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Ive been working with one of the associates at the store who said the trousers look like they fit well and I am not someone who enjoys a super slim trouser. I prefer a comfortable fit with a slight taper.The pant I show was an older stock pant with cashmere/wool blend. So buttery. I think a pair was sent to me in contemporary but it was a bit fuller so I did a special order in a size smaller and let the waist out in them.But I agree that the trousers have a great hand...
Gus do you know if we have to request to have our size there for try on? I wear a size 30 and have 2 pairs in the contemporary but wondering if I should try the slim?Ignore the length they are too long and are being shortened as we speak
Not spoilering because they are awesome. I just received a pic of that plaid and it looks gorgeous. I can't wait to see what Ring has to offer!
Well photo was to show my tailor but emailing my guy from Khakis of Carmel. They got me these pants and I'm ordering more from them and wanted to show him the leg and leg opening for future orders
My pleasure! happy kopping
Yes it does. My TG73 are 9.5UK and my Rain last are UK9. GG took a while to break in and stretch. My rain had very little break in.
1/2 size as I did on my other GG
If the length feels fine but the leather where the laces are meets is that ok? I have a low instep so oxfords and bluchers have the laces meet almost all the time.
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