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yes. we now have real evidence.
understand the efficient market hypothesis. Investing is more about not making mistakes than to find the next google.
Belief always comes with doubt. Belief without doubt is knowledge.You do not have to believe to be saved it is important that you try. The vatican says in the dogmatic constitution:
To summarize your two questions:1. Why does suffering exist?2. Why does god not interverne?1. Long ago humans lived in paradise without suffering. When they disobeyed god their innocence was lost and the were forced to leave paradise to live in the current natural world. The current world is not considered our true home, it is far from perfect. So until the final judgment this world will become the kingdom of god again, we are stuck in this imperfect world with people...
I have no clue. But to ignore idfnl is usually excellent advice.
Me too!
+1 for Ettinger
the french red light - 'feux rouges' is from 2004
Just let people post. If a certain someone needs to insinuate bestiality to anyone here, he tells more about himself than anything else. Giving attention to such acts might be confused with taking the poster more serious than he deserves.
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