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Very nice.Angelus #605 gives a little less shine. Probably more appropriate for lighter color shell.
The trashed pair is three or four year old. Worn in the rain often and even mud a few times. The one next to it is the same age, but worn probably 50 times. The newer one is three year old. Worn about a couple dozen times. Never seen rain. Ravello shell, BTW.
From new to trashed.
Wow, five pairs of the same model. Four is my limit.
Regarding boot laces, I have found Perri's Paddock Boot Laces to be quite good. Around $2 a pair.
I thought about doing just that eventually.
The pictures were taken when the localized re-glazing was already dried. The high gloss gives that "wet" look in direct sunlight.The following picture shows when the acrylic finisher was still wet.In liquid form, the finisher is milky white. Transparent when dry. I used a small brush, the application was not even.When the finisher was dried, in subdued light.I tested a couple different acrylic finishers locally, found Angelus giving the closest "simulation" of the real...
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