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Ryden you got any pics of the Thorpe?
Now that is why the guys and girls at epaulet are one of the best. I have no stake in this but that is amazing customer service
Mr Six what shirt is that second one? Its beautiful!
Omg that looks like a store. Killer collection bro
I have worn 38 for 2 seasons in heirlooms. My first one got more and more comfortable. Still working on my second season ones. Mike suggested to try to lightly stretch by hand where it feels snug and I need to give that a shot
I bought the 3sixteen plain toe boots. First pair of vibergs ever. @dekalog wasn't me, I got the 9.5
Not TD but still a pretty cool make up courtesy of GFW!
Sweet, I cant wait to see the snuff. I definitely want one just needs to figure out the color.
WOW. Price??
I love the shape of that jodhpur! I hope that theres a chelsea in brown leather with that shape. I would be all over that
New Posts  All Forums: