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My pleasure. I struggled with MC for a while but I think having a textured jacket with cuffed denim and a basic blue ocbd is perfect
@heldentenor it looks great. I would just shorten the denim. I prefer to cuff mine to be a bit more edgy and less MC. If you want to be more MC then shortening would be best.
@Leaves that is so beautiful!
I wear both my 1.25" and 1.5" belt with jeans. Some denim has different size belt loops so that helps me decide.
I wonder what leads you to think its tight?I also live in the bay area, we dont get that cold to layer more than a shirt and sweater and maybe the jacket on top
The jacket is way more distressed than I anticipated. Im on the fence if I will keep it or send it back. The zipper on mine lines up but sticks badly
I totally agree. This was not worth the wait. Here's a pic of me trying mine on.
It definitely is part of the fun figuring out details. I would say that the fit is the most important part. Without looking at fit there are so many details however if a manufacturer doesn't work then looking at their details is unnecessary. GG as much as I love the style they don't work for my foot.On another note if your a size 43 and want the F last norwegers I'm selling a pair. Shameless plug I know.
I have the Epaulet version as well and they fit similar. I would say the Gustin is a bit slimmer
@sebastian mcfox great look! Details on the shoes please!
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