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Lol @ thinking you are a genius pointing out that what has been taught by divine revelation does not conform to man's reason!
Greg Mankiw:http://gregmankiw.blogspot.de/2013/11/the-popes-rhetoric.html
wow. what a disgrace for the profession.
I am not. I am merely calling us to study the proposition that Pope Francis is an antipope. And that this impression may flow from the evocative and ambiguous language the Holy Father has used in addressing the media.
A number of Catholic political groups (certainly not all) have been very leftist on economic issues since the 19th century, but this certainly hasn't "worked pretty well". In fact if you take a look at Latin American history, the reason why pretty much the entire continent failed (under either left-wing or right-wing or democratic or authoritarian governments) was that almost every government was heavily influenced by liberation theology and Christian socialism.
America is becoming bizarre in the extreme, politically. There are parallels elsewhere (Occupy, Front National gaining in France) but it seems as though America is the nexus of a new global wave of insane politics.
It is getting worse:http://www.vatican.va/holy_father/francesco/apost_exhortations/documents/papa-francesco_esortazione-ap_20131124_evangelii-gaudium_en.html#No_to_an_economy_of_exclusionWorst Pope since Alexander VI. At least Alexander VI left the Catholic Church in the condition he found it in.
If he cared about the poor he would be touting the primacy of economic growth. But of course if there were no poor then his position is undermined, hence he advocates policies to react more poors.
http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-25102720Pope Francis demonizes everyday commerce and grandstands endlessly about how much he cares about the poor. What the fieck is going through this moron's brain? Has he ever created a job? What model does he have in mind to alleviate economic inequality? Cuba? Zimbabwe? The USSR? He's like some douchey undergraduate leftist who thinks you can solve poverty by handing out sandwiches. This guy should have been head of the Salvation...
Wow. Worst episode by far. I wish I could just stop watching. But next episode might have some plot in it....
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