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i interview errolson hugh of acronym/stone island shadow project for nomad recently, thought some of you guys might be interested in reading:
All of our Geller stuff is online - those are the only pieces from the Tatras collab we're stocking.
looks like it's in pretty good shape, but kind of hard to tell what colour it is - looks navy in 2 and 3, black in 4 and 7, and brown in 5 and 6.
interview is up here: rjbman, re: your questions, 1 & 3 sort of fell outside the purview of the article and errolson was on a super-tight schedule, so unfortunately i didn't get the ask them. re: 2, you won't see the price of acronym decrease or become more widely available. if anything, i anticipate you'll see it become tougher to get ahold of.
Interviewing Errolson Hugh for Business of Fashion next week - anyone have anything in particular they'd like me to ask him?
Thread for discussion on the upcoming APC x Kanye capsule collection. According to this GQ article it'll consist of a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and a hoodie. Any guesses as to how it'll be priced? I'm assuming more than standard APC gear - jeans around $350, perhaps?
uggggh if they were a size up i'd cop the surf camo in a heartbeat. someone is getting a fine deal on those.
thanks, hopping on those lows
please do, man - i ended up adding a friend's nyc mailing address to my account and bidding. you actually beat me for them!
tried to, seems he doesn't allow other users to message him. bah. if someone feels like proxying i will toss them some cash.
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