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Just ordered both Rivet performance cloth pants I normally have ordered walts in a size 32 and have to let the waist out, so I decided to order a 33 in these.
I wouldnt worry about that, since this was a polo I might wear it to work and I didnt need it to be super fitted.
For the price and it looked decent I bit for the 3 pack. I did size up in comparison to the tshirts. My tees fit really slim
I could see myself with almost every piece that Ive seen from their F/W collection
First time reading through some of this thread. Wanted to see if anyone could compare Gustin Chinos to TS Chinos.
God damn that sportcoat is beautiful
Rivets and denim jacket courtesy of epaulet
First wear. The soles are definitely thick and heavy. These bad boys will take a while to break in I'm guessing
Why would people not like the toe? Is it not as round and traditional as a boot normally is?
Is it silly to have both earth tone tatersalls?
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