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lets say i am a 38L in the Napoli fit. what would i be in the Sienna, Italia and the Roma?? I am 6'2" and 180lbs, with an athletic build.
nowhere on the Dutch or US sites does it have a link to the outlet. could someone actually post the full URL please.
do u mind sharing your size?
i reckon the RL sale will be better during Black Friday. Just curious, does anyone here know the fit of the Cadwell Quilted Bomber Jacket. Is it regular, slim?? I'm 6.2'' about 180lbs. Medium or Large??
Do u happen to have any photos u could share?also what size did u buy, and your dimensions please.
do Suitsupply's return policy apply for overseas customer too? I am in Australia. also are these two Havana jackets the same or different?,en,pd.html?start=6&cgid=Jackets,en,pd.html?start=38&cgid=Jackets thanks slider17
Is that the NAPOLI BLUE PLAIN suit?,en,pd.html?start=4&cgid=Suits
lets say u are shipping to Australia. Are the prices listed in AUD or USD? Also if i wanted to return an item would the return shipping b free from Australia to the US?
ok here is my dilema. i recently bought a stack of wooden shoe trees from sierra trading post. pretty much these ones. i have a bunch of AE shoes that i got them for. when i place the shoe tree in one of the shoes, say the park avenue, i am worried about one thing. because u have to push the heel part of the shoe tree into the toe compartment, so it all fits inside the shoe, does that not stretch the shoe...
interested in the new straight leg 21oz pair of jeans. how does a size 32 waist compare to a levis straight fit 32? also how does the tapered fit compare to a levis 514 slim fit?
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