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Two characteristics with Van slip-ons: 1) Low instep. 2) Wide heel cup.
Sorry, JPL is loosing my business. With all the newly implemented restrictions on MTO, I am shopping elsewhere. At least they should have honored my MTOs placed at the recent trunk show. Well, well, well......... I wonder if Paula Gerbase has anything to do with the recent shake-up.
Faded #8 is most attractive, IMO. More character than a new pair of Ravello.
Alden occasionally offers small runs of whiskey/Ravello/cigar shell belts. Ask Alden SF/DC.Otherwise, look at Carmina Saddle shell belts.Brooks Brothers has shell belts in black and #8 regularly, and occasionally "tan" shell belts.
Very nice.Angelus #605 gives a little less shine. Probably more appropriate for lighter color shell.
The trashed pair is three or four year old. Worn in the rain often and even mud a few times. The one next to it is the same age, but worn probably 50 times. The newer one is three year old. Worn about a couple dozen times. Never seen rain. Ravello shell, BTW.
From new to trashed.
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