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Not a lot of us lol
Welcome sir. I would recommend some pictures for sure so we have an exact idea of what to look at. Heel slippage is common when they are new as well as having 2 slightly different sized feet.I actually didnt know that Vass could do 1/4 size differences between left and right. Pretty awesome
Never heard of have too many
Thanks bro. It's the 111. Love it so much but it needs a service and I'm nervous to hear how much it'll cost
Kudu might make a killer loafer
Yessir. Retail management. Work on every holiday.Thanks man. It doesn't get much wear. Doesn't fit as well as others and I primarily wear it much more casually with denim
Hsm Twillory Henry Carter Godard Gustin Bonafe Happy 4th!!
Weird!This is partially why I hate purchasing without trying or knowing. I tried on a Eidos in a 36 a few days ago and it was tooo tight.
Depends on what other brand you are wearing and downsizing?From Eidos and Zegna I am a 48C but in Ring I wore a 46R in the 184
Thank you so much. I own too many shoes and boots for any dude here. Its kinda ridiculous but I love shoes and its super important for me to rotate them as often as possible to help keep them going longterm and better for my feet. Thanks again! Cant wait to see what yours look like!Also I already preordered the Dovers with Steve and thinking about preordering that wholecut in that cloud color. Looks so incredible and darkening them with black will be a great black...
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