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Gents correct me if I am wrong but is a plain toe adelaide a very dressy shoe? Also can someone chime in on the Enzo Bonafe chukkas. Size down 1 from US or 1.5?
I have mostly FU shoes. I dont see why anyone wouldnt except if they were the president or worked as an attorney in court 5 days out of the week. Anyone else can have FU shoes IMO
Hi Gents here is a pair of Carmina Forest Lasted Boots that was purchased as a GMTO via Epaulet. They describe this as a terracotta leather that is extremely soft and durable. I would describe its durability as similar to Cordovan however soft as almost suede. I purchased these for upwards of $700 but the Forest last does not seem to be a good fit for my feet. Shoes come with lasted shoe trees Carmina Forest UK9 Lasted shoe trees Looking for $350 or best offer
Hi Gents, I was one of 6 members that took place of an incredible GMTO with Alfred Sargent via A Fine Pair of Shoes. This was when they took Exclusive range shoes and made them to Handgrade standards so an extremely well made shoe. My issue has been that I should have ordered a 9UK but I ordered a 9.5UK. My loss is unfortunately my loss. This MTO took almost 11 months and now that there is a shortage of Cordovan here is your opportunity to have a Handgrade Cordovan...
Many props to the Khakis crew and Ring crew for an awesome event. Also finally popped my cherry on a SF meetup and it lived the expectations. Heres a crappy pic of the event which I am sure will be far surpassed by Gus and Ian's pictures to follow: And the 2 swatches I chose for my newest sportcoats
Sounds good. Im gonna be there from 5:30 and hopefully through. Depending on if my back will hold up I should be there through the evening.
Gus what time you going to be there?
I had 2 pairs on Forest. My shell pair fit extremely tight and my blucher pair fit extremely loose. I cant seem to get it to fit me well and I think for a slightly rounded toe the Soller looks better
So excited for tomorrow Hopefully my back keeps up. Been having muscle spasms for the last 2 weeks
is there a code floating around for the clearance stuff?
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