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I totally agree with the tie choice. I just had a new tie and I really wanted to wear it but I think its suited for more of a sportcoat/trouser combo. The room I am using has more access to light which is nice for pictures.I love the suit and its a super light fabric which is so comfy all day
Thanks man! I really learned a lot from the posts here and lurking a lot.Got a notification from Steve that 2 of my EGs should be ready by July and August Also am getting a chelsea on the 202 as opposed to the 82 which I couldnt fit unfortunately
Zegna Zegna Talbott Godard EG
Not Vass but here's my GG wholecuts. I find that the P2 fits me well from Vass but that last wouldn't make a handsome or classy wholecut so I went with GG instead
Mike no worries at all! I'd love to do like a light grey suede or even a chocolate brown. Also my Southwick jacket is being delivered today. Pretty excited to go home after work haha
I agree that there should be a general ballpark of length on jackets and for me the ideal is to cover the crotch seam in the front and the seat in the back. Now depending on body shapes that will change as rtw doesn't consider everyone's body shapes. Also having things made doesn't always guarantee the drape of the garment. My suit that I'm wearing today covers my rear but feels 1cm short in the front. It does irritate me but it's not blatantly short like some other...
I never wear black but had a pair of black wholecuts for my wedding. Mind you it's not for another year but with some manufacturers it takes a while and I didn't want to risk it. I'll be most likely wearing a navy tux
Isaia Canclini Vanda Rubinacci EG Not sure why my right shoulder has that weird bump, my tailor said it seems like theres an issue with the lining and that he would look at it. Suit is a hair snug and the photo definitely shows that a little more than it truly is in real life.
Mike can you do a run of suede tennis trainers?????
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