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You gonna buy them?
When did we ever mean she'll anyway? So much for a smart phone
Thanks Greg. It makes sense and it's my only shirt like that. I can't wait for the brown herringbone blazer suit we did from Formosa. Gonna have a lot of fun with that
Unfinished I'm in on. Take my monies now
Glencoe is just amazing. I have a pair of EB in she'll coming in that color but that grain looks so tasty. Hopefully my next check comes in time for me to buy them
I want those high tops
Thank you!I love the feel of these. So insanely comfortableForgot to mention I'm wearing inky blue Formosa up top:
Yea the band is white. Not sure as to why. It doesn't really bother me. It might explain why it was so inexpensive and I didn't notice when buying because I like Eton shirts especially when they are in the $75 category.
Rota linen houndstooth Question on the tubo belts. If I wear a size 46 in rota do I take an 85 or 90?
Perfect. I will look them up. Do you brush just outside or inside as well? I assume there's different thickness/strengths depending on the cloth
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