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In ascending order of slimness, BB suits go Madison, Fitzgerald, Regent, and Milano. Can't help with the rest of our question.
Any idea what brand of suits David Muir of ABC News wears? I always like the look and the fit.
Of the 2 trousers options, definitely go with the grey, and I'd prefer a brown shoe.
I need to build/rebuild my trouser collection, and given the temperate NC climate in which I live, it seems to make sense that a year-round fabric would be most appropriate. As the name implies, HY's four seasons super 100s would seem to fit the bill, but as a relative newb I'm looking for confirmation that those would be the most appropriate, and if not what other trousers I should consider. I'll probably start with 3 pairs so any recommendations as to versatile colors...
I've got a pair of Wolverine 1000 Mile boots (love them) and use Venetian Shoe Cream, which Horween himself recommends for chromexcel, for regular cleaning and conditioning. I also use Obenaufs LP in accordance with Crane's method once or twice a season.
So I've got a modest collection of AE going and would like to add a wingtip to it. My current line-up consists of black PA, merlot PA, brown Fifth Avenue, walnut Strands, and burgandy shell Randolphs. I have seen the McAllister, MacNeil, Jefferson, and Cambridge (shell only?) mentioned frequently, but I'd like to know what model you prefer/recommend and why, as well as what color you think would be most appropriate for me given my current inventory. If it matters, I'm...
Some good looking stuff here. Has me intrigued. http://www.mitchell-leather.com/Horween_Leather_Options.html
He clearly left out the word "buy" out of the title and you know that from reading his post.
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