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It was a moment of weakness on my part to post it again and add the track photo. I think I thought it was in another thread and was too lazy to check. See you at the track. Quote: Originally Posted by dcg I noticed that as well but didn't say anything because it was awesome both times! Love E30s.
I just received the other two pair of shoes in this thread. great deals on fantastic items. My third pair from medtech_expat. Someone should grab these C&J.
Zinno M3 Mods In the photo she has H&R Race springs + Koni sport shocks, Vorschlag Camber plates, the adjustable rear subframe tabs, Z3 differential cover, Evo3 Lower airbox and horn, Supersprint exhaust, conforti chip, Z3 quick ratio steering rack and maybe a few others that I am forgetting, nothing extreme and the steering rack is the best mod. She ran: 2:49s in full trim carrying a passenger at Road America 1:29.3 in full trim carrying a passenger at Summit Point...
Daily Driver (PO photo) Summer Sunny Day Driver At the Track
Good Sellers: Firstladyofsong medtech_expat
I have not read the whole thread but: Johnny Cash "Ring of Fire" would be good. I used to love Tyson walking to "Mama Said Knock you Out" BHop "My Way" against Oscar De La Hoya I hated him but Ricky Hatton and "Blue Moon" was good and we all know that "There's only ONE Ricky Hatton." Someone should have walked to "Do You Really want to Hurt Me"
I travel 200 miles to NYC for my tailor. For minor alterations I travel 40 miles to DC. I traveled 3000 miles to Self Edge for Jeans (before the NYC store opened).
Good transactions with +1 for each in the good guys column: omjk mink31 marshpage computernut
PM and email sent earlier today on the Horween Vass.
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