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Tracking of his latest order from NMWA
I differ from most. Your shoes will be pristine for a few moments and then you will wear them and they will start to show marks and scuffs. Those scuffs dont bother me at all and I would just polish them or chalk them up to character.
I thought I was the only one who tried them on with the packing insert so I didnt say anything. Im glad theres another person here so excited to try them on that you just shoved your foot right in. LOL
Navy, makes the color come out with a great luster
Can't wait! Thanks Fok for running it!
Finally cold enough to rock this bad boy.
So I thought mine were snug and then I wore them for about an hour and they stretched out. The leather is supple but substantial.
Thanks for catching that. You too wigglr.Killer fits gents
Newc and Mr. Six WOW
5 pocket chinos! I would eat that shit up
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