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He mentioned genesis 4:9 to justify going to war. Do "idiot liberals" do that?I don't wanna argue against the chemical weapon ban. I think any ban on military weapons is very welcome. But going to war because Assad used chemical weapons instead of bullets to fight his enemies is not a good reason.Nevertheless my opinion is rather unqualified, I do not understand who is the good and bad guy in this conflict, why can't they simply split up syria and be happy?
I do not see much qualitative difference between being blown up, shot or killed with mustard gas. The latter is responsible for ~1500 deaths of the more than 100.000 casualities. I also disagree about the danger to spread. The only chemical terrorist attack ever happened was in Tokyo and a lot less successful than the comparable incidents in Madrid with explosives.There is a real gem from some idiot...
How come killing your populations with bullets is alright, but when you gas them it suddenly becomes wrong?
you manage to post creepier than the average SF poster
That guy is still in office. What is at fault here, democracy or canadians?
All my life I was wrong....
Isolationist who came up with that idiotic term?
23k housing assistance in Hawaii.
get a life, do something you love, be proud of it and please stop the bitching.
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