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Ring on maiden Mazza Seraiocco Rubinacci
Mine cost $550. Took about 8 weeks. I bought this strap while waiting for it and as soon as I made it home strap was switched
Back on my wrist after service.
Ring Talbott Drakes Godard
Every season with NMWA has been fire
Formosa Jwn Vanda Drakes Still pretty warm in the Bay Area. I want the cold weather now!
That lapel roll is just too damn good
Ring Boss Ferragammo Godard
Self tipped. Not sure of exact construction to be honest. It's got a beefy weight and hand to it though. One of my favorites. Although it's a bit long so I have to loop the tail to keep it from excess tail sprezz. I purchased it from Steve at gentlemens footwear. Highly recommend his pieces. Super versatile. I've bought like 5 pieces from him
I can't seem to locate it on my phone but is there a tread with the SF trunk show dates? If we are able to request specific items I would not want to clog up this thread.
New Posts  All Forums: