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Leather came in today. I know it's EFF but here's my short interruption to your scheduled show.
Thanks gents! So amazing and so comfortable!Armsignet those are beautiful as well. Wear in great health
Thanks bro! And yes gable
GG on maiden voyage
Ring Epaulet mtm Shibumi grenadine on maiden voyage Drakes Epaulet GG on maiden voyage
First thing I dudbwhen I woke up was check if they were up. Lol
Eidos Boss Shibumi on maiden voyage Finnamore Khakis of Carmel Bontoni Sorry for the late post today
They had Panerai, IWC, Corum, Longines. I mean from a rookie in the Watch thread everything looked like candy but that was what I found was unique.Ive never liked the Radiomirs but there was an all black one with "dirty brown" markings which I thought was very cool.
Case was 41? I believe.It was unique for sure. Ive always been attracted to strange things that most people wouldnt like.Even in clothing, shoes, accessories. Its always something that most people wouldnt go to first.No way in hell I would pay that kind of money for the watch but it was just something I thought was cool and thats that.
Went to Shreve to ask about sending my panerai in for service and saw this and had to try it. I will admit I'm not a watch expert by any means when it comes to complications and movements but it looked and felt so ridiculously amazing on. Small price tag of $62,000
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