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No full shots but just textures today Eidos Boss Vanda Epaulet Panny on gustin nato
Saffron donegal I believe? I can't remember the exact name but they are keeping me comfy from the 30 degrees in the Bay Area.
I thought might was a bit large and I wear a medium. The shoulders fit extremely well, there needs to be a bit of room to layer.
That chukka is absolutely fantastic
I love that jacket Noodles. I just cant wear anything heavy in cloth and I need the short otherwise it would be a great option
Thanks guys, I want it in another color. Thats why I was looking at different color choices
I want the Oriel shoe: and am thinking I like the edwardian antique
Son of a bitch those navy check flannel was MONEY
RogerP those boots are absolutely deadly! Cleav sorry to hear the loss.
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