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What would you wear cloud Utah Galway with? Could you dress it with odd trousers and a sportcoat or is that too dressy?
God damn both of the boots posted are gorgeous
Zegna Jwn Rubinacci Drakes Khakis of Carmel Crappy lighting at 6:30am
Roger can you wear your Gold Galways with odd trousers and a sportcoat? Or do you reserve it only for very casual outfits?
I usually run really warm but even the 10 ounce jeans from Gustin are comfortable to wear in the summer. I think I wore a pair all summer long. Just cant remember which ones they are
That shell is pretty tasty but I can imagine pricing will be a pretty penny
Fastest sale ever, 43 minutes.
Exactly, its a much more guaranteed opportunity for Steve where he can go around the GMTO part of it
Gents, I have a pair of custom Bontoni wholecuts in a very unique wine color. These are slightly narrow for me and havent been worn much. I paid full retail of $1600 as these were made according to my specifications. Dainite Rubber Sole Size 10 Triple Norwegian Stitching Lasted Shoe Trees Hand made in Italy, and hand colored. I paid over $1600 and am looking for $550 or best offer.
Gents, here is a pair of Vass Galoshes purchased from NMWA. I have worn these quite a bit and have found they are slightly short for my feet and need to size up 1/2 a size. I paid over $600 for these and looking for $225 with shoe trees! Looking for a quick and painless sale. F Last Size 43, US10 Dark Brown Double Leather Sole Lasted Shoe Trees
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