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Gents I have a pair of Carmina Ruby Shell Balmoral Boots on the Forest Last UK9 which would be a US10. These are a great makeup from Epaulet through a GMTO which was priced at over $900. These beautiful boots are incredibly rare and it was incredible to own them for a short time. Unfortunately they are just not getting enough rotation wear for me to warrant keeping them. I have always kept them in their Forest lasted shoe trees, brushed and have been conditioned with...
Ive been working out bro, watch out NMWA will be carrying some outerwear by Eidos. Im pretty excited to see their offerings
Captoe rain last adelaide in burgundy museum calf. Game set match
Just ordered my first Mazzarelli shirt!
That right loafer is amazing! I want to get a tassel loafer with the same side stitching and vamp stitching
Moar Bontonis is the only solution. This is on their newest last and off the bay it's incredibly comfortable and great for a casual boot
So I definitely had the best post today (har har). Thursday will be better for sure.
This jacket definitely needs some slimming down. It's just been difficult. I lost a significant amount of weight and so trying to get things that fit and look right in the process. That's a 38 short and there is no way I would fit any smaller but I need the body taken in for sure.
No problem gents. Appreciate feedback that's why I post.
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