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It may be an excuse but its what helps me decide whether to buy or not.If you do an all year fabric then I could participate.
If I was sitting at a desk or not moving much then I would be in. I am on my feet all day constantly moving. If I was to spend that kind of money I would get a solid thats more versatile. Once I have basics then I could splurge. I will watch this from the sideline.
I would be interested in chalk stripe if I lived in an area where it was cold. The Bay Area isn't cold enough in my opinion for flannel.
There's been 11 pages of posts in the last 6 hours. Epaulet is on fire!
Rocking my HC wool tie
In the same boat as you man. It's amazing looking. I think it'll be too short for me
Thank you for the awesome make ups
I definitely just preordered 2 shoes from Skoak in the last 24 hours
Not to piggy back but seriously this tie is the bees knees. Anyone who hasnt kopped needs to kop right away
That makes you and me both!
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