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Quote: Originally Posted by rbny I have the Barrie lasted Plain Toe Boots (PTB) in shell cord, color 8 and think they are great. See link: [url] I just noticed that you're from NYC. "Citi Shoes" carries Alden's in several lasts including the ones mentioned above. They are located on 445 Park Ave between 57th and 56th Street. Here's their link: Good luck. I made it over to citieshoes and salesman had me...
RBNY.... so your plaza size is the same as your trubalance or 1/2 size larger? you say 9 to 9.5, but there is no in between. i wear 7.5D in indy which is perfect....i have 8 in leydon (1 cm too long but still a good fit). I will try to get to citishoes but my schedule usually doesn't permit.
thanks RB..... or should i say damn you.... i do want these. What size indy's do you wear? and wha size plaza last comparatively? tryin' to get a read...
hey what's the EG camp shirt all about? no pic yet, but me want.
anyone on here have a pair of the LSxSF collab in size 8 they want to sell me? I read about it on some old posts here like last year. I love the shoe. Here's a pic:
I'm about to pull the trigger on a pair of AF91 from alden of carmel. any input on these from someone who owns would be appreciated.............
altered my nepenthes peacoat at wilfred's in nyc. i put the jacket on..... he did the rest. pulled the waist area in maybe an inch or so all round.
get new standards
$69 + nyc tax.
pick these up at Odin today... niiiiice
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