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I love that jacket Noodles. I just cant wear anything heavy in cloth and I need the short otherwise it would be a great option
Thanks guys, I want it in another color. Thats why I was looking at different color choices
I want the Oriel shoe: and am thinking I like the edwardian antique
Son of a bitch those navy check flannel was MONEY
RogerP those boots are absolutely deadly! Cleav sorry to hear the loss.
Cleav absolutely beautiful! I am curious between a few different EG colors: Eduardian, Hazel Antique, Burnt Pine. Ive done some some searching and cant find an accurate color. Please help!
I was highly considering the Turvey but wasn't sure if I would wear them.
Thanks Cleav! First pair and I got a few complements.
I bought the Shanklins. Hell of a deal
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