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post pics so we can see where its too big.My sleeves are always too long. I roll the ends always
My question to stiffness was the actual kudu leather. If it's stiff and not very pliable I would get a wider fit but if it's soft I would get standard width
Dainite is fine with me. Depending on the stiffness of the material will determine what width I go with
Mike that was very well put. I am definitely on the fence for them but they are bad fucking ass
I think I could swing for it
One of my favorites, the creamy waffle. Super soft and really light weight.
Is the leather supple and soft or more rigid and tough?
Ring ️Zegna Vanda seersucker on maiden Tyt Panta
Are we abondoning the Thorpe idea? I would be in for it
Is the Ishan the 5 eyelet split toe?
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