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What is the BOC measurement? Is it close to a 28.5" or 29"?
Thanks Ozzy. I loved this jacket and it sucks that I couldnt get it to work for me.
Im going to regret not being in on the Chelsea but I want to wait to see how my suede one comes out. That vegano brown is gorgeous and I know thats gonna be a killer boot.
Gotcha, I was like where did my post go? Makes sense. My apologies if I quoted/posted something I wasnt supposed to.
A 46IT is a 30US. 48IT would be a 32. Just an FYI. From what I hear its almost impossible to get in touch with them. Are they italian made or US made? Im guessing Italian due to sizing but can you post a link for the pants? You might have better luck just selling them here. Unfortunately that was what I had to do.
So i just saw this on my boots. I'm currently wearing them. Do I need to worry and send the image to shoemart or do I continue life with them? I am in the camp that knows shoes are never perfect but usually I like to be the one to cause imperfections. Any advice?
Im so dumb. I read that the site is down and I go to click on the webstore to see whats available. Yes that just happened
I agree with this whole heartedly. I'm wearing my shell versions right now and I love this boot. A pebble grain would be incredible but maybe too redundant right now for me.Whoever is out there. Buy those boots
Interested in trying their shirts. Any coupons or SF deals floating around?
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