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I just preordered the chocolate suede chukkas
I didnt know the soles were removable....thanks for the advice, will give it a shot
Unfortunately I am in the same boat. I bought 2 pairs and loved the aesthetic but comfort wise just didnt work for my foot. I still have both pairs in a size 42 if anyone is interested pm me
@clee1982 used to be a 36 but have grown due to not moving around as much and sitting more. I still can fit my Isaia 36/46 suit. These I just need to move on because I don't wear and don't feel the need to alter. Partially due to being lazy and just not needing them
I agree with this stitchy guy.At quick glance I didn't see the pocket square. I will pull an OG Stitch and say no P/S would have been better with how many different elements you incorporated.Hi Stitchy!
Thanks man! Feels good to throw them on especially with the chill coming back in the bay
Epaulet x Alden shell tankers
Hi gents,Here is a group of sportcoats and 1 suit that havent been reached for in quite some time. I would love to move them pretty quickly.Ring Suit size 46/36 - $500Carlo Barbera Cloth, jacket is partially lined and very light weight2 button configuration, double ventMeasurements:Pit to pit- 20"Shoulder- 17"BOC- 28.5"Functional cuffs- 24.5" with 1.25" to let outPant waist- 33"Inseam- 30"2" cuff with 1.25" to let out [[SPOILER]] Ring Glenplaid sportcoat 46/36- $300Ring...
Now that I see that Alden boot, I would love to see if Mike and team can get a natural CXL Alt Wein boot.
Mother fucker. That sounds too good. Im going to keep listening...
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