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Charcoal kopped!
So I wear suits/SCs for work and then outside of work I want to be super casual. Usually denim and a hoodie. I think I want to change my look outside of work. I might pull the trigger. Charcoal, Purple, or Glacier?
I want to get in on that pre order for the cardigan but just not sure how much I would wear it
Is the mto the same price? Or is there an up charge?
Shoulder measurement for the check?
Just emailed her
Im catching up on SF today and I am thinking we need to be twins on all 3?
NST no8 Aberdeen boot
Carmina shell is so hard to keep clean/shiny
I would venture to think there would be some pieces that are year round but I know you have done 2 variations of the blue blazer in a donegal this season and a hopsack last season.No harm in asking right?
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