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Just got my greensboros, Pretty snug in the waist but I did some squatting and it felt like it was already getting loose. Im wondering if I should try sizing up to a 31. I do love how the rest of the leg fits though.
Highly considering getting those as well
I actually didnt know it was against the rules, I thought we just couldnt post it but we could ask a buyer to pay that way. I guess in order to counter that might post shipping fees in the for sale thread. I will be the first to admit I have been asking for personal payment but will immediately stop! My bad!
Oh God, so why are we taking this long? why are you guys torturing me?
Where are the pics of the EFF suits???
Which is great because all EG leather I've handled has been incredible whether it's been calf, suede or cc. This will be my first/second dabble into delapre. I have a Dover on order
But your open to 82 with utah/lavagna.I saw Rogers boot which was a pair of Utah on the 82 and they looked might nice.
I love mine. Worn a few times when there's a slight breeze outside. Wears light and comfortably. This was their light weight version. I don't remember the exact name or weight but I had a heavy version that was too warm for my liking
So does the Utah leather slightly less textured? If so itll still give the same impression of what a utah/suede combo in that color scheme would look.
My mistake, thanks for correcting that for me
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