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200 a year???? That's like you might as well live in a plane
Cucinelli is very cool soft pieces but if you had issue fitting pieces with little to no padding then you will hate cucinelli. I agree with above also, the jackets are cut really short and the pants slim. The jackets fit me decently well but for the $3500-$5000 I can get Ring which fits and feels about the same at less than half the cost.
606 looks insane! Too bad they are 1/2 a size too big otherwise I might have had to kop
I might have that. I forget which I have but it looks familiar lol.If thats the case I might be open to all the options because they all seem like fantastic choices. I do think I have a bitter chocolate in that same texture but I dont have the other choices.
Thanks gents!Jacket is a Ring in a Loro Piana silk linen and wool blend form last summer. I just posted a picture in WAYWRN of the fit
Honestly all the colors sounds great, but I agree with PCK. Top choices would be Carafe and Arabian Spice Is this going to be a striped tonal grenadine tie or is it going to be a solid?
Thanks Andy! I prefer my jackets to be longer but this hits a pretty good length for me. The leather is absolutely buttery.I might have to make its first wear on my day off Friday. Fingers crossed you love yours Andy!
Ring Zegna Francesco Serraiocco Christian Kimber Panta Edward Green
Jacket made it finally! From my initial throw on it feels really comfortable and fits well. I know the style is supposed to be shorter. I would only wear it with jeans and maybe a tshirt or an ocbd.
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