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Recently I have purchased a couple of pair of plain front wool trousers that I ended up taking to two different tailors to have hemmed. In both cases I asked for just a slight break with no cuff, and in both cases the tailor told me I should angle the hemline so that the back (towards the heel of the shoe) is slightly longer. It seems to me that on pants with virtually no break the hemline is straight, which makes sense, but I'm wondering what the thoughts are on the...
I'm planning to order my first pair of flannel pants and am going to go with the lambswool due primarily to the US cut, as these have fit me well in some other pants I have ordered from HY. In terms of versatility, I'm wondering if the mid, dark, or charcoal gray of this model would be best. I plan to wear them casually and would like to be able to wear them with brown suede shoes. Thanks in advance for any advice.
So I'm at the point where I'd like to expand my modest Hober collection that currently consists of just a dark navy grossa and a burgandy grenadine grossa. I'm thinking of adding 3 more with my next order and am looking for opinions as to what should be included to begin to round out my Hober starter kit. It seems to me that the #3 Powder Blue & Brown Stripes on Midnight Blue Grenadine Gross is obligatory, so what else falls into the "must have" category? Thanks in...
Can someone clarify the differences between Persol 2747, 2803, and 2761? I've tried them on in different places at different times but never all at once so the differences are indiscernible to me. I know the sizing is slightly different but that's all I can tell. Thanks in advance.
Received my first HY order consisting of trousers in tropical wool (US) and four season wool (Italian), both in size 36, and love the quality. I'm 6' tall, weigh 178 pounds, have an average build, and normally wear a 35 waist. Based on advice previously posted in this thread, I ordered both trousers in a 36 and while they fit great in the waist (probably need to be taken in slightly), the Italian is too narrow and the rise too short. The US fits great everywhere,...
In ascending order of slimness, BB suits go Madison, Fitzgerald, Regent, and Milano. Can't help with the rest of our question.
Any idea what brand of suits David Muir of ABC News wears? I always like the look and the fit.
Of the 2 trousers options, definitely go with the grey, and I'd prefer a brown shoe.
I need to build/rebuild my trouser collection, and given the temperate NC climate in which I live, it seems to make sense that a year-round fabric would be most appropriate. As the name implies, HY's four seasons super 100s would seem to fit the bill, but as a relative newb I'm looking for confirmation that those would be the most appropriate, and if not what other trousers I should consider. I'll probably start with 3 pairs so any recommendations as to versatile colors...
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