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Those rain suede whole cuts are on another level.
I've never worn the Detroit but from visual comparisons it seems to be pretty wide. I know forest and rain offer wide widths but soller and Detroit run on the wider side.
Amen. That boot looks fantastic
Bontoni Pantherella Ring
Great colors
Im about your size but with a 39" chest and I love the smalls. I tried the medium and it felt good but I tried small and love it.I am referring to the classic fit small
Thanks gents! I have to say I modeled these after a pair of Lobbs but wanted a shit kicking wet weather shoe at much less than a pair of Lobbs.
And I should add. I have never purchased from CSC due to sizing issues on my end but I have always gotten a helpful reply within a short time frame which is incredible especially after hearing how small the operation is
Wow things are getting too intense. I think CSC has mentioned they have a small staff and to try to get everyone taken care of they have their best practices. I think we all need to realize they want to do business and we want to purchase. Mistakes happen so just realize it was a mistake in the craziness of a huge sale and let it go. I don't think going into what Visa says in a certain line needs to be brought up. I think that's going too far
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