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Congrats Greg and team!
Zegna Inglese Vanda Rubinacci Khakis of Carmel Bontoni
happy birthday crusty!!!
thats really good man! Love the jacket
It goes jacket, shirt, tie, pocket squareBoss shirt, epaulet tie and yes color is accurate. One of my favorite ties
Ring Boss Epaulet Jwn
Thanks to everyone for the kind words. The jacket is 100% linen but a heavier weight than most linens which allows for more wear outside of summer in my opinion.
That's exactly why I wanted it as a DB. Just a little more unique and special. It is actually 100% linen if my memory serves me right. It's a heavier weight so even though it was low 60s this morning I was still comfortable.
Photos don't do this jacket justice. It's gonna get so much use.
Those are gorgeous
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