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Might check it on lunch today
My EG cleared customs. Please come today or tomorrow!!!
To me string is super casual. Tassel can go from casual to dressy if needed. Just my .02
Drapers green!!!!
I'd consider tassel over string
Holy shit. The plane ticket there would be worth having pants made for the rest of my life
Love this jacket
Gents I am selling my pair of Jodphurs from AFPOS. Let me know if anyone is interested UK9.
Gents I have a pair of Jodphurs from A Fine Pair of Shoes that was made for them by Alfred Sargent. These are in fantastic condition. I just dont wear them enough to justify having them in my wardrobe. - Style Name - FRANCIS - Last - 48 - Width - F (Regular) - Colour - Burgundy - Upper Material - Calf Leather - Sole Material - Oak Bark Channeled Leather Here are my pics: Here is the info for the shoes from AFPOS where they were...
LOL i forgot to mention minus the red sole
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