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I just sent a few boxes to spoo lolI want that Inglese tattersal shirt but im waiting to make sure the i bought and sent to the cleaner isnt too tight in the chest.
Mike even that shoe you posted with the red sole if you did the FC with the grey and white that would be perfect.
I just ordered a gunclub but that Green is MONEY. Wait for inky blue to come so I can nail sizing. I would be in on that
Murl = Money
Grey and white color wayBrown and white color wayGreen and brown color way
Wearing my chocolate walts. They are perfect except I told my tailor to give me a little more length and I think she gave me a bit too much and being slightly narrow leg opening they have too much break
They are aesthetically exactly what I wanted. I was afraid they would be too dark but the shade, texture, and brogueing is perfect.
Xpost from skoak thread Enzo Bonafe mto Pantherella EP Walt Socks are brown and cream and aren't as light in real life.
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