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So whats our next step? Paging @gdl203 @unbelragazzo We have all our participants!!!
Thank you sir!PS I want to try some of your ties. After seeing a few posted the want is strong.
Wait before we start another project, where are we for the brown herringbone? I want to get that dialed in
Omg omg omg Omg is it happening????
Nothing really. I work in SF so I take stuff to tailors there. Usually simple hemming my dry cleaner does. Pretty decent job
Ring Mtm talbot Conrad wu Goddard Epaulet Pantherella Carmina I think some dark suede would have been better but oh well.
Right? Come on gents!!!!
Gents we need one more to get this GMTO off the ground. Details are: 3 roll 2 3 patch pockets horn buttons Its the perfect summer/fall jacket
This is so damn good.
Guys, is this taking off or no?
New Posts  All Forums: