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But your open to 82 with utah/lavagna.I saw Rogers boot which was a pair of Utah on the 82 and they looked might nice.
I love mine. Worn a few times when there's a slight breeze outside. Wears light and comfortably. This was their light weight version. I don't remember the exact name or weight but I had a heavy version that was too warm for my liking
So does the Utah leather slightly less textured? If so itll still give the same impression of what a utah/suede combo in that color scheme would look.
My mistake, thanks for correcting that for me
Its our color bro! Cloud Utah and Lavagna suede
Can we please agree that the suede/utah option is just
WTF WHY NOT?????You tease.....
Thats why I love dealing with Paypal because there usually is some recourse for fraud. In my years of low transactions I have only 1 fraud purchaser of one of my for sale items. I immediately reported him here and with Paypal and the mods here banned him and actually informed other high level sellers to be careful with him.
Steve, there is just something so beautiful about that single monk strap
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