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Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent Great Cargo's. Great tweed. Thank you MoK!
Quote: Originally Posted by Kaplan Since the pic didn't have to be from today, I'll try this. As I've posted it before, I'll happily accept disqualification, but I thought it might be interesting to hear the comments from SW&D. Great look! [quote=Mr. Moo;3814625]Lots of great looks today, guys. Nice briefcase! Today
Quote: Originally Posted by CousinDonuts Vitaly - who makes the shoes you wore on Wednesday, the burgundy brogues? Thanks!) Its Franceschetti cordovan brogues) Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin Mike, amazing well! Great colours! Very tasty look!) Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent Great shoes. Thank you MoK!
[quote=SpooPoker;3807083]Tom Ford #2. Awesome suit! Nice fits! [quote=ManofKent;3807166]Yes the tie does match my nose. I'm either suffering from a brain disolving fatal virus (my guess), or a heavy cold (my wife's opinion): Nice look! As usual tasty pictures! Quote: Originally Posted by gregaz Yesterday AM I like this look! But this socks are beaten out from an image, imho [quote=MBreinin;3807583]Wednesday....
[quote=gnatty8;3801831]Today. Started to rain after I snapped the second shot so took cover in the garage, which explains the poor lighting.. Great combo!!! [quote=NewYorkRanger;3801949] Rob, nice look! Especially i like jacket!) Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier Today: Will be a late night. Have to prepare for a board meeting tomorrow and a presentation to college kids on Wednesday about Landlord and Police issues on campus. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by audiophilia Looking good. And a lovely family. Thanks!)
Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin Great outift, Vitaly! Thank you Mike!) Quote: Originally Posted by spoozy Nice women you have here...but could you please have a re-work on that tie knot? Seems not as brilliant as your other stuff Thanks for the comment and the recommendation, are valid for a photo tie knot not so is good (
[quote=Sebastian;3795449]Spot the sprezzatura! Great combo colours! Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger Enjoy the rest of your weekend peoples. Rob, nice pictures! Your daughter simply pretty ) Today with my mother & my wife)
Quote: Originally Posted by EdenResident Throwing myself in against the heavyweights Vintage challenge Extra shot of the suit. Thank you for comment ! Very good coat and fits !
Quote: Originally Posted by southernstyle The bow is tied too well, there needs to be dimples. It looks like you tied it and then spent 10 minutes fixing it. Thanks! Yes you are right the first time on setting bow tie has occupied not less 10min)) I have to practise it)) [quote=SpooPoker;3792267] Pink cashmere Attolini tie, SF, priceless Spoo great stuff! especially sweet tie! Quote: Originally Posted by...
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