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Excuse me? Is this a GMTO or an in stock?? That sounds insane
Mistakes and misunderstandings happen. Like it's been echoed skoak has done well by me and I have ordered a few times from them. Glad to see everything working out in the instance above
I have a pair of the top cotton trousers and I wore them today. BEST PANTS EVAR
Fuck that Formosa looks legit
And to comment on Mimos point it is true that leather can withstand the elements extremely well. But the issue I have had with leather is walking out of the elements into a beautifully tiled or waxed floor where it becomes as if I'm walking on ice. I'm on a train everyday and waiting for the train especially with the weather coming can cause my shoes to get wet and unfortunately they wouldn't dry by the time I got to work. Hence my reason for some sort of rubberized sole...
1. Dainite 2. Tomir 3. Have no wet weather shit kickers
I tried looking the past few pages but didnt see anything about this. I found on Skoaks tumblr. WOW Really want. Is this a GMTO? Or a stock item?
I am pretty sure its not some heavy chunky dainite sole. If its the same thats on my rain lasted cordovan boots then its safe to say its fairly thin. Again I prefer dainite but I am happy with tomir if thats the majority. But lets get this ball going so we can actually have it in time for wet weather
Thats a long BOC otherwise I would have probably kopped
+1. Is this only available in the UK?
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