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What about in the shoulder/chest area?I got measured for Ring and Samuelsohn and they measured me at a 36Short. My Zegna is a 38Short. So I wonder which would be better.
Would love to see pictures of the after brushing
For those wearing 38 in Eidos, do you wear the same size in Formosa?
Are those from Epaulet?
sleeve is 24.75"Dual Vented and fully canvassed. Its a kick ass piece just wish I could put it in sort of machine to shrink it.
They feel pretty true to size!
I would be interested to know pricing (ballpark) and how long it takes to produce?
Whats pricing range like?
I have over 80 ties and I keep buying more and more. You can never have enough white and blue shirts. You can never have enough ties
Those Alpine grain Alden's are so nice.
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