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colors are great but I definitely want something that is much lighter.
Ex cell entI said it out loud like that but I was glad that Cleav said it before me
whats the weight and fabric composition?
The one comment I have is that the pocket placement in the back seems really far apart. Otherwise yes letting out hip and seat should do the trick.
I think I get that way often as well. I do like knowing that the item fits if I do for some reason decide to wear it buttoned/zipped.It looks like it fits really well though
Those are all fucking amazing
Definitely over due but great to meet you too! Sorry we had to bolt outta there but we should set up drinks soon
Just ordered my first Inglese polo in denim. I did size up as I have put on a few pounds and my Inglese dress shirts were way too snug for me.
Due to the holiday my shoes will be here next Monday
I definitely learned something. Thanks Greg
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