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I'm shorter as well and cuff all my trousers. Usually 2". I've worn plain bottom and they make me feel shorter and drape is off on the trouser. Cuffs win in almost every situation
My formosa which is also hemp has a linen like feel to it but isn't as stiff or crunchy. Definitely a lot softer of a hand. I highly recommend it. Wears like linen but drapes a bit better
Ring ️Zegna Rubinacci Vanda EG
Aside from the great combo in the pic, the board in the back is amazing."did someone just get told" -> No? -> Tell themLMAO
JC I think you need to add maybe 1/2" in length to the trousers. Having them with little to no break shortens you (ive been in that boat and lengthened most of my pants almost 1/2"-1") Colors look great though and all elements are perfect. Well done
Of course I snoozed and I lost out on that Mackintosh. Now on another note those Vass chukkas look super nice. Definitely over 2 times the money I was looking to spend but thats what NMWA does to you. Entices with the best fucking stuff
That last belt is fucking gorgeous
Steam does the trick
Almost one of the easiest colors to pull off in my opinion. Blue, olive, khakis, patterned jackets. I wear mine with a few different pieces but my favorite was my navy windowpane sportcoat with it
What shoe are we talking about? The loafer?
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