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Does anyone have experience with the 'Afred Sargent - Country Hannover' Walnut Grained Calf? Are they durable enough for a Canadian Winter? and what's the sizing like compared to.... AE Park Avenues. Also, will I be hit with outrageous duties if I get them shipped to Toronto? Thanks!
Men's Katahdin Iron Works® Engineer Boots I have one pair in box of each size - 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5 includes shipping to Canada/ USA
Make sure it has pockets that are immediately accessible, ideally diagonal.
This jacket is a BIT big for me. It's still for sale. I'm a bit OCD with my purchases - I simply can't afford a $1000 jacket that's anything less than perfect. I'm not 100 percent sure where it's made - I would assume 'south shields' as that's the only place I see listed inside the jacket. This has been confirmed by other posts - so I assume this jacket is made in England. I would say the size is a regular small but it's highly adjustable (many pulls inside the jacket...
Selling the Barbour x To ki to Mountain Parka (Limited Edition) seen here: I paid over $1000 - I just got it during the Canadian Thanksgiving but could not get back to Toronto in time to return it. Brand new condition - worn 4 times to school and back home. Includes al the pins and tags. Ships or meets from Toronto PIT TO PIT 20.25" BACK 27.5" (it's supposed to be...
How do I go about doing this - ordering through the website?
This is an amazing condition Down vest. Size 36 Very difficult to capture the vest using regular camera. $20 shipping in Canada $35 shipping to the USA
As the title states I'm looking to purchase a Wings and Horns MK2 in size Small - in Olive. I may consider the black one if it comes available Thanks
I own this and literally receive compliments from the second I go outside until I get back home whenever I'm wearing it
FS: Tommy Ton - Club Monaco Bag Backpack Made of British Millerain Triple Layer Bonded Cotton Sold out everywhere
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