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@The_Foxx Bontoni twins Great outfit btw!
Gustin x 2 EG Galway
Now its about finding what to buy with the promotion lol
I have custom fitted shoes, not bespoke but MTO with minor modifications and I will wear them around the house for an hour and then wear them for 8-12 hours the next day. Yes some cases my feet are used to it and some days they are not.Just wear them around the house for a few hours every day until you feel like you could wear them for whatever you bought them for.
was looking in the wrong spot for them. Easy when I knew to look through pictures and not pages
just found 2
I cant find a single one! WTF MATE!
Shoe shine Sunday. It's been a long time since I've been able to participate
+1000No secrets, wear them and they will become more and more comfortable unless you are buying ill fitting shoes.
So I can definitely raise my hand and vouch for this. I was so used to wearing big suits that I was buying them much too large and now that I lost weight I cannot even wear them. Tailor cant even touch them. So if anyone wants about 15 MTM Hickey Freeman suits/SC's size 44R PM ME!
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