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Cant wait man!Did these come with trousers if ordered?Its perfect timing with how toasty its getting in the bay area.
WOOHOO!!! I am so excited! Can you send teasers?FUCK YEA
That could be the only thing I would think of. Do you feel the ring jackets are a bit loose in the shoulder/chest?
Height is 5-8. Weight is about 150-160, fluctuates a lot.I just ordered a DB with Khakis of Carmel and he said in that particular model I would go up to a 48I wear a 46 in isaia and Formosa, 48 in Eidos and Zegna
Mother of pearl are a good choice. I am getting smoked Mother of pearl on my jacket.
Question for boot owners. If I wanted to stretch out the toe box in a few pairs of my boots anyone have any recommendations? Since its a few pairs I was considering buying a boot stretcher and do it at home. Just wondering before I buy it. Cheers
I believe it's the 184 and a 46eu
I own a handful of cappellis from Steve at Gentlemens footwear and been happy with them. It's hard when your a shorter guy due to tie length that's why I prefer my vandas.
I would take a decent hand stitch garment over a well made machine stitched garment all day.
It wears super light. I'm wearing my off white today. It's so comfortable
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