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Love that fit
I was afraid of the same thing, but after having it on my foot it looks very similar to the P2. The comfort is insane though
Good luck with the sale. I am so tempted, but I just cant do it right now.
But wasnt the difference from this year and last years BF jacket that this year isnt quilted on the inside? It has the mesh lining that Greg posted a pic of?
I think my first dress shirt I did was in the medium spread and I thought it was handsome. Actually I wore it today, ill probably end up going with that. Thanks gents!
@gdl203 quick question about the weight between the Bumfreezer and the Caban Single-Breasted. I guess I have seen the bumfreezer mostly worn with light weight knits under the jacket, but under the caban could you wear a sportcoat or sweater?
Ok so I'm overthinking it and I need some help. That linen POW check shirt, button down or artisan collar? It'll probably get tucked in with some chinos and maybe a sport coat or a denim jacket over it. Maybe even a teba once the details get sorted out.
Just discovered this thread. 2.5 miles today but felt some pain in my left foot, seem to have a knot thats causing me discomfort
Ive had some really bad experiences with them so I am glad that they were finally banned. I never wish the worst for anyone but someone who knows they are sliding the system deserve to be punished./rant
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