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really looking forward to the pics when you get them sorted.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cacatfish I like the post by kwoyeu but I come from a different angle. Not only do I think it's impossible to separate our visceral impressions from our cultural judgements regarding an outfit..... I wouldn't want it to. I think I'd be bored silly if it was all about color coordination and fabric pilling. Fashion is much more interesting to me as an entry point to a more personal inquiry. ^this.
i just wanted to jump on here and say thanks to all the folks who have taken the time to tell their stories. this is about the only thread on here that i follow these days. i'm mostly on hot rod forums since it's mostly what i'm into. but i was on the fringe of the early-mid 80s revival in new england, and man, this thread brings back some memories, and sets some history straight. good reading. great education.
you know what they say about guys with big feet... don't worry so much about how big your feet look, but how they look as part of the total picture. the way you wear your shirt/jacket/sweater/whatever up top can balance out your feet. and seriously, living up to some of the standards set on this place is gonna be impossible for most people. just use it for inspiration, and don't take it as gospel.
my faves: klimt schiele modigliani rockwell kollwitz hokusai durer not a fan of much 'lowbrow' stuff these days, but i still love jeff soto's work pretty much most of the art in the house is my own though. i can't afford anyone else's...
Quote: Originally Posted by howlingwolfpress rockwell was a ruler. way more clever and intelligent than given credit for. and waaaaay dialed technically.
i think that honor might belong to calder, but she was pretty awesome.
the burnt ends here: are incredible. road trip for lunch...
marshmallows, definitely. hot dogs on the grill (a little dark). and i'll give you pancakes, but ya gotta be careful with that. it's a fine line.
Quote: Originally Posted by fairholme_wannabe do you have any pain with the ruptured disks (sciatica specifically)? If so, how did you work through it. I'm three months past a herniation, and I'm still not there yet. Don't want to go under the knife though i turned 40, was crazy overweight. but, i just managed to get this incredible 26 yo to marry me. somehow. anyway, i decided that i needed to live long enough and be fit enough to enjoy...
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