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pics when you get it!
Im surprised to not hear anything about the Captoe Aldens that just released a few days ago. They are money
Let me verify and get back to you! Its a sweet jacket!
I just did a zegna in a cloth that is almost identical to that one otherwise I would be all about it
Sorry last question. Is sizing done in EU size or US? Also the options of doing short and long sizes is available as well correct?
That would be a fucking killer shirt
2 of my votes are top 2 choices. I think that green is money also. Great color and super versatile piece.
Do top few fabrics get made or is it just one fabric we are choosing?
Those linens are fucking gorgeous.
But isnt that perfect for spring/summer? Something solid with fabric interest. I think it would be great. Although I tend to always go to brown with blue.That Gunclub is sex though IMO
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