pool party or with a shirt and a sportcoat to a cocktail party or a date with their...
Lol good observation
Thought I would leave this here
Formosa Boss Talbott Godard Brax EG
I own the west end belt in like 5 colors. One of my favorites. Highly recommend it
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