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FUCK. Those are sick!!!!! Ill take it as is
I want said postcard. I have discovered a love for some ties and pocket squares and would love to see if there were more that wanted to join my collection. Maybe even another pair of vass
Is there a coupon code as well? Items are returnable?
Kudu is a denim kind of boot right? Also what is the oscar fitting like?
I wore mine as I was test driving cars today and it was so comfy. Was like um what other colors do I need and went immediately to some sort of brown.
Both of those look fantastic. Probably going forward you would get the 50 though right? I cant wait for inky blue to come in so I can buy moar
Spoo is the man
Mike can you please offer a Heirloom cardigan in chocolate or camel for next year please please please!
Makes me feel good I wear 48 in eidos and did formosa mto in 46
Murl did you take the same size in Formosa and Eidos
New Posts  All Forums: