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Is the Ishan the 5 eyelet split toe?
Its definitely a bit thicker but once broken in they will be so soft. Epaulet was my real dive into nicer sneakers. My saddles started really stiff but after about 4 wears they are so soft.I cant wait to see what colors come next because the comfort level is insane and price point is really good
New white pebble trainers added to the family. Wore my saddles all weekend long in Canada
I appreciate it! Fiance was a bridesmaid at her cousins wedding and I kept getting the hints that we need to plan our wedding haha.
Yes more midnight blue. If doing shawl collar it is acceptable as a 2 piece. I really don't care much for a 3 piece tux
Tux talk, navy or black? shawl collar or peak lapel?
Thanks gents, I really just want to move them to someone that will wear them. They have been sitting for too long
I love Ring!
Posted both on IG but thought I should share here as I finally got a decent full length pic with me and my fiancé at her cousins wedding in Canada Wedding time, she was a bridesmaid and we were all given the red ties. Reception:
You know I'll be happy to take that title. Has a nice ring to it (har har)
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