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this is so against every american ideals...
i prefer xbmc over flex. its much more more customizable!
really nice!Blinds can easily replaced.
This is awsome: http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/405930/january-15-2012/colbert-super-pac-ad---attack-in-b-minor-for-strings
8 pages to find out killing people is sensless.
actually we found an easier way to solve this problem. we just deny those rating agencys any credibility and blame them for their rating. As you remember they were the reason for the last crises, so why not this one too?
I missed half of the BP rallye. Several bespoke suits less... But better safe than sorry.
The ignorance of those people is astonishing.Can anyone provide a reasonable explanation??
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