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Maiden voyage. So comfortable
Going to take my field jacket in on Tuesday to have the sleeves shortened. Has anyone needed to do it just yet?
LOL nothing wrong with GG at all. Ive just had weird foot issues. Spent so much money on my Bontonis and GGs to find that EG OTR fits so damn perfect. I used to wear my shoes a little too snug especially with how much walking I do and how much my feet swell so I need something thats got a more generous last if you will.Potentially thinking about one of these, just not sure. Left 3 all look super tasty:
Thanks gents! I appreciate the kind words. Ive always been a huge fan of GG but after wearing EG starting this year I have been converted. Love the comfort and fit of all my EGs. I have 1 more coming in and 2 more MTO's and considering another.
Just bought 3 Rubinacci squares and my first Monseiur Fox one. I am still eyeing that LP Storm System Valstar
I have a Valstar and I normally wear a size 36 to 38 in sportcoats and suits. Mostly 36 and I ordered a Valstar in a 36 and I wish I would have gone to a 38. Sizing is just on the snug and short side so sizing up would have allowed more comfort and length. Just my 0.02.Ill let Shaya chime in though as he is the expert!
My newest EG addition via Khakis of Carmel
I had a rough experience with Epaulet in my first experience, however I gave them a few more chances and in the last 2 years I have probably ordered something from them every month or every other month.I also had the opportunity to meet Mike in SF and he is just a kickass dude!
Gentlemens Footwear or Khakis of Carmel
Epaulet has been nothing short of fantastic. I suggest an email privately. Just like TO guy said.
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