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Murls you know me too damn well. I want the green linen version now. Frank and metranger thanks guys!
Inky Blue just arrived. AMAZING
Id buy #10 and #11
Arent they amazing? I love them
Decided to play. I tried taking a full pic and it sucked. Here's the top half Zegna Borrelli Vanda Bigi Below fresco mid grey trou
Stitch colors are phenomenal Murls that is money. Is that tie the cotton pants? My lady bought that for me for my bday. She knows me well. And if I might point out both gents in Formosa correct? Does that mean when mine comes tomorrow I will be as awesome as you two?
Tassel is money
I would support a medium brown suede loafer but not string. Would have to be full strap or tassel
Those rain suede whole cuts are on another level.
I've never worn the Detroit but from visual comparisons it seems to be pretty wide. I know forest and rain offer wide widths but soller and Detroit run on the wider side.
New Posts  All Forums: