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Ring Boss Rubinacci Christian Kimber Panta StC
For everyone bitching go spend the extra $200 and get a pair of common projects. /rant
Thank you sir! I was going to go with a rust grenadine but I figured I would throw in something different and liked the result.
Formosa JWN Vanda Monsiuer Fox Panta EG
I'm young(er) and I am in the same boat. Prefer roomy than snug. I've had too many foot problems to try to bother breaking in or wearing snug shoes
Warm weather attire
I think your notion of thinking something is made for you is completely wrong. Its made based on the size that is requested. With crowdsourcing there are things that work and dont work. They are working from the mindset of having no physical inventory in an ideal situation. So if someone requests something and they have it in their stock why wouldnt they send it out?I really dont get why people are having issues with it. I would be super stoked to get something that...
Thanks for the feedback guys, I have had this jacket dry cleaned twice. The first time is was perfect but this time obviously isnt where I like it. I will have to have it redone.
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