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Orazio on maiden Muscariello Francesco marino on maiden Godard Panta EG
Well done Harry. Looks great and I concur almost all your statements. I can't wait for my Hemingway Safari jacket to come!
God damn Rob, looks great. I'll probably order the grey tonight
Wow those are beautiful
Gotcha. I guess in my head I wouldn't see the point in getting a MTO and not getting the shoe trees to go with it. Thanks for the education on the topic.
Pretty sure they are comped on a MTO but I could be wrong. I've done 2 MTOs and never paid for them
Demand free shoe trees
Patience is a virtue. Welcome to the world of MTOs
It does take time. I never got a tracking number and then the shoes showed up. Nick gets slammed with these sales so I am sure he is processing orders
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