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Shouldaville. Just perfect
Thanks for the feedback guys. The trousers from a few feet away give off a pale grey color. So I thought it would be ok to wear it with the blue patterned jacket. The tie is cotton so to pair back to the casualness of the linen trousers. May not be the best or most coherent but it's what was worn today. Would definitely wear it with my hop sack jacket
Kop both. That's what I'm doing
Eidos Eton Panta Epaulet Pantherella Bontoni
The Ecru Heirloom has the wood buttons. I just ordered the cinnamon with the wood buttons. Gonna be sick
More like too cool for SF
Gus what happened to the cool gangster pose in the MA-1???
Those leathers are amazing and sneaker collection is going to be bonkers
Mike is cool as fuck. That's all. Great fucking host. Knows so much. I can't wait to order
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