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10 week turnaround?Fuck it I'll pay tonight. I want that jacket yesterday
Just make mine for me while your at it lol.
Greg, when would be the last day to purchase/pay for this? My credit card statement ends on the 14th trying to hold off lol
Open to whatever.
I have the creamy waffle in off white. This is from the caccioppolli book. High blue hopsack
I just bought my first pair of black and then those came up and I'm like damn it
Cream of wheat flannels from the last round of EFF
That calf and peccary Adelaide wow That wholecut WOW
Ring Twillory Isaia Goddard Epaulet cream of wheat flannel RL
I didnt mind it and I figured it would help break up the colors a bit. The tie knot was shit though.
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