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I didnt mind it and I figured it would help break up the colors a bit. The tie knot was shit though.
Sorry didn't have a chance this morning to snap a pic Ring Mazzarelli Vanda Finnamore square Not pictured: Navy trousers and GG Wigmore boots
To me they are chiseled but not too much. In terms of fit I love the mh71 best.
I know! Im going to resist for the moment. Ive added 3 pairs of linen trousers this season. I think I have enough to get me through the season.
to crimson linen or to not crimson linen? that is the question
Ive been tempted by NMWA but I need to hold off. I have 2 MTO Vass coming in shortly so I cant overspend. Grrrrrrrrr
Kopped a Shibumi grenadine. Been wanting to try them so I got the black one from them
Those button loafers are like a car accident. You wince and dont want to look but have to. This sounds like they are ugly but they are unique as fuck. I couldnt wear it but i bet they would be kickass.
I agree with Don. This was was a special edition with Skoaktiebolaget X DandyCare. They made 3 different colorways, there was the one I got, green, and a cherry.
So I have finally decided to buy a pair of black captoes from Steve at GFW. Now if one was to have a black tie would a grenadine be a "perfect" black tie to own?
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