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@gdl203 Greg how many more spots are left on each of the Eidos Field Coats?
I feel like I will live in regret for passing this one up but something about the chest pockets throws it off for me.
Here is said post so everyone can see it without jumping around
Just this past sale season I was deciding on 3 shirts. I waited like 20 minutes and then 2 out of the 3 were gone. I totally agree with you on all points here. I just want to make sure its a piece I will wear and not look pretty in my closet.
Is consensus to take the same size in the field jacket as you would in the suits/SCs?
I know exactly what you mean.Greg did and thats why I want it even moreI hate to sound cheap but I usually wait for sale stuff. I have too many incoming purchases and outgoing cash which is making me wish I had held off on other things to buy this. Lets see if I break down before its all over.On another note I got my Mazza from Greg today. Love these shirts
I want that field jacket but I dont know if I can justify it. FUCK
Lol too big. I need a 36.I ordered a 38 in an overcoat.
What size?
Safe to assume field jackets are sold out
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