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I thought the checks looked different but saw how the color looks. Both are amazing.Now to be clear is everything going to get ordered but odd sizes could order now or is this all mto if we get 8 people to buy into a specific piece?
No I mean the marled holland and sherry swatch
Jeez this is fire. I want all of them. The one of Greg wearing the sport coat is badass. That's the fabric that stood out as well as the prince of Wales. Fuck
Will post tonight!I thought so too
What would you wear those pearl grey with? Navy?
Pants are a great price for the product already. I feel like everything epaulet has is at such a great price.
Ring Canali Drakes Finnamore Vass
Here's my pair that fits really well. F last Size 43
Gents if I wear a 43 in the F last, do I take the same size in the U last? The F last fits me perfect.
Thank you sir! I am so glad I got it made.Now I hope for some sort of cash/wool for winter
New Posts  All Forums: