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Thank God it wasnt brown otherwise I might have had to purchase it
TY sir!Thanks bro!
I dont know if I need a wingtip in my life. If I wanted one I would want a brogued as opposted to austerity
Dark brown Galoshes
Kopped Vass!
God I hate you so much and its only cause you look so fucking good in that jacket. Super heavy?
You need to post like right now!
So this happened and yes it was all in one day: Zegna wool silk blend su misura LBM overcoat, featured in their catalog and its the exact piece used in the photoshoot which was pretty neat IMO Vandas. I love them and Gerald and Diana are simply wonderful Bontoni Barrett
A coworker commented "man you really like Eidos." I was like it fits and it's great why wouldn't I?
Both of you need to post fit pics when items are worn
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