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True but always open to other options for Dovers. Just a great shoe!
Wow, I totally forget about it. I have a wholecut in it and its gorgeous. Thats a great option!
Not suede?
Just picked up the Vass high boots
I have the dark oak dovers and have a chestnut Utah Dover on order. I feel like I also need a country calf Dover after looking at a lot of pics....
I'm guessing if it complements the outfit then go for it and it isn't jarring. If going for a different color than the trouser I prefer to do a simple sock but one that's muted in color and pattern opposed to something bright and colorful
And I have the 46 which compared to my other 46 feels the same in the shoulder. Especially when it's spalla camicia because there's no structure being a tad smaller in the shoulder doesn't negatively impact the fit. If there was more structure it would
Orazio Eton Vanda Christian Kimber Panta EG
Looks gorgeous! Can't wait for mine to arrive!
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