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Are Alderly too country to wear with wool trousers?
After seeing rosewood galways I almost want to pull the trigger on the Alderlys. I know I've said it a few times but damn this is gonna be difficult
For beater shirts I would say so. If you want something of quality then no.
GG Pantherella Khakis of Carmel
They are a cheap shirt. I took advantage when they had 4 for $200. Would I buy again probably not. I don't like the feel of them. They fit really well which is a shame
Buy ties from Steve. You will be happy. EG Cappelli on maiden voyage
Eidos Twillory EG Cappelli Bigi Khakis of Carmel GG
I think thats what I am definitely missing. Just deciding what I want...
Thanks bro! Really appreciate it and now people can believe how shitty my picture taking skills are. I'm glad you came out though. Super chill night
Wigmores on maiden voyage
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