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Congrats Spoo!
That leather MA-1 looks insane. I really hope Friday night opens up so I can try it!
Wait shit its Saturday not Friday. I cant make Saturday. GRRRRRR
I'm in. Probably have to uber there
That would be awesome. I could probably make that but Saturday would be hard for me to come out there.
It's hard to capture but the square has enough white, soft blue, and Browns to really pull the outfit together. I almost didn't go ps today but I figured lets throw it in and see what happens.
Khakis of Carmel Pantherella EG
Textures together Lots of maiden voyages here Ring mtm jacket maiden voyage Boss Lbm navy knit Rubinacci voyage ps on maiden voyage Khakis of Carmel on maiden voyage Pantherella EG
Si Senor!
2 ring mtm jackets 2 mto khakis of Carmel trousers 2 rubinacci squares and a rubinacci tie
New Posts  All Forums: