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So would it be too heavy for the bay area I guess is my question.I do like the green over the blue for sure
That herringbone looks beautiful! Is the bumfreezer jacket really heavy?
I share this sentiment lol
While drinking a cup of coffee and eating breakfast I read through this thread. Great read and fantastic tailoring!
Like having sweatpants right now is necessary but in April might not even be needed.....
I didnt think I would be able to rock it but I threw it on and felt like a million bucks
Orazio Luciano suit StC
Just to follow the well dressed Igent @Andy57 with my minnis 0656 SS Rollneck Orazio Luciano suit StC
Those are definitely amazing to look at
Ok so that Teba is pretty fucking awesome. I would be game for linen, cotton, or some blend. I would primarily wear it with denim so it would be nice to have a color that wears better with denim.
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