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Do we still have takers on the mixed media wingtip? On the rain last?
Tracking received on ff sportcoat. No surprise epaulet elf for me :-( Very excited for it to come in though
Yea exactly. Also the shaft (har har) was too hard in shell. Loved the color but unwearable.I'm worried about the kudu about being unwearable with the color
Camel would be amazing right???
Mike of the FF jackets will an email be sent if they are being sent to the participating members or should we pretend the Epaulet elves dropped off a wonderful gift??
I wear a UK9 in all last except in the soller where I wear a UK8.5My question isnt so much so sizing as much as what last it compares to by carmina so I can make sure the boot will fit my foot or be a last that doesnt work with my feet.
Absolutely. Its so challenging and as much as I want to participate its hard to without knowing sizing for sure. Maybe Steve can help narrow down the sizing. I just wish there could be a pic in the wild of the leather with denim or a cord or a pant that everyone was saying it would go with. Thats where my hesitation comes in.
God that fucking looks incredible. If you can somehow magically make my formosa hemp come tomorrow and it fits perfect then I can commit. Also my argument is my only out. If it wasnt flannel I probably would be more apt to spending that kinda cash.
I had a Bal boot in cordovan on the forest last which felt like my foot was suffocated.I also had a derby boot in calf on the forest last which was extremely loose. When tied the flaps met completely and I could probably slide a flash inside the boot. Which made my foot lift from the shoe every time I stepped. Both were fantastic looking boots but seemed like Forest wasnt for me.Rain last is my favorite just the right amount of comfort and aesthetic. I own an oxford...
oscar in comparison to forest? I had so much heel slippage and a low instep so it wasnt that good for me.
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