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The tie is incredible. I absolutely love it.Ding ding. Brand new ring suit. Another brand that I absolutely love
Been an HC tie kinda week.
Enzo Pantherella Ring suit
Ring suit on maiden voyage Mazzarelli Henry carter Drakes Enzo Bonafe
Usually it's too early for most to notice. But I like the no shame to the game approach
Guys is there enough interest in the green linen wool blend Formosa?? It's gonna be killer. I think we need 5 more gents. Pm me if interested or check out the formosa x NMWA thread.
I believe he said he was traveling in this thread.
GG Pantherella Incotex Shoes look like they need some love. Don't judge me lol
Also the Bonafe cordovan boots I believe were scheduled the same time right?
Can anyone compare the F last Vass with the New Peter last. I have the golashes but am looking at the cognac pebble alt weins. I wear 43 in the F last would I wear the same in the New Peter?
New Posts  All Forums: