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So I can definitely raise my hand and vouch for this. I was so used to wearing big suits that I was buying them much too large and now that I lost weight I cannot even wear them. Tailor cant even touch them. So if anyone wants about 15 MTM Hickey Freeman suits/SC's size 44R PM ME!
Roger, BEAUTIFUL. This makes me regret not buying them.
Thank you sir! I am working on revamping the wardrobe now. A lot of my stuff is more casual/not HOF WAYWRN material.Although I find myself wanting to wear my SC's and ties.I will post more often as I can!
Sorry sir, I would have but got the message after I changed :-(Thanks for all the thumbs up guys!Happy Easter to those who celebrate
They look soo much like GG/AS but I cannot say for sure
Im not doubting or disagreeing with you at all. I work in service where I sell merchandise as well. Some customers will waste your time and have a history of it and thats when I know that I will still offer service but maybe not to the same degree as one who I know has bought before.Like I said I have experienced good bad and ugly from the stores you listed above and have vented it out but now you know where to purchase from or atleast try and hopefully have some...
can I use Ian's double submission????
Can that split toe be done on the rain last?
+1 for Skoak and GF.I have asked Unipair guy a few questions and they have gotten back to me quickly and gave me a reason not to buy a certain brand from them. They seemed very honest which I respected.If you are bouncing back and forth between brands maybe an email or two to the store might be enough but going beyond that could be annoying for them and I am sure they are constantly receiving tons of inquiries. Especially if you feel like you are fishing for answers...
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