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Ring Barba Vanda x 2
FUCK THOSE WHITE GRAIN ONES ARE FIRE!!!!!!!! I sent my bro a pic and he wants one too. Except just checked and he was a 13 and they dont have a 13 for him.
I really wanna take the plunge on the sneakers but want to wait for the first batch to see what people's thoughts are.
The mh71 is on the border of snug. Maybe I'll take standard width because these are suede also and will stretch
If its narrower than the MH71 then I will take a wider width on it.
What last does the GG loafer fit like? MH71? or the TG73?
Probably game for the Antibes
Does no one want the Antibes? I mean I think it would be sharp in suede and some sort of exotic combo. Or am I being crazy?
Ring Mazza Vanda Bigi
just under 3.5"
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